Title: Just the Beginning

Author's Name or Nick: Cherry89

Fandom: The OC

Pairings: Summer/ Jodie

Ratings: NC/17 definitely.

Warnings: Warning! Very Explicit Scenes...

Disclaimers: Not mine... well except the original Character's the rest well I use them for my twisted enjoyment.

Author's Notes: I started this one kind of not knowing where to really go with it at all. It came out to be one of my longest fics yet and I'm rather proud of it, even if it is just a bunch of rambling... or maybe that's just my stand point.. but why don't you find out, and remember... ENJOY!

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1. Just Another Day…

Another hot sunny day in San Diego California as Summer was sitting in her office at work a lovely Monday afternoon at the Scaffer’s Art Design Studio working on her newest design. Having an already bad morning she called it quits and headed out of her office. As she left she passed Erika Mathers, her boss.

“Roberts, where are you going?” Mathers questioned.

“I am so distracted and frustrated I can’t get any work done, and I told you to call me Summer.” She said standing in the hallway out side her office.

“Right, it’s hard not to be so formal at work.”

“I understand believe me.” Summer was aching to get out of there. She looked around not wanting to be rude she looked back to her boss. “Ms. Mathers, since we don’t really know each other too well would you like to go to the pier with me?"

“It’s Erika, and I’d love to.” Summer walked down to the parking lot with the tall Italian woman who was her boss. Maybe she was about 5’10” or 5’11” Summer wasn’t sure. Her dark complexion shone in the bright sunlight as they walked from the building to the garage where the cars were. Her hair blew in the wind with soft waves of brown. Her eyes glittered in the sunlight and her body was fit and she was very athletic and lean. She was attractive but Summer really never paid too much attention to it all. She just knew she was her boss.

The walk to the garage wasn’t long. Neither had said much, but Summer really didn’t know her boss so what was there to say? Summer and Erika walked passed the entrance and up to the third floor of the garage. Erika spoke first.

“So how do you feel about motorcycles?” She asked turning to look at her.

“Uh…I don’t know I have never been on one."

“Really?” Summer shook her head yes. “Well do you want to?"

“Uh…” Summer wasn’t sure about this. “I don’t know."

“It’s not dangerous.” Erika said with a friendly smile.

“Well ok, but if you kill me then I’ll sue you.”

“Ok, but if you’re dead how can you?”

“Shut up."

Erika climbed on her black ninja and helped Summer on as well. “Good thing you wore pants today."


Erika revved the engine and let go of the clutch as Summer was still placing her helmet on her head. Erika went through the parking lot and took a left towards the pier. As she sped up Summer held on tighter. Erika loved it, feeling Summer’s chest against her back. Of course Summer, everyone knew was straight. Though Erika sure wished she wasn’t.

Erika pasted the pier and parked up the road. Summer still clung to her. “Uh…Summer?"


“You can let go now."

“Oh right.” Summer let go and the put her helmet on the seat and they walked up the street towards the pier. Again both women were pretty quiet while walking. Summer spoke first. “Where do you want to go for lunch?"

“Um…well do they have a good burger place. I’d love one of those."

“Yea actually, Manuelo’s is right at the end by the aquarium."

“Oh. I have never been to the aquarium. I have always wanted to go but no one ever took me.”

“Well you’re the boss if you don’t mind missing a little work I’ll go with you.” Erika turned to Summer.

“Really, you’d do that?'

“Um hum.” Summer took her arm and lead her down to Manuelo’s. She opened the door for her and motioned her to go in. “After you.”

“Thank you."

“Sure. Where do you want to sit?"

“How about over there?” She pointed to the back over looking the ocean.

“Perfect.” Summer and Erika took their seats and the waitress took their orders for drinks stating she’d be back in a few minutes.


(the aquarium)

“Jodie move your ass we have a show in an hour.”

“Yes boss ma’am, yes."

“Jodie!” There was anger in her tone.

“Sorry Alex I just can’t help it. I mean you are my best friend and my boss too.” Jodie laughed so did she.

“Don’t forget that Marissa is too."

“I know, how could I. She gets me drunk off my ass every Saturday when we all go out to Laguna."

“That she does, but it’s not her fault you can’t hold your liquor."

“Yeah yeah. Whatever I have to get back to work now."

“You better. The dolphins still need feed don’t forget."

“I won’t.” She said as she walked away.




“Huh?” She looked up from the menu.

“Can I ask you something?"

“Uh…I guess."

“Do you have a boyfriend or something?” That’s not what I wanted to ask.

“Uh…” Summer was confused at the question. “No not right now. Do you?"

“No…” She smiled. “No I don’t.”

The waitress came back with their drinks and asked them for their orders. “I’ll have the Boca burger. No mayo, extra pickle, and no onions."

The waitress shifted her attention to Erika. “Um… can I have the western cactus burger, no onions, or mushrooms.”

“Sure would you ladies like fries with that?” Summer looked at Erika who nodded.

“Yes please.” Summer replied.

“They will be ready in about a half hour.” She walked away and put the orders in moving to another table.

“So Summer, what’s your favorite thing to do on your day off?"

“Umm…” Summer played with her hair, a habit, but a cute one. “I don’t know I don’t get much free time, with work and friends. What about you?"

“Same.” They smiled at one another. Their lunches came and they ate. Summer fitted the bill since it was her idea and they walked over to the aquarium going to the dolphin show first.


(training room)

Jodie was getting ready as the people piled in. “Ok guys, you are going to make me look good out there today right?"

“Ehe ehe."

