As Good as Dancing Queen

by Erin Griffin

Fandom: Muriel's Wedding (movie)

Pairing: Rhonda/Muriel

Rating: PG-13 for a cuss word not meant for innocent ears.

Summary: Just a short fic about life after the movie ended.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Author's Note: I just saw the movie and I always thought they were cute together. Please tell me this isn't the only fic out there with these two as a couple. I can't have been the only one to notice.


I can hear her humming ABBA from the kitchen as the smell of something cheesy hits my nostrils. I lay on the couch. My physical therapy has me completely knackered, and there is no word of what I need when I get home. She just gets a bath running, tea on the kettle, and then prepares the start of supper while I soak in water of the perfect temperature. I wonder every day why people think no one would marry her. She is so kind and considerate to my needs. I knew even before I saw her again on holiday that there was something about her. She was so shy, and hardly looked at people let alone talked to them. I knew that she was something. She will be something. I just hope I don't hold her back. I sometimes regret letting her take me back to Sydney, but I knew that if I were to stay where I was, and not be with her, I wouldn't recover half as well as I have been. I know I will never walk again, and that is a shame. The thing I will miss the most about having legs that work is being able to dance with Muriel. I never wanted anything more after I was diagnosed with the cancer. I can see her movements as she scoops what I am assuming is cheese noodles onto plates and she walks over to me with a dance in her step. My chest feels that way it often did when I was around her, and that longing to dance with her is stronger than ever. I almost want to cry, but then she hands me a plate and moves my legs so that they are resting on her lap. "My, you're awfully quiet, Rhonda. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing. It's... I wonder why you always felt the need to make up such stories about your life when you are so wonderful as you are?"

"We've been through that, you know."

"I know, but it still makes me crazy thinking of it all. I guess thinking of that keeps my mind off of... other things."

"The cancer?"

"Yeah, the cancer." I look at her and I tell her, because I can never lie to her. "You told me once that your life with me was as good as 'Dancing Queen', but... How can it be when I can't even dance with you anymore?" Muriel thinks about this for a second, and then she moves my feet again. She walks over to where the tape player is and stops it, and let it fast forward or rewind to wherever she wants it. Suddenly, I hear the song 'Waterloo', the song we had danced to on holiday. When she comes back, she takes my plate from me and places it gently next to hers, then moves me so that she is sitting behind me on the couch with me ending up sitting between her legs. It is a somewhat awkward position, but I'm not complaining, as her hands move down my arms and under them to hold on to me around my stomach. She rocks with me back and forth, and I feel safe.

"Guess what?"


"You're dancing with me."

"Some dancer, eh?"

"You're perfect. I meant it, Rhonda. It is as good as Dancing Queen. Better even." I can't help my smile. I grab Muriel's hands and hold them in mine as we rock together to the music, and I feel better than I had in my entire life. I can fuck a thousand men, but even put together it would never feel half as good as I feel in her arms. I wonder if she knows this. I feel her nose on my right ear, and she whispers after a long moment together like this, "Supper's gonna get cold, you know."

"Don't care." There is a short silence, and I feel a kiss land on my neck.

"Me either."


Erin Griffin

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