Title: "Tonight."

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: June 11th- June 21th, 2001

Rating: 'PG-13'

Disclaimer: 'Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine' and all other characters from the show belong to Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor, and Michael Piller. Also Paramount Studios, but most of all, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven Of Nine belong to Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. Any new characters belong to the author.

Song Alert: The song I using in this story is called, "We've Got Tonight". Sheena Easton and Kenny Rogers perform the song. It's written by Bob Seger and can be found on either Kenny Roger's CD "We've Got Tonight" or "The World Of Sheena Easton-The Singles Collection."

Spoiler Alert: A small one for 'Voyager Conspiracy.'

Author's Note: This is the eighth song story I've written, "Wishing…" "Sittin' On Go" "The Right Place" "How Long" "On The Verge" "This Moment" and "Angel" being the other seven. You'll need to read the other stories in order for this to make sense.

Angst Alert: I haven't had to use this in any of the stories in this series so far, but this one needs it. You'll notice that it is much LONGER than any of the previous ones. This is what I get for allowing a story to take on a life of its own. Which in some ways is a good thing I suppose.

Story Disclaimer: This story DOES portray a loving relationship between 'Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

Special Thanks: To my beta reader Stacy. I knew I needed help and she more than provided it to me. So, thank you. I hope you like the finished product, you made the story so much better.

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Sound Clip

(I know it's late)

Kathryn Janeway made her way towards the Astrometrics lab, knowing without a doubt that Seven would be there doing her best to avoid her. As Janeway strode down the halls of her beloved ship, she couldn't imagine how her life had taken such a dramatic turn for the worse, through no fault of her own.


"I'm sorry about this Seven," Janeway said as they rode the turbolift to the bridge.

"You did not plan this Kathryn, therefore you have no need to apologize," Seven told her as she looked over and gazed into Kathryn's blue-gray eyes.

Janeway took Seven's hand in hers and brought it up to her lips. Seven smiled at Kathryn's indulgence.

"We are here," Seven said, reluctantly taking her hand back.

"Later," Kathryn quickly whispered as Seven nodded. "Report," Janeway called out as she exited the turbolift with Seven trailing behind her. Chakotay relinquished her chair and took his when she stepped onto the bridge.

Seven went to her station and began to analyze the information gathered on the ship. She quickly realized that she would not be able to provide Kathryn with information on the damaged vessel. The configuration was not one she had encountered during her time spent with the Borg.

"Commander?" Janeway asked, turning to her first officer.

"According to the preliminary reports, the ship…" he said gesturing to the main screen, "has taken some heavy damage."

"Life signs?" she asked, wondering if they had made it in time to help.

"Sporadic at best, Captain," Harry replied from his station.


"They are off-line, and life support is reaching a critical level," Tuvok answered calmly.

"Have we made contact yet?"

"No. The distress call seems to be automated," Chakotay told her.

"Alright," Janeway nodded as she quickly made her decision, "Chakotay, take Tuvok, the Doctor and Seven with you to the ship. See what you can find. Harry, keep an eye on those life signs," she watched as he nodded in acknowledgement. "B'Elanna…"

"Yes, Captain."

"I want you to assemble a team, and as soon as the away team gives the all clear, I want you to beam over and check the systems. See if there's anything we can do to help… if it's needed. If not, I want you to see what can be salvaged."

"Acknowledged," B'Elanna replied.

"Captain?" came the worried tone of her helmsman.

"Don't worry Tom. I won't let her go unless I'm absolutely sure everything checks out," she informed him. There was a time when she wouldn't have had to explain her orders, she would give them and expect them to be carried out. But given the circumstances of B'Elanna's pregnancy, she would allow this.

Tom gave her an appreciative glance and returned his attention to the view screen.

Janeway sat back in her seat determined not to watch as Seven and the others left the bridge. She had tried to keep her personal and professional feelings for Seven separate, and she admitted it was difficult at best.

Janeway knew they had no idea what they were getting into. They had been fooled in the past and there was nothing she could do to keep any of her crew from danger. She could only hope that it would go by the numbers. Still, she wished she didn't have to send Seven.

(I know you're weary…
And I know your plans…
Don't include me)

The only thing she could do was wait.


Janeway stood in front of the Astrometrics door and did something she disliked…

She hesitated.

