Title: “This Moment.”

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: May 29th- June 1st, 2001.

Revised Edition: October 10, 2001.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: 'Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine' and all other characters from the show belong to Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor, and Michael Piller. Also Paramount Studios, but most of all, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven Of Nine belong to Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan, for without them, Voyager would be just another Science Fiction show. That's not to say that I don't acknowledge the rest of the cast, but let's face it… would we have stuck around after the fourth season? No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.

Song Alert: The song I using in this story is called, "From This Moment On" it's sung by Bryan White and Shania Twain and is composed by Shania Twain and P.J. "Mutt" Lange. I do realize that there is a version of the song with just Ms. Twain singing, but I have the duet and that's what I'm listening to.

Distribution: If you'd like it, feel free. Just drop me a quick note as to where I might be able to visit it every once in a while.

Author's Note: This is the sixth song story I've written, "Wishing…" "Sittin' On Go" "The Right Place" "How Long" and "On The Verge," being the other five. You'll need to read the other stories in order for this to make sense. I'd like to thank those of you who have sent me word about the other stories. I only hope I can keep it up. Thanks again.

Story Disclaimer: Very G. No graphic language, sex or anything else that might disturb some readers. This story DOES portray a loving relationship between Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

Thanks: To Stacey for going over the story for me, and once again to Shadow for allowing me to have a home for my Voyager stories.

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Sound Clip

A slight whoosh sounded as the doors to Astrometrics parted. "May I help you, Captain?" Seven asked without turning around, a smile gracing her features as she continued working.

"I would ask you how you do that, but… I'd rather not," Janeway said as she stepped closer to Voyager's resident ex-Borg drone. "I believe I'd just like to think that you instinctively knew it was me," she concluded.

"As you wish… Kathryn," Seven replied, knowing full well that they were alone in the lab otherwise she would have never used the Captain's human designation.

"Anything interesting?" Janeway asked, brushing her hand lightly down Seven's back. She knew she could have easily requested the information from the bridge, instead of traipsing all the way down to the lab but the temptation to be physically near Seven was too great.

"There are a few M-class planets in this sector…"

(I do swear…

That I'll always be there…)

"Interesting," Janeway murmured, as she stepped closer.

"Kathryn… is there a reason why you have come here?" Seven asked as she turned to face Janeway.

(I'd give anything…
and everything)

"I need a reason?" Janeway asked, looking into Seven's eyes.

(And I will always care…)

"Of… of course not, Kathryn. You are the Captain," Seven stammered as she noticed the barely restrained desire shining in Kathryn's eyes.

(Through weakness and strength)

"Well, Seven… if you're sure?" Janeway asked, humor coloring her voice.

(Happiness and sorrow…)

"You are being facetious," Seven replied, realizing that Kathryn was indeed teasing her.

(For better…)

Kathryn gazed into Seven's face and couldn't imagine that there would ever be a time when she wouldn't want to. She was extremely grateful to be allowed to do this, to revel in Seven's beauty.

She couldn't believe that she had let herself open up to the possibility of being loved…

And being able to return the love she felt for the young woman, it moved her beyond words.

(For worse…)

"Chakotay to Janeway…"

"Go ahead, Commander," Janeway replied, scowling at the recognition that her brief respite was surely coming to an end.

"Captain… I was wondering if I could have a moment…"

"Meet me in my Ready Room in five minutes."


"Janeway out," she said ending the communication. She sighed, "Well… I have to be going."

(I will love you.)

"Understood," Seven answered, watching as Janeway stepped away and walked towards the door. "Kathryn…" she called out.

(With every beat of my heart…)

"Yes, Seven?" she replied as she turned around.

"I… I wish to give you something," Seven said, as she closed the gap between them.

(From this moment…

Life has begun)

"And what is that?" Janeway asked coyly.

(From this moment…

You are the one)

"This," she answered as she lifted her hands and gently cupped Kathryn's face. Seven leaned forward and placed a kiss upon her lips. Once again, Seven felt as if her cortical node was malfunctioning. And, once again, she could care less, as her body was flooded with emotions and sensations that she could not possibly get enough of.

(Right beside you is where
I belong…)

Kathryn knew that anyone could walk in on them and as much as the crew was aware that she and Seven were involved, it wasn't the same as actually seeing them in action, so to speak.

(From this moment on…)

"I… have… to… go," Janeway said, punctuating each word with a brief kiss.

(From this moment…

I have been blessed)

"I shall wait for you," Seven replied half-heartedly. She didn't like it when they had to stop kissing, which was one of the reasons she was very happy to spend time with Kathryn in her quarters. They did not spend *all* of their time together kissing, just most of it. She knew that the next step in their relationship was rapidly approaching. It was just a matter of time. 'Soon my darling… soon,' Janeway had told her one evening when their mutual caressing had become frantic… almost desperate.

(I live only for your happiness)

"Meet me in the mess hall at 1900 hrs?" Janeway asked.

(And for you're love…

I'd give up my last breath…)

"Acceptable," Seven acknowledged, stealing another kiss before stepping away from Kathryn's tantalizing lips.

(From this moment on…)

"What am I going to do with you?" Janeway asked smiling.