“Good.” Jodie threw them a fish each. Three dolphins one of her, not too bad. Jodie headed out on Celp’s back as the passed many in the crowd, but one person caught her eye. A beautiful brunette in the front row. Jodie smiled.

Summer looked around seeing the gorgeous woman on the dolphin in the middle. As the woman came into view she recognized her. “Jodie?"

Erika looked at her and back to the woman on the dolphin. “You know her?"

“Uh…yeah you could say that.” Summer said bluntly.


“My best friend, Marissa. Her girlfriend is Jodie’s best friend. And Jodie and I had a thing. I don’t really know what it was. It was just sort of fun. I don’t know but she still looks as good as she did then."

‘Damn it.’ Erika cursed herself. ‘I am too late.’ “So…uh how long ago was this?"

“About six years maybe.” Summer couldn’t take her eyes off Jodie.

“In high school?"

“Uh…yea. Alex and Marissa were dating. Jodie and I were single. We flirted. She was such a perv then. It was kind of cute. We never did much, we just enjoyed each others company. I think both of us were to high strung at the time."

“Do you still have feelings for her?"

Summer looked to Erika, ‘Oh no not again, my boss likes me, shit.’ “Uh yeah I do.” Erika kept quiet the rest of the show while Summer watched on intently. Mainly having her eyes fixed on Jodie.

2. Wipe Out!

Erika now felt bad about hitting on Summer knowing now she had feelings for Jodie. She was hot, who could blame her. ‘I really wish I could have got her first.’ The show had been going on for a good fifteen minutes now. Jodie was still riding the one dolphin she came in on. She was having fun.

“Ok ladies and gentlemen watch closely as Lolo performs this next trick.” Jodie pulled out a hula hoop and Lolo jumped through it several times as the crowd clapped and laugh with amazement. Jodie continued to have the dolphins show off their skills. Her wet suit made her look so damn sexy and Summer couldn’t concentrate.

Erika looked down to her watch. It was almost time to head back. “Summer?"

Summer was still staring at Jodie. “Huh?” She said looking up.

“We should head back, the show is almost over too isn’t it?"

“Yeah.” Summer stood placing her eyes back on Jodie. She watched her as they walked down the steps of the arena area. Summer couldn’t take her eyes off her. As she was walking she wasn’t paying attention and she was walking straight for the sign that read; “Do not enter, Slippery area”. Summer kept walking though. As soon as her feet hit the slippery pavement she went flying under the rails with a loud scream into the bone chilling water.

Jodie heard someone scream and rushed out to see Summer in the water. She jumped in and swam over to her. Summer was struggling against Jodie. Jodie put her arms around Summer. “Shh, hey it’s Jodie. Calm down Summer I got you.” Summer stopped struggling against Jodie and let her pull her to the side of the pool. “Are you alright?"

Summer coughed. “I think so. Wait, Jodie?” Summer looked up at her and their eyes met. They sat there staring at one another until they heard foot steps running towards them. Summer and Jodie looked up immediately.

“Oh my gosh Sum. Are you ok?” Marissa ran out to her best friend. Summer was still in a trance. “Hello? Sum?"

“Huh? Sorry, yeah I’m ok."

“Good. You won’t be suing us right?"

“No, no of course not.” They all laughed. Summer stood and Marissa hugged her.

“Hey while we have you here, you busy later?” Alex asked. Marissa glared at her girlfriend giving her the “I can’t believe you are doing this” look and nodding to Jodie.

“Actually no I’m not, however I now need, clothes, a new cell phone, and dry money.” The four laughed as Erika came over.

“Summer oh my god are you ok? You are taking the rest of the day off missy."

“Yes ma’am.” She laughed. “This is my boss everyone, Erika Mathers.”

“Nice to meet you all. And Summer stay with your friends I’ll have someone drop off your car here. Stay home the rest of the day and have fun. I have to get to work. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Erika walked off and headed to her motorcycle getting on leaving the girls in wonder.

“Does she?” Marissa asked.

“I think she does. I don’t know what to do though because I don’t have feelings for her, I am hung up on someone else.” Summer said sadly. “But, I am unsure of that too.” Marissa walked to her side.

“Come on Sum. Let’s get you some clothes. I’ll take the rest of the day and we’ll go shopping just us.”

“Coop, that sounds wonderful."

“Sure does.” The two of them walked to Marissa’s car and got in. They drove back to Summer’s apartment and went in side. The two of them went up to Summer’s room and Marissa sat on the bed as Summer grabbed clothes and went into the bathroom.



“Ok Jodie. What’s going on?"

“Alex, I don’t know."

“You still like her right?"


“So then what’s the problem?"

“She’s hung up on someone."

“Are you fucking blind? Can’t you see how she still looks at you? Did you see her in the audience today, cause I sure as hell did, and her eyes were on you."

“No Alex, I lost her in Newport."

“Jodie for Christ’s sake swallow your fucking pride and make a move."

“Alex, I…I don’t want to get hurt again."

“Jodie I am going to say this once, and only once more. She still likes you. She told me herself she regrets letting you go for Cohen. Everyday day she regrets it wishing she could see you again. You’d be fucking brain dead not to hang with us tonight. So are you coming or not?” Alex crossed her arms.

“Fine.” Jodie walked away and Alex sighed.

“Damn girl never knows what is staring back at her in her damn face.” Alex walked to her office and finished the financial papers.



“So what is going on Sum?"

“What do you mean Coop?” They walked into the food court and sat at a table near the back by the bathrooms.

“I mean you and Jodie."

“Oh.” Summer sadly said looking down.

