Title: Sequel to A Heartfelt Investigation

Name: Cherry89

Pairings: Marissa and Alex

Rating: Anywhere from PG to NC-17

Warning: Contains strong emotion, sexual content, mild language

Disclamer: I own nothing *insert sad face*. Alex would still be in Newport if I did.

Summary: My happy ending of course to the previous story. *insert happy face*

Spoiler: None really..

Author's Note: If a gay relationship between two females bothers you don't read any further...

Archiving: With author's permission...

Feed Back: Always appreciated: Uconnchick4lyf15@yahoo.com

Chapter 1

After Marissa got home she decided that she would pack and go somewhere she didn't care where. She just wanted to get away, from Newport, her friends, and the memories of Alex. She was packing when Summer came in.

"Hey." Sum looked down. "What are you doing?"

"I am going away for a while."

"Oh." Sum was disappointed but she understood. "Well before you go I think you should see this." She handed Marissa some yellow envelope.

"What is this?" Marissa slide the flap open and turned it upside down on her bed and papers flew out.

"Just look through it and you will understand later." Sum said as she left.

Marissa sat there staring at all of the papers thinking about what Sum said. What did she mean? She sorted through the papers one by one finding small things on Alex and her and her step-father. She looked further finding another envelope. She opened it and took out the papers inside of it. It read:



If you are reading this I guess that means that I am gone. I am so sorry to have put you through all of this really I am. Please I have to see you. Take a plane to Athens, Greece. I love you with all my heart.

~ Alex~"


Marissa's mouth dropped her eyes got wide. "Oh my god! Can she still be alive? Could she have faked her death to save my life...again?" Marissa didn't care what it was she was going to Greece on the next flight out of Newport.

Chapter 2

Marissa soon found herself on the next flight out of Newport to Greece. She didn't care where she had to go as long as she could see Alex again she didn't care. Marissa got on the plane at 9am and arrived in Greece at 10pm. She got her bags and walked to the airport cafeteria because she was hungry.

Alex watched her from afar to make sure no one followed her and then walked up behind her. She placed a hand on Marissa's shoulder making her jump up and turn around fast.

"ALEX! Oh my god I can't believe you did that to me. Do you have any idea what I went through?"

"I am sorry really I am. But I love you and if you think anything would keep me from you, you are crazy."

"Oh god I missed you so much."

"I missed you too come on." Alex took her hand and lead her to a cab. "Get in." Marissa and Alex got in and the driver took them to a beautiful house by the sea.

"Wow Alex it is beautiful." Marissa was in awe.

"Come on it is our new home."

Marissa just stared at her. "Hello? Do I have to repeat myself babe?"

Marissa shook her head and followed Alex into the house. Marissa dropped her bags at the door when she walked in and saw the entrance to the house. Alex took her hand. "Come with me my sweet." Alex lead her up stairs and to the master bedroom. Alex closed and locked the door behind them and lift Marissa in the air twirling her around. Then gently laid her on top of the bed and got on her. Alex kissed Marissa's neck and then the edge of the top off her dress. She slide down her slender body making her way to the bottom of her dress. As she slipped her hands underneath she traced her legs all the way up her stomach and kissed all around her belly button. Marissa moaned a little and Alex continued to strip her dress off. When she finally got it over her head she threw the article of clothing to the floor. Marissa let her hands roam Alex's back and Alex kissed all the way up her body, moisture lingering wherever she touched.

Alex then leaned into Marissa planting a big one on her lips leading to the most passionate kiss they had ever shared together. Alex slowly parted Marissa's lips and she allowed her access to her tongue. Marissa slid her hands up Alex's shirt breaking the kiss pulling it over her head and left it on the bed. Alex got up and laid next to Marissa so that Marissa could get on top. Marissa placed little kisses from her neck to the edge of her jeans, slowly leading her hands down to the button and zipper puling them off. Alex slowly traced the outline of Marissa's spine sending exotic chill through her body. Marissa then went for Alex's panties slipping her hands inside and pulling them down over her a55. Marissa leaned down and placed her head close to Alex's sensitive spot. Licking and teasing Alex. Alex was flustered. Marissa then licked faster and faster as Alex moved in rhythm with Marissa. Alex was reaching her climax when Marissa stopped and looked up at her and then unexpectedly placed two fingers in her pumping slowly at first and then harder and faster to make Alex come. Alex reached the top within minutes leaving them both entirely exhausted for five minutes. The Alex once again reclaimed her position on top of Marissa placing her fingers in her and circling around driving Marissa absolutely crazy. Marissa pushed Alex in to her further and further till she couldn't go anymore. Alex moved in all directions feeding on Marissa’s passion. Alex the let her fingers slide out of Marissa slowly and began licking, sucking, and biting gently, while her hands massaged Marissa's breasts. Alex went faster and faster and sucked hard then stuck her tongue in as far as it could go sending Marissa so far over the edge she screamed for minutes after she came back down. The two of them laid there the rest of the night holding each other and sleeping in each others warmth.