(Still here we are…)

All she had to do was to take one more step thus triggering the sensors and the doors would have obediently slid open. Instead, she turned around and headed to her quarters.

'I've tried explaining. She's not being reasonable,' she thought to herself.



Seven stopped and turned towards the door, having recognized the footsteps. She waited for them to open, and when they didn't, she covered the few feet quickly. She stepped out into the corridor and looked in both directions. She caught a glimpse of black trousers as someone turned the corner.

(Both of us lonely…)

'I do not care if she was here,' Seven thought morosely, as she returned to the lab and continued her task.

(Longing for shelter…)

She had been working steadily ever since seeing Kathryn in the arms of Da'Vesh, the captain of the vessel they had rescued a month earlier.

(From all that we see…)

She had felt as if her heart had been torn from her chest cavity. The shocked statement on Kathryn's face was etched into her mind. She could only mumble a hasty apology and left as quickly as her feet could carry her.

(Why should we worry…)

She had steadfastly refused to speak with Kathryn ever since the incident, even though Janeway had sought her out numerous times. She knew that people had noticed that their relationship had changed and many of them had attempted to ask her what had happened. She told them that she decided that engaging in a human relationship was irrelevant, and left it at that. She had decided to take what feelings she still had for the fiery redhead and bury them, so that nothing remained.

Tuvok had approached Seven on several occasions to lend her his insight in the matter, but she would have none of it. She had researched her feelings in the computers' data banks and found out that she was jealous. More than that, she was furious. Had she been Klingon, her honor would have demanded that she fought Da'Vesh, to the death.

Instead, she left.

"Baktag," she mumbled to herself. She was brought out of her self-loathing when the doors slid open. "Naomi Wildman. How can I help you?" she asked, as she turned to face the first child born aboard Voyager. Naomi grinned, before remembering exactly why she had dropped by.

(No one will care girl…)

She automatically linked her hands behind her back and stood at attention. "Permission to speak freely," she asked. She was well aware of the protocol that needed to be followed. It was important to her that she didn't break any rules.

Seven smiled briefly, and then gave her complete consideration to the young girl. "Granted," she answered seriously.

"Seven… aren't you and the captain in love anymore?" Naomi asked coming straight to the point. She knew Seven well enough to know that she would appreciate it. She wasn't prepared to see the flicker of pain cross Seven's face.

"That is not your concern," Seven replied, her voice thick with emotion.

"But Seven…" Naomi continued as she took a step closer. "It is my concern. I… you're my best friend… and I hate to see you…or the captain in so much pain," she said, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

Seven hesitated, 'I will feel nothing,' she told herself, before answering. "I too consider you to be my… 'Best friend.' But, you are not old enough to understand what is happening."

"Then tell me. Maybe I can help?" Naomi replied, eager to do anything that would patch things up between them. Her relationship with Seven was extremely important to her, and despite her youth, she realized something…

The captain made Seven happy.

She could tell that Seven made the captain happy as well.

And, you didn't need to be an adult to see how miserable they were without each other.

"I… this conversation is at an end," Seven said briskly, looking away.

"Was it because of what happened with whatshisname?" she asked.

"Da'Vesh," Seven mumbled, as she quickly turned her attention back to Naomi. "What do you know about that?" she asked, taking a step closer.


(Look at the stars now…
so far away)

Kathryn stood by the transparent aluminum windows in her quarters, watching as Voyager journeyed past various planets. The ships' speed distorted the images, until all she saw were streams of lights.

She sighed.

She listened as the ice in her drink bumped against the glass. She hadn't touched a drop and briefly considered turning around and hurling the glass across the room until it exploded, sending shards of glass and whiskey against the wall. But… she couldn't do that.

'I'm the CAPTAIN,' she remarked snidely to herself.

(We've got tonight…
who needs tomorrow)

She turned away and walked over to her couch, placing the untouched drink on the floor. 'This can't be happening,' she thought. She had tried time and again to explain to Seven what she had actually walked in on.

It wasn't as if she had done anything wrong. How was she to know that the captain of the Te'Hect vessel would be so grateful for their help? That it was only a matter of custom that he showed his appreciation.

It had started innocently enough…


"Kah'p'ten, allow thanks," Da'Vesh insisted, his hands raised, striving to put into actions what the universal translator could not decipher. He was taller than her by at least six inches and his skin tone was somewhat reflective, making Janeway and other members of her staff wince when in direct contact with him, or any of his crew for long periods of time.

