Title: Sitting On Go

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: May 3rd-5th, 2001.

Revised Copy: July 30th, 2001.

Rating: PG

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Author's Note: I'd like to thank those of you who let me know that you enjoyed the other story I posted, "Wishing…". I guess you could call this a sequel to that story. So, let's hope I haven't disappointed you too much. Oh, I realized that I'm not quite sure when to capitalized the letter 'C' for Captain and when to leave it lowercase. So, you may notice some inconsistencies. That's what happens when you don't have a beta reader. Also, I'm using the * symbol to stress words, while the apostrophe is used where italics would have been used.

Second Author's Note: The story has been revised, revamped, and hopefully, revisited.

Story Disclaimer: Very PG-13. No graphic language, sex or anything else that might disturb some readers. This story DOES portray a loving relationship between Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

Thanks: To Stacey for taking the time to assist me on this.

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Sound Clip

(I'm waitin' on the green
light to make you mine.)

Seven stepped through the doors that led to Cargobay 2 and waited for them to close behind her with a solid thud, before allowing her perfectly held shoulders to slump forward in a manner totally uncharacteristic to the ex-Borg.

Seven stepped over to her regeneration alcove and keyed in a few commands. Usually, she would not have hesitated for even a nano-second before she would have stepped up and begun the process that kept her Borg physiology running at peak efficiency.

But, lately, she had been troubled.

(But your hearts just
takin' its own sweet time.)

Vague images had begun to drift into her mind while she regenerated. The Doctor had told her once, that they were dreams and that it was just a part of her humanity beginning to re-assert itself.

Despite being bothered that she had no control over these dreams, the images intrigued her.

Images of the Captain…

This in of itself was nothing new. The Captain's presence was one that you would hardly forget.

But, these were not images of mere interaction projected by her subconscious. These were visions that made her blush. Much like the conversation between the Paris' she had overheard while on shore leave.

She had begun to wonder since that evening when she had 'wished upon a star,' if her wish would ever come true. She had no frame of reference to determine how long one should wait for it to finally realize itself.

She had noticed, that there were certain differences in her personal relationship with the Captain since that evening. She recalled the last senior staff meeting when the Captain had asked her to stay once it was completed…


"Seven, a moment if you please," Janeway requested as the meeting came to a close.

Seven nodded her head in acknowledgement and stayed in her seat waiting patiently as the rest of the senior officers left the Conference Room.

"Seven," the Captain began as she moved closer towards her. "I've got some off-time coming up, and I was wondering if you'd like to go rock-climbing with me."

Seven recollected that she had experienced some difficulty remembering exactly what the Captain had said after that, and it was plain to her now, why that was; The warmth of the both the Captain's smile and the Captain's hand on her forearm had made it nearly impossible for her to concentrate.


For the sensation of feeling-'special'- flooding her body.

(You want to be sure
if you'll sink or swim.)

Seven presumed that she had answered affirmatively to the request, for she heard the Captain telling her, "Good. I'll let you know when I have the holodeck booked."

She did not remember leaving the Conference Room, nor her trip back down to Astrometrics.


Seven shook her head to clear her thoughts. She had taken the opportunity to research rock-climbing and it puzzled her as to why the Captain would wish to do such a thing.

However, if this allowed her to have more of the Captain's free time, who was she to question the request?

And even Seven paused briefly and acknowledged to herself just how illogical the thought was; she had always had the habit of questioning the Captain's decisions.

(Well, grab a hold of
me, and just jump on in.)

Yet, in this instance she had decided to concede, just to see where it may end.


(You're playin' it safe…)

Voyager's formidable Captain, Kathryn Janeway sighed deeply as she went over personnel reports. She couldn't seem to keep her concentration on the task at hand.

She glanced at the chronometer and winced.

Her shift, which never really ended, at least not in her estimation, had ended four hours ago and she had completely missed dinner. She pushed herself away from her desk, taking the opportunity to stretch out the kinks that had made themselves known as soon as she stood up.

With her right hand massaging the lower part of her back, she walked over to the replicator.

"Half a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat toast, and a large glass of iced tea… raspberry," she added quickly. She decided to forgo her usual cup of coffee she had been staying up far too much as it was.

When her dinner materialized, she took the plate and the glass and walked back over to her desk. She nudged aside some of the data PADDS she had been reading in order to make room. Once she had put her dinner down, she sat in her chair.

