Title: "Tender."

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: June 23rd-June 30th, 2001

Rating: 'R'

Disclaimer: 'Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine' and all other characters from the show belong to Rick Berman, Jeri Taylor, and Michael Piller. Also Paramount Studios, but most of all, Captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven Of Nine belong to Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. Any new characters belong to the author.

Song Alert: The song I am using in this story is called, "Love Me Tender." Vera Matson and Elvis Presley wrote the music and lyrics. And if you don't know who sings the song… woe is thee… Elvis does. Just kidding.

Author's Note: This is the nineth song story I've written, "Wishing…" "Sittin' On Go" "The Right Place" "How Long" "On The Verge" "This Moment" "Angel" and "Tonight" being the other eight. I've usually stated before that you'll need to read the other stories in order for this to make sense. But, I'm not sure at the moment, the last story; "Tonight" was apparently stand-alone material, at least according to my Beta reader. So, I'm not sure if you'll necessarily need to read the others. **Secondary author's notes at the conclusion of this story.

Story Disclaimer: This story DOES portray a loving relationship between Voyager' Captain and its Astrometrics officer. So, if this is not your cup of 'coffee, black,' then I suggest that you find a different story to read.

Special Thanks: To my beta reader Stacey? look Stace I fixed it. Thank you again for your time, especially when you didn't have to do this. BTW Stacey, where did you go on vacation?

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Sound Clip

(Love me tender…)

"Seven…" Kathryn sighed passionately as the young woman nuzzled her neck.

(Love me sweet…)


"Yesss," Janeway moaned, her back arching trying to come into contact with some part, any part of Seven's body.

(Never let me go)

"You are dreaming."

"Wha… what?" Janeway replied drowsily.

"You are dreaming, Kathryn," Seven told her, smiling softly as she watched Janeway slowly wake.


(You have made my
life complete…)

"Don't do that," Janeway mumbled somewhat annoyed, trying to catch her breath. Her pulse was racing from the sensations her dream had generated.

"Did I interrupt something?" Seven asked slyly already knowing that she did.

(And I love you so)

"You could say that," Janeway replied saucily, stretching her limbs as she snuggled closer to the aloof blonde. She looked up and into Seven's eyes. What she saw threatened her breath once more. Janeway had never seen such devotion in anyone's eyes before and silently prayed that she was worthy of such a gift.

"By the flush on your cheeks and…" Seven reached out and placed her fingertips on Janeway's neck, "your rapid pulse, as well as the manner you uttered my name; I take it that you were dreaming of me." She commented. Seven felt oddly pleased by this fact.

She had been at the brink of losing Kathryn, of losing her only love by her actions three months ago. She had mistakenly assumed that Kathryn and Da'Vesh-the captain of the Te'Hect vessel they had assisted while responding to a distress call-had been kissing when she had inadvertently walked in on them in the conference room to deliver a report to Janeway.

It had taken Naomi Wildman-her Best friend, to explain what she had misinterpreted. Of course, Seven hadn't heard the explanation directly.

She was in sickbay at the time, as she had fainted in the Astrometrics lab and Naomi called the Doctor for assistance.

(Love me tender…)

Janeway looked at Seven and could tell that the other woman was lost in thought. There were times when she wondered what Seven was thinking about and that if she knew then perhaps she'd gain insight into Seven's heart.

She raised her left hand and gently touched Seven's cheek.

(Love me true…)

"Yes, I was dreaming about you," Janeway answered quietly. Her heart skipped a beat when Seven smiled. Seven's smile had the ability to touch her in a way she could not comprehend.

(All my dreams fulfilled)

Seven leaned into the soft caress, her eyes closing as she concentrated on Kathryn. Seven's breath hitched slightly when she felt the tips of Kathryn's fingers on her lips.

"Kathryn…" She whispered.

(For my darlin'
I love you…)

Seven didn't have to wait long after whispering when she felt Kathryn's warm breath on her skin.

(And I always will)

Janeway watched as Seven's tongue slowly emerged and moistened the pouty lips she loved to kiss. She couldn't resist their siren's call and bent forward to capture them with her own.

(Love me tender…)

Seven felt a wave of desire wash over her body when the fiery, redhead kissed her. In the back of her rational, analytical mind Seven thought, 'Is this the night?' before surrendering to the passion that was simply named Kathryn.

(Love me long…)

Kathryn felt the blood racing in her ears, her heart beating wildly. Her hands began to drift up Seven's arms, until they reached the clasp that would release Seven's biosuit.

(Take me to your heart…)

"Seven…" Janeway gasped as she felt the young woman's hands on her bare skin beneath the loose fitting t-shirt she wore.

"I… I need you Kathryn," Seven whimpered, her hands tenderly cupping Janeway's breasts.

(For it's there that I belong…)

They had not rushed into anything following their reconciliation. And it had taken three weeks for them to feel comfortable enough to merely hold each other for long periods of time.

Janeway knew that they were going to pull through the situation when Seven fell asleep in her arms one evening. She didn't move a single muscle-desperate to hold onto Seven for as long as she could.

