Title: A Heartfelt Investigation

Name: Cherry89

Pairings: Marissa and Alex

Rating: Anywhere from PG to NC-17

Warning: Contains strong emotion, sexual content, strong language, mild violence

Disclaimer: I don't own anything...if I did Alex would still be in Newport.

Summary: Alex and Marissa don't know each other. Alex is an undercover agent trying to get close to Marissa and eventually her father. The course of things change and chaos ensues. Be prepared for a long road.

Spoiler: None really, all epies fair game.

Author's Note: If a female/female relationship freaks you out, then go somewhere else this isn't the place for you...

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Part One

FBI--Washington DC--

Robert Forman the new director of the FBI and Alexis Kelly's ex-boyfriend, had just assigned her to a new mission. She has to get close to Caleb Nichol and find out what exactly he is doing with that business of his.

"Look Alexis you need to remain undercover I want this guy." Forman said to Alex.

"I know I want him too. Don't worry I know what I am doing ok?"

"Here is the file and everything you need to know." He hands Alex the file.

Alex took a few days to acquaint herself with the file so she didn't have to refer to it when she got there. She was to go under cover as a new teacher at the community college where his daughter Marissa was going. She was supposed to get to know Marissa well and get closer to find out the info she needed. Marissa would only be a year younger so it wouldn't be that hard to get a 24 year old to become friends with her. She would start Monday and had to be there tonight and her flight left at 4:30 in the morning so here she is up at 2:30am putting on make-up and getting ready to leave for NEWPORT COMMUNITY COLLEGE...how exciting.

Alex arrived at the airport late, go figure, and got on just in time. The flight there was long and exhausting for her and she still had 5 hours to go so she decided to sleep the rest of the way.

Alex got there at 2pm and decided to head to the apartment she was renting. She bought a car, drove to a humble little flat by the beach and walked inside.

"Wow, not bad." She said to herself. She looked around the living room seeing that the room looked out on to the beach it was beautiful. She walked through the little apartment and to the bedroom which was spacious for a little place like this, the bathroom and kitchen were nice too and there was another room off to the side hall.

Alex unpacked her stuff and decided to get some rest because she started her job tomorrow.


*Monday Morning*

Alex was walking into her English class when she bumped into someone who wasn't paying attention to where they were going. "Shit, I am so sorry..."

"No don't worry about it." It was a girl's voice a beautiful voice. They went to get up and bumped heads.

"Ouch!" Alex said surprised they were that close. She looked into the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, they were serene green, and piercing Alex with the utmost innocence. Alex couldn't escape that gaze and so she just stared.

"Hi I am Marissa... Marissa Cooper."

Alex froze, this was the girl she was supposed to screw over to get to Caleb? Alex wasn't sure she could, she was so beautiful. Marissa waved her hands in front of her. "Hello?"

"Huh...oh sorry I was just...um...I am Alexis...Kelly...the new professor."

"Oh...what do you teach?"

"I am the new English professor."

Part Two

"Oh.. well then please to meet you I am a student you will have."

"Oh...um...can you show me around I am kind of new to this area so."

"Yea sure no problem." I would give anything to have that body, those perfect curves. Damn what am I thinking she is a girl, but those eyes those beautiful blue eyes.

"Ms. Cooper?" Alex waved her hands in front of her face.

"Oh sorry I was just thinking of where we should start."

"Well how about we start at the building I have to teach in and after my last class you can show me around?"

"Ok...sounds like a date." Did I just say that? Marissa smiled not knowing that Alex saw here.


"Nothing come on." Marissa showed her around and walked towards the door. "Oh and just to let you know your my last class of the day, so when ever your done we can go."

"Ok well I'll see you in a few then." Alex smiled and they both waved. Wow Alex thought, she is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait till later. The out fit she wore, wow. Those jeans, the way they fit so tight, and the shirt a halter top accentuating her shoulders and neck. I can't believe I am doing this, I know I should get close, but this may be to close.

Marissa walked down the hall in a daze. I can't wait for her class she thought. Her dress, short to the knees and spaghetti strapped. Accenting her every curve and motion. What am I thinking, she is my professor.

The only thing the two of them thought about all day was each other. When it came time for Alex's last class she realized that she hadn't seen Marissa yet, she must be in my last class. As Alex was thinking this a beautiful brunette caught her eye. MARISSA. Oh my god she is here.

