Series: Destiny Series

Title:  Temptation and Regret

Author:  Mel M./Misty AKA

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Pairing:  W/H, D/?, Barbra/next chapter she’ll get some “action”

Rating:  NC 17 for sexual content and most likely language

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“Do we really have to?”

Candy apple red nails teased down the woman’s soft stomach as her lover whispered back, “I don’t see why we need him in the picture.  It’s better just me and you.  More fun. . .”

Her sentence was cut off by a passionate kiss.  Small hands ran through short blonde hair as they rolled around on the floor.  When they stopped, she lay there just holding her lover.  Flaming red tendrils were splashed against the floor, her piercing emerald gaze meeting hazel.  “I love you,” she purred, her piercing gaze boring into the woman’s soul.

A wicked smile twisted onto her lips.  “I love you too.  You’d better go though.  We need to eliminate them before they ruin our plans.”

“I know.”


That night. . .

Dinah sighed, searching the alley.  Huntress was watching over Wolf so she’d decided to do sweeps.  The night air was far to quiet as she exited the alley.  Sensing someone behind her, she spun around.  A fist met her face as she spun sending her flying into a wall a few feet away.  Standing, she shook her head.  It was Ivy.  “What do you want?” she growled.

“Dinah!  What’s going on?” Oracle screamed into the com.

“I can handle this Oracle,” Dinah whispered confidently.

“Want?  All of you out of our way.  You can’t take me kid, so just give up,” Ivy replied, drawing closer.

Dinah threw a bar at Ivy’s head, only missing by inches.  “I can hold my own,” she hissed.

Ivy laughed, now in front of the girl.  “What are you gonna do little girl?”

They began their duel, punching and kicking ferociously.  They exchanged blows on and off, both moving very fast.  Dinah nailed the woman in the stomach, throwing her back.  Standing proudly, she mocked, “What was that you were saying?”

Ivy glared, putting her wrist out.  She grinned as thorns rushed toward the blonde.  As Dinah was about to be hit a shadow leapt from the dark, swooping the girl up.  The form disappeared, leaving behind a very furious Poison Ivy.  Landing on a rooftop, she set the blonde down.  “Where should I take you?  She’s pretty serious about killing you,” she whispered, looking into the girl’s eyes.

Dinah froze, staring into the girl’s hazel eyes.  Things had happened so quickly, her mind was still catching up with her body.   She felt some sort of connection to this woman but she wasn’t sure what it was.  Searching those mysterious eyes, she brought the brunette closer.  “You can drop me off at No Mans Land,” she whispered shyly, wrapping her arms hesitantly around the girl’s waist.

The woman smiled.  “No Mans Land it is but you’re gonna have to hold on a hell of a lot tighter than that,” she teased, securing one arm around the blonde.

Dinah shivered slightly, her body responding in a way she wasn’t familiar with.  Closing her eyes, she tightened her grip around the meta and whispered, “that good enough?”

“We’re good.  So you know Gibson?” she asked as they began to lift off of the rooftop.

“Um, yeah.  You can fly?” Dinah gasped, surprised.

“Yeah, it’s one of my powers,” the woman explained, flying quickly to the club.  Landing out front, she let the blonde go.  Leading her in, she dragged her to the bar.  Sitting her down, she waved Gibson down.  “Hey Gibson!  Listen, I heard Huntress was looking for her partner so here she is.  Safe and sound.  Tell Oracle I’m back in town,” she ordered, disappearing soon after that.

Dinah was in shock.  Huntress was looking for her?  Oracle knew this meta?  Why had she saved her?  Staring at Gibson, she asked softly, “who was that?”

Gibson grinned hyperly.  “You’re joking right?  You don’t know who that was?”

“No,” Dinah stated blankly, still trying to figure out what was so intriguing about this girl.

“They call her Phoenix.  She was around a couple years ago.  Apparently she had a thing for our good friend Huntress.  When that didn’t work out she left.  Nobody has seen her for almost two years,” he explained.

“Oh.  So why is Huntress looking for me?”

Just as Gibson was about to answer Huntress arrived.  “We need you at the tower,” she whispered.

Dinah nodded, waving goodbye to Gibson before leaving with her friend.  “So what’s up?”

“Wolf’s in a coma,” Huntress whispered, gritting her teeth.  “I don’t think you should patrol alone until we catch this chick.”