“Sum come on she still likes you. I know she does."

“How do you know Marissa? Huh?!"

“Calm down, don’t get short with me. I am just helping."

“I know I am sorry. I just I…think that I love her."

Marissa sat in her seat looking at her best friend across the table. “You what?"

“I think I love her."

“Ok so what’s the problem then?"

“Me, I hurt her."

“She may be hurt but she still likes you."

“It’s too late Coop."

“It’s never too late Sum."

“You think so?"

“Of course.” She smiled at her friend. “Now I believe you need a new cell phone right."

“Yes, I do.” Summer said as the two of them walked off to Verison Wireless.

3. Talking to Dolphins?

Jodie threw the broom, “God damn it!” She sat next to the pool thinking.

“Ehe ehe ehe.”

“No.” Jodie stated.

“Ehe eh."


“Ehe eh."

“I don’t like her, shut you stupid dolphin.” The dolphin swam away. Jodie looked up. “Damn it! Lolo!” The dolphin kept swimming. “smart animal that’s for sure."

“Yeah sometimes they are smarter than you."

“Shut up Alex.” Jodie had her head to her knees. Alex sat down beside her and put her arms around her best friend. “What did I do wrong? Why did she choose geek boy over me?” Jodie was crying.

“Jodie you have to give the girl a break. She was 16 younger than Marissa. She was just confused. Being that popular can do that to a girl.” Alex held onto Jodie as she cried.

“But she choose him.”

“Shh…but you get her now.” Alex cradled Jodie in her arms as she cried ever still thinking of Summer.



“Hey Coop?"


“We should go in there.” Summer pointed.

“The lingerie store?” Marissa raised an eyebrow. “Summer Lauren Roberts!"

“What? Marissa Anne Cooper!"

“I can’t believe you."

“You can’t?"

“Never mind yes I can."

“I knew you could. Now get your ass moving.” Summer took her hand and pulled her into the store. Summer went around the whole store picking out bra’s and panties.

“Sum, I think that’s enough. There’s got to be at least 10 pairs here that match."

“You’re right I need two more.”

Marissa sighed, “Why?"

“Cause. Just hold this.” Summer placed two more items on Marissa’s arms. “Ok come on.”

“What you’re just going to buy it?"


“You’re not even going to try anything on?"

“No, I know my sizes."

“Right! I hope you have to bring everyone back."

“Shut up Coop!” Summer handed the lady her credit card and took the bags and they left the mall heading back to Summer’s place.



Jodie was still crying. Alex’s shirt was now soaked through. “Jodie?"

She looked up and sniffled, “What?"

“How about we go to your place and pick out what you are going to wear tonight and get ready?” She sniffled again.

“Ok.” They got up and walked to Alex’s car and drove back to Jodie’s.


(sum and Rissa)


“Summer? It’s Erika. Where are you?"


“Oh, oh my God get of the phone now!"

“Calm down Erika, red light. What’s up?"

Whew, thank God. “Umm, your car?"

“Oh yeah, can you have them take it by my place I am going to be there in a few minutes."



“Yeah.” She hung up and Summer closed her phone.

“That was about the weirdest conversation I have ever held with my boss."

“What do you mean?"

“How concerned she was."

“Duh she has the hots for you babe."

“I noticed.” Summer continued to drive and finally pulled into her drive way. Her and Marissa walked inside and they went up to her room and she dumped her bags on the bed. “Wow I did a good job today."

“I’m lost Sum?"

“Shopping, I put a nice dent in their collection up there."

“Sum, you bought twelve matching lingerie outfits."

“So they were expensive. I was a Philanthropist today.” Summer said proudly.

Marissa laughed. Her and Summer chatted about things that went on since they talked last and then Summer went to the bathroom to get ready. Marissa looked at her best friend who was distraught with worry.



“There is no need to worry, she still wants you.” Summer smiled and went back to doing her hair.



Jodie and Alex were up stairs talking about Summer. “So do you really think she’ll dance with me if I ask her?"

“Hell yes."

“Alex! That’s your opinion and close your mouth one you are taken and two I don’t want you.” Alex closed her mouth and wiped the drool from her mouth.

Jodie finished getting ready and the two of them left for the Club Coil. Coil was an all women’s club. Many were gay, some bisexual, and even more straight who were wandering about. Jodie and Alex entered and went to the back to find Marissa and Summer already there. Jodie stopped as soon as she saw Summer and let her mouth drop to the floor.

4. Jaw Dropper…

Alex looked from Jodie to Summer and back. “Shit girl you just going to stand there while your tongue is a wagging?"

Jodie snapped out of it and looked to Alex mumbling and, “Oh my god.” Summer was drop dead gorgeous to begin with and everything she wore or didn’t wear just accentuated it all more. Jodie slowly walked over to where Summer and Marissa were sitting gazing at Summer’s outfit. Black leather pants that fit her just right and were low rise so that her shirt wouldn’t come all the way down leaving her belly button exposed along with a belly button ring. She wore a red halter top and black leather healed boots and her make up was just right when the lights would add a slight shimmer to her cheeks. Jodie stood in front of Summer for a few minutes taking in all of Summer.

Summer watched Jodie’s reactions to what she was wearing and said to herself, ‘Oh wait till I get you on the dance floor.’ Summer subconsciously licked her lips and smiled at Jodie.

‘Oh my god did she just…she couldn’t have, did she lick her lips?’ Jodie’s eyes got wide and she continued to stare.

“Hun, are you going to continue to gawk at my great body or do you want to dance?” Summer asked standing up and walking to her.

