Series: Destiny Series

Title:  Femme Fatale

Author:  Mel M./Misty AKA

Archive:  The Realm.  All others please ASK if you want to archive it

Pairing:  Wolf/Huntress, others will be paired in the next chapter

Rating:  PG-13ish possibly R for language

Disclaimers:  I don't own Birds of Prey or anything attached to the show/characters and I'm making absolutely nothing off of this fic.  Well, accept for maybe feedback.

Comments:  I need feedback.  Remember, FEED ME!  This is the second story in a trilogy I've started.  It's the sequel to "Primal Scream A New Beginning"  Enjoy!

Helena yawned.  Glancing at the clock, she grumbled.  It was noon on a Saturday but she had places to be.  Sitting up, she stared at the empty space next to her where her lover had slept.  Where had she gone?  Stumbling out of bed, she made her way to the window.  Staring down, she wondered if she'd made the right decision.  What made her feel like she could trust this woman?  What if she really couldn't?  What if she hurt Barbra?  Or even Dinah?  Regret and fear seeped into her soul as she shook her head and decided to head for the Clocktower.


An hour later. . .

"It's about time," Barbra laughed as Helena approached from the window.

"Yeah, I know.  I slept in.  Sorry.  So what's on today's agenda?"

"Wolf's working on getting information from her sources.  After work you'll be doing a quick sweep.  See if anyone on the streets knows anything," Barbra replied, slightly agitated.

"Ok.  What's up?  You're a little moodier than usual but no Wade face," Helena asked, concerned.

"I just wish you would have asked before bringing her here.  You could have taken her to your place and had Dinah check in with me," Barbra chided.

"I know.  For some reason I trusted her last night but now I'm not so sure.  I just hope I'm wrong about her," Helena confessed, letting angst grab a hold of her thoughts.

"What makes you say that?" Barbra probed, wondering if it was Wolf she had to worry about.

"I dunno.  I'm just not sure we can trust her and I think I might have screwed up by bringing her here," Helena admitted.

"Are you saying that because your instincts are telling you or because you slept with her?" Barbra questioned, seeing a very uncomfortable look wash over the other woman's face.

"That has nothing to do with it.  I'm just saying we should watch her so she doesn't end up hurting any of us," Helena quipped defensively.

"Uh, hey.  Hope I'm not interrupting.  So what's up?" Dinah asked as she walked in.

"We were talking about Wolf.  We're giving her a trial run like you had so keep an eye on her," Helena answered sternly.

"Why?  I thought Wolf was one of us?"

"Dinah, it's for the best," Barbra replied softly, her eyes telling Dinah she would explain later.


That night. . .

Wolf walked in from the window.  "I got all the info I could," she reported, setting a folder on Oracle's desk, right in front of her.

"How'd you get this?" Oracle asked in slight shock that anyone could get this information so quickly.

"I called in a favor," Wolf answered, sitting beside the woman.

Oracle flipped through the folder.  "Oh my god," she whispered flatly.

"What?" Wolf asked, concerned.

"Helena's therapist is the Joker's right hand girl, Harley Quinn," Barbra gasped, feeling slightly faint.

Wolf's eyes changed with rage.  "She's using Helena to set her up," she growled.

Barbra went into Oracle mode.  "Ok, we need to. . ."

Dinah ran in, frantic.  She was talking too quickly for the to understand.  Wolf sat her down.  "Easy Dinah.  Calm down, ok.  We're here.  Why don't you tell us slowly what happened," Wolf suggested, leaving Oracle in utter shock that this woman could calm Dinah down so quickly.

"I. . ." Dinah took a deep breath.  "I saw this woman killing you in front of the High School," she whispered.

Oracle became alert once more, already on the Delphi System.  "Can you give me a description?"

"Y-Yeah.  She had fire red hair, emerald green eyes and she was wearing green spandex," Dinah replied, trying to shake the sinking feeling that was consuming her.  She felt like she'd already lost her new friend and it was tearing her apart.  She'd kinda bonded with Lucy that morning, sort of a newcomer thing.  She just didn't have that kind of bond with Huntress.  Wolf was the new girl like she had been and she didn't want to see her get hurt.

"Searching. . ." Oracle replied, hammering away at her keyboard.  Instantly Arkham's inmate profiles popped up, reporting many escapes in the last week.  One among them being Poison Ivy.  Oracle's face went pale.

"Who is it Oracle?" Wolf demanded.

"Poison Ivy," she answered.

"I'm guessing she's an old friend, am I close?" Wolf hinted.

Oracle nodded.  "She was a very formidable foe, second to Harley.  Wolf, see what you can get me on the connection between these two but lay low," Oracle instructed.

"Right Chief," Wold replied, jumping out the window.

As soon as Wolf was gone, Barbra waved Dinah over.  "What's up?" she asked, knowing this would be the explanation she'd been waiting for all day.

"Dinah, I need a favor," Barbra stated bluntly.

"Ok, what is it?"

"I need you to keep an eye on both Wolf and Huntress.  The last thing I want to happen is for either of them to get hurt," she explained.

"Why?  What's going on with them?  Some kinda meta-human 20 something crisis?" the girl mused naively.

"Not exactly.  They're two adult women who spent the night together, take an educated guess Dinah," Barbra teased, internally laughing at how naive this teen really was.

Dinah turned strawberry red as she covered her cheeks in embarrassment.  "Oh," she stated, trying to regain her normal pigment color.


Huntress stalked the night, hiding in the darkness as she spotted Wolf and another woman face to face.  Even with her meta powers she couldn't hear what they were saying.  Watching calmly, she waited.

"I'm disappointed in you Wolf.  Why'd you leave the pack?" the redhead demanded.

"I found the better side of New Gotham and I won't work with you ever again," Wolf growled.