(And we'll never part)

Each step forward had been fraught with worry.

'Had the kiss gone on for too long?'

'Was it all right to place my hand on her chest?'

(Love me tender…)

And many other questions they had each silently thought about.

"Seven… stop," Janeway gasped, using her hands to halt Seven's insistent explorations.

(Love me true…)

"What?" Seven swallowed. "What is wrong, Kathryn?" she asked, her body trembling. "Have I done something wrong?" she asked suddenly wondering what she could have possibly done. "Did I hurt you?" she asked needing to know.

"No! No," she answered gentling her tone of voice. "You did nothing wrong. You haven't hurt me," Janeway said, kissing the frightened woman.

(All my dreams fulfilled)

"I… I do not understand?" Seven stated, confusion clearly written on her face.

"I know Seven… I know," Janeway replied as her respiration gradually came under control.

(For my darlin'
I love you…
And I always will)

Janeway reached out and tucked behind a perfect Borg ear, the few strands of Seven's hair that had fallen onto her cheek. "Seven…"

"Yes, Kathryn?" Seven answered, leaning into the touch.

(Love me tender…)

"I love you," Janeway whispered.

(Love me dear…)

Seven sighed softly, her face glowing. She considered those three words precious to her. Independent from each other, those words could be combined with any others to mean anything. But, when Kathryn whispered them together, they meant everything to her.

(Tell me you are mine…)

"Kathryn…" Seven began as she took Janeway's hand in hers. "I never believed that you would ever feel what I do. I never hoped that I could share myself with the one person who means more to me than my anyone else in my human collective," Seven smiled to herself as she noticed Kathryn's surprised statement. "I am afraid that I will not be able to adequately express what I feel for you. When… when I think back to what I allowed my jealousy to take from me… your presence in my life. Your love, which I tossed aside," Seven quickly placed her index finger Janeway's lips when it seemed that the fiery redhead would interrupt. "Please Kathryn, allow me to continue."

Janeway hesitated for a moment before nodding her head. She knew that there was nothing she wouldn't do to alleviate the guilt Seven felt, but she also realized that the young woman needed to express herself.

"Thank you. I know you find it difficult to hear my faults," Seven smirked. "Nevertheless, this drone… this individual is most grateful to you Kathryn," she whispered, as she gently kissed Janeway. "I love you, Kathryn Janeway, with all that I am."

(I'll be yours…
Through all the years…)

Kathryn took a deep breath and closed her eyes as Seven's heart-felt words washed over her.

('Til the end of time)


"Yes Kathryn."

"Come with me," Janeway said as she slowly untangled herself from Seven's loving embrace. Seven quietly followed behind her, as they walked from the couch and into Kathryn's bedroom.

(Love me tender…)

"Kathryn?" Seven asked, as Janeway placed a privacy seal on both their comm badges, as well as Janeway's quarters, except for emergencies. "I do not understand," Seven said as Kathryn stood before her.

(Love me true…)

"You will… you will," Janeway said as she let her fingers trail along Seven's shoulder while walking behind her.

Seven's heart began to thump loudly in her chest as Janeway released the clasp that kept her biosuit on. Her tongue slipped out to moisten her suddenly dry lips.

(All my dreams fulfilled…)

Janeway slowly began to kiss each piece of alabaster skin as it was exposed to her eyes. She slipped her hands inside of Seven's biosuit and pushed the sleeves down the tall blonde's arms.

Seven knew that tonight's interaction was going to be different from anything they had so far experienced. She shivered as the cool air-which she observed abstractly wasn't cold earlier-hit her body.

"Are you all right?" she heard Kathryn asking her.

"I am fine," she answered, wondering what would happen next. She held her breath briefly as she anticipated a ship-wide red alert again interrupting them. It would have only been, 'Par for the course,' she thought, utilizing one of the Doctor's golf terms. When, after another minute, nothing happened, she smiled.

"Good," Janeway replied, her voice low and husky.

Seven knew Janeway's voice was one of the many indications that Kathryn was aroused. She was also aware that Kathryn's voice did absolutely wondrous things to her body.

Things that no one else had…

Or ever would.

Seven inhaled sharply when she felt Kathryn's hands slide along her sides until they caressed underneath her breasts pausing momentarily, before pushing the biosuit down the rest of her body. Seven automatically lifted her legs, and placed her hands on Janeway's shoulders when the other woman came around to her front.

"Kathryn… I must sit," Seven gasped, her knees threatening to buckle when she felt Kathryn's lips on her stomach.

Janeway smiled to herself. "In a moment," she said. Kathryn knew that Seven was attractive; you would have had to have been blind not to have noticed. But, she wasn't prepared for the reaction her body went through. She stood up and took a step back, reminding herself to breathe before she passed out.

"Kathryn?" Seven asked when she noticed that the other woman had taken a step back. Perhaps Janeway was appalled at how she looked. Seven's lips began to tremble. This was what Seven secretly feared. That no matter how much Janeway might protest that Seven' implants-the ones she needed in order to survive-would never make a difference on how she felt towards her, Janeway would not be able to get past all the cybernetics the Borg they had implanted so many years ago. Now, Janeway's reaction all but confirmed her fears.