Marissa looked up seeing Alex less than ten feet in front of her smiling awkwardly like she was nervous about something. God she was pretty. Girl or not she was going to get know her better no matter what. Marissa sat down in front looking right at Alex ready for her to begin. She never moved her eyes from her...showing Alex she had her full attention.

Class went smoothly for the most part although Alex couldn't help but star at Marissa the entire time. Just before the class bell rang to dismiss class she gave the entire class an assignment." I want you all to think about why you are here in this class write about it and I expect at least two pages on my desk tomorrow morning."

The bell rang and Marissa walked up to Alex, "Boy you are excited huh?"

"Huh, oh you mean the assignment. I would be careful I might have to give you extra." Alex laughed.

"You wouldn't dare?"

"I would don't tempt me." The two of them laughed. Wow she has a great smile Alex thought to herself.

"So you ready for that tour now?"

"Yea, let's go." Marissa took her hand which caught her off guard but she didn't mind.

Marissa showed her around and then they headed to DJ's diner near by. "So what do you think?" Marissa asked Alex leading her to a table.

"I think I am going to like it here." Alex smiled at Marissa.

"Me too."

Alex and Marissa talked at the diner for an hour and then headed out to Alex's car.

"Hey thanks a lot. I really enjoyed my fist day."

"I am glad. I have one question though."

"Ok, shoot."

"Well why are you here I mean when you could se the world I mean your only what 26?"

"25 actually, well I don't know I just love to teach."

"I'd hate to ask you this since we just meet and all, but I really don't like walking around campus at night, alone."

"Hey no problem get in." Marissa got in Alex's car and Alex pulled out. "I just have to run home first and then I'll bring you back ok?"

"Sure." Alex drove down the road toward her little paradise, taking in the view. "Hey can I ask you another question?"

"Ummm...sure why not."

"Umm.. well I heard rumors..."

"What do you mean you heard rumors?"

"Well.. I uhh sort of heard that you're a lesbian?"

"Oh...well the rumors are true. Does it bother you because if it does I understand."

"NO.. no don't be silly it's fine with me."

"Ok." Alex drove the rest of the way home. When they got there Alex opened Marissa's door to help her out." Do you want to come in? I will only be a few minutes."

"Sure." Marissa walked in and while Alex was opening her door she turned around to look out at the ocean. "Wow it is so peaceful out here."

"Yea that's why I bought it so quickly. Come on. Do you want a drink or something?"

"Ummm...ok...do you have water?"

"Of course." Alex walked to the cabinets in the kitchen she opened the door to one of them reaching up on her tips of her toes. She wasn't very tall, maybe just over 5'6" and her lean body flexed to reach the cups on the top shelf.

"Let me help." Marissa stood and walked up behind her, little did she know Alex was doing it on purpose. Marissa reached around her whole body and stood up high, reaching for the cup she could feel Alex's warm body. Damn she is so sexy.

Marissa took her time reaching for the cup and slowly pulled it down in front of Alex's face. "Ummm thanks...I am not very ta..." Alex's sentence was interrupted when she turned around to find Marissa standing behind her so close, she could smell her shampoo, being only centimeters apart."...tall."

Part Three

Marissa and Alex stood there staring at each other for at least five minutes. Still staring they kept getting closer to each other their lips brushed against each other slightly. Alex moved her hands to Marissa's waist pulling her closer to feel her warmth and deepen their kiss. Marissa moved her hands to Alex's neck cupping it in her hands. They stood there kissing for a few seconds and then Alex pulled away.

"I...I am sorry...I...I shouldn't have done that."

"What..."Marissa still mesmerized by the kiss." No don't be...it's not like I told you to stop."

"I am sorry I don't want to pressure you into anything...I am sorry we should go." Alex was nervous for the first time in her life when it came to a relationship with any girl. She went outside and Marissa followed her..."Alex wait..."Marissa pulled her arm and turned her body so she was facing her." Alex...if I didn't want to kiss you I wouldn't have. "Alex looked up into Marissa's deep green eyes reading her every truth. "Alex...I do like you, and I do think we should take it slow, but there is nothing for you to be sorry about." Wait did I just tell her that?

