Title: The Right Place.

Author: A.M. Glass

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Copyright: May 5th-7th, 2001.

Revised Edition: August 2nd -21st, 2001

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: All characters from "Star Trek: Voyager" belong to Paramount Studios, et al. No copyright infringement is intended, but as they don't belong to me, oops, sorry I'm using them for a little while. I promise to return them none the worse for wear.

Song Alert: The song I using in this story is called, "Love Is The Right Place" it's sung by Bryan White and composed by Josh Leo and Rick Bowles.

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Author's Note: This is the third in a set of I believe will be four song story arc-but you never know-the first being, "Wishing…" the second, "Sittin' On Go," you'll need to read the other two first in order for this to make sense, as I make references to things that happened, although somewhat vaguely from the other two stories.

Story Disclaimer: Very PG-13. No graphic language, sex or anything else that might disturb some readers. This story DOES portray a loving relationship between Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

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Sound Clip

"You know Seven, maybe you should just look for one…" Kathryn Janeway instructed as she grinned down at her Astrometrics officer, "Instead of making one."

Seven sighed.

The Captain had made the suggestion only after watching her cybernetically enhanced hand widening certain crevices that Seven had found a bit too confining.

(Love breathes…

When you're out of breath.)

Seven did admit, as she continued to look at the rock's surface, that this was very different from the usual recreational activities she enjoyed with the Captain.

That was not to say that Velocity was not a physically demanding sport. At least gauging from the way the Captain leaned on her knees, panting for air when they finally completed their matches.

(Love sits by the bedside…

When you're near to death.)

Yet, this was different.

Here the only objective was to 'make it to the top.'

Or so the Captain had tried to explain, especially since she went on to discuss the obvious expenditure of time and effort of such a venture, when it would have been simpler to just beam up to the top.

"Trust me, Seven. Once you've made it to the top, you'll see things differently," Janeway had told her.

The sun shone down brightly on Seven's body, bringing color to her arms and legs. She was grateful that the clothes she used during her Velocity matches with the Captain were sufficient enough to act as climbing apparel. She paused briefly as a slight breeze cooled her skin.

After their first attempt at rock climbing, Seven had decided that she would have the Doctor adjust her nanoprobes to allow her to perspire. She had seen how the Captain's body glowed with a light sheen and marveled at how that sight had affected her.

Seven could recall watching Kathryn climb ahead of her, how she would see the muscles in the other woman's body move…

How her breath caught…

Her heart pounded in her chest…

And how it had left her feeling…




At least that is what the computer had brought up after she described her reactions at seeing Janeway in such a fashion.

She thought perhaps the Captain might enjoy seeing her 'glistening in the sun'. Her eyebrow arched, that seemed like the correct phrase to use.

'Glistening in the sun.'

She looked up and saw the Captain staring down at her from her perch on a cliff.

"How are you doing, Seven?" Janeway called out.

(Love still feels it…

When the feeling's gone…)

"I seem to be having difficulty finding my next hand-hold," Seven replied.

"Look to your left. There's a small crevice…"

"I see it now. Thank you, Captain."

This was the second time they had gone climbing. The first time having taken place two weeks ago, shortly after the Captain had walked her back to the cargobay. After the late night visit, when Seven had had every intention of asking Janeway about rock-climbing.

She had wondered briefly what had happened once she had begun her regeneration process.

Whatever it was…

She was grateful.

(Love lives on and on...)

The Captain had begun to seek her out more than usual. Wanting to spend as much free time together as they possibly could.

And she believed that her wish, the one she had asked for weeks ago, had slowly but surely come to fruition.





Love is the right place…)


"Yes, Captain," she answered as she pulled herself up, her feet finding small notches in which to brace themselves in.

(Took me a while…

Took me a while…

To get it straight.)

"Wouldn't it be easier if you just took the patch off?" Janeway inquired for the third time, taking up the slack on Seven's safety line.

"It would be easier. But, as I have explained before, it allows me an opportunity to approximate your experience. I noticed how you seemed slightly disappointed when I would point out where your next hand-hold was before you had a chance to seek it out yourself," she said as her fingers dipped into the bag of white residue the Captain had said was, 'Chalk.' "It'll help your hands stay dry," she had explained.

"It makes you look like a pirate," Kathryn chuckled.

"As you have stated previously," Seven replied with a smirk, pulling herself up and sitting next to the Captain on the natural ledge that jutted out from the rock face, thinking back to what had brought about the patch in the first place.


"Seven you shouldn't always rely on your Borg technology to help you out," Janeway explained as the young woman quickly caught up to her.

"Explain," Seven requested, not understanding what she had done to bring the subject up.

