Lies Lies Lies

by Erin Griffin

Rating PG

Fandom: Daria

Pairing: Tiffany/Jane (unrequited)


Summary: Tiffany thinks about what true beauty is to her, and who she is.

Author's Note: You know, wasn't there an episode where the Morgandorfers (except Quinn) went somewhere, and Quinn got into a fight with all of the Fashion Club or something, and the only place she could stay at was Jane's house? If so, was any Jane/Quinn femslash created because of that episode? If no, why the hell not?

"Oh, you're so much better looking than Quinn," I told Sandy after Home Ec., right before we met up with Stacy and Quinn at lunch. Who cares if I told Quinn BEFORE Home Ec that SHE was better looking? I was lying to both of them. They wouldn't know true beauty if it came with a free facial scrub. They didn't know that true beauty lies within, and I have seen it. It was a fleeting glance, a chance look into the art room where non of us Fashion Club members dared go (too geeky and beneath us). She was there. Quinn's cousin or whatever was there with her friend. I think her name was Jan or something. I wish I knew for sure. What I saw on that canvas in front of her was her soul, I knew it, and I felt every fiber of my being drawn to it, to her. I couldn't tell anyone else that, not even Stacy, who knew I sometimes liked other girls. At least she kept that a secret, but for how long? If Sandy and or Quinn told her that she'd make her their one and only best friend, she would sell me out for the opportunity. It's realizations like these that make me wonder why I am even in the fashion club. I know my role, I guess. I know no other. I've seen how people seen as beneath us- even people seen as so called 'equals' to the Fashion Club- get treated. I am chopped liver as it is. I don't have anything to contribute to society. As it was, it was pure luck I got invited into the Fashion Club to begin with. Sandy had only two people at the time, and I was wearing a top that she wanted at the mall. I got it for Christmas, but it wasn't my style, really, but my cousin Mai (who is now twenty), said it was what everyone was wearing. In my opinion, that was why I didn't like it. Anyway, Sandy saw it, said she was surprised to see a band geek with style, and told me I was in, whether I wanted to be or not. I had to beg for Stacy, my only best friend then, to join with me. Reluctantly they let her in after I coached Stacy on fashion and taught her what it too to pass Sandy's test, and she's been at her beck and call ever since. Me too, I shamefully admit.

Still, I might backstab to the both of them, but I know I will never see anything beneath the make up that I don't already see. There is no depth to any of them, not even on Stacy, sorry Stace. I thought I was being a good friend in bringing you with me into the Fashion Club, but maybe it was the worst thing I could have done for either of us. Anyway, I still go there, to the art room when I am done touching up my eyeliner and hair and the rest of the girls take a little longer. That is when I am thankful for a 'geek port' so close to the fashion club's fave bathroom. I think she's seen me once or twice. I saw her look at me from across the cafeteria once, and I swear she was asking me why I was there at that table with them. It was almost as if she knew I didn't fit there. If not there, then where did I fit? I'd mocked everyone else. No one would ever let me at their table ever again. I would have to be a true loner, and not the kind that hangs out with all the other loners. I mean true to the book, hang out in the library loner. I never thought I would even think this, but I was better off as a band geek. At least then I knew who the hell I was.


Daria: (At the Morgandorffer's house, checking her hair, the sighs)

Jane: (At the Lane house wiping condensation from the bathroom mirror. Jumps at knock on the door.)

Trent: Hey Jane, I really gotta pee. I tried to hold it so you could shower and all, but can you please hurry up?

Jane: (Unlocks the bathroom door and walks out.)

Trent: Ooh, steamy.

Jane: All yours, bro.

Trent: Thanks. (Walks into the bathroom and closes the door.)

Jane: (picks up phone and dials Daria's number. less than one ring, then a click)

Quinn: Sandy, I KNEW you would call me about the Who Wants To Be Your Superstar finale. I mean, did you SEE the hepher they picked for the winner? Talk about-

Jane: Uh, is Daria there?

Quinn: Who would want to talk to Daria?!

Jane: This is Jane.

Quinn: Oh. Well, I am expecting a really important call, so make it really really quick. DARIA!! YOUR REJECT FRIEND IS ON THE PHONE, AND WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT YOURSELF LIKE THAT IN THE MIRROR?! STILL SEEING IF YOU'VE REMAINED BORING AND UNPOPULAR? (Shuffling) News flash, you are.

Daria: Shove it. (More shuffling)

Jane: (Muttering) Important phone call, huh?

Daria: Jane?

Jane: Were you expecting someone else?

Daria: (snarky) You know I wasn't. Are you on your way?

Jane: Yeah, that was why I called. I will be by in about a half an hour.

Daria: Why so long?

Jane: I have to wait for my ride. I called him 2 hours ago, so of course he will be here in 15 minutes.

Daria: Of course.

Jane: (nervously) I uh...

Daria: Yeah?

Jane: Nothing. Your sister told me to keep it short, so I will go now.

Daria: Since when do either of us pay any attention to Quinn?

Jane: Good point, but I should go anyway. See you in a few, Daria.

Daria: Okay. See you in a few.

(Both hang up the phone.)

Jane: (Walks up the Morandorffer's steps and knocks on the door.

Daria: (from inside) I'll get it Quinn, I said I'll get it!

Erin Griffin

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