Chapter 3

Alex awoke around dinner time and slipped out of Marissa's arms and walked down stairs. She wanted to make Marissa a good dinner and wanted it to be romantic.

Alex made Angel hair pasta with garlic sauce and tomatoes along with breadsticks and chicken. She pored to glasses of wine and then proceeded with the rest of her plans.

Marissa woke an hour after Alex and got in the shower and was thinking. "God I am so glad she is still alive. I have missed her so much. It's funny how absence makes the heart grow fonder." Marissa continued her thoughts washing her lanky body until she felt the familiar hands of her girlfriend on her shoulders. She turned around to see that she was getting in too.

"Hey babe. Glad to see me?"

"Always Alex always."

Alex kissed Marissa and they stood there making out in the shower and roaming each other's body. Alex moved her hands all about Marissa making her shiver. Alex deepened the kisses slowly entering Marissa's mouth and massaging her tongue, making her moan into their kiss. Marissa pulled away. "I love you."

"I love you too Marissa."

Alex continued to kiss her and then moved her hands to her sensitive spot inserting two fingers and began pumping her. Marissa gasped. Alex pumped her faster than ever before and Marissa was going over the edge fast and hard. Marissa slumped against Alex exhausted, "I have a surprise for you down stairs." Alex with drew her hands and got out wrapping a towel around her body and walked to the bedroom and got dressed. Marissa was soon to follow wrapping her dripping wet body in a small towel just above her knees and she walked into the bedroom and picked something comfortable out of the closet.

Chapter 4

Marissa grabbed her short black dress and slipped it over her head. She then used the towel to dry her hair and combed it and then ran down stairs. As she approached the end of the steps she could smell of fresh bread, chicken, and pasta. She walked down the rest of the way stopping at the foot of the stairs. She looked at the setting before her. Roses on the table rose petals all around the room scattered for the purpose of just the two of them being back together. She looked from the table to Alex and back again her mouth hanging open. "Oh, Alex." Marissa was speechless and had two tears running down her left cheek.

Alex walked over to Marissa taking her hand and bringing her close wiping her tears away and drawing her in for a small yet tender kiss. She pulled away and lead her to the table allowing her to sit and pushed her chair in. Alex sat after poring the wine.

"Alex...I...I can't believe you did all this. Did you cook?"

"Yes I did and I did it all for you." Alex smiled. "Now eat before it gets cold and then I have more surprises for you after."

Alex and Marissa ate quietly enjoying the moment together. Marissa thought to herself. I wonder what else my beautiful everything has planned.

Alex looked up seeing that Marissa had her I am thinking look on her face. Alex wondered what she was thinking about. Wow she is so wonderful Alex looked at her and her curves the way she moved when she ate. God she's perfect.

Alex went back to eating her food and so did Marissa. Soon they were both done eating. “You want some help cleaning up?"

"No, Riss you just relax." Alex said as she got up to wash the dishes.

Marissa watched Alex move as she washed the dishes and Riss just smiled to herself thinking." I am the luckiest girl in the world. "Oops I said that out loud.

Alex smiled and replied. "What was that I didn't hear you."

"Yes you did."

"Ok fine I did but why are you the luckiest girl in the world?"

"Because babe...I have you. "Alex finished the dishes and took Marissa's hand helping her up from the table.


"Come with me." Alex lead her outside where the sun was just beginning to set over the water. Alex lead her over to a blanket on the sand close to the water that had a cooler and an extra blanket. Alex sat down and pulled Marissa down beside her.

Marissa repositioned herself between Alex's legs and they sat there together quietly yet again. As the sun began to set Alex reached for the cooler taking out two bottles of Bacardi raz. They drank them the moment perfect everything perfect. Alex wasn't dead, Marissa was with her again after a year had passed and she loved every single minute of it. Marissa and Alex sat there watching the sun slowly dim in the night sky. With the last little light from the sky disappearing Alex and Marissa stood and Alex took her hand.