Janeway's hand rose as if to ward off the gesture. "Please, Bsah'zse Da'Vesh, it is not necessary. I'm glad we were able to be of assistance," she said. She hoped that the translator would be able to put her words into something he could understand.

"Kah'p'ten Jan'ay… insist I."

"Of course… please," she said, acquiescing to her counterpart.

After he nodded his head, he began to speak something the translator could not clear up. He took two steps towards her and it took all of her training not to back away. He lifted his right hand and lightly touched her forehead. He repeated the gesture three times before opening his eyes.

"Blessing to you Kah'p'ten," he concluded.

Or so she thought.

"Thank you…" she never had a chance to finish when he suddenly grabbed and pulled her closer. When he leaned in, she began to struggle and was about to call for security, when she suddenly felt his grip on her arms loosen.

"An'ye'ta," he whispered and touched his forehead to hers. "Blessing to yours," he said smiling and began to back away.

Of course that was the moment Seven had chosen to enter the conference room.

"Captain, I have the latest…" she had started saying when what she saw finally sank in.

"Seven… wait…" Janeway said, sidestepping Da'Vesh.

"I have interrupted… I apologize," she said before quickly leaving.


"Kah'p'ten, is wrong?"

Janeway stopped. As much as she wanted to go after Seven, she couldn't. Turing around, she explained to Da'Vesh that there was a misunderstanding, and that there was nothing to worry about. She escorted the other captain to the transporter room and bid him a safe journey. As soon as he had dematerialized, Janeway made a beeline to Seven.

(We've got tonight babe…
Why don't you stay)


Kathryn felt a sudden wetness trailing down her cheeks. She wiped at the tears angrily.

(Deep in my soul,
I feel so lonely)

Janeway pushed herself off the couch, took her jacket off and headed to the ensuite.

"Lights," she called out as she stepped to the mirror. She looked at her haggard appearance and scrubbed her face with her hands. Reaching up she carefully removed her pips and placed them on the counter; and watched the lights reflect off their polished surfaces. Janeway never thought there would ever be a moment when she would look at those pips and not feel proud.

Proud at their meaning in her life and what she has accomplished in Starfleet.

Now, they only served as a reminder of what she had lost.

Taking a lingering look at them, she went to the bathtub and keyed in the commands for her bath. Hot water began to fill the tub, sending tendrils of steam into the air. She removed the rest of her clothes and let them fall haphazardly to the floor. She didn't bother adding any of the bath oils she normally would use. Normally they would have made her feel more relaxed and in a sense, happy.

And she was anything but happy.

Gingerly she stepped into the tub, and hissed as the hot water burned against her skin. After settling herself, she took the washcloth that laid on the edge of the tub, wet it, and placed it over her eyes.

'Maybe this will help,' she thought as the water began to sooth her body. She gradually began to relax until her thoughts drifted towards Seven.

(All of my hopes…
Fading away….)

Her tears mixed with the bath water.


"I repeat, 'How do you know about that?' Answer me," Seven demanded.

Naomi unconsciously took a step back from her friend.

Seven immediately recognized the fear in both Naomi's face and body language. She was horrified that she had once again caused that look. Seven had sworn to herself after the incident with her malfunctioning alcove; how she had accused the child of being involved in some sort of conspiracy, that she would never do anything to generate that kind of fear on Naomi's face. She slowly sank to her knees and reached out to the well-meaning K'Tarian.

"I… I am sorry if I have frightened you. It was not my intention," Seven said softly.

"It's okay, Seven," Naomi replied. She wanted to follow her instincts and rush into Seven's arms and hug her. She could not recall ever seeing her friend act this way and it was… worrisome.

(I've longed for love…
Like everyone else does…)

"No. It is not," Seven responded vehemently. She wanted to continue the conversation, but found that her body would not comply with her wishes. Seven began to gasp for air, as she felt a pressure growing in her chest, expanding outward.

(I know I'll keep searching…
Even after today)

"Seven… Seven… what's wrong?" she heard Naomi ask. She wondered why Naomi sounded so far away. "Medical emergency to the Astrometrics lab…" was the last thing Seven would remember hearing before everything went black.