“Yeah, I was almost kabob earlier,” Dinah agreed, knowing her powers weren’t that finely tuned just yet.


Later at the Clocktower. . .

“So what can you tell me about the meta you encountered?” Oracle asked, ready with the Delphi System to look the woman up.

“She said she knew you guys.  Gibson said her name’s Phoenix,” Dinah replied with a furrowed brow.

“She’s back?” Oracle asked in a lighter tone.

“Yeah, she told Gibson to tell you that.  She saved my butt,” Dinah explained, a beaming smile on her face.

Oracle smiled, ignoring the vicious looks Huntress was throwing her way.  “Well, since we know her see if you can find her tomorrow.  We need her help,” she confessed.

“What do we need HER for?” Huntress growled.

“Because she can help us save your girlfriend,” Dinah growled defensively.

“The only thing she ever helped save was her own ass.  She’s a coward,” Huntress hissed back.

“She saved me Helena and I don’t care what you think she is.  She’s kind, loving and gentle.  She’s like us, a superhero.  Don’t you get that?” Dinah replied, standing up to Helena for the first time ever.  She didn’t know why but she felt like she had to stick up for Phoenix since she wasn’t there.

“You wouldn’t understand it kid so don’t try to pick that fight,” Huntress mumbled, glaring heavily at the blonde before leaving the room.

“What was that all about?” Dinah whispered, her eyes meeting Barbra’s.

“They were partners for a little while.  Phoenix had a crush on Helena but she tried not to show it.  When Helena found out they had a big fight.  Later that night they took down the Scarecrow.  Helena came back but Phoenix disappeared,” she explained.

“Hmmm,” Dinah murmured as she thought.


The next morning. . .

She smirked, staring into sullen eyes.  “Do you know why you’re here?” she whispered, slender digits curled up against her chin.

“You want my people to take down this Phoenix character.  It’s simple as that.  What are the circumstances?  I know there’s a reason you’re calling me in.”

“I want her and her friends to stay out of my way.  I prefer her alive.  People will do almost anything to stop from dying.”

“We can do that.”

“Good.  Now go hunt down my little birdy,” Harley ordered with a wild grin.  This was so much fun.


Meanwhile at the Clocktower. . .

“It’s good to have you back Phoenix,” Oracle whispered, hugging the girl.

“It’s good to be back Barbra.  By the way, you can call me Misty,” she replied with a smile.

“Well Misty, what are you doing here?” Huntress hissed angrily.

“Same thing you are.  I have to help Wolf,” the woman stated, glancing over at the blonde.

“Ex girlfriend?” Huntress snarled.

“That’s none of your damn business,” Misty barked.

“That’s where you’re wrong.  She’s my girlfriend so it is my business!”

“I’m not here to take her away from you, I’m here to help save her life.  Get over yourself Helena,” Misty growled.

Oracle stared at Misty.  “Do you mind if I get your full name?” she asked almost meekly.

Misty nodded.  “Sure.  While I was gone I found out what my real name is.  It’s Mystique Logan.”

Oracle ran the name through the Delphi System and smiled when Misty’s profile came up.  Looking at Helena, she let her know Misty was ok with her even if Huntress did have a problem with her.  “Ok, thanks.  So your mother was Jean Grey?”

“Yeah.  She and my dad died seven years ago in a big battle with the forces of darkness.  Their friends raised me until I ran away at sixteen.  That’s when I came here.  When I left, I went back to them.  They finally told me what had happened.  When I found out Wolf was in trouble I came back here,” she explained, smiling at Wolf.

Oracle picked up on the angry vibe Helena was giving off and decided now was not the time for idle chit chat.  “We need to get all the information we can on Harley, Ivy and what they’re planning.  Dinah, you and Misty check out the local clubs.  See if you can get any street information that might be useful.  Huntress, you do a quick sweep to see if New Gotham’s underworld has anything to offer.  Keep your coms on at all times.  I’ll be looking for more information on Ivy’s poison and how to reverse the effects,” Oracle instructed, dismissing them.

Dinah dragged Misty into her room.  “We have to pick out something to wear if we’re going out!” she squeaked, excited to be going on her own mission even though she was going with Misty.

Misty nodded, realizing she wasn’t really dressed to go out to a club.  “Hope you have something I can borrow,” she said, taking off her trench coat then following the blonde into the closet.

“Yeah, I’m sure my clothes will fit you.  Pick whatever you want,” Dinah replied, snatching up a shirt and jeans and throwing them on the bed.

