Craving You

By Erin Griffin

Rating: PG

Pairing: Sorta obvious.

Summary: *shrug* It is the sequel to 'Satisfying Cravings', so you figure it out... OR, you can READ the story... That is a big clue in  figuring it out... 'All in due time, Grasshopper'...

Disclaimer: Dinah stole that gum from me, though now I don't want itů ABC gum, so not cool.

Author's Note: Thank you everyone who reviewed and enjoyed 'Satisfying Cravings'. This sequel is for you (I didn't know it was possible for ficlets to have sequels or even companion pieces). That being said, on to the fic.

Helena shook off the remaining shock before catching up to Dinah, who couldn't seem to get herself to her living quarters fast enough in her opinion. "What was all that about?" she demanded as Dinah paled.

"Nothing." The blonde said simply, stating the reply calmly just to bother Helena.

"That sure as Hell was something!" The older girl ran a hand through her hair as she tried not to show how frustrated in more ways than one this situation had made her.

"You took my gum, so I took it back. End of story." she explained slowly, as if talking to a child. "You've done the same thing to tons of guys, I bet." the younger girl continued.

"It's different with them."

"Why? You got what you wanted from them, and I just got what I wanted, which was my freakin' gum back!"

"Yeah, what's up with you freaking out over a stick of gum?" Helena asked. Dinah shrugged. "Nuh-uh, chick!" The older woman said as she stepped into the blonde's jungle space. "That's not good enough." Dinah knew what this was truly about. The alpha female had her control ripped out from beneath her if only for less than 5 minutes. Dinah backed up a step.

"I was craving it, you took it, I got frustrated, I took it back. 'Nuff said-" The brunette's mouth covered the younger woman's and it felt as if Helena was out to devour her. Try as she might, Dinah couldn't back away from the feral woman's charms and soon found she didn't want to. She felt her arm snake around Helena's usual leather clad waist. Arousal was everywhere on the blonde, and Helena knew it was there. She smiled within the kiss. Abruptly, the kiss ended, for Helena backed away. "Wh-What was all that?" Dinah asked in almost a slur. Helena shrugged.

"I was craving you. You took it away. I got frustrated. I took it back..." Her lips got closer to Dinah's ear. "Nuff said." she purred. She then stalked away, surely swishing her tail from side to side if she had one. Dinah realized after a while with a curse and a groan that Helena had stolen her gum again, and she didn't even even notice it. She'd won once again, damn her.

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