Series: Destiny Series

Title:  Enjeru ("Angel")

Author:  Mel M./Misty AKA

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Pairing:  W/H, D/Misty, Barbra/hee hee, you'll have to read to find out ^.^

Rating:  NC 17 for sexual content and most likely language

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Morning at the Clocktower. . .

Dinah yawned, exiting the room quietly so she wouldn't wake her lover.  Turning around she met Helena's piercing gaze.  "Morning sunshine," she teased, noting her partner looked kinda grumpy.

"Huh?  What did you say?" Helena replied, feigning deafness.  "You know, after last night I'm surprised you still have that annoyingly cheery voice this morning Super-loud-kid," she added playfully.

Dinah's entire face and ears turned fire engine red as she covered her eyes.  "Oh God, I was so hoping you didn't hear that," she mumbled, very embarrassed.

Helena grinned.  "I can hear almost anything and that was bordering on painful.  Thank God I wasn't in there, I might have been deaf when I woke up this morning," Helena taunted.

Dinah was still blushing.  "So, you gonna be here when I get back from school?" she asked, changing the subject.

"I might be asleep but yeah, I should be here.  So, was she really that good in the sack?  I mean you two were going at it like rabbits.  You got off like, what, 6 times?" Helena jeered with a grin.

"Where's Barbra?" Dinah asked, avoiding the question.

"Answer me and I'll tell you," Helena purred.

Dinah narrowed her eyes, pulling Helena to her face.  Leaning in close to her ear she whispered, "actually, it was 8 times.  I'm sure you heard everything so judge for yourself how good she is to me.  Now where's Barbra?"

Helena smiled cockily.  "She's waiting for you downstairs.  Hey kid, I'm happy for you," she replied, looking down at her lover with a sad smile.

Dinah smiled.  "Thanks and Helena, don't worry.  We'll get her back."  With that the blonde scooped up her backpack and headed downstairs to meet Barbra.


Two Hours Later at the Clocktower. . .

Misty yawned, opening the bedroom door.  She rubbed her eyes awake as she stumbled out.  Seeing Helena there, she smiled.  "Anything happening that I should know about?"

"Well good morning to you too.  Nah, nothing's really going on, well except for that whole screaming contest last night," she replied mockingly.

"Uh, heh, oops.  Sorry about that.  Hope we didn't keep you up," Misty replied, her reaction far different from Dinah's.  She wasn't blushing or embarrassed but she was very apologetic.

Helena nodded.  "Don't sweat it.  Barbra left me this list and I was wondering if you could pick this stuff up.  I would do it myself but I don't know what half this stuff is."

Misty laughed.  "Sure, I don't mind.  I have no idea of how to work that Delphi thing so it's better that you stay here and watch it.  I wouldn't want to break anything.  I think Barbra would kill me," she replied, a slightly scared look passing over her face at the thought of making the redhead angry.

"Oh yeah.  This thing is her pride and joy.  She's the mighty Oracle.  If you hurt her baby she'd kill you.  Wouldn't want that happening since you and Superkid are all in love with each other now," she teased, handing the other woman the list.

Misty took the paper and was about to turn away when she felt a hand on her arm.  Meeting the gaze of the Huntress she felt slightly uneasy.  "If you hurt my kid sis I'll kill you," Huntress whispered darkly.

Misty let the fear slip away from her features.  "I would never intend to hurt her Huntress, you and I both know that.  Take care of Wolf while I'm out.  I should only be a few hours," she replied softly.

Helena's eyes returned to normal as she watched the girl walk out.  There was something she wasn't telling them and Helena was determined to find out what it was.  Sitting at the Delphi she started typing.

Misty yawned as she reached the small magik shop.  Looking at the list she nodded.  A few thing would definitely be cheaper here than at other places.  Walking in she realized nobody else was there.  Good, she could get what she needed quickly.  Walking up to the counter she handed the man her list.  "I need everything on that list you have," she stated with a soft smile.

He returned the smile, looked over the list and began taking the items out.  That was when she saw blankets of shadows as she lost consciousness.


Three Hours Later. . .

"Huntress, do you copy?"

"Yeah, I'm here Oracle.  What's up?" Helena asked, still typing on the Delphi.  She felt like they had switched roles briefly.  Barbra never knew she was able to work the Delphi.  It was somewhat of a hidden talent.  Waiting for a reply, she pulled up another window.

"Did you get the ingredients for the anti venom?" Barbra asked softly.