Closing the door she took off her shirt.  Misty stared in silence, tracing the girl’s pale form with her eyes.  She began with the blonde’s angelic face, watching her flip her golden tresses behind her shoulder.  She studied the slope of the girl’s neck, trailing further to take in her milky shoulders, slender arms and supple breasts.  Looking up, her hazy pupils met those innocent, unsuspecting blue eyes.  She’d been caught, or had she?  Smiling guiltlessly, she held up a blood red T-shirt.  “Do you think this would look good on me?”

Dinah eyed the shirt, squinting to read what it said.  “I use to be schizophrenic but we’re ok now,” she read aloud.  “I like it.  What pants are you wearing?”

“I’m not sure yet,” she replied, thumbing through a rack of pants.  Her enhanced hearing caused her head to turn slightly as she heard the girl unzip her pants.  Seeing Dinah’s back was to her through the corner of her eye, she turned her head more.  Watching the black material fall to the floor her eyes captured this scene.  She followed every line on the girl’s back til she came to the slope at the bottom of her spine.  Seeing the girl bend forward, she swallowed hard.  Such a nice view.  She studied the pale blue panties her companion was sporting, following the slightly damp crease down the center.  She wanted nothing more than to touch her but she had more control than that.  She returned her attention to the wardrobe and plucked a pair of leather pants out.

Dinah smiled as the other girl approached and set her attire on the bed.  Slipping into her baby blue Tweety bird T-shirt and blue jeans, she laid back on the bed to wait for the other female to get dressed.  She watched her curiously as she threw her top off.  She met her eyes, smiling genuinely before they both looked away.  Dinah found her eyes drawn to the woman’s strong arms and broad shoulders.  As she raised her arms to get the shirt on Dinah devoured the site of her breasts pressing tauntingly against the leather confinement that held them in place.  Biting her bottom lip she followed the toned skin down to the tight abs that made her tingle.  She’d never felt that kind of tingle before.  All of this was new to her.  She wasn’t sure she should be feeling this way but she was starting not to care very quickly.

Misty pulled the shirt down and grabbed the leather pants, squirming into them with a bit of hesitation.  Slipping her trench coat back on, she sat on the bed.  Her hazel gaze met sultry blue and at that moment she knew she had fallen.  Fallen into an ocean of blue, a sea that captivated her being, seduced her intellect and tempted her heart.  She’d fallen hard.  There had been no warning, no neon sign.  But there was no turning back.  Not for her.  She would slowly show this one how she felt for she would not make the same mistake twice.

Dinah felt something strange, something spectacular wash over her senses like fierce waves crashing against dry sand.  She felt this surge of contentment and joy pulsate through her like shock waves.  She felt electricity in her veins, her heart racing.  She had to say something soon or things would become awkward.  “So. . .” she began, breaking eye contact to stand and spin around gracefully.  “How do I look?”

Misty grinned.  “I’d say my date looks damn fabulous,” she replied coolly.

“Date?” Dinah squeaked, a little taken back.

“We get to have fun while working, it’s a date.  You know, the kind where you go out and have fun with people you know?” Misty replied slyly.

Seeing that twinkle in the girl’s eye she smirked.  They were going on a date.  “It’s a date then.  Shall we?”


An hour later. . .

The music blared throughout the small club.  This was their last stop before heading back to the tower.  They hadn’t had much luck so far but that was going to change.  Misty kept an eye on Dinah as she vanished into the mob of sweaty bodies to get them some punch.  Eyeing the red liquid, she poured some into two separate glasses.  Taking them back to where the blonde sat, she handed her one.  “You havin fun?”

“Yeah,” Dinah replied distractedly, sipping her punch.

Misty slid into the seat next to Dinah.  “Hey, relax.  This is our lucky place.  I know a few people here so we should be able to come up with something after a few unwanted people leave,” she explained, pointing to three guys and a girl in a far corner.

Dinah nodded, her worries ceasing for the moment.  Her eyes moved to the swaying crowd, watching listlessly.  She wished someone would ask her to dance.  They had only been there a few minutes but the other clubs had been too quick to even have punch at.  They were all boring with no leads.  This place was energetic and apparently had information they could use.  Sighing a little too dramatically, she received a stare from her companion.  This made her shift uncomfortably.  She wanted to kiss this girl right here in front of everyone.  She wanted to show them this woman was HER date but she really didn’t have the guts.