"She should be coming out of it shortly."

Seven recognized the Doctor's voice, and deduced that she must be in sickbay.

"Ms. Wildman… Naomi… I'm very proud of you. You acted very responsibly, young lady." Janeway had nearly had a heart attack when she had been informed that Seven had passed out.

'Kathryn is here… I will feel nothing.' Seven told herself.

"Thank you, Captain." Seven clearly heard Naomi's reply and could hear the pride coloring the young girls' voice. "Doctor, are you sure she's going to be okay?" Naomi asked.

"Quite sure. She'll be back on her feet in no time at all," the Doctor told her. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to enter this into the medical logs."

"Naomi, could you tell me what happened? I'm sure you told the Doctor, but I'd like to hear it myself please."

"Okay. Well, it started when I went to ask Seven…" she began.

Janeway listened as Naomi told her tale, surreptitiously glancing at the bio-bed where Seven lay. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that," she asked, pushing her embarrassment aside when Naomi recited the questions she had asked Seven regarding their relationship.

"I asked her if what happened between you two had anything to do with whatshisname," Naomi replied.

Janeway thought back, "Do you mean Captain Da'Vesh?"

"Yes. Then… then Seven got this… look on her face. I… I got scared," Naomi answered softly.

"Naomi," Janeway said, placing her hand on the girls shoulder, as she lowered her voice. "You do know that Seven would never harm you… or let anything happen to you, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, I do."

"Good. Now, what happened next?"

"Seven said that she was sorry. Then she started having problems breathing. I kept asking what was wrong, but she couldn't answer. That's when I called the medical emergency. Then she fainted. Captain… I was so scared."

"It's okay. I would have been scared myself if it happened to me," Janeway said, trying to reassure Naomi.

"Really?" Naomi asked incredulously.

"Really," Janeway replied with a smile, knowing full well she would have panicked. "Well, I think this has been more than enough excitement for one day. I'm sure your mother is very anxious to see you," Janeway told her.

"Aye, Captain," Naomi replied, falling back to her Captain's Assistant training. She walked over to Seven and whispered in her ear, "Get well please." With that done, she made her way to the door.

"Naomi… one last thing," Janeway called out.

Turning around Naomi stood at attention, "Yes, Captain?"

"How did you know what happened?"

Seven had done her best to remain as perfectly still as possible during Kathryn's and Naomi's conversation. And it seemed that she was finally going to get the answer to the question she herself had posed earlier.

"Well… I had gone to Engineering to ask Lt. Torres if she could help me with a report I was writing on warp drives for school, and when I got there I thought she was kissing the engineer from the other ship," she answered.

"Oh… I see. I take it that Seven fainted before you got that far?"

"That is correct. I thought that maybe Seven might have seen the same thing. I just wanted to tell her what the Lieutenant told me afterwards. She told me not to get the wrong idea, that what I saw was just a part of the Te'Hect customs. They were just touching foreheads… not kissing."

(So there it is girl…)

'What have I done?' Seven thought.

(We've got it all now…)

Janeway quickly turned towards Seven as a low moan came from her. "DOCTOR!" She called out.

The holographic Doctor and Seven's sometimes teacher in humanity stepped out of his office, "Yes?"

"Get over here, I think there's something wrong."

He grabbed his tricorder and scanned Seven. "What seems to be the problem?" he asked as he checked the readings.

"She moaned… Well?" she asked impatiently.

"Hmm… elevated heart rate… increased respiration…"

"I thought you said she was going to be okay?" Janeway stated, unconsciously taking Seven's hand in hers.

"Don't worry, Captain. I have everything under control," he told her before reaching for a hypo-spray and placing it against Seven's neck. The hiss filled the room that had suddenly gone quiet. "All right Seven, you can open your eyes now," he said. "And the next time you decide to have an anxiety attack, could you not do it on Tuesdays? I'm late for my golf game, now if you'll excuse me."

Janeway watched as the EMH walked and entered his office. He stepped out a moment later with a golf bag slung over his shoulder.

"Doctor," Kathryn called out before he was able to leave.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Can Seven leave? When she wakes," Janeway inquired.

"Of course she can. She's fine," he replied.

"Thank you, Doctor," Janeway told him. He nodded his head and left sickbay whistling an aria.