Helena frowned.  "I sent Misty out to get them.  It's been three hours," she informed, slightly worried.

Barbra froze in her tracks.  "Uh, hi Wade," she said calmly as he stopped in front of her.

"Hey, I was hoping I'd run into you.  Your cousin came by earlier and left a message in your box.  She said it was important.  Something about picking your niece up from work," he replied, giving this information so freely as if he believed it was true.

'Cousin?' Barbra thought as Helena said it in her ear.  "Cousin?" she asked softly, a little on edge.

"Yeah.  She said her name was Ivy and that you didn't have to worry about picking Misty up from work," he replied, a little confused.

"Oh, that's right.  Thanks for the message Wade," Barbra replied, wheeling away as quickly as she could.  "Huntress, did you get that?"

"Yeah, um, what do I do?  The Delphi's going nuts."

"Don't touch anything, I'll be there as soon as I can.  Don't tell Dinah about Misty, the last thing we need to do is upset her," Oracle instructed.  Even without her computer she still held the title of Oracle.


Meanwhile. . .

Dinah sighed happily, waltzing along on her way out of the school parking lot.  Humming softly, she parted from the crowd.  As she did so her shoulder met that of another and they both fell to the ground clutching their heads.  Dinah saw a flash of black feathers then an image of her lover standing atop a building ready to fight.  She reeled a bit, blinking her eyes back to reality.

The woman, dressed in a tailored suit, held her head as well.  She saw a flash of rumpled cotton sheets and a vivid image of her dark haired counterpart leaning naked against the blonde in the moonlight.  Gasping, she too returned to that pesky thing known as reality.

"You know Misty?" they chorused as their eyes met.

Brushing light brown strands from her face, the woman studied the blonde.  "You're a meta aren't you?" she whispered.

"How do you know about metas?" Dinah replied cautiously.

"I'll explain but can we go somewhere a little more private?" the woman asked, noticing the awkward stares.

Dinah helped the woman up and guided her off campus.  They stopped at No Mans Land, avoiding Gibson at all costs.  Dinah took a seat, waiting for that explanation.

The woman smiled.  "I know about metas because I am one, sort of.  I'm a different type of meta."

"Different type?  There are different types?" Dinah asked, slightly confused.

"Yes.  I'm a type of meta know to society as a mutant.  Mutants are physically different from humans whereas metas are only internally different."

"So you're one of these mutants?  You look normal to me," Dinah replied, still confused.

"Looks can be deceiving.  By the way, my name's Gina," the brunette introduced, holding out her hand.

"Nice to meet you Gina, I'm Dinah," the teen answered, shaking the offered hand firmly.

"Black Canary's daughter?"

"Uh, yeah.  So, how do you know Misty?  And how did you know I was a meta?"

"Misty's my best friend and I knew you were a meta by the way you reacted to bumping into me.  I have similar powers.  When I touch metas I can borrow their powers for a short period of time or see what they're thinking about.  When I touch humans I get their memories for a brief amount of time and I can see things that only they know.  You must have been thinking about her a lot for me to have had a vision of the two of you.  Are you her girlfriend?"

Dinah blushed, bowing her head.  "I. . .um, yeah I am," she admitted.

Gina smiled.  "Don't hurt her, ok?  I might have to break some bones."

Dinah nodded.  "I'd never hurt her on purpose.  So, what makes you a mutant?  I mean I totally get what you mean by being physically different but I don't see anything different about you."

The brunette grinned, her turquoise eyes meeting sapphire.  "Is this place safe?"

"Totally safe.  It's a meta hang out, we're all different here."

Gina nodded, pressing a button inside of her jacket.  In the blink of an eye she revealed pale blue wings and their eyes met again.  "That's what makes me different."

Dinah's jaw fell to the floor.  "A-Are they r-r-real?" she stammered, slowly reaching out to touch them.

"Of course they're real.  Go ahead, touch them," Gina urged, spreading them slightly.

Dinah gently brushed her fingers over the silky feathers, touching them gently in disbelief.  "Wow," she mumbled is amazement.  They WERE real.

Gina laughed gently, "hey, stop that!  It tickles!"

Dinah blushed, pulling her hand away.  "So what do they call you?"

"Archangelic, Angelic for short.  What do they call you?"

"I don't really have a name yet.  It kinda sucks but this is so cool!  I've never met a mutant before!  How do you hide them?" Dinah squeaked excitedly.

