Satisfying Cravings

by Erin Griffin

Rating: PG

Summary: Baaaaad Helena for stealing Dinah's gum.

Disclaimer: I own Dinah's stick of gum that Helena stole... in fact..

Dinah stole that gum from me!! *Storms off to go find Dinah and MY gum...*

Author's Note: I plead temporary insanity... Oh, come on, like you've never had those days where you're sitting at your computer... or just sitting there drooling... and see a pen and piece of paper... and start writing some weird stuff that somehow turns into a short little ficlet... Enjoy the fic everyone.

"Hey, whatcha got?"

'Crap, she caught me.' Dinah thought as she took out the last stick of  Winterfresh gum from her backpack. "Um, nothing. Just some gum."

"Ooh, I want gum." Helena said, putting on her best 'I'm cute, gimme  what I want' look, but Dinah just rolled her eyes.

"Last piece, sorry Hel." Dinah was just about to unwrap her gum when it  was suddenly snatched from her. "Hey! That's my gum!" she protested, but Helena didn't seem to hear her or even care. Dinah lunged at Helena  to reclaim what was hers, but the older woman was too quick, and she held it out of reach before moving out of range.  Suddenly, the gum was gone and it took the blonde a fraction of a second figure out that Helena had popped it into her mouth. She was smiling widely now, obviously proud of her victory. Dinah's heart sunk an inch. She had been craving that stick of gum since the middle of training. Now that training was done, she'd planned to chew on that gum while she read chapter 16 of her science book, which was her homework for the night. But no, Helena had to ruin that little bit of pleasure, showing off  once again that she was the alpha female among them. Dinah rolled her eyes then started to walk away. Perhaps there would be some yogurt for Dinah to substitute the gum. The brunette took off after her, playfully taunting, rubbing in the fact that she'd won once again. Dinah spun on her heels and turned to face Helena, who looked like she was ready for whatever comeback the younger girl had to offer. There was hesitation, then Dinah's lips crashed into Helena's and dared them to open. Never backing down from any dare, the brunette's lips parted ever so slightly and Dinah could taste the minty freshness that was now Helena's tongue. The older girl felt a hand on her hip, a thumb sliding into one of her belt loops. Dinah's mind whirred and spun as she wondered what Helena was thinking, but relaxed when she realized neither of them would be backing away anytime soon.

After a minute of Tongue Tango, Dinah remembered why she had started to kiss the older woman. She let her tongue search for the small light blue glob, which was hidden in the half meta's inner cheek. Surprisingly, it seemed to slide easily into her mouth, as it seemed as if Helena was giving it to her. Dinah forced herself to pull away, as hard of a task as that was to do. It took a few seconds for Helena's eyes to open, now feral from the contact.

"Like I said, Helena, my gum." Dinah said huskily in what she hoped was her best sexy voice. She gave the older girl's cheek two quick soft pats before turning towards her room, leaving a confused and very aroused Helena in her wake.

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