Alex nodded, “We should get you home come on." Alex and Marissa got into the car. The whole way back to the dorm was quiet, Alex was thinking about what Marissa had said not five minutes ago. Did she really mean it? Alex couldn’t stop thinking of what she said to her. Alex pulled into Stanley Hall and walked Marissa to her door." Well I guess I'll see you in class tomorrow."

"Yea. Thanks again. See you later." Marissa opened the door and walked in to find her ex sitting on her sofa.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came to get my stuff. Who was with you?"

"No one just a friend she gave me a ride home, did you get your stuff Rich?"

Richard nodded. "Yea I'll be going now." He left slamming the door behind him.

"How dare he do that when I wasn't home, ahh who cares, WOW! ALEX!" Marissa tried to go to bed but couldn't sleep she could only think of one thing...ALEX.

Alex was at home unpacking some more of her stuff thinking of Marissa. When her door bell rang. She opened the door. "Hey...I didn't expect to see you here, what is wrong?"

"Nothing, but I wanted to see how you were doing with this little scenario."

"Fine...and you couldn't call why?"

"I wanted to see for myself that you were taking care of everything. I don't need you getting attached."

"There is nothing to worry about Rob I promise, no go get back to work and do what you're supposed to be doing."

"Ok if you do get attached I am going to have to pull you." He left and she closed the door.

Part Four

"SHIT, I can't believe this. What am I doing? I shouldn't be doing this! Damn it! I have to see her." Alex walked over to the table to get her keys and started toward the door. But before she could get any further, Rob was standing in front of her.

"Alex look if you really like this girl fine I will get someone else and release you since you have a good job."

"You would do that, no strings at all?"

"Yea of course I want to see you happy that's all."

"Ok whatever just keep your investigators away from me and Marissa." Alex walked past him and got in her car driving back to the diner to think.

When she got there she went to the exact same table where her and Marissa were sitting. She sat down and thought of what she could say to her tomorrow after class. She really liked her and wanted her to know the reason she was here, but could she tell her?

Alex wasn't sure about any of it. She for the first time in her life had no explanation of what was going on. In here heart or her mind.

Marissa was so mad because Rich showed up uninvited and didn't leave before she got home, what was he thinking. Marissa was so mad. She went for a drive and before she knew it she ended up at the diner where she and Alex were. She walked in out of the rain she was soaked.

Alex heard the door and looked up to see Marissa standing there, wet. Alex stared at her while she walked into the lobby of the diner.

Marissa looked over to where they sat before, seeing Alex staring at her made her smile. Her legs moved her to where she wanted to be, but she didn't tell them to take her there, or did she?

"Hey." Alex looked up from her coffee.

"Hi." Marissa sat down.

"So...um you look like you had a rough night."

"Yea my ex showed up at my dorm. That asshole."


"Yea but I feel better now that I am here and you are too. "Did I just say that out loud?

"Really? You are?"

"Yea." Marissa looked into Alex's deep blue eyes feeling that she could relieve her of all her pain and heartache. Alex she thought might be the one she could date and not get hurt. Wait what the hell am I thinking.

"Wow, I feel better too." Should I tell her?" Marissa I...I need to tell you something."


"I...um...I wo...I like you." Not exactly what I had had in mind but it will work.

"Really? I like you too." Marissa and Alex stared at each other for some time before one of them broke the silence.

"Um...do you want to come back to my place?...Just to hang I don't want to rush you and your dorm is probably crowded, maybe we can watch a movie, or something."

"Sure, why not." Marissa and Alex drove back to Alex's with Marissa following her. They walked into the apartment and went into the living room where Alex had her tv set up and dvd player.

"What do you want to watch?"

"What kind of scary movies do you have?"

"A lot."

"Ok...ummm...how about Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"

"Yep right here look at that. You like scary movies?"

"A little." Lie totally she just wanted to have an excuse to get close to Alex....What, what am I thinking? Oh well it couldn't hurt.

Part Five

Alex put the movie in and the two of them sat on the futon. Marissa was getting cold and shivering, Alex noticed and got them a blanket. She came back and sat down laying it across their legs.

TV--Screams Heard---

Marissa jumped almost 10 feet in the air when the girl shot herself. "Are you ok?"

"Huh yea it just surprised me that's all."

"OK." Alex knew she just wanted to watch it because they were both on the couch and they wanted to be closer. Alex got up to stop the movie and walked into the kitchen to pop some popcorn and get drinks. "Here." She said handing Marissa the bowl of popcorn and the soda, then turned the movie back on. When she sat down she was even closer to Marissa than before. They continued to watch the movie and when they reached the part where the murderer rubs salt on the guys leg Marissa screamed.