Gina raised a brow as she hid her wings again.  "I have a chip embedded between my shoulder blades that controls the visibility of my wings.  What do you mean you've never met a mutant?  Misty's half mutant you know."

"She's what?" Dinah choked, setting her drink down.

"From the look on your face I'm guessing she hasn't told you yet.  She's a meta mutant.  Because of her meta genes she doesn't appear to be half mutant but when she's out kicking ass her mutant form comes out," Gina explained.

"So she like transforms into her mutant self when she fights?" Dinah asked.

"Yeah, that sounds about right.  That's why they call her Phoenix."

Dinah stared in wonderment.  Her girlfriend was a super cool meta mutant who so kicked ass.  Regaining her ability to speak, she uttered, "way cool."

Gina smiled.  Glancing at her watch, she frowned.  "As much as I'd like to stay and chat I have to get back to work.  Here's my cell number.  If you ever need my help just call me.  See you later Dinah," she said as she walked out the door.

Dinah smiled deciding to hang out here for a while longer.  For some reason she got the feeling Gina hadn't told her something.  Maybe it wasn't important.


That night. . .

Walking into the tower her face paled.  Something was wrong.  Huntress was out of sight and Barbra was gone.  This couldn't be good.  She ran over to the Delphi and threw on Oracle's com.  "Guys, do you copy?"

"Dinah?" two voices chorused into her ear.

"You know what, I've been meaning to bring this up.  I need a name."

"Not now," the voices chorused again.

"Yes now."

"Dinah!" they yelled.

"Call me Canary.  What's up?"

"Canary?  I like it kid," Huntress replied.

"Listen, Ivy and Harley have captured Phoenix.  I went and gathered the ingredients needed for the anti-venom.  I'll be up there shortly," Oracle interrupted.

"See you in a sec Superfriends," Huntress called, landing on the tower balcony.

Huntress walked in and sat on the counter as Oracle wheeled in from the elevator.  "Okay, so what's the plan?" Canary asked.

"We kick some ass and save Misty while Oracle makes our anti-venom," Huntress said with a shrug.

"I know somebody who can help," Canary stated though it sounded more like a question.

"We can handle a rescue mission kid," Huntress replied calmly, trying not to lose what cool she did have at the moment.  She was worried and a worried Huntress was a very bitchy Huntress which could not be good.

"We could always use backup," Canary protested.

"How do you know we can trust this person?" Oracle demanded softly.

"Because she's Misty's best friend."

"Look, we can handle this ourselves Superkid," Huntress hissed, her short fuse lit.  If the kid kept pushing she'd be sorry.

"What's your problem Huntress?" the blonde growled, her narrow sapphire gaze meeting cold steel.

Huntress' eyes flickered with meta energy as she leaned closer.  "My problem is you wanting to bring some stranger in on a job we can handle ourselves," she spat fervently.

"Fine, but I won't waste my time sitting here and waiting.  I'll save Misty with or without your help.  I'm guessing this means you're not helping so stay out of our way.  I'll get her back so don't worry about it and work on that anti-venom for Wolf," Canary ordered before storming out.

Canary sighed as she entered No Mans Land with her determined face on.  Gibson approached quickly, stopping in front of her.  "Hey, is something wrong?"

"Yeah, can I use your phone?" Canary replied sharply.

Gibson sensed this change in the girl and smiled proudly.  She had finally split her identities in two and he was glad she had.  "Yeah, sure.  I'll take you to the main desk.  So what should I call you?"

She eyed him carefully, not understanding how he could have picked up on that.  Shrugging it off, she replied, "Canary."

"Ok Canary, phone's this way," he said, guiding her to the main phone.

Canary sat down, dialing the number typed on the business card.  "Hi, I need your help."

"What's up Dinah?"

"Call me Canary and Phoenix is in trouble.  I'm at No Mans Land."

"I'll be there shortly."

She hung up the phone and turned around to find Angelic in front of her.  "That was quick.  Hey, your wings are black."

"They do that when I'm in Angelic form.  So what's the plan?"

"I had a few friends who were going to help but it's complicated.  Basically, we're on our own.  Do you have any idea where Ivy and Harley would be keeping her?"

"Somewhere pretty fire proof I'd assume."

Canary gave her a puzzled look.  "Fire proof?"

"Yeah, as Phoenix she can control fire, sorta."

"Oh, so where would that be?"

"In Old Gotham.  Under the dock yards there are a series of flame retardant cells where they kept special prisoners.  They must be keeping her there."

