Title: Sophomore Skip Day

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Author: CarpeSomeDiem

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Rating: PG-17

Fandom: Popular

Pairing(s): S/B

Spoilers: A tiny bit from the season one episode “Two Weddings and a Funeral.”  Sam’s already come out in this one...

Summary: How do stepsisters spend skip day stuck at Kennedy High?

Warning/Disclaimer: Subtext to slash, not what Ryan and Touchstone had in mind, but definitely what I had in mind!  ;-)

Author's Notes: I stayed up all night tonight watching season one... and this one hit me like a Mack truck.  Definitely a series, after all, what about junior and senior skip days?  :-D

Part One

“So, what do you want to do, Sam?” Brooke asked, breaking the uneasy silence in the car.  Sam just started at the window, looking around the Kennedy High School parking lot.  It was deserted, as most of the sophomore class had already taken off for skip day, whereas the students of Bio Glass’ biology class were stuck in a perpetual nightmare.

Bio Glass, as a ‘have a nice summer’ gesture, faxed a copy of each of their pictures to the LAPD.  Now, anywhere they went off Kennedy grounds would land them in juvenile hall, a nice little fine, and parents in an uproar. 

Needless to say, Brooke and Sam needed to get out of there, and so, they retreated to the first’s car.  It wasn’t off school property, but it wasn’t really part of the school, for them, it was good enough considering the circumstances.

Unfortunately, though, it was only second period... and they were bored out of their minds.

“I don’t know,” Sam sighed, “What is there to do in an empty parking lot when the rest of the sophomore class is probably halfway to Six Flags by now?”  Sam looked towards her soon-to-be stepsister.  “Seriously, how could Glass do this to us?”

“I know,” Brooke seethed, gripping the steering wheel, “We are going to be the laugh stocks of Kennedy High!”

“Typical, Brooke,” Sam rolled her eyes, “Only thinking about her precious popularity and rep...”

“That’s not what I meant!” Brooke crashed into her seat with a soft thud in resignation, “Not everything is about my precious popularity and rep, Sam... I was just saying that every time Bio Glass does something we end up the laughing stock of Kennedy High.  I mean, you remember what she did to Lily the first week of school...”

“The frog purse...” Sam interjected causing them both to laugh and begin reminiscing on the last year of their lives.  “It sure has been an interesting year.”

“Yeah, interesting’s one way to put it,” Brooke replied as she put her hand on top of Sam’s hand, which was resting on her thigh.  Sam shot her a curious-one-eyebrow-raised-look.  The blonde bowed her head slightly, hiding her smirk.  “You know what, even though we had our ups and downs, I’m really glad you’re part of my life now, Sam.  I mean it.”

“I’m glad you’re part of my life, too,” Sam barely managed to get out.  Her palm had started to sweat the moment Brooke touched the top of her hand, and for the life of her, the brunette wanted nothing more put to pull away.  However, she knew she couldn’t, both of them knew it was now or never.  “Brooke?”

“Yeah, Sam?” she still wouldn’t look in her passenger’s direction.

“I... I have an, idea, of what we could do to pass the time,” Sam barely managed to get out, images of Brooke’s lips crushing hers flashing to mind.

“Yeah?” Brooke finally gathered the courage to look at her, “What’s that?”  She pulled her hand away and turned her body so that she was facing Sam who wouldn’t face her.  Instead, the brunette seemed to shield herself by keeping her eyes transfixed on the invisible images dancing on the dashboard.

“We could sign each other’s yearbooks,” Sam’s sharp-wit finally came back to her in the nick of time.  “You haven’t signed mine, yet, and I thought we could exchange them, and we could get that out of the way.”

“Oh,” Brooke resigned, shrugging her shoulder.  “Josh still has my yearbook...”  Sam rolled her eyes at the mention of Brooke’s ex-boyfriend’s name.  “I think he’s trying to hook back up, probably writing a love poem or something.”

“I could write you a love poem,” Sam muttered.  Brooke only heard the words I write love poem.

“What?  You could write a love poem?” Brooke inquired, “What did you say?”

“Nothing,” Sam shook her head, “I was just... thinking out loud.”

“You don’t get out of it that easily!” Brooke smacked Sam’s shoulder.

“Ow!” Sam jumped, “That hurt!”  She finally looked at the blonde and in that moment realized that more than anything she just had to say, “I love you.”

