Title: "Super Charged & Super Horny"

Fandom: Bionic Woman

Pairing: Jamie/Sarah

Rating: NC-17

Author's Note: David Eick is a genius, not only does he make sure Katee Sackhoff is on this show, he continues to help fuel her on BSG, too.  That makes him awesome, all-around!  This is totally PWP.

Summary: What happens when two bionic women get locked in the same room together?

Sarah's tongue licked its way up the brunette's slit, causing a gasp to escape Jamie's lips.  Her hands where in the other woman's hair, pushing her into thrusting hips.  Sarah took the hint, taking the small bud into her lips and biting down on it, hard.

"Fuck!" Jamie yelled, buckling as two fingers entered her; Sarah never stopped licking circles around her clit, biting and nipping as long fingers curled into the other woman during rushed thrusts before she came.  Sarah lapped up what she could, a cocky grin taking over.  She left Jamie there panting, fumbling for a cigarette.


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