Draping the napkin that had been furnished with the sandwich on her lap, she stared at the plate.

(But baby I'll wait.)

"I'm not hungry," Janeway sighed out loud. Pushing the plate away, she turned the chair around and glanced at the stars as they streaked passed. She had noticed that after returning from shore leave a few weeks ago, she had been feeling antsy she wasn't quite sure why.

Soon enough, her thoughts drifted to her Astrometrics officer. She knew that she hadn't been spending as much time with Seven as she used too; not since that time they had gazed into the night sky, and made a wish.

Kathryn never realized, truly realized, just how much having the young woman's presence in her life had come to mean to her. So much so, that she had asked her to go rock climbing. She had no idea why she had suggested that activity, when a simple game of Velocity or for that matter, the DiVinci program would have done.

"Computer, locate Seven of Nine," Janeway requested.

(Oooh… oooh…

Whenever you're ready…

I can be yours in a second or so…)

"Seven of Nine is in Cargobay 2," came the reply.

(Oooh… oooh…

Baby come and get me…

My heart is sittin' on go.)

Janeway felt an overwhelming urge to get out of her chair…

(Oooh… oooh

It's off to the races…)

Leave her ready room…

(All you gotta to do is let me know…)

And head straight for the cargobay.

She stood up suddenly and took a few steps towards the door. Janeway had every intention of seeing Seven when a thought jumped to the forefront of her mind-'What are you going to do when you get there?'

Seven was most likely regenerating by now, and even she admitted that that had never stopped her before.

It was as if she was compelled to see that Seven was all right.

Janeway decided to leave that thought…

She frowned.

The word-leave-made her scowl.

She would never leave Seven.


They had been though so much together that she could not fathom not having the young woman in her life.

That thought made her eyebrows arch…

As well as rub her temples, hoping to ward off the headache she knew she was bound to get, if she continued with her current line of contemplation.


I'm ready and waitin'…

My heart is sittin' on go.)

She walked towards her desk, grabbing her untouched meal and placed it in the replicator, where it was broken down to its molecular level and stored. She left her Ready Room, briefly acknowledging the beta shift and took the turbolift to deck three.

She strolled briskly down the corridor, nodding to crewmembers that she passed by. She made one final turn before reaching her quarters, and came to a dead stop.

(You ought to give in now…

Instead of resisting…)

"Seven… is there something wrong?" she asked, as soon as she was able to find her voice.

('Cause I'm not above
a little arm-twistin.)

"Not at all, Captain. I… I wished to discuss our rock-climbing venture. I have been researching it, and I have a few questions to ask," Seven replied promptly.

It seemed a valid reason for her to seek out the Captain. The fact that Seven wanted to see the Captain had nothing to do with it. Perhaps after she left, she'd be able to regenerate without any more difficulties.

(I'm bettin' it's only
a matter of time…)

"Oh. Of course, Seven, I should have anticipated you might have some questions about it. I'm sorry I haven't made time for you earlier. Please, come in," Janeway replied, gesturing for her Astrometrics officer to enter first.

Seven tilted her head slightly to the right, as if thinking about something, "After you, Captain," she said, a brief smile appearing on her lips.

"Thank you, Seven."

(Before you and me
are standing at the finish line.)

Stepping inside her quarters, Janeway looked around quickly, she wasn't sure if she had left the room in disarray. She was a tidy person in general, but there were times when she would allow her quarters to take on a slightly lived-in look. Luckily, it wasn't a disaster area.

"Please, sit down," Kathryn offered, before walking over to the replicator. "Raspberry iced tea," she commanded, turning around smiling inwardly when she saw the Seven had yet to take a seat. "Would you like something to drink?" she asked.

She didn't truly believe that Seven would want anything, but Gretchen Janeway did not raise two children without instilling some manners. There were occasions where manners and politeness were cast aside, but this wasn't one of them.

"What you are having would be sufficient, Captain," Seven answered.

"Alright," Janeway murmured, momentarily caught off guard. She ordered another iced tea and walked over to where Seven was standing. She handed the glass over, and took a sip from her own.

(You're having your doubts…)

She watched as Seven took a cautionary sip.

(But you'll come around.)

"This is… nice," she said somewhat haltingly.

"I'm glad you like it. Why don't we sit down? We may as well be comfortable while you ask your questions," Janeway suggested, taking a seat on the couch.