“I…I…I uh…um…I think I need a drink. Excuse me.” Jodie walked to the bar leaving a confused Summer and an angry Alex chasing her.

Summer sat down on the couch again and stared into space. “Why…why won’t she dance with me?"

Marissa looked to her heart broken friend and smiled. “She does but damn just look at you I think I may need a drink too.” Summer blushed as a single solitary tear ran down her cheek. “Sum don’t cry.” Marissa said trying to comfort her best friend.



“Jodie, what the hell was that?!” Alex grabbed her arm and sat her at the bar stool.

“I…I don’t know."

“Jodie she practically threw herself at you. What the fuck. The Jodie I knew would have taken her right there and then."

“I am not that person Alex. I haven’t been for a long time."

“No just since you known her. But even then you never sat around. You always made the first move. I mean I can understand why not now. But shit Jo, she loves you.”

“She what?"


“Alex?” Jodie looked at her.

“I wasn’t supposed to tell you."

“Tell me what?"

“Are you fucking deaf too! I mean shit I know you’re blind but fuck do I have to spell it for you. S.H.E.L.O.V.E.S.Y.O.U! Dumb ass!” With that Alex got up leaving Jodie at the bar.


(the lounge)

“Marissa can I talk to you for a second?” Marissa looked up and nodded.

“Sure what’s up?"

“Jo is going nuts on me again."

“Again? Didn’t we do this already?” Marissa sighed. Alex nodded. “Do I have to get her drunk?"

“You may have to babe.” Marissa sighed again.

“It would hurt Sum. I am not getting her drunk tonight."

“Ok, but we need to talk to her soon before she loses it for sure."

“I thought she already had, I mean she talks to those fucking dolphins for Christ’s sake."

“Good point.”

“Alex please bring her back over here or I am sending Sum over there to get her ass.” Alex walked back over to the bar.




“What Alex?” Jodie said downing a shot of absolute. “Another.” Alex took the glass before her friend could grab it. “What the hell!?"

“That’s enough. You can’t get drunk, not tonight of all nights. Do you want Sum to see you like that? Come on.” Alex grabbed her hand and lead her back to the couch. “Sit.” Jodie looked to where she was pointing and sat down next to Summer. “Where is Marissa?"


“Ok. I’ll be right back. You two talk.” Alex walked away.



Marissa looked out from where she was hiding, seeing Alex she grabbed her and pulled her into the closet. “Well?"

Alex pulled Marissa out the door. “They are talking aren’t they?"

“No they are just sitting there."

“Yeah well I am not going back till the have talked."

“Oh really, and whatever shall we do to pass the time away?"

Alex smirked. “Baby I like your thinking.” Alex pushed Marissa up against the wall and attacked her neck.



Summer stared at Jodie and got up. “You know what?"

Jodie looked at Summer. “No what?"

“I am tired of this. Do you want me or not?"

Jodie was shocked at how straight forward she was. “Yes."

“Then why the fuck are you pushing me away?” Summer was getting a little loud.



Marissa and Alex popped their heads out to see Summer yelling at Jodie. Alex looked to Marissa. “Well they are talking now.” She smiled and pulled Marissa back into her before she could say anything.



Jodie sat there. “Huh? Why?” It was a good thing the club was loud.

Jodie looked up with tears in her eyes and Summer’s face went pale. “Because Summer, you hurt me. I loved you and you choose him. I loved you then and I love you now, but I don’t want to get hurt.” Jodie looked away embarrassed by her tears.

Summer bent down to her and lifted her chin and pulled her face around to meet hers. “Jo I love you too, I always have. I was confused, I don’t know what more you anted from me then being in high school and not knowing who I was. But I promise Jo I wont hurt you this time.” Summer’s eyes meet Jodie’s and they held gazes for several minutes. Summer and Jodie instinctively began moving closer to one another and stared right into each other’s eyes. Summer’s and Jodie’s lips met and it was soft and it was innocent as it progressed to more passionate.



Marissa poked her head out wondering why it had got quiet and she didn’t hear Summer yelling anymore. She saw Sum and Jo kissing and pulled Alex out from behind the door. “Aww look at them."

“Took them fucking long enough, and that was just to fucking kiss.” Marissa pulled Alex’s chin over to hers.

“You really need to wash your mouth out with soap. You are getting quite dirty.” Marissa put a hand on her chin bringing her closer.

“Am I know?” Marissa nodded as their lips met. Alex broke first stating, “We should get dressed and go and meet them back out there now."

“Good idea.” Marissa and Alex got dressed and walked back out to sit with Jo and Sum. Alex and Marissa sat on one couch with Jo and Sum on the other. Jodie and Summer were holding hands and they were all talking, and to think they had only been there two hours and it was only 10pm.

5. Down and Dirty

Summer and Jodie had been sitting the entire time while they watch Marissa and Alex dance. “Wow they are really getting it on out there aren’t they?"

“Yeah they are."


(dance floor)

Marissa pulled Alex in closer and whispered in her ear, “What do you think they are talking about baby?"

“How much I want you."

“Alex, they aren’t thinking that you are."

“I know."

“Oh you what am I going to do with you?"

“Kiss me and fuck me when we get home?"

“Oh you so aren’t getting any."





“Are you thinking what I am?"

“Getting out of here?” She said hopefully.

Summer shook her head, “No…” She took Jodie’s hand and lead her though the crowd. “Getting down and dirty baby."

“I think I like that idea too.” Jodie said gleefully.

