Title: "Angry"

Author: carpesomediem


Fandom: Popular

Characters: Sam/Brooke

Rating: NC-17

Warnings/Spoilers: Everything belongs to Ryan Murphy; I just bring the characters out to play.  Heavy, heavy sexual assault in this story; if that offends you, read no further.

Summary: When the truth comes out that Brooke slept with Josh again, and Sam made out with him, Sam's logical conclusion is to jump Brooke's bones.

Nobody else dared moving or saying a word to stop the stare down in process.  Brooke McQueen in one corner, Sam McPherson in the other; if you were an innocent bystander, you would swear you saw boxing gloves, robes and a team of trainers in each corner.  As the secrets came out, so did the teams each trainer cheered for, but as everything spilled over, one thing was for sure: The main card of the night was between one Brooke McQueen and one Sam McPherson.

"In the red corner," the announcer began, "We have Sam McPherson.  Undisputed champion of barbed wit, renowned investigative reporter and considered the underdawg in this sexual match-up."  The crowd booed slightly, cheering as the blonde peeked out from the wings and the announcer geared up, drawing the microphone close.  "And in the blue corner, we have the blonde bombshell, Kennedy High's reigning queen of beauty, the one, the only: Brooke McQueen!"  The crowd roared, clapped and gave her a standing ovation all the frown that crossed Sam's face.

So, there they stood.  Face-to-face.  As if the world around them no longer existed, and in that moment, it didn't.  They were trapped in the Novak, exposed for their best friends and mortal enemies to see them in the coils of their scarlet letters.  Those letters adorned their boxing robes, their corners, their hearts.

"At least I was good enough that he slept with me."  That's all Brooke needed to say.

The next thing she knew, Sam slammed her against the Novak wall and had two fingers inside her.

She was pumping, furiously and banging into all sorts of flesh inside the blonde, but she didn't stop when she heard the gasps for air, the moans of pain, she kept thrusting herself as deep as she could with no thought.  Every time Brooke buckled against her, tried to get some sort of footing or hold on Sam, the brunette pushed her in to the wall even harder until she felt like her lungs were going to burst.  She couldn't get enough air, she couldn't breathe and all she could do to share it was beat against Sam violently.

Scratch, bite and punch was what Brooke did.  Over and over again until she felt like her skin was going to shatter.  As wet as she was, all she could think about between pants and screams was getting Sam off her, away from here, anywhere but in her.  That was the last train of rational thought in her brain.  Sam felt fists bury into her shoulders, one even connected with the top of her head, but she shrugged off the pain and continued thrusting herself into Brooke, her hips now following the movements her hand was making.

"Fuck," Sam breathed out between clinched teeth, her fingers were beginning to crap, but she was able to add a third to the assault she was making on Brooke's insides, and she kept going with the motion.  She felt Brooke's fist connect with the top of her head and for a moment, just a brief moment, she thought she should stop but instead she took her free hand and slammed Brooke's shoulder into the wall in a sickening thud and held her there.

Sam stopped mid-fuck for just a few seconds when her hand went into a spasm.  Brooke did the only thing she could think of in her euphoria.  She punched Sam in the face which caused the brunette to violently rip her fingers from inside her to grab her jaw, Brooke's insides running down her fingers.  If she knew what she was doing, she would've taken a taste, but all she could think about was how much her lip stung and the blood mixed in with her saliva.

"What the hell was that for?" Sam demanded angrily.  It was only when she pulled her hand away did she realize what was mixed in with the blood on her fingers.  "What did I do?"  Sam watched in horror as Brooke slouched against the wall, falling down against it as she made her way to the floor in a heap of exhaustion.

Brooke panted, the slow realization that Sam practically raped her washed over her insides, and all she wanted to do was return the favor.  But she knew better when she saw the look on Sam's face; she'd never seen the journalist looking more sincere in the apology she wore in her face.  Sam collapsed, too, to the floor and began weeping, still bleeding from where Brooke split her lip.

"Sam..." Brooke called out, crawling to her position on the floor.  "Sam, it's okay," she wrapped her arms tightly around the brunette and held her as tightly as she could.  Brooke shook slightly, but Sam didn't notice it as sobs writhed through her body.

"I'm... I'm so... I'm so sorry," Sam managed to get our, tears threatening to swallow her alive.  She wiped her hands on the floor, the thought of Brooke still on her making her want to shrivel up and die.  "I'm... I don't know... I don't know what came over me... I..."

"Shh, Sam," Brooke rocked her gently.  "It's okay... it's... shh..."  Brooke continued to rock Sam, knowing they'd have to talk later about, everything, but for now, all she wanted to do was comfort Sam, and let her know that she wasn't going anywhere.  Sam needed a friend, and right now, Brooke intended to be the best friend she could be no matter what road it took them down.

"Should we... say anything?" Carmen asked quietly over the top of one of the stalls, Lily spied on Brooke and Sam with a soft smile.  Nicole and Mary Cherry peeked over the other one and just shook their head in response.  Nicole was sure she'd gone blind.  The four of them stayed hidden in those stalls for the rest of the day, not sure what to make of what they saw happen between Brooke and Sam, even after they'd left the Novak for home that night.


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