Alex looked at Marissa, who was trying to be brave and hated scary movies from the looks of it. Alex loved it she was doing this all just because she liked Alex. Then the girl was running through the woods trying to get the van and he caught up and walked up to the window and made Marissa jump into Alex's lap. Alex looked up surprised but pleased. They watched the rest of the movie like that and when it was over Alex found that Marissa fell asleep on her. She didn't want to wake her so she sat there watching her sleep.

Alex started to think that she shouldn't tell her about the FBI it could ruin what was forming. She didn't want to scare her either. Besides she has a good job now and she was happy, now. Alex looked down at Marissa's sleeping body the way her stomach moved up and down when she slept and the way her lips were so full. Alex soon fell asleep with Marissa still on top of her, her thoughts still very much focused on her.

Marissa woke up and forgot where she was until she looked down at Alex. Alex was still sleeping and she was so beautiful. Marissa ran her hands down Alex's body which made her stir in her sleep.

"What are you doing?" Alex looked at her with a smile on her face.

"Oh nothing just admiring who I am laying on."

"What time is it?"

"7:30 I think why?"

"School, Marissa."

"Oh shit." Marissa jumped off of Alex and the y both hurried to get dressed. Alex and Marissa sped to the school getting there in 10 minutes. Alex ran to class with Marissa and her quickly waving good bye and losing each other in the crowd of people. Alex made it to her first class dreading the day.

Alex and Marissa sat in their classes learning and teaching. They both couldn't wait to see each other. Marissa couldn't take it she ran all the way to class. Alex was getting antsy in her office and wondered what was wrong Marissa because she didn't make it to class. When Marissa ran through the door and leapt at Alex.
Alex moved away and stood there getting her composure.

Part Six

"What happened? Where were you?"

"No where."

"Yea I know you weren't in my class what happened?"


"Marissa I am not stupid." Alex looked at Marissa in the eyes making her uncomfortable.

"Look Alex...I had a doctors appointment."

"Ok why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Because I forgot."

"Right. So why did you go there?"

"Because...Alex...I...I have cancer."

"What?...No...How...No...It can't be." Alex was beside herself, her mom died of cancer when she was 10 and now she found out that the person who she felt knew her best had it too. Alex cried.

"Hey don't cry I'll be fine no big deal ok." Marissa hugged Alex. "Shh."

"Marissa you don't understand, my mom died of cancer. I don't want to lose you too."

"Alex I am not going anywhere I promise, the doctors said it is not major."

"Marissa it's still cancer." Alex was crying into her shoulder.

"Alex I promise it will be over soon they are going to operate next week. I'll be in and out in no time you can come with me if you want."

"Oh Marissa I just don't want to lose you."

"I know and you won't. So how about that date and get your mind off of this?"

"Ok..."Alex won't forget until this is over though. Alex and Marissa walked out to Alex's car and drove to the diner to get chili fries and shakes.

"Alex I need to tell you something."

"Go for it."

"I...well...I think I am falling for you." Marissa looked right into Alex's blue eyes. Alex shocked by the words sat there motionless.

"I...I am falling for you too." Alex and Marissa talked and finished their meal and then went to Alex's place.

Alex and Marissa sat on the porch of Alex's apartment watching the orange sun set.

"It is beautiful."

"So are you Marissa, so are you. Come on we should go in it is getting chilly." Alex and Marissa walked into the house and walked to the couch sitting watching another movie, Selena.

Marissa and Alex fell asleep on the couch again. This time waking on time and getting to school.

The days passed as they were together all the time though they never got passed kissing yet. And Alex didn't want to push Marissa in her weakened state. Even though Marissa said she was fine, Alex could tell she was in pain.

Part Seven

As Wednesday came Alex was sitting in her office when she got a phone call. "Hello?"

"Is this Ms. Kelly?"

"Yes. Who is this?"

"I am sorry but I think you should get to the hospital right away."

Alex didn't even let the woman finish what she was saying before running out to her car and speeding to the hospital.

When Alex arrived at the hospital she went into panic mode. Alex ran through the front doors to the ER and rant o the desk. "Marissa...Cooper...please." Alex was out of breath and the nurse motioned her to follow. She lead Alex to a window next to the intensive care facility, Marissa was on the operating table. "We had to move the surgery up a day, she'll be fine."

