Title: "That's One Way"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Popular

Characters: Brooke/Sam

Rating: G

Warnings/Spoilers: I'm just borrowing.  *sighs*  Ryan Murphy took them home first.  A drabble.

Summary: Brooke and Sam ring in the new year.

"Happy New Year, Sam," Brooke grinned, pulling back as fireworks lit up the Santa Monica skyline.  Sam's face was grim, and Brooke instantly regretted leaning down for the kiss as the clock struck midnight.  "Sam?"

"Brooke-" Sam touched her lips gingerly, confusion flying through her system.  She desperately wanted to explain herself, but she just couldn't find the words.  "Brooke… I… I don't know-"

"-It's okay, Sam," Brooke smiled, taking it in stride.  "It's a new year."

"That's one way to look at it," Sam sighed deciding the enjoy the fireworks instead of dealing with the feelings fluttering through her.


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