“Good, now you stand right there, don’t move.” Summer put her arm on Jodie’s shoulder and bent down into Jodie’s pelvis with hers. She kept her hand where they were as her hips began to sway in time with the beat against Jodie. She closed her eyes letting Summer dance around her and into her. Summer arched her back and pulled Jodie slightly down as well and then came back up again leaning hard into Jodie.

“Oh my god, Sum."

“I am guessing you like."

“Yea, but can I at least move now?"

“You can move I suppose."

“Oh thank god I thought I was going to die not being able to hold you.” Jodie grabbed Summer’s ass and pulled her as close as possible with their hips sway in time to the beat and each other. Summer arched her back again and this time Jodie leaned into her and pulled her back up.



“Damn look at them two!"

“Shit, baby why aren’t we doing that?"

“Because then you would try and take me right here."

“Ok good point, that’s a private viewing only got it."



Jodie and Summer locked eyes and moved their lips closer instinctively and kissed passionately. Everyone around them stopped dancing and watched them. They pulled out of it as they heard Alex saying, “God damn that was hot!"

Jodie turned around and yelled, “Alex, smack on your girlfriend will yea and leave mine to me?"

“Ok.” Jodie turned back to Summer not even paying attention to their audience. “Do you want to leave?"

“Hell yes I do.” Jodie took Summer’s hand and lead her to her car. They walked out side and stopped next to a brand new 2005 ford mustang convertible. “Shit, Jo is this yours?"

“Uh yea it is. I make a lot working for them two yahoo’s.” She said pointing to Alex’s jeep.



“Ten bucks says they are fucking in Jo’s convertible."

“Nope you are wrong they are talking and I stake at 50 bucks sweetie."

“You must be really sure."

“Oh I am, us on the other hand.” Marissa stopped and pulled Alex outside and into her jeep.

“Shit, ok I agree with this.”


(Jo’s car)

“So are we going to my place or yours?"

“Umm mine."

“Ok, I need directions though."

“No you don’t you just passed it."

“Oh really,” She stopped and backed up, “that one?” she pointed to the one on the left.

“No, that one.” Summer pointed to the one on the right.

“Oh my god you live in a beach house?"

“Yea.” Jodie pulled into the drive-way and got out of the car. Summer did the same and took out her keys. She walked to the door and placed it in the lock but couldn’t quite seem to get it to go into the key hole. Jodie walked up behind her and put her arms around her helping her insert the key and turn it. Summer felt Jodie’s breathing as she leaned into her and pushed the door open further for the two. Jodie pushed a very eager Summer into her house. Summer almost stumbled onto her ass from the force that Jodie put behind getting her into the house. Jodie caught her and carried her to the couch in the living room and laid her down gently. And got on top of her straddling her. Jodie looked down at her.

“Are you sure you want to do this?"

“Jo we have been together before. This isn’t our first time together."

“I know but I don’t want to do this if you aren’t ready yet."

“Jodie look at me. Would I be here right now with you on my couch if I didn’t want to do this?"

Jodie looked at her, she was right she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want to. She knew that, they had been through it the first time when Jodie wanted to make sure Summer was ready. Summer was the last time before she was ready before Jodie was.

“Well do you really want to do this here?"

“On my couch, no. Here and now, yes.” Summer smiled seductively at Jodie. “why don’t we take the tour first?"

“Ok.” Jodie got up and Summer took her hand.

“We’ll do first floor to second floor. This is obviously the living room.” Summer lead Jodie around the corner to the kitchen, through there to the dining room, and then around to the porch. “Well that’s floor one."

“It’s great really it is. But looking at you is all I need Sum. You know that.” Summer smile and looked away so that Jodie wouldn’t see her blush. Jodie walked to her out on the porch to where she was standing at the railing. She took her chin and forced Summer to look at her. “I love you, I have seen you, all of you. I know you. And you are all I want."

6. Where’s the Bedroom?

Summer looked into Jodie’s eyes seeing that she wasn’t lying, she never did about the feelings she had for Summer. Jodie backed her up into the banister and got as close as she could. Summer was so close to Jodie she could feel her body heat coming off her. Summer’s eyes glanced around and then went back to Jodie. She moved closer to her and backed her into the house. As they approached the steps Jodie feel backwards and Summer got on top her. She smiled down at Jodie, “I love you.” Summer kissed Jodie with as much passion as she could muster and let her hands travel the length of her body. Jodie pushed Summer off her and got up smiling.

“What what’s wrong?” Summer asked puzzled.

“Sorry Sum, but I’m not doing this on the stairs.” Jodie laughed and Sum went pink.

“Well there is a thing called a bedroom."

“Well why aren’t we there?” Jodie smiled and picked Sum up and carried her up the steps.

The got to the top and Sum gave her directions to the bedroom. “Left..” go a little ways. “Right..” a little more. “Left again.” And the bedroom. “Finally."

“Yea well had you told me the trip up stairs was huge I’d would have put you down to lead."

“Haha.” Sum laughed as she strode over to the bed and sat down. “Are you going to join me or stand there?"

“Umm, how about I just admire for a few and then join?” Summer pouted. She stuck her bottom lip out and it quivered, it always worked on Jodie. “Oh fine.” Jodie walked over to her and she smiled up and the flustered Jodie.

“Aww sweetie are you flustered?”

“Not at all.”

“Well if that wasn’t sarcasm I don’t know what is."

“Very funny.”