“You look bored.  They don’t look like they’re leaving anytime soon so you wanna dance?”

They threw their cups in the trash then headed for the dance floor.  They seeped into the crowd, their bodies pressed tightly to the other.  Dinah kept a beat, letting the rhythm take her away.  It took her a moment to realize she was pushing and grinding against the other meta and her cheeks burned an embarrassed strawberry.  Misty touched the blonde’s cheek, her eyes telling her to let go.  “Let the rhythm take you,” she was saying, and Dinah listened.  The music consumed them, their bodies wild and free on the dance floor.  This lasted for what seemed like forever but when they saw that girl and her friends leave they found their way out of the madness.  Dinah stood silently staring into deep hazel, still taken by the adrenaline.  Leaning in she met plush lips with her own, sucking and breathing them in as if she would never be able to again.  Misty didn’t resist.  She kissed back hotly, letting the blonde determine how long this kiss would last.

After a few long moments they pulled apart, both breathless and struggling for air.  Regaining their composure, they approached Misty’s friends.  “Hey guys, what’s up?”


Meanwhile. . .

Huntress sighed, pausing on a rooftop.  Looking over the edge she wondered where all of the bad people in New Gotham were hiding.  She had been at this for an hour and she hadn’t even run into a mugger.  Perching on the edge of the building she looked over the city.  This had been her first time away from Wolf’s side and all she could think about was getting this over with and getting back to watch over her angel.

At first she’d been confused, untrusting of the one who had broken down a few walls.  Nobody, aside from Barbra, had bothered to look inside to see who Helena Kyle really was.  Wolf was different.  That night they had spent together they had both let their guard down.  She remembered vividly laying there tangled in limbs, her head against the blonde’s chest.  At that very moment the world had been right, this existence had been perfect.

But all of that had been shattered.  Closing her eyes she saw the hurt in her lover’s stare before she’d left the tower that night.  Was that a goodbye?  She refused to believe that.  It couldn’t be the end, it had just begun.  Swallowing hard, she wondered if things would have been better if they had never met.  Wolf wouldn’t have been hurt and she wouldn’t be perched on top of a building wishing she could change the past.  Maybe things were better left to chance but she couldn’t force herself to admit that.

Sighing, she felt her arms around her lover, soft whispers haunting her mind.  Holding this woman, she held everything.  She knew what it meant to love somebody and have their love take you to a point so high you could never come down.  She felt like a King with her Queen nuzzled against her bare skin.  If only she had known how she would fall she thought that maybe, just maybe she could have changed things.  Opening her eyes, she brushed away a tear.  No, she wouldn’t have changed anything because if she had she would have missed that moment in time when she’d fallen in love.

Standing, she jumped onto another rooftop.  Hearing something she ran to see what it was.  Staring into the depths of the alley she spotted a form.  Jumping down to take a closer look she realized it was the body of a man.  Kneeling beside him she felt for a pulse.  Turning him over she noticed he was foaming at the mouth and had several darts sticking out of his chest.  “Oracle?”

Oracle stopped typing as she replied, “what is it Huntress?”

“Found a body in an alley.  He’s foaming at the mouth and has these weird darts sticking out of his chest.”

“Ok, get one of those darts but be careful it might still have poison on it.  Also see if you can get a tissue and hair sample.”

“Should I take a picture too?” Huntress groaned sarcastically as she put a dart into a small bag.  Plucking a hair, she added it to the bag.

“That might help us ID him,” Oracle replied, returning to her work.

“Why do I get all the disgusting work?” Huntress groaned, taking a tissue sample.  Putting it in a separate bag, she shoved them in her pocket.  Taking a quick picture she headed back to the tower.


Moments later. . .

Oracle sighed as the two teens walked in.  Huntress entered from the window, setting the requested items in front of Oracle.  She smiled up at Helena then turned her attention to the young women.  “Did you guys find out anything?”

“Yeah actually.  Found out from an old friend that out girl Ivy’s planning on poisoning the entire city.  The thing is, she’s working on a formula that works instantly on contact and is undetectable.  She’s trying to make it into a powder so it can be put into anything and infect millions.  She hasn’t had much luck so far but word is they’re trying to destroy all roadblocks before they set their plan into motion,” Misty replied, sitting beside Dinah on the couch.