"What...wait a second the nurse on the phone said it was important made it sound like she was dying or something."

"Oh I bet it was that dam new girl. I am sorry I knew I should have called. "The nurse walked away and Alex stood looking in the window at Marissa.

Alex sat on the chairs that were outside the room to wait for the doctors to get done and fell asleep. When the doctor who was operating on Marissa came out he tapped Alex's shoulder. "Excuse me miss are you Alex?"

"What..."Alex shook her head. "Yea I am."

"Marissa was asking for you." Alex stood and walked through the hall and out to the receptionist and asked where Marissa's room was. She took the elevator to the third floor, and walked down to room 311. She opened the door to find a smiling Marissa laying on her bed. "ALEX!"

"Hey beautiful."

"Hey come here kiss me." Alex walked over and obeyed the command Marissa gave her gladly. "I missed you." Alex smiled.

"I missed you to babe, you gave me a good scare there."


The doctor came in and talked to them, "Good news Marissa Cooper you are now cancer free."

Alex and Marissa stared at each other in disbelief and gladness. Alex kissed Marissa.

In a few hours they found themselves packing Marissa's stuff and loading it into Alex's car and moving it to Alex's. "Hey how about we head to bed tonight and you skip class the rest of the week."

"Yea sure it sounds good. As long as you hurry home to see me."

"Ok." Alex helped Marissa into her pj's and into bed and laid next to her. They feel asleep and Alex woke up to find Marissa's pain killers had worked because she was still sleeping. Alex got up in the shower dressed and left. She got through the day came home cooked for her and Marissa and then got Marissa ready for bed. They repeated this routine for the rest of the week and the weekend came sooner than they thought.

"Marissa I really need to tell you something important and I will understand if you are mad at me but I have to tell you this."


"Marissa, I was part of the FBI, and I was sent here to investigate your stepfather Caleb. And I was sent to the school to get to know you." Alex looked down at her feet.

Part Eight

"Alex I don't care why you're here, but you are and I know that falling in love with you wasn't part of the plan. I know that my father is a bad person as far as the law goes. I know you didn't plan to get to me the way you did. But why tell me now?"

"Because I am in love with you and you need to know this about me."

"Well are you a certified teacher?"


"Then that is the person I fell in love with and you have no worries."

Marissa told the truth through and through to her every word. Marissa did fall for Alex the ex-FBI agent college professor and she wanted to be with her. Alex was speechless to what Marissa said. She just sat there on the couch in awe. Marissa couldn't handle the silence she wanted to have Alex right here right now.

Marissa walked over to Alex and sat beside her. She pulled Alex's chin up so they were eye to eye. Marissa leaned in to kiss Alex but Alex pulled away.

"What? What is wrong?"

"Marissa I love you too." Alex went back in to retrieve the kiss that she left behind on Marissa's lips. Their kiss grew more and more passionate and soulful, Alex massaging her tongue against Marissa's. Marissa moaned and her hands traced the outline of Alex's spine sending chills through her body. Alex gently pick her up taking her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Marissa leaned up and nibbled on her ear. This made Alex moan a little. Alex was enjoying it too. Marissa rolled Alex over so that she was now on top.

Marissa kissed up and down her stomach lingering for seconds until Alex couldn't take it anymore. Marissa moved her hands down Alex's torso to her pants, unbuttoned them, and slid them off throwing them to the floor.
Alex stopped Marissa by reaching for her breasts gently rubbing them making Marissa moan loudly. Alex gently began to kiss her neck moving to her collar bone and shoulders. She moved lower gradually reaching Marissa's sensitive spot. Alex slid her hand up Marissa's skirt to her panties pulling them down her legs and off onto the floor. Doing this to her made her eyes widen because she knew what was coming next as Alex pulled her shirt off next. Alex moved back down to her desired spot and began to bite gently leaving Marissa moaning and wanting more. Alex then began to lick and suck then faster and faster, resulting in Marissa's climax.

