Title: Piņata - Survival Island

Reviewer: Shadow
Email: shadow@realmoftheshadow.com

Starring: Nicholas Brendon, Jamie Pressly
Warning: Spoilers

Nicholas Brendon goes from fighting vampires on Buffy to fighting a serial killing Piņata on Survival Island. He is joined by Jamie Pressly and Garret Wang (Harry Kim ST:V) as a group of University students who take part in a treasure hunt on a remote island. Scattered around the island are booze-filled piņatas to quench the thirst of the boy/girl pairings as they scamper around trying to collect the most pairs of underwear including the ones worn by their partner. One pair stumble across a clay piņata (which looks absolutely nothing like the paper ones scattered around) which is filled with evil spirits. Let the fun begin!!!

This isn't the worse hack & slash movie I've seen but it is an obvious attempt to cash in on the rebirth of a movie genre that should have been left hacked and slashed back in the 80s. Sorry kiddies but I lived though Freddy, Mikey, and Chucky, and this is an absolute **Yawner**

Title: Under the Tuscan Sun

Reviewer: Erin Griffin
Email: magicmumu@yahoo.com

Starring: Diane Lane
Warning: Spoilers

I liked this movie alot, even though it did yank at my chains too much. Being a subtext junkie, I was sure that a couple of the characters (both female) would get together by the way they acted and spoke and looked at each other, and it is so obvious for the longest time that they might, but I am not sure why not. Then in the last few minutes of the movie, another guy is introduced and that is who Diane Lane's character spends the rest of the movie with. I did like the fact that there was lesbianism in the movie, but I didn't like the fact that it falls under the 'tragic lesbian' or 'miserable lesbian' storyline cliche' that I see all the time. The original lesbians don't stay together, and the two women who seem like they would be great together don't get together. It is almost as if the director or screenplay writer originally made it a lesbian flick, but someone else said no, and so they took a bunch of things out and left in this HUGE subtext gap that could easily be closed in a kiss. There were so many 'kiss me' moments. Well, I think the story over all is a good one, and it expresses a good message about how 'home' and 'family' aren't always about shelter and blood. It is about the heart, really, and this movie seems to portray that a lot. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

Title: Thirteen

Reviewer: Carla

Starring: Evan Rachel Wood (Tracy), Nikki Reed (Evie), Holly Hunter (Melanie)

Warning: Spoilers

Desperate to be accepted by the "hottest girl in school" 13 year old Tracy steals a woman's wallet, thus giving her an in with Evie.

As with many teenage friendships the girls relationship quickly evolves from mentor and acolyte to one of barely surpressed attraction, intense in the way that many viewers will recall from their own teenage years.

Tracy's metamorphasis from shy, poetry writing budding feminist to drug dealing/taking, alcohol abusing, larcenous slut is fast and furious. And happens under the eye of her well meaning but ultimately powerless mother.

The script is powerful and draws you in, a remarkable feat given that it was co-scripted by, then 13 year old, Nikki Reed who also plays Evie.

Many viewers may recall Ms. Wood from the now cancelled ABC drama Once and Again, where her luminous portrayal of a young girl questioning her sexuality rang true for many of the shows fans.  Her performance here as Tracy expands on and ultimately far surpasses her work on Once and Again.

I can not recommend this movie highly enough

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