“WHAT?” Brooke looked shocked, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

“I... I... Oh, shit,” Sam’s jaw dropped, it hitting her what had come out of her mouth, “I... I meant... I... I love you... I love you... like a sister?”  It came out more like a question than a statement and Sam’s cheeks were burning with a shade a red that added to the embarrassment of the situation.

“Just like a sister?” Brooke asked without thinking, putting her hand on Sam’s shoulder to nudge her to look at her again.  “Only like a sister?”

“McQueen?” Sam met her eyes again.

“Yeah, McPherson?” Brooke barely managed to get out, her breath ragged, her hand still on the Sam’s shoulder, almost steadying them both.

“Do you want me to only love you like a sister?” Sam asked cautiously.

“I... I don’t want you to love me like a sister at all,” Brooke confessed, “I want you to love me like I’m you’re all.”  With that Brooke flew caution to the wind and took the hand on Sam’s shoulder, brought it to her neck, and pulled her into an electrifying kiss.

Brooke’s lips assaulted the brunette’s, quickly demanding entrance to the crooks and crevices of Sam’s mouth, which the latter permitted with little hesitation.  Sam, herself positively lost by the blonde’s ferociousness, just tried to keep up as she started spinning in a daze of pent-up teenager hormones, lust, and sexual desire for the cheerleader.

“Brooke,” Sam gulped, easily breaking the kiss, “I... I love you.”  The cheerleader rested her forehead against Sam’s.

“I love you, too, Sammy,” she smiled, “My Sammy?”

“Your Sammy,” the brunette smiled, too, conceding to Brooke’s question.  “So...”

“So...” Brooke trailed off with a smirk.

“I think we found something to keep us occupied for the rest of sophomore skip day,” Sam beamed.

“Yeah, I think we did!” Brooke exclaimed, “Want to move to the backseat?”


Part Two


“Yeah, Brooke?”

“Is that your hand...” Brooke’s breath became short as Sam’s index finger lightly flicked across her clitoris.  “Oh, yes it is!”  Sam repeated the movement, smiling, this time slower – lingering – as the blonde bucked against her ungracefully.  “Please, don’t stop…”  Sam picked up the pace, increasing the pressure on Brooke’s center as she continued to thrust herself into the brunette’s body in a trance-like state.

Brooke and Sam had quickly moved to the backseat to begin wasting their sophomore skip day with more pertinent matters: Making out.  Making out quickly led to fondling, which even sooner led to Sam’s hand down Brooke’s jeans, surprising them both.

“Wow,” Brooke breathed out almost wordlessly, laying her entire weight onto Sam’s body below her.

“Yeah?” Sam asked incredulously, not believing she had actually made Brooke feel the way she felt.  “I mean…”  Sam sighed, rolling her head to the side to avoid Brooke’s ever present gaze, having divulged the status of her virginity to the last person on Earth she ever wanted to divulge it to, especially at this moment in time when events might taken them passed the we’re-still-clothed stage.

“You’ve never done that before?” Brooke inquired innocently, smiling.  My Sammy’s so cute when she’s like this, she thought, so cute.  Sam wouldn’t look at her, “Sammy,” she practically whined, “Look at me, Sam, come on, it’s no big deal… it’s not like I’ve ever done this before either.”

“It’s not that,” Sam sighed again, meeting her hazel eyes, “I just… I’ve only ever done that to myself before…”  Brooke smiled, capturing Sam’s lips once again, and pulling away, centimeters from those lips.

“Let’s see what I can do about that.”  Brooke propped herself up the best she could in the backseat of her car, so that her right hand had ample space to move down Sam’s body and into the black slacks she was wearing.  “Don’t forget to breathe, Sammy,” she joked, trying to lighten the mood a bit, as she could sense the brunette beneath her was a tad bit nervous.

Tad bit would be an understatement.

Sam was burning up inside and not only at the fleeting touches of Brooke’s fingertips on her skin.  The budding journalist could not believe what an amazing turn of events this day was throwing her way; first, starting out horribly with the excitement of sophomore skip day being taken away by Bio Glass and now this new life thrown into her lap all summed up by a declaration of love between the soon-to-be stepsisters.  Just the latter event alone was enough to take Sam over the edge in thoughts, feelings, and now desire.