Alex and Marissa laid there until Marissa was able to breathe regularly again. Marissa then got on top of Alex pulling off her lace panties and threw them needlessly to the floor. Kissing Alex with a passion neither of them had ever known before. Marissa pushed her hip bone into Alex's pleasure zone moving in circular motions setting Alex on fire inside and out.
Alex moaned with pleasure and Marissa pushed harder feeding Alex more ecstasy. Alex had began to reach her climax and Marissa continued pressing her hips harder still as their bodies moved as one. Alex and Marissa laid there after making tantalizing love catching their breath. Alex wrapped her arms around Marissa.” That was great.", and they fell asleep.

Alex awoke the next morning well not when you would expect anyway it was 4am. Alex heard something from the living room. She looked down and noticed that Marissa was gone. She got up put her bathrobe on and walked to the her dresser and scuffled through the top drawer looking for her hand gun. She found it cocked it and walked silently to the door way peering out she saw smoke and shattered glass. She crouched low so she wouldn't be seen and continued in the direction she was heading. The door was open and the smoke was leaving the room and she stepped out on to the porch. She looked out into the street seeing a strange van across the road. "Oh my god! I know that van it's special ops. Shit they have Marissa!" But before Alex could muster up the speed to catch them the van sped away with Marissa in the back.

Part Nine

Alex sat on the ground puzzled. "Why, why would they do this to me?" Alex cried. She continued to cry until she realized that it wouldn't help her or Marissa. Alex got up with fire in her eyes. She walked into her house and got a piece of paper and wrote down the license plate number which she glanced at and then got in the shower to think about what she could do.

~*~(flash back in case anyone forgot)

Marissa laid in bed with Alex sleeping peacefully when she heard a noise from the living room. She woke up groggily and got out of bed putting clothes on because she was cold and walked out into the living room. She stood there completely frozen, staring at the broken glass at her feet, looking up she saw dark figures approach the house and she quickly fell to the floor and crawled to the kitchen. She hide behind the bar and kept quiet.

Three men walked in and she heard something fall to the floor. Smoke whizzed out of the can spreading quickly all around her before she knew it she was out cold on the kitchen floor. As the men approached her in the kitchen they heard Alex stir." Come on we have to get out of here now!" They picked Marissa up off the floor and took her to the back of the van. Just as they got in they saw Alex walk out of the apartment. "Shit go now she will catch us, step on it! Now!" The van sped away leaving Alex in a heap of a crying slumped body.


Alex was in the shower thinking of Marissa. She had to do something, call in a few favors what ever it took, she had to get her back. Alex grabbed her towel wrapping it around her wet slender body. She dried herself off and walked to her closet. She picked out a black turtleneck, black jeans, and a black leather jacket. She got dressed and walked over to her top dresser drawer digging through it to find her gun, holster and her ammo. Alex walked to her closet again finding the box she had put there for emergencies and such. She rattled through it finding everything she needed, night vision goggles, gloves, her pull over black ski mask, and her switch blade. She got her duffle bag out and threw the things she had gathered in it. She called her buddy Ricky and told him she needed a crotch rocket here by 10pm. He happily obliged telling her it would be waiting for her at his expansion shop in Orange County. She had one more call to make before leaving.

"Greg, I need a favor. I need you to run a few traces for me. Yea the license plate is LJKP-897. Thanks. Huh oh call my cell. 555-8887."Alex hung up the phone and walked to Ricky’s auto shop.

"Hi I am here for a 2005 Yamaha."

"Oh right Rocky said you would stop by. Come with me." The man lead her to the back. "You must be an important person this is part of his private collection. It's got the NOS boost. Here you'll need this." He handed Alex the boots, jacket and helmet that matched the black crotch rocket. Alex took off her shoes replacing them with the boots and her jacket doing the same. She then pulled her hair back revealing her neck and put it up into a pony tail and placed the helmet on her head.

Part Ten

"Thanks pal." She said before placing the duffle bag in the seat and getting on. She sped out the garage door leaving the man in shock. She rode her bike to the nearest electronic store stopping and getting a gps and a small digital camera. She gave the sales clerk the money and was on her way.

Alex rode for miles with the wind whipping past her and she was going at least 170 miles an hour trying to catch the van. She rode for another hour ending up in Los Angeles before receiving the phone call she was waiting for. She slowed and pulled to a stop at the East 1st St. diner. "Thanks Greg. " She hung up the phone. "Well looks like I was right they are taking her to Seattle." Alex put her phone away and got back on to the bike riding the long 9 hours to Portland, Oregon.

