Side by Side

by Erin Griffin

Pairing: Ash/Scribbs

Summary: "What you mean us spending the rest of our lives together?"

Diclaimer: I don't own them

It really was a nice funeral home. It wasn't where I'd expect to do a murder inquiry, seeing as the clientel was already dead, but Scribbs and I spent the better part of the afternoon there. I watched as Scribbs took her time getting back to the car. She looked around, and I did the same. There were more flowers in my line of view than in most flourists' I've seen. Scribbs was in awe, and I smiled when she came in. "You think we'd be buried in a place like this?"

"What you mean side by side?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"You drive me mad as it is, Scribbs. I don't need you breaking rules in the afterlife, too."

"In the afterlife, you won't need your rules," Scribbs replied as she backed out of the car park.

"Touche'," Ash said. She looked to her right at her partner and put a hand over Scribbs, which despite Ash's lecturing was on her knee instead of on the steering wheel. "Yeah, I think we will be."

Erin Griffin

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