Groovy Spice

by Erin Griffin

Fandom: Birds of Prey

Rating: PG-13 for cheesy themed sexual innuendoes.

Pairing: Dinah/Gabby

Summary: Just a little bit of Halloween fun

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, be them in costume or not.

Author's Note: Knuffles is probably gonna laugh or kill me... maybe both simultaneously. Either way, enjoy the story, and happy Halloween y'all.


Gabby stole one more mini Snickers bar from the bowl as she rewound the movie in her VCR. She could have gone out and gotten the DVD, but she loved the VHS so much that she didn't have the heart to trade it in. It worked just fine and DVD's cost sometimes twice as much as a CD anymore, so she thought screw it. Gabby rubbed her neck. The hooped earrings with the female symbol bumped her knuckles, and she smiled, satisfied with what she could do with 20 bucks in the thrift store and about a half an hour in the bathroom with makeup. She looked at the clock, which read six-forty and smiled wickedly. Dinah would be there soon, and she couldn't wait to see what her girlfriend decided to go as for Matt's Halloween party. Gabby looked down at her own costume again, pulling at the hem of her mini-skirt and making a mental check list to make sure she was as her character so that there were no mistaking her. She wore a sleeveless black shirt, which she had tucked into the skirt, and hoped the two pieces blended enough to look like one full suit. Buying the suit online would have been way too expensive for her, even though it did kick ass, but she was fine with how this one turned out. She looked, she hoped, as 'groovy' as possible, and looked at her bed where the holster and fake gun sat next to a pair of black go go boots, which had been the most expensive thing on her list for her costume. Gabby didn't need to do anything more for her costume except to put those on. She needn't any special makeup. She was fortunate enough to already look a lot like the actress who played her character, as Dinah loved to point out when they had seen the movie together on their special rent night.

Gabby heard the doorbell ring, which wasn't a surprise to her. Some parents with small children five and under had early bedtimes, and had been coming to the door since around four. She had to miss a few of them because she was still getting her own costume on, but now she was ready to face the Draculas, the Harry Potters, the Frodos, the spiders, werewolves and elves, and the lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Already, there had been two Batmans, a Spiderman, and even a baby Kermit the Frog, who giggled when Gabby answered the door. She left her room with the bowl of candy she had taken with her and opened the door once more to a family of three pigs and the father, who was dressed as a wolf. "I like the theme," she told them as she handed all of them, even the father who didn't have a bag, some candy.
"Thank you!" they chorused, but Gabby didn't close the door right away, for coming up the steps was a vision that made her squint to see better. Was that who she thought it was? Walking slowly and carefully was a pretty blonde girl her age, looking as if she was about to shrink into herself from the chilly winds that blew around her.

As she got closer, it was indeed her girlfriend, but Gabby didn't know what to make of what Dinah was wearing. She tried to figure out who she was, but it wasn't coming to her mind just then. Dinah Lance was hot. Or not really, not then. She was shivering, and she looked absolutely miserable, even in the denim jacket she had on. Under the denim jacket, however, was a sight that made Gabby's mouth water. Dinah was wearing a strapless white dress, high platform shoes to match, two very blonde pigtails, and... little else. There was a stick of a sucker hanging out of her mouth, and for a second there, Gabby wondered if she had dozed off on her bed waiting for her girlfriend and was having one of THOSE dreams again. Dinah seemed to see Gabby for the first time as she raised her head against the cold, and seemed taken aback. She took the sucker out of her mouth before she spoke.

"Felicity," she said, almost breathless in somewhat a British accent, but they both knew it wasn't very good. She was trying to impersonate the heartfelt way Austin Powers had said it in the movie, but it hadn't quite worked out. It didn't matter though, because even though Dinah had said a different name, she knew that it was her, Gabby Andrews, leaving her breathless all the same.

"I am," Gabby said. "Felicity Shagwell at your service." She stepped a little closer to the blonde vision before her. "And... you are?" She asked this even though she knew she was supposed to know the answer to that question. Dinah seemed to give her a look that said, 'I can't believe you,'.

"I'll give you a hint," the other blonde said, then bent forward a little bit, flashed her the peace sign, and said (once more in that bad British accent), "Girl Power!"