“I thought so.” Sum smiled and pulled her down on top of her. Jodie let all her weight fall on Summer and kissed her hard moving her hands up her sides. “Mmmmm.” Summer moaned at Jodie’s touch. She quivered at her every move. Jodie put her hand on her neck bringing her in closer. She kissed her neck and let her free hand travel the length of her body. She let her hand travel south and remain over Summer’s crotch, gently circling above it. Summer’s hips bucked at Jodie’s actions. “Oh god Jodie please don’t…” Summer’s sentence stopped when Jodie applied pressure and turned into moans. Jodie could feel the warmth flowing off Summer as her hand pressed harder into her leather pants.

Jodie looked up at her and smiled. “Baby, are you getting all wet?"

“Hell fucking yes!” Summer moaned when Jodie’s hand grazed a more sensitive area. Summer’s hands were now in her hair as her head tossed from side to side to subdue the feeling in her. Jodie kissed her neck up and down before taking her left hand and pulling the string on her halter top. She continued kissing her neck and pulled the strings away from her and pulled the fabric, keeping her away from Summer’s breasts, down. She kissed down her neck to her collar bone and up to her ear and back down to her shoulder continuing past and down to her breast making the shorter girl moan out in ecstasy. She licked around Summer’s nipple not touching it yet grazing it ever so lightly.

“Oh god please…” Summer’s sentence again was cut short as Jodie put her tongue right over her nipple and drew it into her mouth. Summer pulled her closer as her hips bucked into Jodie’s hand. “God!"

Jodie looked up. “Are you ok?"

“F..f..in…ine.” Summer stuttered out.

Jodie continued slipping her hand inside Summer’s pants now instead of pressing against her. She carefully undid the leather pants and pulled them off her along with her thong. Jodie stopped for a minute to gawk at Summer’s beauty. “God, you’re so beautiful.” Summer smiled and pulled her close wrapping her arms around her.

“Jodie, I want to feel you inside me.” Jodie’s eyes popped out of her head. But she smiled soon after letting herself feel more comfortable she moved to the side of Summer and let her hands wander before finally making their way down to her thighs. Jodie made figure 8’s and circles on her thighs till she couldn’t take it anymore. “Jodie please, don’t tease me."

“You mean like this.” Jodie winked and let her fingers drag across her clit and down to her wetness slipping in a little and back out and down the rest of her center. Summer gasped every time Jodie touched her.

“God, Jodie please I need your fingers inside me now!” Jodie was taken back by such forwardness and demand. But she felt she had teased the brunette enough. Jodie rubbed her clit in an up and down movement while letting her palm rest on her center. Summer moaned and forced her hips upward. Jodie was feeling bad for teasing Summer so much that she stopped all movement. She got up and walked around to the side of the bed. Summer’s eyes watched as she began to undress.

Jodie pulled off the last of her clothing and stood there letting Summer take a nice long look. Once she was sure Summer got the full view she got on the bed behind Summer. She let her legs to the side of Summer’s so that Sum was in the middle of her legs. She pulled her back against her chest and felt her breath catch at the contact. She let her hands roam her body finding their way back down to her center. Jodie pulled Summer into her with all she had. She let on hand come back up to find her breast while the other one’s fingers made their way around Summer’s clit. Summer leaned her head back into Jodie as Jodie’s fingers continued to work on her. Jodie moved her fingers from her clit and slipped two inside of Summer while her palm massaged her clit and her other hand moved to her breast. Jodie played with her nipples and tweaked at them. She gently rolled them between her fore finger and thumb and let go again. Summer let out louder moans with each passing second.

“Oh god! Jodie!” Summer pushed her body into Jodie as hard as she could. Jodie went faster and added a third finger sending Summer into ecstasy and screaming her name at the top of her lungs. Summer pressed her body into Jodie and as her orgasm waves continued threw through her she pushed herself against Jodie so hard that Jodie was moaning too. “Jo, keep going.”

Jodie was shocked to hear that but complied anyway. Jodie continued and Summer rode her hand. Summer was moving her hips to the time of Jo’s thrusts. And each time her hips moved into Jodie. Jodie was moaning now too. Summer had one hand on Jodie’s thigh and the other around her neck. She let her hand slide back to Jodie’s torso and down between her legs. Summer’s hips were still pounding into her when she felt Sum’s fingers against her clit rubbing and pulling at it. “Ohh god Summer!” Jodie screamed. Her and Summer continued both their actions until they went over with each other. The two of them laid together trying to catch their breath.

Jodie spoke first. “Wow. Damn you’re good."

“Not so bad yourself."

“I should hope not.'

“Nope you’re good in my books."

“Well that’s good. So how about some sleep?"

“Sleep sounds good.”

Jodie pulled Summer close to her and put her arm lazily over her waist. As she drifted off to sleep she let her arm move up a bit and pulled Summer even closer and whispered into her ear. “I love you."

“I love you too Jo."

7. Breakfast…or Not

Jodie woke up the next morning to an empty bed. “Shit where is she?” She got up and pulled a sheet around herself and walked down stairs. “Summer?"


Jodie walked into the kitchen and right away her nose was greeted with a wonderful smell of bacon and eggs. “What’s all this?"

“I thought you’d be hungry after last night."

“Hell yeah.” Jodie sat at the table with Summer following behind with eggs, toast, and bacon.

“OJ or milk?"

“OJ of course.” Summer got the orange juice and poured them each a cup. Jodie and Summer ate breakfast and were both silent for the most part other than the stolen glances and often smiling faces, they kept quiet. Summer finished the last of her toast and got up to clean the mess. Jodie walked behind her placing her hands on her hip. “Why don’t you let me help?"

“No, you’re fine. You’re the guest.” Jodie’s hand slipped in and out of Summer’s t-shirt.

