Title: "For Now"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Hermione/Tonks

Rating: PG

Author's Notes: JK Rowling owns the universe, I just parade around in it undernearth Hermione's school girl skirt. A bit AU, taking liberty with the Battle of Hogwarts.

Summary: A tender moment on the eve of battle.


"Don't speak," Tonks said. Hermione merely nodded, running her fingertips across the older woman's jaw line. She smiled, holding back tears.

They knew the likelihood of seeing each other again was slim to none. Saying it now would do nothing to prepare them for what was to come; they were on the outskirts of Hogwarts, waiting on the word to engage Lord Voldemort.

"It's time," Harry interrupted. Hermione broke away, not looking back as she joined him and Ron and headed towards the castle. That's when Tonks pulled out her wand, met up with the Order and followed close behind.


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