"So what are we waiting for?  Lets go kick some ass and save my girl," Canary replied, leading the way to the docks.


Later. . .

Sneaking in they were confronted by three armed henchman.  Smiling at each other they rushed the men.  Snatching their weapons away they beat them unconscious and threw them in a pile.  Just as they were about to search the area they spotted Misty, bloody and very beaten, sitting tied to a chair.  Then appearing next to her were Ivy and Harley.

Canary and Angelic shared worried glances as the other two women drew nearer.  Somehow they both knew this wouldn't be the final battle but it was a step closer.  Canary circled Ivy as Angelic did the same with Harley.  They fought briefly, testing their opponents abilities.  Then the real battle began.

Harley moved as if this was a dance, landing several punches to her winged foe's abdomen.  In return she suffered two very harsh right hooks and a nasty leg sweep.  At the same time Ivy was pummeling Canary until the blonde unleashed her primal beast.  Then the tables had turned and Ivy was on her back from being rammed backside first into a brick wall.  The two scampered off as Huntress made her appearance.

Canary glared intensely.  "I told you we could handle this," she growled angrily.

"I know.  I was in the area and thought you might need some backup.  What do you say we take Misty and your new friend back to the tower?" Huntress replied proudly, telling Canary that she had done well without actually saying it.


Clocktower moments later. . .

"It took you long enough, is Misty. . ." Oracle paused as she saw a gorgeous woman she'd never met before.  She had seen her somewhere but she couldn't pinpoint where.  Her heart began to race slightly and her palms began to sweat at she stared at the brunette nervously.  Shifting her gaze to Huntress, she watched her set Misty down on a chair.

Helena grinned, Huntress now hidden in the depths of her conscience.  Walking out of the room she yelled, "I'm getting the first aide kit to patch up our pal in the chair."

Canary grinned, now returning to Dinah mode.  Smiling softly at Oracle, she spoke gently, "Um, Oracle, Huntress, this is Misty's best friend Archangelic, Angelic for short."

"Pleased to meet you," Oracle replied in a calm "I'm-not-freaking-out-cause-she's-really-hot" kind of manner.  She was remaining firm until she knew exactly who she was dealing with.  For all she knew this woman could be their next worst enemy.

"The pleasure's all mine," Angelic replied, a light shade of crimson dusting over her cheeks as their eyes met.  Butterflies were running rampant in her stomach and she wondered what was happening to her.

"Gina Marie Worthington," she replied, returning to her regular attire.  Having powers like that were just so fun.  She never had to worry about changing clothes.

"Worthington. . ." Oracle mumbled, recognizing the name.  Pulling up the woman's profile her jaw dropped to the floor.  "Y-Y-You're related to the late Warren Worthington III?"

Gina smiled proudly.  "Yes, he was my father.  My mother went by the alias Rouge.  Nobody knows her real name.  She was. . ."

"A mutant who fought alongside Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor Charles Xavier and many others known as the X-Men.  I've read about them.  Are you a mutant as well?" Oracle interrupted, finishing the woman's sentence for her.

"Yes, I am," she replied, revealing her wings.

Oracle wheeled over to the woman, examining the feathers thoroughly.  "They're real?" she whispered in disbelief.

"Totally real!  Isn't that just so COOL!" Dinah squeaked, still in wonderment that her new friend has wings.

"Fascinating," Oracle gasped.  Looking up at the woman, she felt her heart race faster.  "I've never encountered a mutant though I have read a great deal about them.  Do you mind if I run a few tests?"

Gina let a huge grin spread across her lips.  "You want me to be a lab rat?  Sounds fun but I think your friend over there is getting a little impatient," she replied, pointing toward Helena who was pacing beside the couch.

Oracle quickly returned to that matter, speaking softly to Helena, "I injected the anti-venom after you went to do sweeps.  She should be waking soon.  Hopefully she'll give us her real name this time around."

Gina exchanged glances with Misty but they both remained silent as Wolf began to stir.  The blonde slide her eyes open as Helena knelt beside her.  "Hey you, glad to have you back," Helena whispered lovingly as she caressed Wolf's cheek.

Wolf smiled, her hazel gaze fixed on her lover.  "I love you," she rasped hoarsely.

Helena leaned in, kissing the blonde softly as tears formed in her eyes.  "I love you too," she sobbed onto her girl's neck.

