Title: "Like Clockwork"

Author: carpesomediem


Fandom: Popular

Characters: Sam/Brooke

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: Everything belongs to Ryan Murphy; I just bring the characters out to play.  Just a drabble.

Summary: Everybody has a routine.

Every morning, Brooke went through the same routine.  She woke cheerfully, ate breakfast and brushed her teeth before hopping into the shower all before the Palace saw the light of day.  Or so she thought.  As she began to rinse the chamomile shampoo out of her locks, she never would see that Sam stood perched like a sentry against the door frame leading in from her room to listen.  Before Brooke dug her toes into the berber rug beneath her feet, the brunette left her post shrugging with an unsaid "I love you."  And so, too, went Sam's morning routine.


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