“Brooke.”  Sam stopped the blonde’s hand from making its way into her Hanes panties.  Brooke’s head nearly snapped to attention when she heard the way Sam said her name, it was so cold, almost callous.  “I’m sorry, I just…”

“What’s the matter, Sam?  I’m not going to hurt you, I promise,” Brooke nearly pleaded, wanting to desperately make Sam feel even half the way the brunette had made her feel.

“I just need to know that this is more than just…”

“Just sex?”

“Yeah, I love you, Brooke,” Sam smiled, “I love you with everything I am, and I want this to be more than just sex.”

“It is,” Brooke conceded, “and this isn’t sex, Sam.”

“It isn’t?” Sam questioned naively.

“It’s making love,” Brooke swooped in to capture her lips once more, bringing both her hands to cup the brunette’s cheeks and Sam brought her arms up and wrapped them around the blonde’s neck, trying to pull her closer.

Brooke’s hands slowly made their way down Sam’s sides, to the trim of her blue half-sleeve shirt.  Sam propped herself up, careful not to bang her head against the window as Brooke lifted her shirt up over her abdomen.  Brooke met Sam’s eyes, looking for a sign of approval, and was met with a nod to continue.

“Sam, you’re so beautiful,” Brooke flashed a million dollar smile, having lifted her bra to reveal a set of full, hidden, breasts.  “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Th… thanks,” Sam stuttered, her stomach fluttering, as she smiled that Brooke said this looking into her eyes rather than her breasts.  “You can, you know… go on…”

Brooke took this affirmation and descended upon Sam’s right breast, kissing the skin around her nipple as her left hand crept up to her other breast and began kneading it.  Eventually allowing her lips to wrap themselves around Sam’s instantly hard nipple.  She sucked, nipped, and bit, all the while now teasing her other nipple by massaging it between her thumb and forefinger increasing in intensity as her lips increased in their assault.

“Oh… Brooke… don’t…stop… Please, don’t…stop…” Sam exclaimed word-by-word in between ragged breaths, low moans, and trying to keep her body from exploding each time Brooke’s teeth pulled at her nipple.

Seeing as how Josh had been her only dalliance with sex prior to this moment, she just used his example of how to pleasure a girl and was now trying to do the same things to Sam.  Gauging by her response, the low guttural moans and writhing of Sam’s frame, Brooke guessed she was doing something right, and switched breasts to shower it with equal attention.

When she was sure Sam couldn’t take much more, Brooke broke away, and quickly brought her hand down her body, passed the waistband of Sam’s pants, and underneath her panties.  Without hesitation, Brooke began stroking Sam’s mound, wet from the attack on her breasts, and Sam began to lose it.

“Brooke!” she screamed, delighting the blonde, and encouraging her to take it one step further.  Brooke took her index finger and slid it into Sam’s center, adding another finger when she realized how loose the brunette was now. 

Sam’s body was on edge.  Brooke could feel it, and Sam’s moans and shouts encouraged her to pick up the pace, beginning to also rub her clit as she thrust deeper and deeper into her center; Sam shuddered as a wave of euphoria swept through her body and she clenched into Brooke’s fingers as she came.

“No, please, don’t,” Sam stopped, grabbing Brooke’s hand as she tried to come out of her body.  Brooke just looked at her, nodded, and laid her head against Sam’s still exposed chest, listening as she came down from her high… her breathing beginning to return to normal, her heart rate coming back to its regular pace, and her use of the English language regaining its consciousness.  “That was… utterly amazing, Brooke.”

Sam scooted herself up a bit, in an attempt to let Brooke know it was okay to come out now.  Brooke took the hint, and slowly brought her fingers our of Sam’s center, to a few shudders and a low sigh from the brunette.  She wiped the mess onto the seat below her leg and moved herself into a more comfortable sitting position, as did Sam once the blonde was off her.

“Thank-you,” Sam smiled at her, taking her hand, and bringing it to her lips.  “Nobody’s ever made me feel that amazing before.”

“You’re welcome,” Brooke grinned as Sam kissed her hand.  “So, what do you want to do for the rest of the day?  We got, oh,” Brooke looked over onto the car radio’s digital time display, “Two and a half more periods left before we can leave…”

“We could revert back to our original idea,” Sam closed the distance between them.

“I like the sound of that,” Brooke’s words were practically drowned out by a pair of full, luscious lips capturing her own.

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