Wolf wiped away her lover's tears and smiled.  "We'll talk about this later.  Right now I think I owe all of you an explanation," she whispered, allowing Helena to help her up.

Upon standing she noticed two VERY familiar faces and nearly fainted.  Misty stood, still in pain from the beating she'd received.  Limping over to the taller blonde, she smiled.  "Are you gonna tell them your name or should I?" she whispered, looking over at Oracle who had momentarily slipped into a never before seen personality known as "Can't-stop-staring-hope-I'm-not-drooling" Barbra.

Blushing, she met the stern gaze of Oracle.  "My name's Sara Logan."

Oracle ran a quick check then met the younger woman's eyes.  "You're. . ." she blinked in slight shock.

Misty met the blonde's eyes then pulled her into a hug.  "I missed you Sar."

"I missed you too Mist.  I'm sorry I left.  I promise I'll never leave you alone again," Sara sniffled as tears fell from her eyes.

This entire scene infuriated Huntress causing her to overpower Helena and take control.  She was ready to rip them apart not seeing the obvious.  She felt a threatening stare and met aquatic eyes.  Gina shook her head as if telling the Huntress there was no need for violence.  For some reason Huntress believed this and let Helena regain control.

Misty kissed the blonde on the cheek and smiled.  "I brought G with me too."

Sara ran over to Gina, wrapping her arms around her tightly.  "It's been forever Gin."

"Yes, it has little sister," Gina whispered with tears in her eyes.

"Sister?" Helena and Dinah chorused.

Misty smiled.  This wasn't her scene anymore.  Sneaking toward the window she felt a hand on her shoulder.  "And where do you think you're going kid sis," Sara asked sternly.

"Kid sis?" the duo chorused again.

Misty smiled.  "I was planning on vanishing into the night but I guess we'd better explain this first, ne?"

Oracle stared at Gina.  "But your mother. . ."

"I know, her power was energy absorbence.  She and my father were very careful because of that.  She didn't want to kill him.  The Professor created a lip gloss that masked her powers allowing her to kiss my dad.  Anyway, my parents split up when I was two even though they stayed very good friends," Gina began.

"About a year after that her mother had a fling with my father.  They only stayed together for a couple years but they couldn't hate each other after the break up.  We were all a big family at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters," Sarah continued where Gina had left off.

Everyone stared at Misty.  "You got it, I'm the youngest of this trio.  Two years later her father and my mother were trapped and thought they were gonna die.  So they decided to act upon feelings they'd been hiding for a long time.  They didn't end up dying that time and 3 months later my mom's freaking out cause she's pregnant and it's not her boyfriend's kid.  Scott was pissed but he got over it.  Man I hated him," she sighed, shaking her head.

"So are all of you metas?" Helena asked, slightly confused.

"No," they chorused in reply then laughed.

"I'm a mutant, Sara's a meta and Misty's a meta-mutant," Gina clarified.

Oracle raised her brows.  "A meta-mutant?"

Sara nodded and smiled.  Seeing the "overload" sign flashing above Barbra's head she grabbed Helena by the hand and spoke, "Gina can explain it to you in more detail.  I think I'm gonna drag this one home and try to get some sleep."

"You'd better rest!  I mean that.  Don't think I'm naive," Barbra teased both serious as well as joking.

Helena grinned, nodding before she scooped her lover up and hopped off of the balcony.  Dinah yawned before meeting Misty's gaze.  "I think we could use some sleep too," she whispered, receiving a glare from Barbra.

"Goodnight you two," Barbra replied to the retreating forms.  Hearing the door close, she met Gina's eyes.

"Did you want to start those tests Oracle?"

Barbra blushed.  "Please, call me Barbra."  Touching the wings, she whispered hesitantly, "can you feel that?"

Gina's heart was racing, her feathers ruffling slightly at the gentle caress.  "Yes I can, it feels great," she purred like a cat getting the back of its ears scratched.

Barbra blushed a deeper crimson as she continued her petting.  "They're beautiful.  Would you mind following me to the medical room?  I'd like to get a closer look."

"I don't mind at all Babs."


Later at Helena's apartment. . .

"I understand how you felt Helena, you don't have to explain.  I had a lot of time to think and now I know that you're my life.  I need you."

Helena blushed slightly.  "I need you too but Barbra thinks you should rest," she whispered, not wanting to hurt her newfound lover.