Alex reached the Dine and Dash Inn taking her helmet off and getting her bag walking over to the door. Alex stopped at the Inn keepers desk asking him for a single bed room with a working bathroom.

"Room 12 sweetie."

"Don't call me sweetie!" Alex snapped and walked to her door. She unlocked the door and threw her stuff on the bed. She sat down at the desk close to the window. She sat there for a while thinking of what she could do.

Mean while Marissa was sitting in an abandoned warehouse tied to a chair. Her mouth gagged and her hands and feet bound to the chair. Her eyes blind folded and she was in the dark sitting in a very uncomfortable chair in a damp cold air surrounding her. She could hear talking in the distance, and heard steps coming toward her. She looked in the direction it was coming from, she turned frantically but still was unable to see anything. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped. She was panicking now franticly trying to free herself from the bondage of her prison.

Alex continued to think and came up with a few ideas but decided to catch some sleep before the other half of her long ride to Seattle. Alex un tucked the covers and sat on the bed removing her articles of clothing. She slipped under the covers and laid there thinking of Marissa, alone in the dark.

The interrogation that Marissa was going through was horrible and every time she didn't know the answer or didn't talk she got hit. The men interrogating her finally got feed up with her and walked away. Marissa sat there wondering if she would ever see Alex again. She just sat there, alone in the dark.

Alex slept for a few hours and got up. She slipped out of bed grabbing her clothes and walking to the bathroom to get a shower. Alex spent an hour getting ready to leave, she left at noon hoping to reach Seattle by 10pm.

Marissa woke up to a faint light shining through her blind fold. She moved around trying to free her mouth from the gag, but couldn't. Someone walked over to her placing their hands on her face and sliding them to her mouth un gagging her and giving her some water. She swallowed the water feeling it refreshingly run down her throat.

"Are you ready to talk now?" a manly voice asked.

Part Eleven

Marissa couldn't talk so she shook her head no instead. "Fine you little BITCH, don't talk but we'll get your step father anyway." The voice stated and slapped Marissa across the face before leaving.

Alex was half way to Seattle when she got a call on her cell." Hello...great...ok I am two hours away...yea...thanks Greg." She hug the phone up and got back on her motorcycle and drove the rest of the way to Seattle.

Alex rode into the main part of Seattle looking for an abandoned warehouse that was near the water. When she found ne she could likely get in and out with no problem she wrote down the address to come back after dark. Alex rode to the Dust Bucket Inn and got a room.

Marissa was still sitting in the dark when the men came in and picked up her chair and carried it to a separate room. They put her down hard and the chair fell on it's side breaking Marissa's right arm.

Alex was getting all of her stuff ready when she received the last phone call from Greg. "Alex these guys aren't special ops they're the mob. Caleb is in huge trouble with them. And they have Marissa."

"You're kidding right?"

"I am afraid not Al you might want to call for back up."

"Greg I will not wait for them to get here, I have to get Marissa out, you call them if you are that worried." Alex got off the phone with Greg and got dressed in her black get up. Alex put her hair up sliding the mask over her face and down covering most of her head except her eyes and nose. Alex walked to the warehouse so they wouldn't hear the engine. Alex slowly walked over to the rear window that was broken. She looked inside seeing nothing but darkness.

Alex climbed in anyway even though her better judgment told her not to because of certain dangers. Alex was in and put on her night vision goggles to find Marissa. She walked around for a few minutes before finally finding her. She was tied in the corner to a chair.

Part Twelve

Alex rushed over to her to help her. "Alex?...No Alex get out it's a tr..."**THUD** Alex was hit over the head with a baseball bat and they drug her next to Marissa and pulled them both to a different room leaving Alex laying there unconscious.

Several hours passed and Alex started to come around. She woke up tied to a chair. Yea right she'd be out of it in no time. Alex stood walking herself to the top of the stairs and leaned back falling head first breaking the chair and freeing her limbs to move about freely.

Alex sat there motionless for a moment regaining her strength. Alex stood and made her way back up the steps walking over to Marissa and untying her. When Marissa was free she couldn't believe it. Marissa turned around to see Alex out of breath.

"Alex?" Marissa through her arms around her.

"Oh baby I thought I lost you when that van drove away."

"Never." They stayed there embracing each other for a few minutes. Alex got up and led Marissa through the complex looking for his guns.

