Visitors of The Realm... Here is a chance to have your say. 

Have you... Seen a good movie?  Read a great book?  Seen a terrible TV program? 

Now you can submit a review and share your insight with others.

Submission Rules:

1. Give a reason for your opinion.  Just saying a movie "Rocked" or a story "Sucked" will not be accepted.  

2. Reviews which contain offensive personal remarks about the author, artist, actor, reviewer, etc will not be accepted.  Constructive criticism only please.

3. Any reviews of subjects that promote hate and/or violence against others will not be accepted.

4. Include Links for Fanfic and Web Site reviews. Links in other categories are optional.

5. Submitting and/or displaying your email address is optional. However, if your review has not been accepted and you have included your email address, we can contact you to explain the reason.

6. Please include a warning if your review deals with subject matter that others may find offensive. ie: rape, s/m, offensive lyrics, etc.

7. All submissions are subject to review.

Warning to Readers:

These reviews are the opinion of the reviewer and not necessarily that of The Realm of the Shadow.

These reviews may contain spoilers.

If you do not agree with a review, submit one yourself. However flames against another reviewer will not be accepted.


- poor, not worth the time or the effort - good, put it on your list
- fair, but don't go out of you way - great, don't miss it
- ok, if there's nothing else available  


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Note: These pages may only be updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on submissions and the web-mistress personal schedule. Updates will be posted on the 'New Stories' page.

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