Title: "Chuck Bass Isn't the Only Brunette Who Knows What to Do In the Back of a Limousine"

Fandom: Gossip Girl

Pairing: Blair/Serena

Rating: NC-17

Author's Note: Originally created by Cecily von Ziegesar, developed for TV by Josh Schwartz.  This, again, is the first time diving into these two (*giggles*).

Summary: Blair Waldorf is full of surprises, as Serena finds out in the back of the Bass family limousine.

Blair tweaked one of Serena's nipples between her index finger and thumb.  Serena groaned into Blair's mouth, arching her back in the hopes that Blair would apply more pressure which she quickly did.  They were kissing furiously, Blair having already disposing of Serena's shirt somewhere in the limo.  Serena was trying to get Blair's top undone, but she was having trouble focusing.  Blair was pinching Serena's nipples through her bra, causing her to shudder at the contact.  Yes, Chuck Bass would be proud, and a little disappointed he hadn't installed a video camera in the back of his private limousine.


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