Alki's 'In Blue' Challenge #15- Rebel Heart

by Erin Griffin

Fandom: D.E.B.S (motion picture version)

Pairing: Max/Janet

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Author's Note: I haven't read any Max-centric D.E.B.S fics, or even any that weren't Amy/Lucy, so I wrote one in honor of my favorite Corrs song, Rebel Heart. P.S. There's a lot o cursing, so beware.


There was a boy in every year of elementary school who would pull my hair and call me names. Sometimes it was the same boy two or three years in a row. "Ignore him Sweetie," my mother, always helpful, would say to me when I came home crying. "Them boys are just trying to keep your attention because they like you, they just don't want you to know it." Which woulda fooled me. Here I was thinking they were being pricks because the DIDN'T like me. How silly of me to believe that. I rolled my eyes and muttered my many snotty 'whatevers' at her, which always got me slapped. I never believed any of it. But then I became the boy who pulled hair, or rather, the bitch who defaced lockers and wrote on mirror and threw spitballs using hair as aim. I'm sure the distance I could go with those spitalls would make the average human being impressed, but I am not a normal human being. I am a D.E.B, a lesbian. Even before Amy pulled her little 'holiday in Barcelona with the enemy' stunt, I'd known she had a thing for girls. It takes a dyke to identify one.

Unlike her though, I can keep it hid. Well, I don't know, I used to. Lately, my crush is getting harder and harder to ridicule. At first, I took everything out on her after my first crush became my best friend, and now I just feel bad for her. I still can't believe I gave her her stripes. Must have been the lip gloss and all the crying she'd done, because she never really showed true courage in the face of unspeakable danger, since she knew Scud, but I decided to be cool and let her have her stripes because she had been loyal to a fellow D.E.B, and I felt that had said something for her character. Then she had to go and hug me. Not one of those quick ones where there may or may not have been a pat on the back to go with it. No, this was one of those 'OMGLOLTHNX' sort of squealy girly rocking hugs that certainly didn't make my spine tingle. Not a bit. And then my mind had to go and think of her while I cleaned my gun, which was often, and no that was not some innuendo for masturbation, you sick fucks. I don't know when I started to hate Scud, but I knew easily why. I kept telling myself not to do something stupid, and my body and heart kept ignoring me. Even Dominique had something to say about the matter as she glared at her pack of cigarettes where she usually held her lighter, a cigarette firmly in the usual place between her lips. "Ugh! Just throw her on ze mattress, tell her 'je tiem' and get it over with. Your dance iz driving me crazee. Ah, wherez my fucking lighter?!" I told her where she could stick her lighter once she found it.

Slowly but surely Scud had stopped writing for some unknown reason, putting Janet into a funk that a marathon of the Power Puff Girls couldn't cure, and that wasn't good. It usually only took her reciting the beginning bit about 'sugar, spice and chemical X' to get her all bouncy and pink again. I felt so weird, I almost took her to the animal shelter to get her a cat. Tell anyone and I will make you eat your own liver. I slowly entered the common area when Dominique had gone out with her Kevin of the week and watched as Janet looked blankly at the screen as two unicorns in a field did something. 'Legend', I think. A young Tom Cruise and unicorns, Janet's dream come true.

"If you want, I'll watch The Princess Bride with you." She looked at me as if I'd just told her there was no such thing as pink. "In the same room. With nothing else to distract my attention," I added in hopes that would persuade her t the idea. She'd wanted me to sit down and watch one of those movies with her for months, but it always got her the same 'Those movies are for babies, dipshit' from me. Nothing I'm proud of, but she mustn't know anything.

"You don't have to. I mean, I know you think they're lame-"

"Well, yeah, but for some reason you love them." I sat down next to her on the couch and messed with the DVD edition of the movie and popped it into the TV without caring if she really was watching the movie that was on. I can't stand Tom Cruise. I tried not to squirm too much when watching the movie. After a little bit, though, Janet seemed a little more at ease, getting into the movie, and she leaned into me. I wanted to pull back and give her a dirty look as was my usual reaction, but I just wasn't listening to myself. Instead, I awkwardly wrapped my arm around her so that my fingers played in her hair. She looked up at me for a moment, but I pretend to be into the movie, and she snuggled deeper into me. My rebellious heart seemed to sigh in contentment. To tell the truth, the Princes Bride isn't as lame as I thought it would be.



*Rebel Heart is instrumental, but this is what I thought of when I heard it.*

Erin Griffin

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