Oracle narrowed her eyes, doing a scan on the Delphi to see if the dead body had been identified.  Helena glared at the two teens.  Something was going on between them but she didn’t know what.  “So what did you guys find?” Dinah finally asked, keeping herself calm.

“Dead body.  We’re trying to see who he is.  Found him in an alley with about ten darts in his chest,” Helena replied.

“His name’s Christopher “Delta” Damson,” Oracle interrupted.

“So what did they want with him?” Misty asked quietly.

“He was a cop,” Oracle informed, scanning over other information.  “He was Reese’s first partner back when the great detective was a rookie,” she added, looking at them.

“But why would they go after Reese?” Helena asked, knowing she really didn’t care about him.  He gave them information and he was a friend but nothing major.

“It was a warning.  Harley and Ivy are telling us to stop fighting and let them take over or people we know will die,” Misty sighed, bowing her head.

“How can you be sure this is a sign?” Oracle challenged, probing for answers.  She too could tell there was something between the two teens which made her more cautious of Misty.  She had a duty to protect Dinah but she would only do so when she felt she needed to.  Now was one of those times.

“This is how Harley works.  I know because my father got in the way of one of Ms. Quinzell’s plans and was dealt with,” Misty whispered, her eyes distant and shallow.  Dinah touched the girl’s arm, pulling away slightly when she flinched.

“So who’s on the hit list?” Helena whispered, sinking into thought.

“Reese will be next on the list.  Then they’ll move onto Wade, Gabby, people at Helena’s work, people at the school and so on,” Misty replied coldly, her gaze on the floor as if she were a young child being questioned.

“How are we gonna stop them without getting anyone killed?” Dinah whispered calmly, her mind running through all of the people she’d met at school and No Mans Land.

“If we warn anyone, they’ll be an easy target,” Barbra admitted, not wanting anyone else to get hurt or worse.

“I don’t know what we can do but we’d better do it fast.  We only have one more day before Wolf is too far gone to be saved.  We will get that anti-venom, New Gotham be damned,” Misty growled deeply, her anger not directed toward anyone but herself.

They all nodded.  After all, this was the job.  Oracle began running tests on the samples Huntress had gotten in hopes it could help create an anti-venom.  Helena glanced at Misty with a frown.  Dinah was caressing the girl’s hand and this caused the Huntress to become protective of her little sister.  Sure she was new to the family but Helena was really starting to like her and she didn’t want anything bad to happen.  However, in New Gotham that was almost inevitable.  Clearing her throat, she spoke calmly, “Misty, can I talk to you outside?”

“Uh, sure,” Misty answered in slight shock.  She wanted to talk to her which could be a good thing but she had a feeling she was about to get the “if you hurt her I’ll kick your ass” speech.  Standing she gave Dinah a reassuring glance then followed Helena out onto the balcony of the tower.  “So, what did you wanna talk about?” she asked nervously.

“You, Dinah, me.  Everything really.  Guess I should explain a little better.  Look, I’m sorry about the way I reacted to you when you told me you liked me.  I wasn’t shocked, I was just confused.  I looked at you as a sister not a lover.  You kinda sprung that on me but by the time I thought about it rationally you were gone,” Helena began.  She wanted to make amends.  She really didn’t think it would be good for the team if they were constantly fighting and it definitely wouldn’t be good for Dinah.  The poor kid already felt like an outsider and that would only make her feel more distant.

“I’m sorry I ran.  I really had no reason to, I just did it because I felt like things would be too weird between us if I stayed.  I realized that you were just a little crush but by that time I was learning who I was and I couldn’t come back.  I don’t regret leaving but I do regret the way I left.  I’d like to be a part of this Helena, I’d like to be your friend and maybe even your partner.  What do you say we start over?  My name’s Misty Logan,” she replied positively as she held out her hand.

Pausing, she looked at the offered hand.  Meeting the girl’s eyes she shook her hand firmly and responded, “Helena Kyle.  Nice to meet you Misty.  What do you say we go inside and see what Barbra has for us?”

“Best idea I’ve heard all night,” Misty agreed, following the taller brunette inside.


Oracle silenced them as Dinah returned to her seat on the couch.  Misty sat next to her as Helena sat on the counter.  “I think I’ve found out how to reverse the poison but I need some more time to figure out what I need.  I should have a list by tomorrow morning.  Helena, why don’t you and Misty stay here tonight.  That way you two can keep an eye on the Delphi System while we’re gone and one of you can get the ingredients I need,” she stated determinedly.