"Acceptable," Seven answered automatically. She was having trouble concentrating in Janeway's presence. It was if the very air around them was charged with energy.

"So… what… are those questions you wanted to ask me about?" Kathryn asked as she cleared her throat. She had let her mind wander as she had watched Seven sit down. There was something about the way Seven moved that captivated her attention.

Seven swallowed the liquid she had in her mouth.

(Oooh… oooh

Whenever you're ready…

I can be yours in a
second or so.)

"Questions?" she asked distractedly. She found herself mesmerized by the way the light played in the Captain's hair.

How it seemed to glow.

(Oooh… oooh

Baby come and get me…

My heart's sittin' on go.)

"Seven? Are you all right?" she asked the obviously distracted, young woman. She placed her glass down and covered the short distance between them.

"I am sorry, Captain," Seven said as she stood up suddenly. She had made the wrong decision. Being here was a… mistake.

(Oooh… oooh

It's off to the races…

All you gotta to do is let me know…)

"Seven," Janeway started saying, softening her voice, "if there's something wrong, I'd wish you tell me."


I'm ready and waitin'…

My heart is sittin' on go.)

"There's no star," Seven replied quietly. The proximity of the Captain had begun to affect her in a way she had never known.

(You're playin' it safe…)

"Star? Seven… I don't understand," Janeway told her as she held on to her arm.

Seven had noticed early on, that when the Captain was concerned for her, she would physically reach out to her in some fashion. Typically, it was a hand on her arm, and later resting on her shoulder.

At first, she did not like the sensation of the one person who had severed her from the Collective, from her family, touching her.

Then, as time passed, the touches were ones she took 'comfort' in.

But lately…

(But baby…

I'll wait…)

The Captain's hand on her shoulder left her feeling a warmth that settled around her entire body.

The lingering touch of Janeway's hand on her arm…

The sensation, the need to hold the Captain close to her, to be nearer to her somehow, was almost overwhelming.


Hearing the concern in the Captain's voice finally cut through the fog her thoughts had placed her in.

"Seven… answer me. Or… I'm going to call the Doctor," Janeway said, a sense of urgency coloring her voice.

"I am fine, Captain. The Doctor's presence is not required," she answered immediately.

"What happened?"

"I… I believe I need to regenerate," Seven replied, instead of answering, 'Your proximity makes me drift away. Makes me think of things I want, but am not sure how to obtain.'

"Is that all?" Janeway asked.

"I am sorry to have worried you. I believe my questions would best be answered at a later time," Seven replied, feeling a loss of the Captain's hand when she moved away and began to walk to the door.

"How about if I walk with you?" Janeway said, in a tone that would brook no argument.

Seven dipped her head in acknowledgement. This was not the time to butt heads.

'What the hell is going on?' Kathryn wondered after they left her room, and she basically escorted Seven back to the cargobay.

(Oooh… oooh…

Whenever you're ready…)

They walked quietly together, after exiting the turbolift.

(I can be yours
in a second or so…)

"Captain… I appreciate your concern for me," Seven finally said, after they reached the cargobay doors. "But, you do not need to accompany me any further. I am… fine."

"I do care for you Seven… as I would any crewmember," she added hastily and honestly. "And, why don't we let me be the judge of that." They entered the room and walked over to the alcove.

(Oooh… oooh baby
come and get me…)

Seven smiled, "Thank you. I too… care for you," she said stepping up.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Janeway had to ask.

(My heart is sittin' on go…)

"I am performing…" Seven stopped. She realized that she could not give that answer. Not now, and expect to get away with it. "I am much better now… thanks to you. Good night, Captain," she uttered before initiating her regeneration process.

Her eyes closed instantly.

(Oooh… oooh…

It's off to the races…

All you gotta do is let me know…)

The last image she saw carried her throughout the rest of the night.

Captain Janeway's surprised look…


I'm ready and waitin'…)

Then a quick smile.

What it meant or could mean, would have to wait until later.

(My heart is sittin' on go…)

Kathryn stood there speechless for a moment or two after Seven had closed her eyes. She knew she could have interrupted the process, but decided not to. She smiled once again at Seven's words drifting in her mind.

'Thanks to you.'

(My heart is sittin' on go…)

She took a step up and moved closer, "No, Seven… thanks to you," she whispered, and giving in to her instinctual feelings, placed a brief kiss on the sleeping woman's face.


My heart is sittin' on go.)

The End

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