Janeway sighed, "Seven… I know this seems like a waste of time to you. But, it's a challenge. It's you against the rock face," she said patting the side of the cliff. "It's using your skills to search for the next hold. Not making one because it's convenient… or," she said, gentling her voice when she saw the crestfallen look on Seven's face, "using your eyepiece to find ones I never knew existed."

"I see," Seven replied, looking back at the Captain's surprise when she spotted a tiny fissure in the rock face and pointed it out to the Captain's attention.

"Seven… I don't want you to take it the wrong way…"

"I shall not."

"Good," Kathryn smiled. "Let's keep going. Okay."

"Okay," Seven answered. She had already decided that if the Captain were to invite her again, she would rectify the situation.


(Now I wanna stay…)

Kathryn looked over at Seven but did not attempt to hide her smile as she had done so many times before when the young woman would be in her presence. "Well," she began, patting Seven on the thigh, "I'm glad you decided to join me again."

(And everyday of my life I realize…)

Seven looked down, not surprised that the Captain had yet to move her hand, when social custom dictated that touches between friends should only be of a certain time limit. "It is… pleasing to me," she replied answering unasked questions.

(That I'm in the right place…)

"I guess we'd better push on," Kathryn said, getting to her feet.


(Love is the right place.)

They continued on for another hour before they reached the top.

(Love it moves…)

Kathryn stood with her hands on her hips, as she surveyed the valley below them. She had been here before. It was after the loss of a close childhood friend and she decided to take on Talbot's Hideaway. It had seemed such a formidable task to attempt when she was a young child. It had taken her almost the entire day to do it, but she did. She had taken her friend's holo-image with her and held it above her head and cried out, "We made it Cass… we made it."

She felt a sense of peace wash over her. And she was very glad to be able to share this with someone else she cared about.

"What do you think?" she asked, gesturing to the view before them, as Seven moved closer.

(In mysterious ways…)

"It is… breathtaking," Seven told her.

Kathryn felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise. She turned around and looked in Seven's direction, the patch was gone and…

She was not looking at the valley.

(Like a mist on the river…

At the break of day.)

'Oh my,' she thought before closing the small gap between them. Her heart pounding in her chest, she knew that she was about to take a giant leap of faith.

(So put open your shutters…)

When their lips touched for the first time, Kathryn felt a weight being lifted from her heart, which she had kept hidden for so many years.

It was finally free…

(And sing a mornin' song.)

To love…

And be loved in return.

(Love moves on and on.)

Seven knew that when the Captain had turned towards her, that something was about to happen.





Love is the right place…)

But she never expected to feel so many things from the relatively simple act of the Captain's lips pressing against hers.

(Took me a while…)

As Seven pulled the Captain closer, she briefly wondered about two things:

One, her cortical node must be malfunctioning since she was unable to analyze any data and felt only the warmth of the Captain's body infusing her own.

(Took me a while…)

And two, would the rest of her wish come true?

(To get it straight.)

Kathryn wanted to deepen the kiss, to touch Seven in ways she had only dreamed of.

To do so many things.

(Now I wanna stay…)

But she knew she had to…

'What?' her thoughts interrupted as Seven's hands began to caress her back, sending shivers of desire all over her body.

(And everyday of my life I realize…

That I'm in the right place…)

Kathryn broke free from the siren's call, which were Seven's lips. "Com… computer. How much time is left in this program?" she asked, trying to keep a coherent train of thought. Which wasn't easy as Seven continued her explorations.

(Love is the right place...

Hey… hey.)

"Approximately five minutes remain," came the reply.

"There's no more time," Kathryn said, hugging Seven closer.

(Where you are…

Near or far.)

"You are mistaken, Captain," Seven replied, as she rested her head on top of the other woman's.

"How so?" she asked. "And Seven… call me Kathryn," she added feeling that they had moved beyond their professional feelings.

(Sun and Moon…

Moon and Star…

I know…

I know.)

"We are only just beginning," Seven stated clearly as she bent down and captured the Captain's lips once more. Her mind a whirl as she savored the idea of being allowed the privilege of calling the Captain by her first name. It was something she had only dared to do when she was alone with her inner thoughts.





Love is the right place…

It took me a while…

Took me a while…

To get it straight.

Now I wanna stay…

And everyday of my life I realize…

That I'm in the right place…)

"You are so very right," Janeway said as the program came to an end and they parted. Each of them knowing that it was only temporary. "Join me for dinner?" Kathryn asked as they left the holo-deck.

(Love is the right place.)

"I would… love to… my Kathryn," Seven acknowledged softly. Pleased by the smile gracing her Kathryn's face.

(Well I'm in the right place…)

They walked side-by-side unaware that their shoulders touched, or of the smiles they both wore.

(Love is the right place…

I'm in the right place…



The End

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