"A Spice Girl! I knew you looked more like Baby Spice than I do!"

"No I don't, shut up!" Gabby tried not to laugh. It was often debated between them since Gabby caught Dinah singing along to 'Wannabe' that the young superhero looked more like the blonde Spice Girl than Gabby ever would.

"Yeah, yeah. Can I come inside now? Please?"

"I love when you beg," Gabby said with a twinkle in her eyes. She watched as her girlfriend hurried into the house, kissing her quickly on the way in, and Gabby knew she would have a hard time dancing at Matt's party without groping her girlfriend like a horny guy.

"Hey now," Dinah said, her eyes not as stern as she had made her voice seem. Gabby smiled and placed the bowl on the table and immediately felt Dinah lean into her for warmth.

"My parents are still at that after work party thing. I thought they would be back by now to tag team and take over candy patrol for us so we can get to the party a little early." Gabby rubbed Dinah's arms to warm her up, and the other girl sighed happily. "I've been a little restless," she admitted. Halloween was always Gabby's favorite holiday, even before her birthday or Christmas, and she always had ideas for what she wanted to dress up as, sometimes six months in advanced.

"We could put in a movie while we wait," Dinah suggested, though Gabby knew that they never actually watched a movie all the way through. Not that Gabby would ever be opposed to making out, but in what little they both were wearing?

"I watched 'Hocus Pocus' after my shower. Well, not all of it. I watched the songs Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker did, then I watched the very last part when they all turned to stone, but then I got bored with it."

"I like that movie. Why not watch the Nightmare Before Christmas?"

"I watch that on 'Tweener Day, and only then." Dinah nodded her head. She knew about 'Tweener Day, which was the day almost directly in between Halloween and Christmas Eve, usually November twenty-first, or on one occasion, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was a tradition Gabby had made up since she first saw the movie, not knowing when was appropriate to watch it. She had introduced Dinah to 'Tweener Day the year before when Dinah asked her out on one of their first dates, only to be shot down simply because that was the day she had to be home to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. Gabby then invited her over to watch it with her, as well as share in some of the festivities she does, sometimes with her parents and mostly alone to celebrate the new 'holiday'. Dinah had sort of known that would have been Gabby's reaction to her suggestion, but off the top of her head, she couldn't figure out any good movies to watch, and as she had already sat through it with Helena the week before, she refused to suggest 'Earnest: Scared Stupid', or any Chucky sequel. Gabby hated horror films almost as much as Dinah did, so it was hard to find a good Halloween movie that wasn't cheesy or too scary.

"Hm..." Dinah sat at the table next to the bowl of candy and took off the platform boots, unlacing them carefully and groaning with pleasure when they had finally come off. "Man, and the night hasn't even begun," she said.

"I hear you. I saved my boots for later. I had to break them in, and they killed my feet, remember?"


Gabby got a mischievous look on her face and draped herself across her girlfriend's lap. "Hi Santa," she said, "I want a ballerina Barbie, an'a want a tricycle, an'a want a My Little Pony, an'a want... I want... Ooh! And I want a supersoaker because my brother Avery won't let me have his old one even though its broken, so I want my own one-"

"You don't have a brother," Dinah said, interrupting Gabby's vocal list.

"Wow, you ARE magic. You know EVERYTHING!" Gabby's eyes lit up playfully, but her tone took on a slight sarcastic edge as she said this.

"Alright, you can stop now. I am starting to feel like a pedophile." Gabby wiggled on Dinah's lap, causing Dinah to gasp, "Gabby!" The wicked grin came back. "Oh behave," Dinah said as Austin Powers, and Gabby laughed.

"Come on, I was only trying to 'Spice Up Your Life'," Gabby responded, causing Dinah to laugh in turn.

"Yeah? You gonna be 'The Spy Who Shagged Me'?"

"Maybe, or we can just make '2 become 1'," Gabby quipped.

"Groovy baby," Dinah said, and the two girls started giggling.

"How many more of these can we do tonight before we overkill it?"

"I dunno. You think we could make some sort of record?" Dinah asked.

"Doubt it."

"Can we try to?"

