Title: "On The Verge."

Author: A.M. Glass

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Copyright: May 13th, 2001.

Revised Copy: October 6, 2001.

Rating: PG-13

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Song Alert: The song I using in this story is called, "On The Verge" it's sung by Collin Raye and composed by Hugh Prestwood.

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Author's Note: This is the fifth song story I've written, "Wishing…" "Sittin' On Go," "The Right Place" and "How Long." being the other four. You'll need to read the other stories in order for this to make sense. I'd like to thank those of you who have sent me word about the other stories. I only hope I can keep it up. Thanks again.

Story Disclaimer: Very PG-13. No graphic language, sex or anything else that might disturb some readers. This story DOES portray a loving relationship between Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

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Sound Clip

Kathryn Janeway stood in front of the doors that led into Holodeck Two and could feel the vibrations from the music that was blaring inside.

She sighed.

She had given into Tom's request to throw B'Elanna's birthday party here. She was now questioning that decision.

If he had said something earlier about a barn…

The invitation had stated that all guests should come in Western attire and Kathryn readily obliged. Even she felt the need to get out of her uniform from time to time. She wore a burgundy top, a dark skirt that reached her knees and a black vest with fringes.

Tugging on the vest she activated the doors to enter the holodeck.

She was hit by a wave of music, wincing she steeled herself and stepped inside.

She was shocked.

She was inside a large barn and festive lights were strung everywhere. A large buffet table was set up along one wall, and a band played on a slightly raised stage. In the opposite corner bales of hay were positioned all around to serve as either chairs or tables.

Kathryn took a deep breath, she could smell the lingering scent of rain.

She looked around and saw most of the senior staff present and walked over to them.

"Captain, I'm glad you could make it," Tom said, his arm around B'Elanna's waist.

"Yes, Captain, I'm glad to see you," B'Elanna added.

"Tom," Janeway said, as she looked around one more time before returning her attention to the fair-haired helmsman. "You've out done yourself with this one."

"Thank you," he said, his grin lighting up his face. "I wanted B'Elanna to have a birthday she wouldn't forget."

"Oh, I won't forget this one," B'Elanna said kissing him on the cheek.

"Happy birthday, B'Elanna," Kathryn told her as she handed the present she had brought with her and gave her a gentle hug.

"Thank you, Captain," she answered, feeling tears start to well up in her eyes. 'Damn hormones,' she thought to herself. "If you'll excuse us, Captain. Harry looks like he needs some help," she said watching Harry struggle with a lasso.

"Of course," Janeway replied as she watched them walk over towards Harry.

"Kathryn," Chakotay said handing her a glass of punch as he walked up to her.

"Thanks," she replied taking a drink. Her eyebrows rose slightly, there was a distinctive taste to the punch. "I hope B'Elanna's not drinking this."

"Not a chance," he answered smiling. "Nice outfit."

"Oh, this?" she replied.


"I dunno…you don't think the vest is a little too much?" she asked playfully.

Chakotay looked at her a slight frown on his face, before a small grin replaced it. "It's just right."

"Have I missed much?" she asked taking another sip of punch.

"Only Seven…"

"What?" she asked, hoping her voice hadn't given away her utter surprise at having missed the statuesque young woman.

"Seven was here earlier… she gave B'Elanna her present then said something about coming back later," he told her.


"Don't worry, Kathryn, I'm sure she'll come back," he said as he looked around the barn, unaware of the change in the relationship that had taken place between Voyager's Captain, and its Astrometrics officer.

"I'm sure she will," Kathryn replied.

Janeway took the time to mingle with the rest of the crew, all the while waiting for Seven to make an appearance.

When she had received the invitation to the party, she was sure that Seven was going to bring up the fact that this was the perfect time to let the crew know of their relationship.

But, Seven never brought it up.

Of course, it hadn't slipped her mind that she hadn't made any mention of it either. Perhaps they weren't ready yet? "Or maybe I'm not ready yet,' she thought.

(Well they shouldn't have played that good,
I got carried away and let the music…

Go to my head…)

Janeway had to admit the party was a great success.

The only thing missing was Seven.

Janeway had been there a little over an hour when she decided to take her leave. She had started walking over to B'Elanna to explain that she was going when the doors to the holodeck slid open.

(Well, she shouldn't have worn that dress…)

'Oh my god,' Kathryn told herself. She was sure she had been sucked into a vacuum, it was the only thing that could explain why she felt as if all the air had been pulled out of her lungs.