(I give my hand to you with
all my heart)

"I am sure you will think of something," Seven answered dryly.

(Can't wait to live my life
with you…

Can't wait to start)

"I'll do my best," Janeway replied, her voice taking on a husky quality that sent shivers down Seven's spine.

"You will be late," Seven reminded Kathryn.

(You and I will never be apart)

"Can't have that, can I?" Janeway replied smiling.

"It would be…" Seven paused as she went through the list the Doctor had supplied her with, "bad."

Janeway bit the inside of her mouth to keep from laughing. "I love you," she whispered

(My dreams came true…)

"I love you, my Kathryn," Seven replied, her heart swelling with emotion from the words the fiery redhead spoke.

(Because of you)

Janeway knew she had to leave, stepping to the door, the sensors activated and the doors slid open.

(From this moment…)

'This better be good,' Janeway thought as she stepped into the corridor and made her way to the nearest turbolift. "Bridge," she instructed as she wondered what Chakotay wanted.


Seven watched in silent appreciation as Janeway left the lab. She recalled the way Janeway's muscles moved when they had gone mountain climbing, how they glistened in the sun.

She had wondered how they would feel beneath her fingers, her lips.

Sighing, she spent a few minutes replaying the kisses they shared. When she returned her attention to the computer console, she was smiling.


Janeway stepped out of the turbolift and nodded to Tuvok as she walked towards her Ready Room. "Tuvok, you have the Bridge… Commander… my Ready Room."

Chakotay stood up from the Captain's chair and followed Janeway through the doors.

"Coffee black," she said as she stood next to the replicator. "Can I get you something?" she asked her First Officer.

"No, thank you," he replied as he eased his body into one of the chairs facing the Captain's desk.

"All right… what's going on?" Janeway asked as she sat down, blowing on her coffee before taking a sip.

"Well… I was just wondering how you and Seven are doing," he answered running his fingers through his hair.

Janeway sat silently as she contemplated the question. She took another sip of coffee before placing the mug on the desk.

"Does Tom have another pool going?" Janeway asked knowing of Tom's fondness of having a pool on almost everything. She was intrigued as she watched Chakotay rub his forehead. "Must be impressive," she said off handedly.

"You could say that…" he answered.

"But… that isn't why you asked for this meeting, is it."

"No, it's not," he sighed. "Kathryn… are you happy?" he asked.

She thought about the question and wasn't very surprised by the answer that popped into her head without hesitation.

(As long as I live…)

"Yes… I'm very happy, Chakotay."

"So… it's serious?"

Janeway looked at him. Could it be possible that there was any doubt? Had other members of her crew asked the very same question?

(I will love you…)

"I can't answer for Seven," she said truthfully. She didn't have any doubts, but she would not put words into Seven's mouth. "But for me, it is."

"You're not sure about Seven? Are you having doubts about this?" he asked moving forward in the chair.

(I promise you this…)

"None whatsoever."

(There is nothing I wouldn't give…

From this moment on…)

"I'd hate for you to get hurt… or Seven for that matter," he told her.

"I appreciate your concern," she replied in a tone that effectively ended the conversation.

(You're the reason I believe in love)

"I'd better get back," Chakotay said as he stood up. "Kathryn…"

"Yes, Chakotay."

"Nothing… I'll be on the Bridge," he said as he left.

"Interesting," Janeway murmured to herself.


Seven took a moment and brought up the scans from the M-class planet Voyager had orbited eighty-seven days, ten hours, thirty-nine minutes point forty seconds ago. She noticed that she smiled at the sight of the planet displayed in front of her.

(And you're the answers
to my prayers from up above)

It was the very same planet where her life had changed; she wasn't aware of how much until later, where for a brief moment in time she had reached out with her humanity…

Pushing aside everything that was Borg.

(All we need is just the two of us…)

And made a wish.

(My dreams came true…

Because of you)

It was fortunate that the Borg had no idea of the concept. She shivered at the thought of the entire collective making a wish…

All those minds focused on one thing…


It was unsettling.

(From this moment…)

So much had happened since that fateful evening. She could still recall how she felt the first time they kissed, in the holodeck, on top of 'Talbot's Hideaway'. But nothing could compare; at least not at this point in time, the feeling of validation, when Kathryn had kissed her in front of most of the crew during B'Elanna's birthday party.

(As long as I live…

I will love you)

She was absolutely sure that when they moved to the next level in their relationship, she would most likely have to revise her mental list of important events in her life.

(I promise you this…)

She found that she was frightened by the prospect of being physically intimate with Kathryn. She wasn't sure if she would be able to satisfy her. She sighed. Some things were too complicated to think about.

(There is nothing I wouldn't give…)

"Janeway to Seven of Nine."

"Yes, Captain."

"Have you forgotten?"

Seven frowned, "Forgotten what, Captain?"


"I… I apologize. I will be right there…"

(From this moment…)

"How about if you meet me in my quarters instead?"

(I will love you…)

"That is acceptable," Seven replied wondering where the time had gone.

(I will love you)

"I'll see you shortly then. Janeway out."

(As long as I live…)

'Perhaps I should speak with the Doctor?' Seven thought as briefly as she left Astrometrics and headed towards the Captain's quarters.

(From this moment on)

The End.

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