“Oh no baby that’s not what I meant.” Jodie began teasing Summer and kissing her neck.

“Uh, Jodie?” Summer half moaned out.

“Hum?” Jodie managed to muffle out.

“We’re in my kitchen."

“Yeah and?” Jodie continued.

“Jodie I have work today."

“Uh huh.” Summer felt her knees weaken.

“I need a shower."

“Ok.” Jodie pushed Summer into the counter and Summer moaned loudly when she felt Jodie’s hands on her breasts.

“Ohh…” Summer tilted her head back allowing Jodie more room. “Jodie, shower.” Was all she could get out. Jodie smirked and let go of Summer’s breasts pulling her close and moving a hand to her ass and picking her up. Summer smiled and kissed her lips. Jodie carried her up stairs and put her on the bed. She walked into the bathroom turned the water on and pulled the shower knob.

She walked back out to Summer and pulled her up off the bed. She smiled at her before running her hands up and down her body then moving her hands to her shirt. She lifted it slowly over her head and let her fingers run along side of Summer’s body. She lifted it completely off and let it fall to the floor. She let her hands trace her arms up and down then to her bare chest. She let her hands graze Summer’s breasts lightly before massaging them. Summer looked into her eyes and let her head tilt backwards before letting out stifled moans from biting her lip. She moved her left hand down to Summer’s sweatpants and slipped her hand inside letting it trail Summer’s curls lightly. Summer gasped at the contact and forced her hips into Jodie. Jodie smiled and took her hand out snapping the waist band a bit and bringing both hands to her waist and pulling the pants down. Jodie stood back up and looked on in awe.

She took Summer’s hand and lead her to the bathroom. She stopped at the edge of the shower and helped her in. Jodie stood there for a while and went to turn around when she felt a hand tug at the sheet around her and before she knew it she too was naked. Jodie felt herself being pulled into the shower by Summer and pushed against the shower wall. Jodie lost her balance and she fell on the floor with Summer on top of her. Summer smiled wickedly before attacking her neck.

“I thought you had work?"

“I…do.” She said between kisses. “But…not...for…another…two…hours."

“Ohhh…” Jodie let her emotions get the best of her allowing Summer full control of their surroundings. She continued attacking Jodie’s neck moving her hands freely about her body eventually down to her curls that were wet with anticipation. Jodie gasped when she felt Summer’s fingers enter her.

Summer liked the effect she had on her. Summer ravished her neck and slowly moved her body down wards. She looked at Jodie who was fighting to keep her eyes open and on Summer. She looked into her eyes before letting her head fall to meet her fingers as she began sucking on her clit. Jodie tilted her head back and lifted her hips into the air as Summer continued both movements going faster and harder. Jodie screamed out with pleasure with one last push and clung to Summer. She finally regained her breath and tried to stand, but failed at her attempt.

Summer laughed lightly. “What’s wrong babe, lost the ability of your legs to work?"

“Haha, very funny. Help me up.” Summer gave Jodie a hand so she could stand and let her lean against her.

“Don’t try anything because I really have to get my ass moving now."

“Well who’s fault is that?” Jodie smacked her ass.

“Oh you know you loved it.” Summer smiled. “But either stop or help me wash because I have to be at work in an hour.” Jodie smirked and picked up a wash cloth.

“I’ll help but you have to control yourself.” She began to rub down Summer’s body as she washed her hair. Jodie massaged a smooth lather of soap onto her skin and then let the water run it off. Jodie smirked as her hand reached lower and lower finally she let her hand take some of the soap and massaged Summer’s curls with it. Summer felt her knees go weak again and leaned against the shower wall to support herself. Jodie continued and then again let the warm water rinse the soap from Summer’s body. She turned her around and pulled her into a deep kiss while shutting the water off and handing Summer a towel, Jodie got out and grabbed one herself leaving a breathless Summer in the shower standing there in awe.

8. Shower

Summer still in awe walked out of the shower fully naked and dripping wet. ”What the hell was that?"

“What?” Jodie smirked. “This.” She said grabbing Summer and kissing her. She let her hands travel Summer’s body and then let go of her.

“Uh huh that."

“Just a little something. Don’t you have to be at work in like an hour?"

“Shit! Yea I do.” Summer rushed around like a mad little monkey chasing some kid that stole it’s banana. She got dressed and rushed out the door but came back a second later kissing Jo and then said. “Hey I’ll meet you for lunch ok? The pier? See you soon.” And rushed back outside. She got in her car and sped off. She was working on 20 minutes late when she ran into Erika knocking the papers out of her hand. “Sorry. Wow I should pay more attention."

“It’s ok Summer really.” She said picking up papers here and there.

“No, no if I wasn’t late then I wouldn’t have been in a hurry to get to my office and get to work and I wouldn’t have bumped into you."

“It’s ok really.” Erika smiled. “Do you have anything planned for lunch today?"

“Uh yeah I’m having lunch with Jodie today."

“Oh, ok."

“I’m sorry, you want to join?"

“Oh, no, no it’s ok maybe another day?"

“Sure.” Erika got up and walked off and cursed herself silently as she sat down at her desk. Summer felt strange no. She loved Jodie but had feelings for her boss. Wow weird. “What the fuck am I going to do now?”


(the pier)

Jodie swept the decks and feed the dolphins. “Ehehhe."



“I did not."


“I didn’t fuck her ok. I made love to her, there’s a difference."


“Yes there is."


“God damn dolphin.” Jodie walked off and was outside when she got a visit from someone right around noon. What trouble could this little harmless visit bring? A lot. Jodie sighed as she watched the girl walk up to her.

