Title: "New Year, New Love, New Life"

Author: carpesomediem

E-Mail: carpesomediem[at]gmail.com

Fandom: Popular

Pairing: Brooke/Sam

Rating: G

Author's Note: Why do I keep typing this?  It's been almost 10 years since the show's been on air, if Ryan Murphy isn't coming to kick my ass by now, I think it's a safe bet he's not showing up to sue me anytime soon.  ;)  This is part of my drabble request fest.  For mysensitiveside.

Summary: Sometimes things really do work out just the way you hoped.

Sam didn't make New Year resolutions.  She thought they were stupid and shallow.  If you wanted to do something during the year, just do it.  Why create a list of things you would never manage to accomplish, anyway?  But this year was different.  She wanted to do something and somehow the promise of a new year warranted making her very first resolution.

She was going to kiss Brooke.  She was going to kiss Brooke and tell her she loved her.  That was Sam's resolution.  It was her only one, and she knew she had one chance to get it right.


Brooke always made New Year resolutions.  It was one of the things she looked forward to after Christmas.  It gave her time to put some sort of focus into the year ahead.  Usually, this included the basics: Good grades, being nicer to those around her, simple things, really.  Except for this year.  This year Brooke resolved to do the one thing that terrified her the most.

She was going to kiss Sam.  She was going to take that one chance.  If it didnít work out, it didn't.  But she would take the chance, and that would have to be enough.


"Is this really happening?"  Sam pulled away first, stunned.  Brooke initiated the kiss, timidly as the two were sitting outside on the front steps of the Palace one night in March.

"It is," Brooke smiled.  She had an arm wrapped around Sam's shoulders.  "I guess, my New Year resolution is done and over with."

"Mine's not," Sam grinned, turning her head slightly and pulling Brooke into another searing kiss.  Brooke pulled away first this time watching the grin plaster itself on the brunette's face.

"What's that for?" Brooke asked, watching Sam's smile grow.

"Now, my New Year's resolution is complete."


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