Title: "Last Breath"

Author: carpesomediem


Fandom: Popular

Characters: Sam/Brooke

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Everything belongs to Ryan Murphy; I just bring the characters out to play.  Just a drabble.

Summary: It's those final moments when you hold onto something subtle that keeps you alive.

If Sam was still aware of only one thing before she lost unconsciousness at the moment of impact, it was this: Brooke's shadow hit the pavement before her lithe body broke the fall.  Not that a shadow could hold weight, but it was the singular idea that made pushing the blonde out of the way of the oncoming, speeding car.  Knowing Brooke was safe calmed her, even as she went headfirst into the windshield and slid to the ground; she could still see the blonde's silhouette moving away from her as she took her final breath and slipped into unconsciousness.


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