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March 1

Odon (Star Trek Voyager)
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

The Raven (The Devil Wears Prada)
Bodyguard V - This Hour Of Need


January 11

Some Explaining to Do (Popular)
Affair (Popular)
Our Own Family (Popular)
Doin' It (Popular)
New Year, New Love, New Life (Popular)
Did We Get Lost? (Popular)
All These Things that I've Done - Parts 27 - 29 (All My Children)

Cheyne (Original Work)

Erin Griffin (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
The One You're Looking For

Major Sam (Stargate Atlantis)
Maybe Baby
Midnight Romance
Hot for Leather


January 1

A. M. Glass (BtVS)
The Mission Ė no, the planÖ no the...

Carla Mayumi (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Strong - Chapters 2 - 9

Cheyne (Xena Uber)
Chance and Choice

The Ghost (Imagine Me & You)
Elder Wisdom

Panda (Popular)
Carmen the Vampire Slayer Ė Senior Year

The Raven (The Devil Wears Prada)
Bodyguard IV


November 16

MajorSam (Stargate Atlantis)

Shadower (Star Trek Voyager)
The Phantom's Doing


November 12

Cheyne (The Devil Wears Prada)
The Devil In Ms. Sachs

Harper (Gossip Girl)
It Ainít Trickiní If You Got It

The Raven (The Devil Wears Prada)
Bodyguard III


October 16

Carla Mayumi (Terminator - The Sarah Conner Chronicles)
Strong - Chapter 1
A Terminatorís Vacation

CarpeSomeDiem (Gossip Girl Drabbles)
Could You Repeat That?
Chuck Bass Isn't the Only Brunette Who Knows What to Do In the Back of a Limousine

Erin Griffin (Birds of Prey)
Satisfying Cravings
Craving You
Undeniable Cravings
Craving Revenge

K8 (Popular)
The Chase - Chapter 2
Who Needs Mistletoe?


October 11

BalticBard (Popular)
My Girl Lollipop - Chapter 1

CarpeSomeDiem (Popular Drabbles)
Diaper Duty
Rodeo Drive
List Making
This I Swear
That's One Way
Do You Salsa?

Erin Griffin (Murder in Suburbia)
Love In Piano Forte'
Do You Think...
My Scribbs
Paper Cranes
Side by Side


September 24

Carla Mayumi
The Name Of The Game (L&O SVU)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (BtVS)
As Lovers Go (BtVS)


September 23

Sometimes (These Things) (Popular)
Covert (Popular Drabble)
The Periodic Table Has Nothing On This (Popular Drabble)
Future's End (Popular Drabble)
Default Programming (Battlestar Galactica)
Nothing Stays the Same (X-Men Drabble)

Harper (Corner Gas)
In It To Win It

mysensitiveside (Popular)
Sevenís A Crowd
One Crazy Night


September 11

All These Things That I've Done - Chapter 26 (All My Children)
Friday Night Lights (Popular Drabble)
Age Old Debate (Popular Drabble)
Gym Class Was Never This Physical (Popular Drabble)
Marriage? (Popular Drabble)
Tanning (Popular Drabble)

Erin Griffin (Birds of Prey)
The Key - Section 4 - Conclusion
Crying Wolf

romansilence (Star Trek Voyager)
There Is None So Blind


September 6

CarpeSomeDiem (Drabbles)
Sex On the Beach (Battlestar Galactica)
Musings (Battlestar Galactica)
Burning Down The School (BtVS)
Want, Take, Not Have (BtVS)
Recovery (Popular)
Cheerleader (Popular)
Stargazing (Popular)

Learning to Live (All My Children)
The Farm (BtVS)
Life In Sunnydale (BtVS)

Ry Rain
Everything (Birds of Prey)
Donít Forget About Your Past (South of Nowhere)
All Alone - Section 2 - Parts 18 - 21 (South of Nowhere)


September 5

CarpeSomeDiem (All My Childern)
All These Things That I've Done - Parts 24 & 25

Cheyne (Xena Uber)
In The Light Of Day

Imprint (Sunshine/28 Weeks Later X-Over)
Autoregressive (Gossip Girl)
Coming Out On Top (Gossip Girl)
In the Home Stretch (Gossip Girl)

Hollywood Recycle Bin (Smallville)
A Big Bad Girl in the Big Bad World

The Raven (The Devil Wears Prada)
Bodyguard II

Spikey (formerly Darkwings) (Xena)
Yesterday, This Moment and Forever


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