Title: "Mutual"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com


Fandom: All My Children

Characters: Bianca/Maggie

Rating: G

Word Count: 1631

Warnings/Spoilers: ABC's owned the show, and the characters, longer than I've been alive.  Just borrowing for now.  (But I can guarantee it's better than what you're currently seeing on an ABC affiliate near you!)  Part of the <a href="http://americangrl69.livejournal.com/318301.html">Multi-Fandom Holiday Ficathon</a>; my prompt was mistletoe.

Summary: The holidays always have a way to bring out hidden desires, and it always takes two to make it happen.

After everything that'd happened over the last few years, Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone were finally in a good place.  It may not have been where Bianca necessarily wanted to be, but it was just nice to have her best friend back.  Maggie, on the other hand, still didn't know how to approach the subject at hand.

They'd been in Paris for close to seven months now; while the French celebrate Christmas in their own way, Bianca decided to continue the traditional American holiday celebrations for Miranda's own benefit.  Her baby girl was still young; she didn't want to confuse her.  There was plenty of time to introduce the French traditions when she was older.  Plus, since she was staying in Paris this winter instead of venturing back to Pine Valley, she figured it'd be the perfect way to make sure the Cambias suite felt like home.

Bianca was up to something, Maggie was sure of it.  She just couldn't quite figure it out, yet.  Things had changed over the last few months.  Maggie had fallen into a routine now that she was attending university, seriously pursuing her medical degree.  Her class schedule was demanding, but she always made the time for Bianca and Miranda.  Miranda just loved Maggie, loved her like she was her second mom, and the new family dynamic healed both young woman in ways they never thought possible.

"All right, munchkin," Maggie put Miranda down; she toddled towards the tree intrigued by the shiny bows and glossy wrapping paper of the few presents already under the fir.  "Don't open anything.  It's not Christmas, yet."

"I'd be more worried about you opening presents," Bianca teased, leaning against the doorframe to the living room.  She'd been watching the interaction between Maggie and her daughter with a smile on her face.

"Come on now, B," Maggie turned around slightly to get a view of the other girl.  "I know the rules.  You get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you get no cookies."  Her focus returned to Miranda who was now shaking a present in front of her, giggling in delight before realizing she was being watched by both her parents.  She stopped suddenly, grinning from ear-to-ear before dropping it with a clunk to the floor by her feet.

"I hope that wasn't one of yours," Bianca teased as she joined Maggie by sitting on the sofa while the other woman leaned against the front of it and watching Miranda walk around haphazardly.  She clutched her Elmo plushy in one hand now, no longer interested in the presents near her.  She plopped down near the TV, chattering with Elmo in a language neither girl knew how to interpret.

"Oh, well," Maggie shrugged, "It's not like you can't afford to buy me another one."

"Maggie!" Bianca slapped her shoulder playfully.  Before she had a chance to recall her hand, Maggie grabbed a hold of it which caught Bianca off guard.

"I was just kidding," Maggie smiled at the other woman, turning herself around still holding her hand tightly.  "You don't have to buy me anything, Bianca.  Just being here is more than enough of a gift for a lifetime or two."

"Yeah," Bianca sighed softly, "For me, too."  Maggie's eyes rested on their clasped hands before she let go and stood up suddenly.

"I'm going to go get a glass of wine," Maggie announced, "Do you want one, too?"

"Sure, that sounds lovely," Bianca responded, smiling and wondering if the gesture was too much for the other girl.  Maggie merely nodded and headed into the kitchen.  Bianca watched her leave, her eyes trailing the curves of her body as a smile overtook her features.

Despite the fact that they'd agreed to take things slowly, more so for Maggie to figure out just what she wanted, it still amazed Bianca that the two could be so in love and yet not be at the same time.  But it was okay.  It really was for once, because away from Pine Valley and its insanity, they were able to just be themselves and live their lives.  It was a nice change of pace, one they welcomed with open arms and embraced.  In many ways, Bianca couldn't imagine living in Paris without Maggie, and Maggie felt the same.

Bianca was drawn from her thoughts a few seconds later realizing that there was a bottle of Pinot Noir she was dying to try.  So, she rushed towards the kitchen before Maggie had the chance to pop the cork of whatever she happened to grab when she bumped into the smaller girl.