"Come on we have to get you out of here." Alex lead her past two security guards. Alex found her hand gun in the copier room. She picked up her ammo and went head hunting for mobsters.

Alex walked by a room with at least 20 of them. Which looked to be the only ones here. "Get back Marissa take cover." Alex fired two shoot right away sending two guys to the ground and then hid. Alex stood behind the wall of the warehouse that was ready to fall over which it did a few minutes later. Alex rolled to the ground and found cover next t a crate. Alex then took out her trusty weapons and began shooting hitting them all one by one knocking them down. The only thing stopping her from shooting this one was the fact that this one had Marissa in his arms if she missed she could hit her.

"Put your gun down or she dies." Alex obeyed putting it on the ground, "Now kick it."

Alex kicked her gun across the room and he let Marissa go with out saying a word. He then aimed the gun to her back to shoot her. Alex acted so quickly pushing her out of the way she had no idea that Alex had been hit.

Part Thirteen

Marissa rushed over to Alex's aid and looked in her eyes. "I love you I can't believe you saved my life. No Alex no please stay with me Alex look at me."

"I had to I...Mar...I...lo..l...yo...o.."Alex was losing a lot of blood from her hip and thigh area, and also in her chest. Marissa held Alex as she began slipping away in her arms losing so much blood. The doors bust opened and the FBI strolled in.

"Now Is a fine time to show up. She is nearly dead." Marissa couldn't believe what she was seeing. Alex was leaving her in her very own arms. Marissa could feel the loss just looking down at her.

"Let's go I need an Ambulance in here right away." The paramedics rushed Alex to the hospital leaving her in the OR for several hours and in recuperating after the surgery. Alex's monitor was fine everything was fine she was awake and Marissa walked in her room and they talked for a while and all of a sudden....**BLEEP BLEEP**

"No...NO...NO Alex No don't leave me. Alex please I love you."

"I am sorry miss there is nothing we can do for her now...just try to make her comfortable. And see what happens I am sorry." The doctors left.

"Alex I love you...Alex please, Alex speak to me."

"Marissa I...I love you..."BEEP--------

"Alex!...No!...Alex!...NO!!" Marissa heard that long prolonged and inevitable beep telling her it was all over. "NO! AAALLLLEEEEEEXXXXXXXX!! NNNOOO!" Marissa laid her head down on Alex's bed while the heart monitor kept that long prolonged beep . “No! Alex Please God NO! NO no no no no no no no no!!!" Marissa punched the walls putting holes in them. "Please Alex don't leave me...PPLLLEEAAASSE ALLEEX! NO GOD PLEASE NO! Don't take her from me you can't I hate you!...Alex!!! No god no why oh god why!" Marissa sobbed into the sheets. Marissa fell into a huge slump on the floor unable to move.


One Week Later~~

Alex's funeral was a sad one. She was loved by everyone. Mostly by Marissa, Marissa had lost her and cried for her everyday. If god only knew how much she had to have her right now. Alex had save her life getting in front of that bullet so Marissa could live. She blamed herself she hated herself for it. She hated God most of all for taking her. Marissa soon began to sulk in her own pity and she drank all her sorrows away. She would get drunk every night and practically lived at the bar. It got so bad her friends checked her into a rehab center within six months after Alex's death.


One Year Later~~

Marissa walked through that lonely grave yard. She had been clean for months totally sober. Alex would be proud of her. Marissa walked the path alone to the last grave on the far east side in the last row. Alex's grave. It read "Here lies the heart of my lover and my only true love never again will I love in my heart you will stay forever." Beloved friend, daughter and girlfriend. Marissa laid the flowers down at the side. They were Alex's favorite, purple Hyistens. Marissa knelt down to be eye level with her granite tombstone. She ran her hand across the cold stone. It was mid October and getting cold, but she didn't care. She was there to see Alex not anything else and right now she didn't care about anything else, nothing mattered. She only cared to know that Alex was safe up there somewhere. "Baby I love you." tears rolled down her check as she kissed her fore finger and middle and slide them across Alex's tombstone. Marissa stood up and started to walk away, she stopped dead in her tracks and turned around. She heard someone whisper her name, when she felt the warmth of the sun she knew who it was. She looked up and smiled. "Thank you God." She then turned and walked away returning every month to replace the dead flowers with new ones. She knew that she had never lost Alex. She always had her. Right here in her heart. And that is where she would stay forever.

The End



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