Title: "How Many Minutes Were You Over?"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Popular

Characters: Brooke/Sam

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Warnings/Spoilers: I'm just borrowing.  *sighs*  Ryan Murphy took them home first.  A drabble.

Summary: Brooke's cell phone bill has skyrocketed, and Mike wants to know why.


"Can you run this by me again?" Mike demanded, holding the bill angrily.  She'd run up nearly $600 worth of charges in under a month.

"I didn't know Sam was out of network, dad," she replied.  It was the truth.  Sam had been out of town for two weeks during the summer at a journalism retreat in Manhattan.  Apparently, Jane and Sam used Cingular, while Brooke and her dad were on the Verizon network.

"But why were you talking to Sam so much?  I knew things were okay between you two, but I didn't think you'd miss her that much."


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