Alex and Marissa proceeded down the beach walking hand in hand as before not saying a word and letting their actions speak entirely for them. Alex stopped and turned to Marissa pointing up to the sky. Above them were the stars glowing and shining brightly. Alex smiled and said. "The stars are so beautiful tonight."

"Yea." Marissa stared up.

"Not those ones. These ones." Alex brought Marissa's chin down to hers and placed a soulful kiss on her lips. Marissa kissed back slowly slipping her tongue inside Alex's mouth.

"God I missed you."

"I am not done yet." Alex and Marissa started back towards the house. Alex hoped she would like the next part of her surprise.


Alex and Marissa reached the house walked in and Alex took Marissa's hand again leading her toward another room. This room was big, had a couch just big enough for the two of them, a few guitars, a micro phone, recording equipment, and one single solitary picture of Marissa and Alex together from the one day they spent at the mall together. Marissa was amazed. Alex lead her to the couch motioning for her to sit. She did.

Alex walked slowly to her guitars picking out her acoustic one and sat in a stool next to some music. "I know I have music but I have only been playing for a few months." Alex started to play the beat was unfamiliar to Marissa at first but then she knew what the song was and how it was by.

Alex started singing and playing happily:

I wanna know
Who ever told you I was letting go
Of the only joy that I have ever known
Girl, they're lying

Marissa smiled to herself though she still couldn't think of the name of the song.

Just look around
And all of the people that we used to know
Have just given up, they wanna let it go
But we're still trying

Alex smiled looking at Marissa.

So you should know this love we share was never made to die
I'm glad we're on this one way street just you and I Just you and I

Marissa started to recognize the beat but it was still a little fuzzy.

I'm never gonna say goodbye
Cos I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I'm never gonna treat you bad
Cos I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and your pain
And I swear it all over again

All over again

And that's when she realized what song it was. I swear it all over again by West life. Marissa smiled and looked at Alex.

Some people say
That everything has got its place in time
Even the day must give way to the night
But I'm not buying
Cos in your eyes
I see a love that burns eternally
And if you see how beautiful you are to me
You'll know I'm not lying

Marissa began to cry as she listened to the words of the song.

Sure there'll be times we wanna say goodbye
But even if we try
There are something's in this life won't be denied
Won't be denied

Alex looked at Marissa seeing the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

I'm never gonna say goodbye
Cos I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I'm never gonna treat you bad
Cos I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and your pain
And I swear it all over again

All over again

Alex was still playing when Marissa stood and got closer to her still looking at her and listening to her sing and play.

The more I know of you is the more I know I love you
And the more that I'm sure I want you forever and ever more
The more that you love me, the more that I know
Oh that I'm never gonna let you go
Gotta let you know that I

I'm never gonna say goodbye
Cos I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I'm never gonna treat you bad
Cos I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and your pain
And I swear it all over again

All over again

As Alex finished the song she looked at Marissa who had tears flowing down her face and she stood wiping her face and her eyes with her hand. Alex kissed Marissa and it escaladed from one thing to another. Alex and Marissa ended up on the couch and were making love to each other.

They laid there after finishing exhausted. Alex laid on Marissa's chest listening to her heart beat. "I love you Marissa Cooper. Will you marry me?"

Marissa laid there mouth open barely breathing a word before shouting "YES Alex Kelly I will marry you. I love you too."

Chapter 5

Alex was stunned at how she got a response that quickly after being apart for so long. Alex got off the couch and walked over to her guitar. Marissa sat up to let her sit down and she played.

The sky has lost it's color
The sun has turned to grey
At least that's how it feels to me
Whenever you're away

Marissa inched her way next to her and wrapped her arms around her lower torso.

I crawl up in the corner
As I watch the minutes pass
Each one brings me closer to
The time when you'll be back
You're coming back

‘Wow she must have really missed me.’ Marissa thought

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time
Until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without saying your name
I can brave a hurricane
And still be standing tall when all the dust has settled down
But I can't take the distance

Alex sang it beautifully and meant every word of it.

I still believe in feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you're close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough

"Not nearly close enough to you babe."

Marissa cried again. Her tears slide down her face sparkling in the moon light. Alex wiped her tears away and put her hand on her chin pulling her in for a kiss.

Alex's tongue slide over Marissa's lips and slowly entered her mouth and massaged hers. Alex finally broke the kiss saying, "I love you."

