Title: "Home Is Where the Heart Is"

Author: carpesomediem


Fandom: All My Children

Pairing: Bianca/Maggie

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1094

Author's Notes: ABC's owned the show, and the characters, longer than I've been alive.  I think that's saying something.  If you don’t know much about what's happened with Bianca's character over the last few years, you might be lost.  McTavish has nothing on me, kids.

Summary: Bianca decides to make a last minute trip to Pine Valley to reunite with family, friends and the "new" doctor in town.

It was Christmas time in Pine Valley.  Snow covered the grounds, plows piling it on the sides of road to allow those who trekked into the cold safe passage.  Bianca Montgomery found herself bundled up outside the hospital, debating whether or not to retreat back to her car or enter the warm building.

"It's not the warmest night to be admiring the scenery," the voice that brought Bianca out of her reverie was a familiar one.  One she knew very well, too well in fact.

"It depends on what you're looking at," Bianca responded, turning to face the brunette behind her.  She looked Maggie up and down, realizing she was underdressed for the weather.  She had on navy blue scrubs, white sneakers and a familiar white hospital coat over a long-sleeved black t-shirt.  Her hair was thrown back in a messy ponytail, and she was holding onto a PVU hoodie instead of wearing it.  Bianca felt oddly overdressed looking her over.

"Bianca?" Maggie stone's jaw dropped slightly.  When she saw the stranger lurking outside the building after returning from her car, she didn't recognize her at all.  In truth, of all the people to be in this area of Pennsylvania this time of year, she never thought Bianca would return home to celebrate the holidays in town.

"Kendall said you were working a late shift," Bianca said, smiling.  Despite the cold, she felt warmth permeate her skin when Maggie smiled back at her.

"It's an early shift, technically," Maggie replied, looking at her watch, it was a little after three in the morning.  "Why don't we head inside?  I'm on call, so I'm just waiting for something interesting to happen."

"All right then."  Maggie led the way into the hospital, and the two walked in silence each mulling over coming face-to-face.  Maggie still didn't know what she was supposed to say or do; it really was a shock to see Bianca show up at the hospital, especially this close to Christmas.  She wondered where Miranda was, if she even brought her along, and whether or not Bianca was planning to stay long.  Meanwhile, Bianca's pre-planned and well-rehearsed speech about what she was doing in town had been forgotten the second Maggie flashed that smile her way.

Now, they both were sitting in an on-call room.  Maggie was sitting on the bed she typically slept on during her shifts when she had the time.  Bianca took off her winter coat, setting it on the back of a metal chair before sitting down herself.  They sat in silence for a few minutes before Bianca opened her mouth to break the uneasy silence floating in the room.

"I didn't mean to just show up and surprise you like this.  I'm sure you must be busy."  She didn't know what else to say, even though she'd practiced on the plane.

"It's a slow night for the hospital," Maggie replied, "Besides, I'm happy to see you.  I've missed you a hell of a lot, Bianca-"

"-I've missed you, too.  I've missed you a lot, Maggie.  More than you know."

Another uneasy silence filled the room; Maggie was fidgeting slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position.  She'd been on her feet for awhile, doing rounds and checking charts before being allowed to lie down while things were slow.  She'd only run out to her car when she realized it had begun snowing, she left her hoodie in it.  Then, she'd run into Bianca and lost all train of thought as to trying to get a nap in before being called to duty again.

"If you need to sleep…" Bianca trailed off.  "This… it can wait."

"I'm fine, seriously," Maggie interceded.  Bianca looked at her skeptically.  "Really.  I'm so used to it by now.  I can operate on two hours of sleep like it was a day's worth of sleep.  It's all do this, do that, save a life here or there, but mostly, it just all goes by really fast.  You don't even have time to be exhausted until you sit down and actually have a chance to take a break."  Bianca smiled at how nonchalant Maggie was, especially when she mentioned saving lives.  "So, what do I owe the pleasure?  It's not every day the head of Cambias Industries flies into town and drops in on your doorstep… or, in this case, hospital."  Bianca couldn't help but feel her smile turn into a grin.

"I came to see you, silly.  Did you really think I'd brave this cold or this weather just to visit the hospital?  I have people who deliver the donation checks personally, you know."  It was Maggie's turn to smile, that smile turning into a yawn.  She quickly covered her mouth with her hand but it was too late, the yawn was contagious and Bianca soon found herself overcome by jet lag.  "I didn't realize how tired I was."

"Maybe we both could take a nap," Maggie said the first thing that came to mind.  They both looked at one another, and Bianca merely nodded.  Considering the circumstances that found them both in the same room after so long, it seemed like a fair compromise if neither one of them could find the words they so desperately needed to convey.

Maggie scooted over first, getting comfortable, her back towards the wall.  Bianca kicked off her shoes, realizing Maggie couldn't afford the same luxury being on call, and joined her in the bed.  A nervous flutter erupted in both girls, and neither could quell the anxiety of getting into bed together, even though it was something they'd done before.

The brunette wrapped an arm around Bianca's waist, remembering moments in the past shared in bed like this.  While it never amounted to much more, she always wondered just how different their lives would've been if it had been more.  They both wondered just how different things could've been, when they left for Paris together, each thought it would turn into more, but somehow they both lost sight of why they'd headed to France in the first place.  Maggie returned to Pine Valley to start her residency, and Bianca stayed to run Cambias.

Bianca snuggled against Maggie, sighing contentedly for the first time in ages.  They both dozed in and out for a few minutes before they were overcome by sleep, steadily breathing as they dreamed.  While they did have a lot to talk about, for now though, they could spend some time just being near each other.  At the moment, it would have to be enough.


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