(And here we are babe…)

"Seven, can you hear me?" Janeway asked, as she returned her gaze to the young woman.

(What do you say…)

Seven could hear Kathryn but could not face her, not after the way she had behaved. She turned away.

Janeway thought her heart would stop as she watched a lone tear escape from Seven's eye. "Naomi," she said turning her attention to the child. "I think you should go home to your mother," Janeway instructed.

(We've got tonight…
Who needs tomorrow)

"Is Seven okay?" Naomi asked.

Kathryn reached out and placed her free hand on Naomi's shoulder, "Yes, she's fine. You heard the Doctor say she was. I'll make sure Seven contacts you as soon as she can," she answered. "Dismissed."

"Aye, Captain," Naomi readily acknowledged. She made her way to the sickbay doors before turning around. "Captain…"

"Yes, Ms. Wildman."

"Would…would you let Seven know that I was worried about her?"

Janeway smiled, "I'm sure she already knows. Now go on, that's an order."

Naomi grinned briefly then left.

(We've got tonight babe…
Why don't we stay)

"Kathryn," Seven whispered.

Janeway quickly returned her attention back to the bio-bed. At first, her basic instinct was to release Seven's hand. She had no way of knowing how Seven was going to react to her presence, although Seven's use of her first name should have been a tip off.

(I know it's late…
And I know you're weary)

Seven felt Kathryn's grip on her hand begin to loosen.

(I know your plans don't include me)

'Am I too late?' Seven asked herself. "Kathryn… please… don't go," she pleaded quietly.

(Still here we are…)

A sense of relief washed through Janeway's body upon hearing Seven's entreaty. Perhaps there was still a chance to salvage what they had

(Both of us lonely…)

"I won't, Seven. I won't. Do you think you can sit up?" Janeway asked.


(Both of us lonely)

Janeway helped Seven to swing her legs over the bio-bed. "Are you okay?" Janeway needed to ask no matter what the Doctor had said. She had to hear it from Seven.

"I am funct… I am fine." Seven answered quietly.

(We've got tonight…)

"I take it you heard what Naomi said?" Janeway asked gently.

"Yes. I heard everything," Seven answered.

"Seven… please look at me," Kathryn implored the young woman.

"I cannot," Seven replied as she continued to look down at the floor.


"I am not worthy of you, Kathryn," Seven told her.

"What are you talking about?" Janeway asked perplexed.

"I am not worthy of your love for me."

"How can you say that?" Janeway demanded, as she reached out and touched Seven's cheek. She let her fingertips glide over Seven's lips, drifting down until they raised her face so that they were eye to eye.

"I… I did not… would not listen to you," Seven replied. "I did not… trust in you. In our relationship."

(Who needs tomorrow…)

"No. You didn't," Janeway acknowledged. "And if we don't get past this, then you're absolutely correct."

(Let's make it last…)

"I am correct? About what?" Seven inquired.

"You're not worthy enough for our love," Kathryn told her bluntly. She didn't want to do this, but she needed Seven to fight back, otherwise it would be over. "Don't look so surprised, Seven. You were the one who jumped to conclusions. It was you who wouldn't listen to reason, wouldn't listen to me," Janeway rattled off, her voice rising slightly. "You're the one telling anyone who asks that our relationship was, to use your words, irrelevant."

Seven winced as Janeway hit upon everything she had done for the past month. She found that she could not defend herself.

'Easy Katie, you're going to make her bolt,' Janeway's inner-voice told her.

"I do not know what to say," Seven replied.

(Let's find a way)

"Seven," Janeway said sighing quietly, "do you still believe that our relationship… our feelings for each other… do you still think that they're irrelevant?" she asked, a part of her needing to hear the answer.

"No," Seven answered quickly.

"What do you suggest we do?" Janeway asked.

"I do not know."

"Well," Janeway sighed deeply, "We can't stay here all night. Do you think you can walk?"

"I believe so," Seven replied. She stood up from the bio-bed with Janeway holding onto her elbow for support.

"Have you eaten anything today?" Janeway asked as they slowly walked towards the sickbay doors.

"I have not," Seven stated.

Kathryn quirked a slight smile, "Why am I not surprised?" she murmured walking out of sickbay.

"Perhaps it is because you know me so well?" Seven surmised.

"Not yet… but there's time," Janeway answered mischievously.