As the woman caressed Wolf's cheek Huntress stormed off.  'How could she do this?' she thought as she made her way back to the Clocktower, betrayal lurking within her.

Wolf narrowed her eyes.  "What do you want?  I know who you are and who sent you but what do you need from me?"

She slapped the blonde hard across the face before pushing her back.  "What do I want?  I want that little bitch Huntress to die and you're gonna help me.  I know all of your weak spots Wolfy and we will reign over Gotham once more.  Just like old times.  Me, Harley and the Joker.  You can't stop us."

"Like I said, I'm not helping you and as for ruling Gotham, get a grip.  You'll never get past the Birds," she barked before vanishing into the night.

"Oh but you will help us Logan honey, you just don't know it yet," Ivy whispered to herself after the woman had gone.


At the Clocktower moments later. . .

Landing on the balcony, she stalked in tiredly.  "Sorry it took me so long.  Ran into some trouble on my way here," she explained.

"Yeah, we know.  You're also working with them, isn't that right?" Huntress hissed accusingly.

"No, it's not," she replied, looking at Oracle.  "It looks like our girls went on a crime spree together.  I got the case folder from a friend.  Thought it might help.  The basic story is that Joker went solo for a while so Harley teamed up with Ivy.  They did a Thelma and Louise type thing.  After that they all disappeared from police records until Ivy was thrown in Arkham about seven and a half years ago.  The Joker was locked up shortly after that.  Harley's pulling all the string she can right now to spring the Joker," she informed.

"Looks like we have a villain reunion in the making," Dinah sighed, very glad Wolf had returned in one piece.

"Where'd you get this information Wolf?" Oracle asked firmly.

Wolf nodded.  "I got the file from a cop friend of mine.  He owes me a few favors.  The rest I gathered from my run in with Ivy."

"Why would she give you that kind of information?" Huntress interrogated, her cat eyes very bright and fiery.

"She thinks we can't beat them," Wolf answered honestly.

Barbra sighed.  Waving Lucy over, she whispered, "can I have your full name?  I do checks on everyone but your face isn't showing up anywhere."

"That's because she has something up her sleeve," Huntress fumed, still not believing what the woman had to say.

Wolf stared at Huntress with pained eyes, then set a piece of paper on Oracle's desk.  "If you need me I'll be at the New Gotham Inn, room 420 since I'm not welcome here."

Oracle nodded.  "We'll discuss this later," she decided as Wolf left.

Huntress narrowed her eyes.  "So what did you have to tell me?" she asked, calming her rage for the moment.

Oracle sighed deeply.  "You therapist is the one that's been plotting against us this whole time.  Her alias is Harley Quinn and she was the Joker's right hand girl.  She's working with Poison Ivy to free the Joker," she replied, handing Huntress the file.

Huntress refused to believe this at first.  Her shrink seemed so nice.  Taking the folder, she shook her head.  "I gotta clear my head, I'll leave my com on in case anything happens," she notified, leaving just as quickly as Wolf had.

Dinah sighed.  "Barbra, I don't like this.  Something's wrong.  I can feel it," she whispered, the terrible pain in her stomach loudly growling a second on her assumption.

Barbra sighed.  "I'll keep a close eye on the Delphi System.  There's not much else we can do Dinah."

"I know," the teen sighed, heading to her room.


Later. . .

Her breathes were heavy, her eyes worn and tired from the fight and the deadly stranger that swam in her veins.  Her cream colored hand clutched her side as she stumbled through the dark alley.  Her vision lost long ago, she leapt blindly landing on the rooftop.  She took a running jump, crashing her feeble body against a hard, flat surface.

"Who's there?"  Oracle demanded, facing toward the window.

"Oracle, what's going on?" Helena demanded on the other end of the com.

"Hold on," Oracle replied, looking toward the balcony.  She panicked when she head a squealing cry that could only belong to Dinah.  As she was about to wheel her way up there, she saw the young blonde carrying somebody in.

"I. . .I found her like this out on the balcony.  She. . .Barbra, she can't see anything," Dinah whispered, laying Wolf down on the couch.

Oracle placed herself beside the couch, whispering softly, "are you alright?  What happened?"

"I. . .Ivy.  She caught me off guard.  We fought.  She. . .she c-c-cut my side.  I think. . ." she breathed sharply, the wound leaking more blood.

"Shhh, you've been poisoned.  Dinah, do get the blue vile from the cabinet in the training room," Oracle instructed as Wolf lost consciousness.

Dinah scrambled to the cabinet, carefully taking the vile from it.  She raced over to Barbra, handing it to her quickly along with a sterile needle.  Barbra quickly put the anti-venom in the needle and slid it into the woman's arm.

Huntress landed on the balcony, worry laying stale and deep on her face.  Walking toward the group, she whispered softly, "what's wrong?"

"Wolf's been poisoned and if we don't catch Poison Ivy soon, she'll die," Barbra replied harshly, now in Oracle mode again.

Helena's heart hit the floor.  All confusion that had clouded her mind was gone.  The only thing that mattered now was Wolf.  "What can I do?" she asked weakly, staring down at the perspiring, unconscious blonde.

"I'll be researching the matter but we can't really do anything right now," Oracle replied with a slight hint of anger in her voice as she wheeled over to the Delphi System.

Helena bowed her head.  Pulling up a chair, she glanced at Dinah.  The blonde glared at the woman, storming off into her room to blast "Wannabe" on repeat for the next three hours just to get on Helena's nerves.  Helena stared down at her lover.  She couldn't sit and watch her lover die.  She had to get the cure as soon as she could, by any means.  Touching the woman's brow, she whispered lovingly, "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean what I said earlier, I was just. . .it's hard to explain.  Don't go baby, please don't go without me."

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