Seven stood at the entrance and quickly scanned the room. Her face took on a warm glow as the subject of her search came into view.

She was wearing a sundress, it allowed Seven to move with an undefined grace that put her biosuit to shame. But, what stunned Kathryn the most was that Seven was wearing her hair down. She had on more than one occasion wished that Seven would wear it loose, and now that she was she couldn't take her eyes off her.

(The way it curled around when she
was spinnin' just killed me dead.)

Seven had decided to change into the dress after she had been to the holodeck the first time. It was quite refreshing to wear, and she liked the way it swayed gently against her legs as she made her way towards Kathryn.

(My heart began to tell my body and my soul
That it had gotten in the mood to lose control)

"Captain, are you alright?" Seven asked.

"Ye… yes. Quite… my," Kathryn answered incoherently.

"Kathryn… are you sure?" Seven whispered, suddenly aware of the stares she was receiving. She wondered what had caused her to garner all the attention.

(Oh no…

When did neon light turn to moon glow…

When did that jukebox turn to rainbow…)

"You're beautiful, Seven," Janeway admitted.

(I'm about to give into this urge.)

"Thank you, Kathryn. You are pleasing to me as well," she said smiling, wanting nothing more than to kiss Janeway, but knowing she couldn't.


"Yes, Kathryn?"

"Dance with me."

Seven's eyebrow arched, "Kathryn… everyone will see us," she said looking around the room and watching as eyes would avert themselves.

(One more slow dance

With her arms around me…)

"Let 'em," Janeway answered, leading Seven to the area that had been set aside for the very purpose.

(One more long glance)

Kathryn squeezed Seven's hand in hers, then took her into her arms and began to dance.

(And nothing will slow down me
I got no chance…)

Seven relaxed as Kathryn led her around the dance floor, which had become suspiciously clear as soon as they began to dance.

(If I'm not in love…

I'm on the verge.)

Everyone else disappeared from the room, as Janeway was only aware of Seven's body pressed against hers.

(All I wanted to be was cool…

It ain't my style to overheat

Much less burn…)


"Yes, Kathryn," she replied with a smile gracing her face.

(But as we floated across the floor…

All at once I flashed right past the point…

Of no return)

"Hmm… nothing. I just wanted to say your name," she answered, leaning forward and placing the gentlest kiss on Seven's lips.


"Tom… did you have any idea?" B'Elanna asked, as they danced around the other couple.

"Not at all. I wonder how long it's been going on," he replied. 'Poor Harry,' he thought briefly, as he noticed his friend leaving the holodeck.

"I can't imagine the Captain doing this if it wasn't real, you know?" she told him.

"Yeah. Wow, the Captain and Seven. Who would have thought?"

"I wonder how Chakotay is taking it?" she asked.

"I guess we'll find out sooner or later," he answered holding his wife closer. "'Lanna…"

"Yes, Tom?"

"I love you."

B'Elanna looked at Tom and saw him smiling at her. "I love you, Tom."

(And when we said goodnight…

The sun was on the rise…

And any stars that hadn't set…

Had fallen in my eyes.)



"I believe the party is ending," she stated as she looked around the holodeck and had noticed that it was not as crowded as before.

(Oh no…

When did neon light turn to moon glow…

When did that jukebox turn to rainbow…

I'm about to give into this urge.)

"Really, I hadn't noticed," she replied, before releasing her hold on Seven and looking around herself. "Oh my, it seems that we've overstayed our welcome."

(One more slow dance…

With her arms around me…

One more long glance

And nothing will slow down me

I got no chance

If I'm not in love…

I'm on the verge.)

"Do we have time for one last dance?" Seven asked. She had truly enjoyed being in Kathryn's arms and didn't want it to end.

"I don't see why not," she replied. "If you'll excuse me for just one moment, darling," she said as she walked over to the 'band'.

"Kathryn?" Seven asked as heard the band begin to play.

"I believe you'll like this song," Kathryn replied, taking Seven into her arms again.

"Well they shouldn't have played that good, I got carried away and let the music… go to my head…" the singer began. "Well, she shouldn't have worn that dress… the way it curled around when she was spinnin' just killed me dead."

"I think I will as well," Seven answered as she listened to the lyrics and smiled.

(One more slow dance…

With her arms around me

One more long glance…

And nothing will slow down me

I got no chance…

If I'm not in love…

I'm on the verge…)

"Are you in love, Kathryn?" Seven asked as the song concluded.

Smiling, she replied, "If I'm not in love… I'm on the verge."

The End.

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