"Um..." Gabby looked at her girlfriend and touched her forehead to the other blonde's. "Alright, but if you say 'shag-adelic', this night is over."

"Smashing baby!" Gabby couldn't help the laugh that escaped her, leaving her sounding a little bit crazy. "So, you gonna help me get my mojo?" Dinah's voice was so low, Gabby almost started looking for the cat ears and swishing tail.

"You don't need it if you're reeking of Girl Power," Gabby told her girlfriend, who nodded. " 'But Austin, you've had your mojo all along!' "

"Yeah, Girl Power is better anyway," Dinah decided.

"Haha!" The door cut off anything that Gabby might have had to say after her burst of laughter, and two long haired people came in. Apparently, it was a sixties theme in the Andrews' household, which was more a coincidence, as Gabby had wanted to be Felicity Shagwell for a few months, and her parents had put on old Sonny and Cher costumes they'd worn together a few years before at the last minute when invited to the party earlier in the week. Like any sane person, Gabby was sure that her father would be Sonny and her mother as Cher, and she nearly choked on herself when she saw the long black wig on her father.

"It sounds like someone is having way too much fun in here. Knock it off," her mother said cheerfully, coming in with another sack of Halloween goodies. Gabby was pretty sure she'd gotten the love of Halloween from her.

"So, you did go as Austin Powers' girlfriend," Gabby's father said approvingly. Dinah giggled as he flipped his hair back exactly as she had seen Cher do on TV a long time ago, his tongue going to his lip as he did so.

"Yeah," Gabby replied, not quite getting over the shock of seeing her own father in drag- and pulling it off, no less. Gabby's mom held out her hand and Gabby tapped it, signaling the tag team, then she got off of Dinah's lap, she and missed the warm contact their bare legs had kept in that time. She helped Dinah to her feet and again looked her parents over. With the brown wig and sunglasses on, her mother pulled the look off. Dinah accepted the king sized Butterfinger with gratitude, then started putting the platform boots back on. Gabby went to her room to attach the holster to some crevice of her skirt, and brought her go go boots to the table, where she put them on as well.
Gabby's father looked her up and down quickly and said seriously, "Tonight is the only night you get to wear that," before his voice got very Cher-like and continued by saying, "I can't have you upstaging me, now can I?" Gabby smiled and kissed her father's cheek.

"I don't plan to wear this ever again, unless I want to reuse it next year, promise." Gabby's father seemed to accept that and grabbed one of the mini Snickers from the bowl.

"Jason, you've had a good twenty already." The second bit was said in a mutter, knowing that everyone could hear her, "And you wonder why you have issues sleeping..." Gabby's father winked at Dinah after he rolled his eyes. He was lucky his wife was busy getting a glass of water and her back turned.

"Well, we should get going. The party starts in a bit, but I want to see the costumes. I saw some pretty good ones so far," Gabby said, then she gave her mother a kiss on the cheek before grabbing Dinah's hand.

As the two blondes walked down the sidewalk for their trip to the subway to get to Matt's house, Dinah said (and not for the first or last time), "Your parents are so cool!" Gabby grinned. She knew that she had some pretty easy going parents, which could be embarrassing at times, like that night. She was glad though, because they were the first to know she was a lesbian and the first to tell her it was okay. They were even the first to notice the shift in Gabby and Dinah's friendship nearing the end of their first year as friends. Gabby's mother had even given her a print-out on safe sex between lesbians after Dinah and Gabby had dated for a couple of months, adding a post-it note that said 'I'm here if you have any questions'. They really were kick ass as far as parents go, but like her father telling her in his 'stern voice' not to go skank-alicious on everyone, they knew when to be parents and when to let Gabby do her own thing now that she was a couple of months from being eighteen.