Marissa looked into her eyes. She could see the heavens and stars in her eyes, sparkling with the utmost intensity. "I love you too."

Alex set her guitar back down on the rack and sat back down on the couch next to Marissa. "Come here." Alex grabbed her hand and pulled her towards her. Marissa slid across the couch and sat next to Alex with her head on her shoulder, their hands interlocked and legs twined together. They fell asleep like that and it was a peaceful sleep the best either of them had had in a year.


Marissa awoke the next morning to find her body wrapped in a blanket and Alex sitting on the stool with a blanket over her shoulders. Alex hadn't seen Marissa stir so she decided to just listen to her sing and play.

You are my everything wonderful
You complete me
You fill that emptiness inside me
You are my everything wonderful

Alex continued unaware that she had an audience.

You are my everything wonderful
You complete me
You fill that emptiness inside me
You are my everything wonderful

You take my life to a new level
You make me whole
You are in my very soul
You take my life to a new level

You make me feel like I am special
You listen to my every word
You give such great advice
You make me feel like I am special

I wish everyday you were here
Sometimes I wonder what you’re doing
Are you thinking of me, cuz I am thinking of you
I wish everyday you were here

You're right there beside me
Cheering me on
Making me believe in me
You’re right there beside me

You're my sky
Birds singing in your ears
Blues cover your face
You're my sky

I stare at you and I feel confident again
You tell me its all ok
Everything will work out
I stare at you and I feel confident again

You make me see the truth behind the lies
Between the lines you point out
Though it's all black and white
You make me see the truth behind the lies

And when I think
I always think the same thing
And when I think
I think of you

What is this feeling inside
This feeling I have that takes me so high
I love you
I need you, just you

Alex looked up after playing the song she had written for Marissa. "Hey beautiful."

"Hey." Marissa yawned. "Did you write that?"

"Umm...yea I did. For you."


Alex nodded. "You're so sweet."

"Thanks babe but you're sweeter."

"Aww...thanks Hun." Marissa grabbed her sheets and got up and walked over to where Alex was and sat down next to her. Alex felt the need to just serenade her fiancé all morning and afternoon and then night with out stopping except for eating. The last song she sang and played was also written by her.

Love is a river
It has ups and downs
It can lead you a stray
but I promise never to

Love has me in a bind
you're stuck inside my mind
I think about you all the time
Is that such a crime

I know I left you
I know I made you cry
I know I hurt you so much
But can't I have a second chance

Just to be with you
To feel the warmth of your touch
Your skin against mine
Our hearts beating as one
Oh what I wouldn't give to have that again

I don't want to lose you again
I don't want to fall into the darkness
Because with out you in my life that's all it is ever going to be.....

Chapter 6

Alex and Marissa spent the next few days in their room not coming out. A week later they were planning their wedding.

"Hum....What do you think the beach or the waterfall?"

"Definitely the waterfall."

"Ok...Hum...Dresses or just whatever?"

"Just whatever."

"Right then. And who is marrying us?"

"Some guy that owes me a few favors because I saved his life."

"Ok then I guess that's everything."

"No what about the honeymoon?"

"What about it?"

"Well don't you want one."

"Well yea, but I love it right here."

"I do to but I want to take you somewhere you have never been."

"Alex...you have already done that." Marissa looked up at Alex, her eyes so beautiful. "I love you so much."

"I love you too."

They got married at the waterfall as they had planned and they went on their honeymoon for Alex's sake. They went to Tahiti. They had a wonderful time there that was spent mostly in the confines of their room or on the beach. Alex and Marissa went home a month later to find that they wanted more.

They wanted kids. They didn't know how many, but they definitely wanted kids. Alex and Marissa decided that Marissa would carry and give birth. About two years later they had a beautiful daughter and Marissa was pregnant again with a boy. Alex and Marissa were more in love than ever and it grew with each passing day.

Many years down the road Alex and Marissa got to watch Jasmine Marie and Logan Thomas grow up into wonderful young adults. Jasmine was a owner of her own surf shop called "Jazzy's" and Logan owned his own restaurant called "Illusions". Both of them were very successful and married with kids. Jasmine had her loving husband Nathan Alexander and three wonderful hellions, Timmy, Christine, and Kelly Ann. Logan and his wife were married last year and they are expecting at anytime now. All of them were happy. Marissa and Alex especially they were even more in love now than those first few years after their marriage. And they all lived a normal happy life for a many long years to come.


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