Undeniable Cravings

by Erin Griffin

Rating: PG-13 for now

Pairing: Well, it is the third part in the 'Craving' series of ficlets.

Summery: It's not about gum anymore.

Disclaimer: Yes, I own the WB, Helena is in a cage waiting for me, Dinah  is somewhere in a bikini, Barbara walks and Faith is... well, Faith, but she thinks I'm hot, so all that doesn't matter. *pinches self* Damn, that didn't hurt. I am having this dream again... Well, fine. I don't own anything... except Dinah's book.

Author's Note: Um... you don't wanna know, and we'll leave it at that.

Dinah set her backpack down on the floor next to the desk that held a separate piece of the Delpi that broke earlier that week thanks to her shortened fuse. Helena Kyle was to blame for that. Every time Dinah had the courage to look in her direction, Helena would always be looking at her with the slightest hint of her cocky smirk. It bugged the blonde to say the least. She called out in the Clocktower as usual before sitting down and opening the newest book she got from the used book store. No one was home yet. Not even Alfred, who's been known to use the daytime to do a quick clean up. Dinah sighed with relief as she opened her book to the 5th chapter. 'I'm glad Helena's not here. Maybe my mind could finally get some peace.' Dinah thought to herself as she finished her chapter. As if she was summoned, the elevator doors opened less than a minute after that thought, revealing Helena, who had come back from doing... Helena things. As soon as their eyes locked, Helena sauntered over to the younger girl as Dinah inwardly groaned.

"Whatcha doooo-in'?" She asked in that playful little kid voice.

"I WAS reading." Dinah growled.

"Why?" She drew out, acting like a little kid asking their parents questions in which they would never know the answer to.

"Some people read for fun, you know." Dinah informed her.

"Why?" She repeated. 'So, it's going to be like that,' the blonde thought. She decided to ignore the half meta, maybe she would go away and work out in the training room, or... something. The silence was getting to Dinah, but she didn't want to look up at Helena or show any signs of her discomfort. This was just another one of Helena's little games that she's been playing with her, and so far Dinah's been losing all week. Finally, Dinah put her book down and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. All this sweating was going to dehydrate her. When she turned around with a glass of water, she saw Helena right behind her and of course, Dinah didn't even hear the brunette behind her until she said, "Boo!" Dinah jumped to the ceiling, and dropped her water.

"Damn it, Hel-!" Before she could finish what she was saying, she was pushed against the counter that had the sink, the older woman's body hovering, almost touching her own.

"You want me, don't you Dinah."


"Of course you do. I mean, I AM hot." She said, the cocky smile returning. Dinah tried her best to push Helena away, but her presence was too much for the younger girl to handle.

"Ego much?" the blonde asked, rolling her eyes.

"You want me, I can tell." That got Dinah's attention.

"H-How?" The smirk turned into a grin, then her finger went to Dinah's almost quivering lips.

"You can't stop thinking about the day I kissed you." Dinah was about to give the brunette a reality check and tell her that it was her that kissed Helena fist, and she kissed her back a few minutes later, but she had been distracted. Helena's finger softly went lower to Dinah's chin. "Your pulse has quickened," and she ran her finger down the side of her neck, where it stopped. She leaned down and kissed her pulse point. "your breathing... erratic." She murmured, her breath lingering on her neck. Dinah was hypnotized by now, watching Helena's lips with every move. A hand was felt going into Dinah's back jeans pocket, pulling her closer still, and the blonde was surprised that there was still space between them. Helena's eyes seemed to glisten as they stared into the younger girl's, and her head slowly lowered towards Dinah's and involuntarily, Dinah's eyes fluttered closed. Slowly, the hand in the back pocket withdrew, and the women's lips never met. Dinah opened her eyes to see the smirk was back. "I told you, you SO want me." Helena confirmed. She withdrew from Dinah completely, and the blonde had to fight with everything in herself not to shudder at the absence of the brunette's body. She watched as the feral woman left, shooting her one last grin before the elevator doors closed.

It took her a few minutes to pull herself together enough to clean up the spilled water and go back to her book. When she opened to the last page she'd read, a shiny bit of silver caught her eye as it almost fluttered to the floor. Dinah stared at the stick of Winterfresh gum that lay there, taunting her. She groaned and put her head in her hands. 'This is getting old fast.'

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