All My Children WIP All These Things That I've Done (M/B)
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Paging Dr. Stone (M/B)
Mutual (M/B)
Home Is Where the Heart Is (M/B)


Battlestar Galactica Sex On the Beach (K/N)
Musings (K/N)
Default Programming (K/N)


Bionic Woman Super Charged & Super Horny (J/S)


BtVS All in a Momentís Notice (W/T)
Burning Down the School (W/T)
Want, Take, Not Have (B/F)


CSI Just Another Elevator (C/S)
Green Saturday (C/S)


Golden Girls Blanche's Closet (B/D)
Pussycat (B/D)


Gossip Girl Chuck Bass Isn't the Only Brunette Who Knows What to Do In the Back of a Limousine (S/B)
Could You Repeat That? (S/B)


Hannah Montana Like It Like That (M/L)


The Harry Potter For Now (H/T)


The Haunting Asleep In My Arms (N/T)



Letter Series (S/B)
The Letter Just Sits There
The Letter in My Purse

Not Again (S/B)
Sophomore Skip Day (S/B)
T'is the Season (S/B)
So, This is What It's Like (S/B)
Naked (S/B)
Accomplished (S/B)
Amused (S/B)
Angry (S/B)
Like Clockwork (S/B)
Predatory (S/B)
Last Breath (S/B)
Walking a Mile (S/B)
Kids On a Playground (S/B)
Defining (S/B)
Fish Taco Friday (S/B)
Fallout (S/B)
Graduation Day (S/B)
In My Way (S/B)
Kinky (S/B)
More Than Meets the Eye (S/B)
Sinner's Hot Desire (S/B)
Vigil (S/B)
Tear Down This Wall (S/B)
Armor (S/B)
Why Does This Keep Happening to Me (S/B)
As Ashes Fall (S/B)
You've Got to Be Kidding Me (S/B)
A Journalist's Prerogative (S/B)
Car Troubles (S/B)
Etched (S/B)
First Move (S/B)
Full Circle (S/B)
Hot, Hot, Hot (S/B)
I'll Be There For You (S/B)
Just a Single Moment of Clarity (S/B)
The Things You Learn From TV (S/B)
Laughter (S/B)
Merry Christmas, We Think (S/B)
Pin-up (S/B)
Sharing the Throne (S/B)
Spying (S/B)
New Beginnings (S/B)
Stop (S/B)
Passing Time (S/B)
The Next Morning (S/B)
She Wasn't Handy (S/B)
If At First You Don't Succeed (S/B)
Cut (S/B)
Dinner (S/B)
Let Me Clean You Up (S/B)
Locked In (S/B)
Downpour (S/B)
Swirl (S/B)
When the Lights Go Out (S/B)
How Many Minutes Were You Over? (S/B)
Gettin' Some (S/B)
Getting Caught (S/B) 
Itch to Scratch (S/B) 
Ready For the Weekend (S/B)
Dancing Queen (S/B)
Frisky (S/B)
Detention (S/B)
Nothing In This World (S/B)
Merry Early Christmas (S/B)
Recovery (S/B)
Cheerleader (S/B)
Stargazing (S/B)
Friday Night Lights (S/B)
Age Old Debate (S/B)
Gym Class Was Never This Physical (S/B)
Marriage? (S/B)
Tanning (S/B)
Sometimes (These Things) (S/B)
Future's End (S/B)
The Periodic Table Has Nothing On This (S/B)
Covert (S/B)
Diaper Duty (S/B)
Rodeo Drive (S/B)
List Making (S/B)
This I Swear (S/B)
That's One Way (S/B)
Do You Salsa? (S/B)
Some Explaining to Do (S/B)
Affair (S/B)
Our Own Family (S/B)
Doin' It (S/B)
New Year, New Love, New Life (S/B)
Did We Get Lost? (S/B)


Private Practice There's a Call Room Everywhere (A/C)


Weeds Cut Throat, Literally (N/C)


X-Men First Snowfall (J/S)
Nothing Stays the Same (J/E)


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