"Seven…" Janeway halted briefly, "I… I doubt that even the Maestro could do you justice," she whispered as she took Seven's hand in hers and kissed it.

(For my darlin'
I love you…)

Seven felt her chest constrict. "Thank you, Kathryn," was her only reply. They were the only words she could get past her mouth.

"Not just yet," Janeway said, smiling, her eyes darkening as she as her hands traced each curve, dip and valley that was uniquely Seven. She mapped every nuance, listening to the changes in Seven's respiration; wanting this experience to be perfect for the young woman.

Seven wasn't sure how she was able to remain standing throughout Kathryn's in-depth inspection of her. Only when Kathryn stopped and began to remove her t-shirt did Seven break out of her trance.

"Please… Kathryn. I wish to do that," Seven requested.

Janeway grinned, "I shall comply."

"You are being facetious, Kathryn," Seven told her smiling briefly. She had touched Janeway before, during one of their many 'heavy petting' sessions, as Janeway referred to them. But, Seven instinctively knew that those explorations were insufficient.

Seven allowed her hand to touch Janeway, beginning at her stomach-which was not as firm as hers-but was still very pleasant to caress. Seven made sure to keep the caresses light as she moved upwards. She kept her eyes locked with Kathryn's, which was becoming slightly more difficult as Janeway closed them for brief moments prior to their fluttering open.

"You are enjoying this?" Seven asked quietly as she moved her hands over Janeway's covered body.

"Yes," Kathryn moaned.

Seven took her right hand and traced along the upper swell of Janeway's breasts, she felt the need to surround the soft flesh with her hand. She began to squeeze the pliant mound. Trailing her mesh-covered left hand slowly up Kathryn's right arm, Seven touched Janeway's neck, sliding her hand behind it. She leaned forward, moving Janeway's mouth towards hers, all the while increasing her caresses.

Kathryn moaned deep into Seven's mouth, allowing the other woman access. Their tongues met, sliding against each other, tasting one another.

Seven noticed that when she kissed Kathryn and squeezed her breast at the same time, Janeway squirmed against her.

Breaking away from Janeway's lips, Seven began kissing down her neck. Tasting the slightly salty skin beneath her lips. Seven gasped when she felt Kathryn's hands on her back, touching her implants.

"Kathryn," Seven moaned, her head rolling back when Janeway squeezed her bottom. After a few seconds, Seven looked into Janeway's eyes. "Are you fond of this garment?" she asked, regarding the t-shirt.

"I can live without it," Janeway answered honestly. Having a very good idea what her Astrometrics officer was about to do.

Taking hold of the shirt with both hands, Seven stated, "Resistance is futile" and tore the shirt away from Kathryn's body.

Janeway gasped.

Knowing what Seven was about to do and actually having it happen where two entirely different things. Janeway felt a rush of desire flood her system.

Seven pulled Kathryn towards her and felt that she was moments away from achieving her life's goal:


Seven suddenly and without conscious thought scooped Kathryn up in her arms and covered the few steps needed to reach Janeway's bed. Gently-reverently she laid Kathryn down and being careful not to rest completely on the other woman, Seven lay down beside her.

"Kathryn…" Seven moaned softly.

"Yes, Seven," Janeway replied, having found her voice once more.

"I wish to touch you… I wish to," Seven tilted her head slightly, "I wish to make love to you," she said as she gazed upon Janeway's body.

"I want that as well," Kathryn answered. "I want… no, I need you to make love to me, Seven."

Saying the only words she knew Kathryn would understand completely, Seven replied, "I will comply… always."

(And I always will)

The End.

Second Author's Note:

Yes, I know. How could I end the story there? And to tell you the truth… I had to. You have no idea how difficult it is for me to write scenes that are more adult in nature, my hats off to the author's that can and do pull it off.

I have a tendency to be protective of the character I write about, be they Seven of Nine, Captain Kathryn Janeway, or other couples I've written about. That's not to say that I don't believe that other writers aren't, everyone has their own 'voice' when writing.

I can only take the action so far before I need to give 'them' or rather myself some breathing room.

That may not make a whole lot of sense…

I just can't write that way.

Granted, I have gone pretty far on four or five occasions for other stories, but I've always kept it brief.

I happen to believe that you-the reader-would probably describe it better than I ever could.

But, just know this-Kathryn and Seven had their moments of insecurities before surrendering a part of themselves they never really knew nor fathomed existed.

Thank you all for taking this ride with me, through all eight stories, the ups and downs. And if it seems as if I might be backing away for a while, you're correct. I have a story that I have put on the backburner for a little more than two months. And I think it's time to get back to it, see how it ends. I'd like to thank those of you who have consistently written to me and let me know how much you've enjoyed the stories. Without you, my muse would be suffering.

Oh… btw, Stace… do you think I could ask you to venture from Star Trek for a little while and into the realm of … nah, I don't think I should write that here… (eg).

A.M. Glass
July 1, 2001

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