Title: Not Again

Author: CarpeSomeDiem

Email: carpesomediem@gmail.com

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Rating: PG-17

Fandom: Popular

Pairing(s): B/S

Spoilers: None

Summary: Dreams do come true, don’t they?

Warning/Disclaimer: Slashed with the highest regard.  Seriously, though, Touchstone owns them, I don’t.

Author's Notes: Just came to me like a trainwreck.

Sam crushed Brooke’s lips with a passion neither knew the first possessed.  In those few minutes leading up to that one kiss, the stare down seemed almost like it had occurred in a land far, far away that neither of them cared to go back to at this point.

Brooke only cared about one thing: She wanted Sam to be closer, as close as they could possibly be, and as such times demanded drastic measures, she fully intended to let the brunette know of her intentions.

“Brooke,” Sam moaned at the mere touch of the cheerleader’s hands as they ripped her black vintage t-shirt in half to expose her breasts, propped up in a white push-up bra.  Brooke just looked hungrily from Sam’s breasts, to her lips, to her eyes, and back to her breasts.

Sam’s hands now found their way to the hem of Brooke’s burgundy turtleneck and as she began pulling it over the frail frame before her she was swept up in another passionate kiss, this time by the delivery of the woman standing before her.

Brooke wasted no time letting her tongue part Sam’s luscious lips and entered the warm confines of her mouth, exploring crevices here and there all the while as Sam struggled to breathe, pushing herself ever closer to the blonde body screaming for her touch.

“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sam yelled as the lukewarm shower water went from that of perfection to scalding her skin.

“That’ll teach you,” Brooke smiled deviously as she sat herself down, wrapped in a violet towel, on the toilet in their shared bathroom thoroughly satisfied with the point she made.

“Damn it, Brooke!” Sam said angrily, stepping out of the shower having successfully managed to wrap herself in her own white towel before meeting the blonde’s hazel eyes.  “There’s enough hot water for a third world country in this house!”

“You were taking too long,” she whined, shrugging her shoulders, “I just thought I’d let you know.”

“Next time, why don’t you ask me to get out before you try and play President with the Palace’s water system,” Sam seethed as she stormed into her room.

Brooke shook her head, walking towards the shower and before Sam even closed the bathroom door, threw her towel the ground to step into the shower.

“Man, you aren’t helping much,” Sam sighed, having seen Brooke naked once again without her knowledge.  “Not again,” she muttered, drifting off into daydreams again.

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