Being Gay Is Not In Style

by Erin Griffin

Rating: PG

Fandom: Daria

Pairing: Quinn/? (any of the Fashion Club members)


Summary: A drabble/short piece about fashion and homosexuality.

Author's Note: Enjoy.

I remember when I was still in middle school, being bisexual was the IT thing. Kiss your best friend on the mouth and guys would go wild over you, more so than before. I mean, when Madonna kissed both Christina AND Brittney, everyone was like 'Oh My God!' But in a good way. Both of them got even more uber famous than before. I, myself, even got into the fad of being bi. It was almost a drug. The longer you made out, the longer you went without ever having to carry your books, and they DID get heavy, even in middle school. But then homosexuality got all political and 'I'm so boring it put my grandma to sleep'. Guys still went gaga and hoped for a three-way at the sight of a rainbow patch on some lesbo's backpack.

When I moved to Lawndale and attended the high school, the fad was completely over, and I met three new friends. I never kissed my best friend again, but that doesn't mean I never  wanted to. Sandy had great kissing lips. I imagine them all the time, wondering what they would feel like. Tiffany and Stacy had thin lips. Stacy, though, had the best skin of us all. I swear there is a secret she's keeping from the rest of us, but that doesn't matter to me. I would think about her soft, almost flawless skin, touching her cheek and neck as I kissed her. Tiffany has the shiniest, most beautiful hair. My fingers running trough them as her tongue danced with mine is a common fantasy of mine. And that wispy, slow way she talks...

No, enough. You think I haven't tried to get these thoughts out of my head? You think I like being a homo? If this was the OLD millennium, maybe it would be okay, but this is the new millennium. Being gay was so nineteen-nineties, maybe early two thousand. I can't be gay and keep up with the latest fashion. Well, maybe if I was a gay man, but I am not. I am not gay, I swear.

Erin Griffin

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