Alfred walked in, setting a large sleeping bag on the floor.  “I brought you a sleeping bag Miss Helena and some extra blankets for Miss Dinah and Miss Logan.  I assume you’ll both be sleeping in Miss Dinah’s room, correct?”

Dinah blushed and nodded.  “Thank you Alfred.”

Helena rolled the sleeping bag out, throwing a pillow at one end.  “Thanks, it makes the floor a lot more comfortable,” she yawned, watching over her lady love.

Alfred smiled and nodded.  “If you need me for anything you know where to find me,” he said as he walked away.

“Well, we better get some sleep.  Long day tomorrow,” Misty suggested.

Dinah nodded.  “Night Barbra, night Helena,” she yawned, leading Misty into her room and closing the door.  Helena and Barbra exchanged knowing grins before they both went back to what they were doing.  Barbra put on her headphones and set “House of the Rising Sun” by CCR on repeat as she worked.  It always helped her think.

Dinah stretched, yawning as she casually changed into her pajamas.  “Did you need something to sleep in?” she asked innocently, turning to see the girl standing in nothing but a leather bra and matching panties.  Her mouth began to water as she realized she was staring.

“Nah, I’m good,” Misty replied pulling the covers down.  Smiling she set a blanket down on the floor.

Dinah raised a confused brow as she watched.  “Aren’t you sleeping on the bed with me?” she whispered shyly not meaning to sound so forward.

Misty grinned playfully.  “Now that I’m invited I think I will.  I didn’t want to assume anything,” she yawned tiredly as she crawled under the covers.

Dinah shut the light off and crawled under the covers as well.  Scooting closer to the brunette, she smiled tiredly.  Meeting her eyes she ran her fingers through short, dark spiky hair.  She wanted this moment to last forever.  Her world was standing still.  She’d never felt this way before and she never wanted to let this go.  This woman was the only one she’d ever wanted and she knew at this moment that she wanted this to be forever.  She wanted to be with Misty for all of eternity.  That scared her a little but unlike Helena she embraced it and let the love consume her completely.  Brushing her slender fingers along the girl’s jaw line, she grinned.  “So beautiful,” she thought aloud.

Misty blushed lightly, the rose tint clear on her porcelain skin.  Leaning in slowly she placed a tender kiss on her lover’s lips.  “Yes you are,” she purred as her smaller fingers ran through her girl’s silky blonde mane.

Dinah closed her eyes the instant their lips met.  Once they pulled apart she opened her eyes breathlessly.  The slightest touch and she felt weak.  She had found what she’d searched for her entire life.  Seeing the girl bow her head she frowned.  She’d have to be more direct about how she felt.  Lifting the girl’s face she met her eyes again.  Capturing her lips in a searing kiss she let her hand fall to the girl’s broad shoulder.

When they pulled away their eyes stayed locked.  “Make love to me,” Dinah nearly begged, her soulful crystal blue eyes doing all of the pleading for her.

“Are you sure?” the brunette asked softly knowing this is what she wanted but unsure the other girl was ready for this.

“More sure than I’ve been my entire life.  I. . .I think I love you,” she confessed wearily.  She wasn’t fond of emotions but she couldn’t deny what she felt any longer.

“I think I love you too,” Misty whispered placing a gentle kiss on her lover’s lips.  “I need you.”

“Then take me,” Dinah purred as she caressed the girl’s bare forearm.

“What about the others?” Misty questioned shyly.

Dinah blushed.  She hadn’t thought about that.  Pondering for a moment she replied, “screw them.  If they have a problem with it I’ll deal with it tomorrow.  All that matters right now is us.  You’re all I need somehow.”

Misty smiled softly.  This felt so much like a dream but she knew it wasn’t.  This had to be real.  If it wasn’t she wanted to dream forever.  She wouldn’t even try to deny she had fallen and she would show just how deep.  “And you are all I will ever need,” she purred then pressed her perfect pink lips to the blonde’s milky neck.

Dinah allowed a small gasp to escape her lips as her eyes slid shut.  “Leave me breathless,” she gasped as she felt those plush lips along her neck and shoulders.  She felt nervous fingers fumble with the buttons on her top and smiled.

Sitting Dinah up she undid all of the buttons slowly then slid the silky material off of her lover’s small shoulders and let it cascade to the floor.  Unsnapping the frilly cotton candy blue satin bra she flung it aside. Staring for a moment she marveled at the other teen’s beauty.  “Goddess you’re gorgeous,” she breathed before claiming the other’s lips passionately.