Sara's eyes changed, Wolf now taking control.  Pressing Helena against the wall, she whispered hotly, "I was poisoned, not shot.  And besides, I heal just as quickly as you do so there's no reason we can't play."

Helena gasped, trying to control Huntress.  There was a challenge in Wolf's tone and Huntress was eager to meet it but Helena didn't want that.  She wanted this time to be just as soft and beautiful as the first but she doubted Wolf would allow that.  "Sara. . ."

"Shhh," Sara whispered.  "Helena, do you trust us?"

"With my life but. . ."

"Then please, let them have their fun.  I promise we'll make love but right now they need each other more than we do," the blonde pled, fighting to contain her wild, untamed half.

Helena smiled.  This would mean giving all of herself to this woman and it scared her.  This time she wouldn't run.  Letting Huntress emerge she saw both of their eyes change.  Staring deeply, she purred, "so you wanna play?"

Wolf looked around.  "Maybe we should go somewhere a little bigger and less breakable," she suggested bluntly.


Moments later the abandon steel mill. . .

Wolf pinned Huntress against the metal post, kissing her hotly as they ripped each other's clothes off.  Huntress in turn sent Wolf flying down a flight of damaged stairs then jumped down, straddling her hips.  Kissing and biting at the blonde's lips, she found herself on her back again.  She hissed softly, thudding against another hard wall.  This time she was pinned against a cold steel wall, her bare tanned skin glistening with sweat.

Huntress purred softly as she felt two fingers slide inside of her.  Clawing at Wolf's back gently, she nipped at the blonde's neck.  Wolf began a quick rhythm, wasting no time.  Huntress purred louder, one hand parting her lover's thighs.  She thrust two fingers into the blonde, receiving a primal growl.  They rocked against the other almost violently, their stamina surpassing that of their more compassionate, human counterparts.  They both began to shutter, their rocking leaving a dent in the steel wall.  With a thud they crashed onto the cement floor, both women crying out in ecstasy.

It didn't take either of them long to regain their composer and then they headed back to Helena's apartment.  Hopping through the open window, Huntress landed on Wolf and kissed her roughly.  "Mmmmh, I can't wait to play with you some more but now we should let them do their thing.  Wouldn't want to burn them out," she purred, her eyes slowly returning to normal as she let Helena regain control once more.

Wolf growled softly, her eyes changing back as well.  Sara smiled, meeting Helena's gaze.  "Shall we?"

Helena stood, helping her blonde lover to their bed.  Curling up close they held each other.  "I missed you Sara."

"I missed you too.  Helena. . ."  Pulling the brunette up to meet her eyes, she smiled.  "I want to make love to you."

Helena smiled lovingly, gently pressing their lips together.  Brushing a stray golden tress behind her lover's ear, she purred, "as much as I wanna make love to you?  What do you say we make it a joint effort."

Sara giggled.  "You're so cute, you know that?"

"But that's why you love me," Helena teased sarcastically.  "And I'm anything but cute."

Sara grinned evilly running her nails down her girl's tender back.  Helena sighed softly, arching her back like a cat.  Slowly they began to undress each other, both placing longing kisses on the other's bare skin.  Their lips met one more, their eyes clenched shut with desire.  Helena ran her slender fingers through her lover's golden mane.  When they pulled away, she gasped softly, "So beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you Hel," Sara panted, snuggling to her lover's neck.  Placing a feather light kiss one bisque skin her breath trembled.  Weather-bitten nails lightly marked porcelain, blonde splashing over brunette.

Sara threw her hair back, kissing a trail from Helena's throat to her bellybutton.  Kissing her lover's navel she stared up at her seductively.  She licked her way back up, tauntingly avoiding the nipple she circled with her tongue.  Cherry blossom lips encompassed swollen, sienna hued flesh.  Helena flung her head back, gasping softly as Sara rolled the other nipple between two slender fingers.  Switching nipples, she gave the other the same treatment before pausing to stare up into her lover's glazed steel pupils.

Helena shivered, pulling the blonde up to her lips for a passionate kiss.  Sliding one leg between her lover's silky thighs she pressed her hard nipples against soft pink ones.  Sara stifled a moan as she moved slowly against tan skin.  They fell into another passionate kiss, moaning into the other's mouth as their pace grew.  Skin met skin, sweat glistening from their bodies.  They thrust together, both forms quaking at the edge of beyond.  Like thunder they cried, lightning crashing through them as they spun into the void of rhapsody.

Darkness fell though two voices could be heard panting in unison, "I love you."

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