"Yeah, they are," Gabby agreed "My family is so unconventional that I sometimes envy that people take their parents for granted." Gabby smiled and tried not to show her sympathy as she always did whenever she thought of Dinah and her family situation. Gabby had known that Dinah was a vigilante' at night. It was one of the first things that Dinah had said when they started dating. It made Gabby wonder why Dinah had dressed up for Halloween when she dresses up as someone else every night. Maybe being Baby Spice instead of Canary is a needed change. They people-watched on the subway, commenting and complimenting costumes that they saw. Someone dressed up as Zelda or Link or whatever that game character's name was, and Gabby saw the most convincing dark angel of them all. She even saw someone who went as a CD. No joke, it even had the orange she would never admit to knowing, convinced that her Hanson mania was just a phase. When asked why they went as the CD and that one in particular, they answered, 'Mmmbop is the scariest thing I could think of. My sister played it constantly and still does on occasion.'

Out of nowhere, as they were getting off of the subway at their stop, Dinah asked, "Hey, if Felicity Shagwell and Baby Spice really did meet up and get married, what would their names be?"

"Please tell my you didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about this," Gabby said, looking at the street signs after getting to the main sidewalk.

"Not a whole lot, but seriously," Dinah said.

"I guess... Felicity Spice... Baby Shagwell... Maybe they would just have a plaque that says 'Welcome to the Groovy Spice World'."

"Groovy Spice. I think Felicity should become a Spice Girl under cover and save the world while singing 'Viva Forever',"

"And I think my girlfriend has spent too much time at Arkham," Gabby said, but regretted it immediately. She knew why Dinah went there so much, and they weren't house calls. More like deposits. "Sorry babe. Open mouth, insert platform boot? Hmm?" Gabby's eyes pleaded with Dinah not to be mad at her the rest of the night.

"S'okay. The mental image of that is rather amusing, though." Dinah smiled to show there were no hard feelings, and Gabby reached for her hand again, mentally chiding herself to watch what she said around Dinah sometimes.

Finally, the two blondes made it to Matt Kendall's house, where Matt answered the door. He had on a hockey uniform with cardboard skates, and plastic broken teeth in his mouth. There was also what looked to be an old black roller blade wheel that had been crazy glued to his forehead, which looked to be serving as an embedded hockey puck. "Very nice. You are... Austin Powers-"

"Easy guess, I was talking about it to Gina the other day, and being attached to her hip, you had to have heard me." Dinah turned to Gabby when she had said that.

"You told Gina and not me?"

"Baby, you were all 'I don't wanna know, I wanna be surprised', and I was so excited, I had to tell someone." Dinah pouted, but then smiled.

"So, who are you supposed to be?" the superhero asked.

"I don't know, but the name on my jersey says Bertuzzi, so I'm guessin' I'm that guy. I borrowed the jersey from Graham." At their blank looks, Matt added, "Gina's older brother."

"Ah." Matt let the girls in after failing to guess who Dinah was, but Gina knew right away, and Kelly started laughing her head off as she saw her.

"From Zippergirl to a Spice Girl. Fitting," she said good naturedly. She had on a yellow, red, white, and blue costume, and was playing with the black wig before she put it back on, turning her from Kelly to Wonder Woman. They looked around and saw a couple of other people, some Dinah recognized, some she didn't. Gina came in a little bit later; her hair was down and she was wearing what looked like a Japanese temple priestess sort of gown, but there was something else that made her seem a little different. A watch was on her wrist, but it was red and seemed to go with her costume somehow.

"Who are you supposed to be?"

"Rei from Salor Moon- not in her costume, but no one is getting that. I guess only an anime freak would know the difference."

"Rei?" Gabby asked.

"Sailor Fire," Dinah said, and Gabby nodded.

"Sailor Mars," Gina corrected with a smirk.

"Yeah, whatever," Dinah said, grinning back.

"Well," Gina said, looking around, "I know it isn't all that big right now, but a few of Matt's friends haven't showed yet, and Graham is supposed to get here with his boyfriend, so they should kick up the party in a bit. Help yourself." She gestured to the table of food, and then went to Matt's side as he opened the door to a ninja and Little Red Rodding Hood. Dinah turned to her girlfriend and said with a smirk, " 'So tell me what you want, what you really really want,' " causing Gabby to laugh.

"I want to have a good time, learn the Thriller dance, dance the night away to the Monster Mash and go home, sneak my girlfriend into my bedroom so I could finally get her out of that dress... " She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. By the end of the night, she had done everything on her list. Well, sadly, almost everything. Thriller was still a little ways off, but there was always next year.


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