Good Morning Sunshine

by Erin Griffin


Disclaimer: I wish.

Pairing: Helena/Dinah

Summary: Just a nice way to wake up.

Author's Note: I like this song, so I borrowed the title for mine.

Brownie Points from me if you know who I borrowed the song title from. I hope you all like it.

There is just something enchanting about waking up with her arms around me. I would try to move, and she would hold on tighter to me, as if she isn't ready to let go of the little bit of comfort I seem to provide for her. As if I'm her protector... Which is ironic considering the fact that SHE is the one who goes out every night and saves us all. The New Gotham sun has beat down on her the last few days, and her skin is almost the color of creamy tea. I let my eyes travel her skin's trail and feel my heart beat faster at the memory of the many times I have touched and tasted every inch of its flawlessness. My eyes go from her feet to her hair, which she says needs a hair cut. I don't mind its slight shaggy look. Hell, she could get white spikes and I wouldn't care. I love her the way she is. I love her more than anything. I wonder, as I do whenever I see her, when playful banter had turned into flirting, when flirting had turned to my kissing her on the Clocktower balcony after stopping a car bombing in the south district, when my kissing her had turned into her kissing me back. I often wonder what goes on behind her blue eyes; what is it does she see in me that she hasn't seen in the hundreds of others before me that have tried to seduce this feral woman?

And now those eyes are looking up at me, and the sight takes my breath away. How can she look at me like that, as if no dream or wonderful fantasy could never be as good as the sight before her now? How can it be that I can take her breath away so easily, make her as weak in the kness as she makes me? I am but a girl from Opal Misuri, a runaway, a freak. How can someone like her love someone like me as much as she does? "Because you love me just as much." I jump slightly at her touch on my cheek. She soothes me with her voice, though I know I have nothing to be afraid of. "Good morning Sunshine."

"I thought I was the telepath around here." I say to her.

She smiles.

"You're a TOUCH telepath."

"Well, I'm touching you now, aren't I?"

"Aren't you ever." she whispers, making me smile.


"You have that look of wonder in your eyes. It's that look that asks every angel on earth why you are so happy... How you could feel so much love without bursting into flames...? It is the look you had on your face... the shine in your eyes you had when you asked me that very question 2 months ago." Her fingers stroke my face as she speaks, and I feel my eyelids start to droop at its hypnotic rhythem. Then she kisses me, and it is so soft, it is hard to believe that this woman can bring down an army by herself (and has done just that) without much more than a scratch. Those same hands that throw men twice her size and weight around hold me with such tenderness that I want to cry. I let my hands move in a slow motion between her shoulder blades as her lips continue to blend with mine. She broke away slowly, looking me in the eyes. "I love you Dinah."

"I love you too, Helena." I settle my body deeper into the blankets, deeper into her as I decide that I am not quite ready to face the world yet. Today will have to wait.

Erin Griffin

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