Album: Private Life, the Compass Point Sessions (2 CD Set)
Artist: Grace Jones

Record Co: ISLAND

Reviewer Name: The Raven

This compilation would make a very good choice for someone who was curious about the artist, but did not wish to obtain 2 or 3 of her albums, as would be necessary to get a fair cross section of her work. For the old fan, this album offers remixes and new versions, modern recordings and a few surprises not available on any of her more commonly available albums.

Grace Jones is not only an icon of the 60's and 70's and 80's but as modern and up-to-date as any artist can be, which is to say that her music is not dated by any means. Her work possesses a sophisticated and complicated sound and one of her great attractions is that she can be so provocative and quite intimidating in an interesting way. It also helps that almost all of her music is something one could easily dance to even if one had two left feet and her voice has a seductive quality that begs to be listened to.

Weather you see her live or simply hear her on your stereo, it is not something you would soon forget if you were paying attention...

Album: Musicology
Artist: Prince and the NPG

Record Co: NPG Records

Reviewer Name: The Raven

Again Prince provides a sophisticated funky sound. Excellent lyrics as usual, and most of the songs have a beat you want to move your body to, the others are simply good to listen to.

For the hardcore fan of this very talented artist, this album provides all that is good about Prince. It never hurts of course that even the songs that receive air play on mainstream radio stations and MTV are damn good.

Though there are the familiar elements that give Prince his unique sound, each of his albums is a unique and satisfying experience.

There is much more to this artist that what his air play would lead us to believe, similar to other artists, such as Madonna, Seal, and even Enya. It it worth it to do a little digging and listen to the words.

True talent.

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