"Oh, my gosh, Maggie!" Bianca exclaimed, "I'm so sorry."  She steadied the girl by wrapping an arm around her waist, careful to try and not spill anymore wine on the hardwood floors than necessary.  Miranda squealed at the excitement, pulling Elmo close to her tiny chest.

"Hey, it's okay… I'm okay," Maggie replied, balancing herself by sticking an arm out like she was on a beam.  "I'm okay, really.  Just a little spilled wine.  Nothing a mop can't fix and maybe a shower-"  She quickly handed Bianca the second glass of wine, holding the other glass in her dry hand and shaking her right arm out to try and lull the liquid onto the floor.

"-Your shirt's ruined," Bianca pointed out.

"It's just a shirt," Maggie chuckled.  "What was the rush, anyway?  I was coming back, you know."  Maggie realized trying to shake off the wine wasn't really helping, her hand felt sticky, so she just began wiping it on her jeans before looking up into Bianca's embarrassed eyes.  However, something caught her attention above Bianca's head, and she turned her eyes to it before a sly smile came over her face.

"What…" Bianca asked, perplexed by Maggie's sudden attention change.

"Look," Maggie pointed up.

"Oh," Bianca's jaw dropped slightly as she realized what caught the other girl's attention.  "It's mistletoe."  Bianca felt butterflies in her stomach, and she was sure if she wasn't still standing in a doorway with something, and someone, to brace her fall, she'd collapse from being weak in the knees.

"That it is," Maggie nodded, courage taking hold deep in her belly.  She felt it begin coursing through her veins, directing itself straight into her heart.  "I guess you know what that means."

"Yeah…" Bianca gulped, diverting her gaze away.

Maggie sensed her hesitation and did the only thing she could to show Bianca just how much she'd come to mean to her.  She reached for the back of Bianca's neck with her sticky hand and pulled her down as she leaned up into her lips.  When their lips met, Bianca was hesitant at first, her anxiety overcoming her but as Maggie tugged on her bottom lip and demanded entrance, Bianca forgot all about the flutter in her stomach.  She returned the kiss, gentle and sweet at first before a fire overtook them both, and Maggie struggled to break free.

"You opened the bottle I wanted," was the only thing Bianca could say, acutely aware that Maggie's hand was still on the back of her neck.

"…The Pinot Noir?" Maggie grinned, always finding it funny that Bianca never quite knew what to say after a moment like that, "You've been talking about it since we picked it up.  I thought tonight was as good a night as any to pop the top-"

"-Sometimes you talk too much," Bianca interrupted.

"Hey now," Maggie smirked now, "Sometimes you talk to little."

"How did you get that up there?" Bianca asked out of nowhere, looking up again at the mistletoe hanging above them.

"Oh, that," Maggie retracted her hand, taking a sip of wine as she did it before continuing, "Miranda helped me."

"Miranda?" Bianca raised a quizzical eyebrow.  "How did Miranda help you with that?"

"Well, I wasn't tall enough, and we don't own a ladder.  So, I held Miranda up on my shoulders, and she pretty much stuck it up there.  Of course, I put some double-sided tape on it to help make it stick.  I think it worked out pretty well for the both of us, don't you think?"

"You wanted to kiss me?" Bianca blurted out without thinking.

"You wanted to kiss me," Maggie's response was a statement, not a question.  Bianca merely nodded, a blush taking over her cheeks.  "Do you realize what this means?"

"We should probably talk about what it all means," Bianca said, smiling weakly.  She didn't even know where to start; they were still standing in the doorway, Maggie covered in wine and Bianca pretty sure her entire world was about to be turned upside down.

"That was the first time we've ever mutually kissed one another," Maggie replied, grinning like a kid.  "It wasn't you kissing me to get a point across or me kissing you because I was afraid to lose you; it was like, honest to God, we both wanted it."

They both stood there, eyes met as they contemplated what'd just been said.  Maggie was more than right, it was apparent now that this is what both of them wanted.  It may have taken them more than half a year to figure it out, but they were ready for this, wherever it may lead them.

Bianca opened her mouth to speak, but before she had a chance to say anything, Miranda came chattering up to her.  She wrapped her arms around Bianca's legs, looked up at Maggie and smiled.  Maggie pulled Bianca into a half-hug, putting one hand on Miranda's shoulder as well.

"I love you, Maggie."

"I love you, too, Bianca," Maggie said softly, closing her eyes and treasuring the moment.  It only took them years to get to this point, but they were finally there, together.


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