"Let's get you something to eat," she replied. "Deck three," Janeway called out when they entered the turbolift.

"We are going to your quarters?" Seven asked stunned. She didn't dare think that Janeway would want her anywhere near her private space. She was certain that she had forfeited that privilege with her behavior.

"Unless you'd rather not? We could always go to the mess hall," Janeway said, allowing Seven the opportunity to back out.

"Perhaps we could eat in the mess hall another day?" Seven suggested.

"If that's what you want," Janeway replied quietly.

"I… I do not know… I'm not…" Seven faltered as the emotions of the past few hours began to catch up with her.

"Computer, halt turbolift," Janeway called out. She noticed that Seven's face had begun to pale. "It's alright…" she murmured, as she took Seven into her arms.

"I… I am sorry Kathryn," Seven hiccupped as tears flowed down her cheeks. "Pleas… please forgive me."

Janeway held on tighter, determined to show Seven how much she meant to her. "I love you…. I've never stopped loving you." She brought her hand to Seven's face and cupped her cheek raising her face slightly.


Janeway leaned forward and kissed the other woman. 'Too long… it's been too long,' her inner-voice told her and she silently agreed. It had been too long.

"Tuvok to Janeway. Do you require assistance?" He inquired. He had noticed that the turbolift had paused in-between decks while doing his normal security checks.

"No Tuvok. Everything's fine. Janeway out," she replied as she gazed into Seven's eyes. "Computer resume," Janeway said after noticing the slight smirk covering Seven's face. "'Predictable?'" She said acknowledging the comment Seven had made a month earlier, prior to their situation.

Seven merely smiled.

The doors to the turbolift slid open when they reached their destination. They walked in silence, Janeway holding on to Seven's hand and squeezing it gently.

"How about some chicken noodle soup?" Janeway inquired after they entered her quarters.

"That would be acceptable," Seven replied.

"Would you like something to drink?" Janeway asked, as she stood next to the replicator. She requested two large bowls of soup. "Seven?" she turned around and noticed the blonde holding her glass of whiskey that she had left on the floor earlier.

"You did not drink it?" Seven stated. Having spent most of her personal time with Kathryn prior to her misunderstanding, Seven knew that Janeway enjoyed a glass of whiskey every now and then. She never to excess, but rather as a fitting end to an enjoyable meal they had shared together.

"I changed my mind," Janeway answered simply. She took the bowls and placed them on her dinning table, she went back for spoons and napkins. "Soup's on."

"I believe I would like water," Seven told her, placing the glass on the table. Perhaps Kathryn would like it later.

"All right," Janeway replied. She brought over a large pitcher of water and two glasses. "Seven… sit down, please," she said noticing Seven had yet to do so.

Seven pulled out her chair and sat down. She took her napkin, unfurled it and draped it over her lap. Picking up her spoon, she dipped it into the soup bowl, and looked up to see Kathryn watching her.

"I find that I am not hungry," Seven stated as she placed the spoon in the soup bowl.

"Funny… neither am I," Janeway responded.

(Turn out the lights…)


"It's too soon," Janeway interrupted.

"I agree," Seven replied as she placed her napkin on the table.

(Come to me
right here now…)



"I find that I am at a lost. I do not know what to do," Seven told her.

"We don't have to do a thing," Kathryn reassured her.

(We've got tonight babe…
Why don't we stay…)

"Could we sit on the couch?" Seven inquired.

"Of course we can. What ever you want," Janeway replied. She slowly got out of the chair, she didn't want to make Seven feel as if she were crowding her. Janeway knew it would be difficult, but she never imagined how subdued Seven would react to the situation. Perhaps she had been too hard on her in sickbay. She sat down at the end of the couch, allowing Seven as much space as she needed.

(We've got tonight babe…)

Janeway held her breath when Seven gingerly sat down next to her, her hands folded in her lap, her entire body rigid.

Seven had no idea what to do, how to proceed. She felt her heart beating wildly due to her proximity to Kathryn. She wanted to run away, to leave Kathryn's quarters… to be anywhere but here. She knew her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.


"Yes, Kathryn," she replied.

"May I hold your hand?" Janeway asked.

(Why don't we stay)

"Please," she answered haltingly. She gazed down at her right hand and watched as Kathryn's left hand slowly moved towards hers.

The End.

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