Craving Revenge

by Erin Griffin

Rating: R (yup, things heat up... more)

Pairing: Fred and Guedo... No, it is the 4th part in the 'Craving' series, so you know by now who it is.

Summery: Revenge is sweeter than the gum Helena stole.

Disclaimer: I guess I own anything you don't recognize.*looks to the people in the WB who have a menacing look towards me* Do I have to say this? I think they get it by now. *They nod* Oh, come on, they know I was kidding in the last part!! *sigh* Okay, I don't own anything... Not even that gum... Mr. Dumpster owns it now... *pout*

Author's Note: ... But I wish I had them. This writing is not good for the brain, I'll tell you what. Thank you to all my peeps, lol. Who came up with that term? I like it, but I look (more) like a geek when I say it.

Helena stood at the sink in the back of the newest bar in New Gotham, washing the used glasses, and bringing them out to Damian, the totally hot (and totally gay, in Helena's opinion) African American bartender. Earlier in the week, Helena had been fired from the Dark Horse Bar because Leonard didn't like all of the 'sick days' she had taken off. Not long after that, Helena was hired to work at The Seven, which so far seemed like a hot spot for partying. The bar was packed, and the dance floor was full of bodies bumping into other bodies. While she washed a particular glass for the 7th time, she thought over earlier that afternoon, and she felt a little bad for what she had done to Dinah. 'At least I won,' she thought as she rinsed the glass off. She went to bug Barbara at the high school before she went off to work, and it slipped out what she had done. Barbara knew of the games that the two played, and warned Helena time and again that it is only fun and games until someone gets hurt, and today Barbara predicted that it wouldn't be Dinah who does.

Something didn't seem right; Helena suddenly felt this... presence that wasn't supposed to be in the bar. She put the dish towel over the side of the sink and grunted at Damian that she was going to smoke a cigarette (even though she's never touched one in her life, for she was Selina Kyle's daughter, and Selina made sure that she would never start). Helena searched the crowd and saw people everywhere dancing. In the middle of the floor, almost surrounded by a spotlight, Helena saw a sight that made her body flair up with anger as well desire. Dinah Lance was almost one with a couple of her many dance partners. The brunette saw that her attire was definitely fit for clubbing, but not fit for a sixteen year old high schooler, mostly because half of her attire belonged to her. It was obvious that she looked old enough to be in here, so they didn't card her. Either that, or she got a fake ID... and if she did, Helena would surely kick her ass. Dinah had on leather from head to toe, including the boots. She wore a red top that was strapless and a small coat over it, it was open, the better to tease with. What she didn't recognize as her own belongings or Dinah's belongings, Helena assumed she borrowed from her friend, Gabrielle or something like that. The blonde seemed oblivious to her surroundings other than the two guys she danced with, oblivious to the stares she was getting from many more guys and quite a few women as well.

'She wants to play with the big cats, lets play.' Helena thought angrily. She made it to the dance floor and in front of Dinah in less than 10 strides. The blonde's eyes were closed and she concentrated on the music. After a while, she felt both dance partners step away at about the same time, and Dinah was confused. 'What's going on?' She opened her eyes and they widened milliseconds later when she saw the reason for her dance partners' disappearances.

"Mind if I cut in?" Helena asked in a barely masked tone. Pushing down her fear, Dinah shook her head, but Helena had started to dance near her as if the blonde hadn't hesitated. With an almost snake-like smile, Dinah put a hand on Helena's waist and pulled her closer to see what the brunette would do. The older woman tried not to grin mischievously. 'She doesn't know what she's gotten herself in to.' Helena grabbed the collar of Dinah's (excuse me, HER) jacket and pulled the blonde closer still. The two women were oblivious to the fact that the song had changed in tempo and a slower song had come on. Eyes locked, their bodies (which by now had no space between them) continued to sway and move in harmony. Skin touched skin, which surprised the blonde for a second when Helena's hand traveled down to her hip. She looked from the hand to the eyes of the one touching her, and was surprised to see the eyes were in a strange state. It seemed as if they were fighting to change and stay the way they were at the same time. They flashed feline several times before finally staying in Helena's hungry human state. Dinah was concerned for the older woman. No matter what weird game she was losing, she still cared for Helena. She was the one who literally and figuratively saved her life time and time again. The blonde wouldn't know what to do with herself if something happened to Helena.

After a couple of minutes, everything seemed okay, and Helena had started to grind into Dinah. The hand on her hip started to slowly rise to the borrowed leather shirt. The younger girl watched as desire seemed to raise higher and higher in the other woman. She tried to control it within herself at the same time. Finally, their eyes locked again and Dinah pulled away some. She leaned in and the brunette leaned into her. When their lips were less than an inch away, Dinah veered her head to Helena's right ear. "It appears, My Kitty, that YOU want ME." 'There!' Dinah thought as she turned to leave. 'Score one for the canary.' She smiled wickedly at the dumbfounded older woman and turned to walk away. If she had turned around on her way out, she would have seen the human in Helena give in to it's feline aggressive half as her eyes shifted.

Erin Griffin

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