Title: "She Wasn't Handy"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Popular

Characters: Brooke/Sam

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers:  I'm just borrowing.  *sighs*  Ryan Murphy took them home first.  A drabble.

Summary: Sam watches Brooke as the blonde attempts to fix her computer.


Describing Brooke McQueen came easy: Beautiful, blonde and not in the least bit handy.  However, when she offered to take a look at Sam's ailing notebook, how could the brunette refuse?  It gave her the chance to sit on the sidelines, observe Brooke outside her natural habit of popularity, cheerleading and the likes of Nicole Julian and Mary Cherry.  She watched, memorizing the details as Brooke's fingers glided over the keyboard and attempted to fix her Internet connection.  Little did the blonde know that Sam purposefully unplugged the ethernet cable just to watch her work as she wracked her brain.


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