Erin Griffin

Missing (M/R)

Birds Of Prey

Mentors (D/H)
Raining On Forever (D/H)
Helena’s Gift (D/H)
Tell Me On A Sunday (D/H)
It Is You I Have Loved (D/H)
In Dreams (H/?)
Second Verse, Same as the First (D/H)
Tainted Rewards
Sir Gabriel (Uber)
Cold Showers (H/?)
The Poem Story
Butterfly Ink (B/H)
With You (H/D)
Purr-fect Partners (H/S) (Mutant X/Birds of Prey X-Over)
The Slayer of New Gotham (D/F) (BVS X-Over)
Illusions of What Was (D/H)
Hopeless (D/f)
Helena's Promise (H/B)
It's a Guy Thing (AKA: Motherhood) (H/D)
If you Had My Love (AKA The Battle) (H/D)
Favorite Sweater (H/D)
I Don't... But I Do... For You (H/B)
Anime Real (D/?)
Whatcha' Talkin' 'Bout, Gordon? (B/H)
That Fivel Song (D/G)
Good Morning Sunshine (H/D)
One Night (H/D)
A Birds of Prey Christmas Carol (B/H, D/G, Gib/OFC)
Sweet Kisses (G/D)
Groovy Spice (G/D)
Crying Wolf (D/K)

Afterlife Series (C/S H/D)
Love Afterlife
Apartment Upgrade
Finding His Way
Selena's Task
Carolyn's Task
The Task Done Together - Part One
The Task Done Together - Part Two
Aftelife Lessons Learned

Craving Series (H/D)
Satisfying Cravings
Craving You
Undeniable Cravings
Craving Revenge

The Key (G/D)
| Section 1 | Section 2 | Section 3 | Section 4 |

Pop Tarts and Sunny Delight Series (D/H)
Pop Tarts
Sunny Delight
Baby Bird
The Incubus
The Terrible Twos
Fred McFey

But I'm A Cheerleader

Inner Monologue (M/G)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cut Loose A Little (B/F)
Faith (B/F)
Be My Valentine, Be My Girl (C/F)

Cadet Kelly

Letters To Europe (K/J)


Rich Girl (D/J)
Being Gay Is Not In Style (Q/?)
Lies Lies Lies (T/J)

Harry Potter The Bogart's Rejection
No Strings Attached (G/H)
Dear Ginny (G/H)

Series (Harry Potter/Utena X-Over) (G/L)
Rose of the Hogwarts Castle...
Letters From End of the Wizard World

Home Room

Knowing For Sure (D/A)
Changing the Subject (D/A)
Shift in the Atmosphere (D/A)

Miss Congeniality

Not In The Tubie Things (C/G)
Abnormal (C/G)


Multi Fandom Alki's 'In Blue' Challenge - A fic for every song from The Corrs Album
Breathless (Birds of Prey) (B/H)
Give Me A Reason (BtVS) (B/F)
Somebody for Someone (Popular) (N/C)
Say (BtVS) (W/T)
All the Love In the World (Dead Like Me) (B/G)
Radio (Birds of Prey) (H/B)
Irresistible (D.E.B.S.) (L/A)
One Night (Birds of Prey) (H/D)
All In A Day (BtVS) (B/F)
At Your Side (Harry Potter) (H/G)
No More Cry (BtVS) (W/T W/K)
Rain (Birds of Prey) (H/B)
Give It All Up (Birds of Prey) (G/D)
Hurt Before (Harry Potter) (H/M)
Rebel Heart (D.E.B.S.) (M/J)


Murder in Suburbia Love In Piano Forte' (A/S)
Do You Think... (E/Z)
My Scribbs (A/S)
Paper Cranes (A/S)
Reason (A/S)
Side by Side (A/S)


Muriel's Wedding As Good as Dancing Queen (R/M)


Original Work

Goodbye Earl


Revolutionary Girl Utena
(Shoujo Kakumei Utena)

In My Garden (U/A)
One You're Looking For (W/J)


All I Want (C/L)
The Spirit Room (Popular/Smallville X-Over) (C/S)

Tipping The Velvet

Deep Sleep Dreaming (N/F)

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