Title: "Musings"

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

Pairing: Kara/Natalie

Rating: G

Author's Note: Ron Moore, David Eick and company run the show… But this pairing is certainly overtaking my brain!  There needs to be nothing but Kara/ANYWOMAN fic out there, that's for sure!

Summary: Kara muses on, of all things, Natalie.

"For frak's sake, pull yourself together, Kara Thrace," she slammed a fist into the mirror before her, breaking it in the process.  She'd been back on Galactica for less than an hour and all she could think of was that copy of Number Six: Natalie.  There was something different, something passionate about her.  She believed in her plight, her cause and she believe in Kara.  Something few did nowadays.  It wasn't until she realized she'd drawn blood that she was able to remind herself that Natalie was the enemy.  'She's a frakking toaster,' Kara reminded herself, 'Just a frakking toaster.'


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