Title: The Last Man on Planet Earth
Type: TV Movie

Reviewer: Shadow
Email: shadow@realmoftheshadow.com
Starring: Julie Bowen, Tamlyn Tomita, Paul Francis
Network: UPN, replayed on SciFi
Link: http://www.stomptokyo.com/movies/l/last-man-on-planet-earth.html
Warning: Spoilers

SciFi.com description: In a world populated exclusively by women, a young scientist attempts to create her own version of a male human one genetically engineered to refrain from any form of violence.

I have mixed feelings about this movie. The men (except the genetically engineered one) are portrayed as violent sex-crazed beasts. Most of the women are not very likable either, from the politically motivated FBI director to the fame seeking teenager. The policewomen carried their guns in pink holsters and shook so much at the sight of a man that they couldn't shoot straight.

Considering that this world is full of lesbian women, none are front and center in this movie. The scientist who creates the male is a 'closet hetro', and the FBI agent assigned to capturing the male is too involved in her job to be involved with anyone else.

This movie had a good story line and could have been great if it wasn't so predictable. I basically knew how the story would end about half way through. I would suggest this movie if it was in the 7 day rental bargain bin.

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