Dinah kissed back with equal passion, pulling the girl on top of her as she laid back down.  Tugging gently at the leather she freed her lover from its confinement.  Taking in the porcelain skin and dark, hard nipples she felt her body shiver.  She didn’t know if she’d actually moved but she could feel the quaking from within.  Before she could think any further her lips were drawn in once more, her tongue dancing along her lover’s.  She was slightly nervous but the wildfire within guided her.  Her slender digits scaled up her lover’s sides, her slightly sweaty palms pressing against Misty’s supple breasts.

Misty stifled a moan, her eyes closing for just a moment.  Straddling the blonde’s hips she gasped softly.  She traced the younger girl’s solid pink nipples with her thumbs, massaging gently.  Dinah couldn’t suppress her moans, her normally serene voice now dripping with hunger.  Her thumbs now teased and pinched the small nubs that had been trapped beneath her sweating palms.  Deciding this was not enough she pulled the smaller body closer, her eager lips sucking one bead of intoxicating flesh into her wanting mouth.

Being pulled closer caused her hands to slid up, now resting beside her lover’s head.  A faint moan passed her cherry blossom lips as one arm slid behind Dinah’s neck.  Finding an erect nipple with her free hand she rolled it between her fingers. “Dinah,” she gasped as her lover sucked and nibbled at the flesh.

Dinah inhaled sharply, her entire body engulfed in the flames of passion.  Letting the bud slip out of her mouth she pulled her girl into a deep, loving kiss.  Staring into one another’s eyes they both smiled.  They stayed this way until neither of them could stand it.  Their lips crashed together, their tongues dueling as Misty fingertips danced along Dinah’s soft belly.  Lightly scratching her nails down the velvety surface she left a trail of goosebumps.  Trailing lower her fingertips grazed over fine blonde curls.  She teased playfully, touching every spot except where Dinah needed her to.

Dinah was breathing harder than usual.  She felt a need swelling within her as if it would consume her if she didn’t obtain some form of release.  Her hands now caressed her lover’s shoulders and back, her short nails leaving brief pink marks on the girl’s skin.  Feeling her lover’s touch between her thighs she gasped and moaned loudly.  God she hoped Helena’s hearing wasn’t as good as she swore it was because if it was she would need a hearing aide after tonight.  She raised her hips slightly, pushing against her lover’s fingers.  “Please,” she rasped, her soft blue eyes now darker and glazed over with desire.

Watching the look on the blonde’s face sent chills through her.  One digit slipped past the silky folds, brushing lightly against the blonde’s clit.  Dinah held her breathe for a moment, trying not to moan because she knew it would come out as cry of pleasure.  She really didn’t want to wake anyone.  Her nails gently dug into pale skin, one hand traveling to the other girl’s firm backside.  Caressing the tight skin she slide her shaky fingers between the girl’s thighs.  Her slender digits pressed inward, feeling the wetness soak them.  Misty trembled slightly, caressing the bundle of nerves subject to her touch.  She could feel the searing arousal of her lover burn against her fingers as she slide one digit into the girl’s sex.  She placed her thumb on the girl’s clit, moving slowly.

Dinah did cry out this time, her straggled scream echoing slightly.  Things were starting to spin with ecstasy and all she could feel was her lover inside of her, all around her.  Quivering dizzily she slid a finger into her lover.  They began their rhythm together, both trembling, moaning and panting fiercely.  After a moment of gentle caresses and thrusts their need became an entity all its own, controlling them, pushing them further into each other.  Now release was vital.  They rocked against each other, threads of sweat cascading from their bodies.  Dinah had never felt anything so intense yet tender in the same instance.  She knew she was almost there.  The instant their eyes met they both knew it was time to let go.  Their bodies shook as their lips met hungrily.

They crashed into oblivion, their cries vibrating in the other’s wet mouth.  When the world stopped spinning Misty settled beside the still trembling blonde.  For a moment all that could be heard was panting and occasionally kissing.  Once they both regained their ability to speak, they stared at each other.  “Misty. . .”

“Shhh, you don’t have to say anything.”

“Yes, I do.  That. . .you were amazing.”

“So were you.”

There was a moment of silence before Dinah spoke again, “can I ask for a favor?”

“Sure.  What?”

“Can you promise me you’ll never leave?”

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