Title: "New Beginnings"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Popular

Characters: Brooke/Sam

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Not mine, not even close... Ryan Murphy...yada, yada, yada.  A drabble.

Summary: An accident brings Brooke and Sam together.


You never know accidents are coming.  It could be spilling a glass of milk or finding yourself pinned beneath two tons of steel masquerading as a car.  Since nothing came easy for Brooke and Sam, they found themselves on the sidelines as Nicole's car speeded into a fire hydrant.  Dirt and loose gravel from the asphalt clung to both as they laid there, not quite sure what had just happened and what would happen next.  Neither thought this would be the beginning of anything good, but as they held hands, deep down they knew it was the beginning of something.


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