Title: It's a Guy Thing (AKA: Motherhood)

Author: Erin Griffin


Rating: G

Pairing: Helena/Dinah

Summary: It's just a thought, only a thought.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a box of Better Cheddars, which if you ask nicely, I'll share with the class.

She sat in a chair with the little boy

I thought of reluctantly as a son

Of sorts

I found him,

And as a baby only hours ago,

He cried if I didn't hold him,

Which meant there was already a bond between us.

So the girl that was reluctantly taken in as a runaway,

And the little boy, now about three or four,

Sat together in a chair

Looking at a book.

She looked as if she'd done it all her life,

Dealing with kids,

And he looked like he belonged in her lap

Listening to the story being told.

He asks about the Clocktower;

Why do we live there?

I listen to her answer

With a smile on my face.

I decide that if I were to have any children,

I would want to be like her as a mother.

Then a thought chills me to the bone

I want her to be the mother

Erin Griffin

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