9. Uh Oh

“Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in."

“I didn’t come here you did what the fuck do you what Christine?"

“That’s no way to talk to your ex."

“Yeah the ex who cheated on me with her brother’s best friend."

“Jo, come on. I said I was sorry. I was drunk. Please forgive me?"

“Don’t Jo me. And you want me to forgive you? Haha don’t make me laugh."

“And this coming from the woman who talks to dolphins."

“How did you?” Jodie picked her head up from what she was doing.

“You think I am that stupid to not check up on you when I want to come and try and get you back. I know where you work and I know you’re with this Summer chick.” Jodie was getting really angry at this, this thing standing in front of her. “I know you still have feelings for me."


“But you still want me."


“Sure it does.” Christine moved in closer to Jodie, her breath was warm and inviting to her. She leaned in more and whispered, “I know you want me.” Jodie’s mouth dropped as Christine moved to her lips placing a soft gentle kiss there, which soon turned out to be something more. All the while neither of them realized who was watching them.

10. Shell Shocked

Summer stood on the pier where she was supposed to meet Jodie for lunch. Seeing the two of them kiss broke her heart. She turned away leaving from where she stood being only ten feet from Jodie and Christine. She ran down the pier and back to her car.

Jodie pulled away from Christine speechless as she looked up seeing Summer standing there watching in horror. Jodie was in shock and Christine had a smug look on her face as they both watched Summer run away.

Jodie looked down at the ground. “I told you you still had feelings for me."

“I know, but I hurt her."

“Hurt who Hunny."

“Don’t call me that. And Summer, I hurt her."

Christine sat down taking Jodie’s hand. “I am truly sorry Jo, I had no idea.” Jodie was now crying on the bench into Christine’s shoulder.

Summer sat in her car crying on her steering wheel. There was no way she should drive like this but she had to at least make it back to work. She put the car in drive and went back to the parking garage, every few minutes she wiped tears from her eyes. She parked her car and got out taking a deep breath before heading back into the building and up to her office on the 14th floor.

As she stepped into her office she took another deep breath and sat at her desk. There was no way she would get any work done now. She sat at her chair and laid her head on her desk letting the tears fall freely now. It took her a few hours to calm back down to the point of actually looking like she was ok. She gathered her things for the night and went up to Erika’s office. She knocked on the door lightly and opened it at her voice.

“Come in.” Erika looked up when she heard the foot steps in her office to see Summer standing there. Right away Erika knew there was something wrong with Summer. She moved from behind her desk to her taking her in her arms as Summer broke down again. “Oh Hun, tell me what’s wrong please.” She gently caressed Summer’s head to try and calm her down seeing that it wasn’t working she called her secretary and told her to not let anyone else in her office. The two of them sat down on the couch in Erika’s office and Summer just leaned against her and she held Summer for a while.

11. Talking

Erika held her hand as she walked her back to her office and pulled out her couch. “Do you want anything?"

“Just my clothes from my car."


Summer handed her the keys and she walked down to the parking garage. She stopped when she saw Jodie. “What are you doing here?"

“I came to talk to Summer."

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea."

“I need to talk to her."

“And she needs time.” Jodie got closer.

“Not from me she doesn’t."

Summer realized she forgot to tell Erika she had the alarm set and went down to the garage and stopped when she saw her and Jodie arguing.

“Yes Jodie she does, whether you see what she’s going through or not she needs to be alone."

“And what you give that to her?"

“Jodie I was only here for her because she needed me."

“So it has nothing to deal with you being in love with her then."

“No it doesn’t. I may have feelings for her but I would never make a move on her with out her knowing first."

Summer smiled at the fact that Erika was sticking up for her that way. It meant a lot to her. She continued watching on as she felt the hatred for Jodie growing in her. She stepped out and walked behind Erika putting a hand on her shoulder and made her jump. Erika turned around and was shocked to see Summer standing there. She just stared at her. “It’s ok I knew before this, don’t worry about it.” She smiled softly. Erika nodded and Summer stepped in front of her. She looked at Jodie anger burning in her eyes. “You, I don’t ever want to see you."

“Please Summer just let me explain."

“Explain what Jodie! Damn it you kissed another girl in front of me. What the hell is wrong with you? I never would have done that to you."

“I know and I am sorry."

“You are sorry? No I am sorry for being a fool thinking you changed."

“Summer please it wasn’t my fault."

“It never is."


“No I don’t want to hear it damn it. I took a chance on you, you blew it this time.” She turned to walk away.

“Summer, stop please."


“Summer please.” Jodie was crying. “I am so sorry.”

“Sorry or not god damn it Jodie. YOU STILL CHEATED ON ME!” Summer turned back towards her car grabbed her things and went back inside the building.

Erika and Jodie both stood in shock. “Wow."

“No not wow."

“Why not?” Jodie asked. “I have never seen her like that."

“Jodie I told you not to bother her tonight. You deserved every bit she dished out to you.” Erika turned around to walk away.

“Erika, right? Take care of her I have a feeling this is good bye for a while.” Jodie smiled softly and walked back to her car. Erika walked back up to her office shocked as all get out and went back to comforting Summer.

12. Comfort



“Will you hold me please.” Summer sniffled.

“Are you sure?” She nodded. Erika sat down on the couch and Summer crawled into her lap. She laid her head on her shoulder and curled her arms under her body. Erika wrapped her arms around her and rubbed her back soothingly.


(Jodie’s place)

“Christine, I am such a screw up.” Jodie cried into her shoulder.

“No you aren’t, sweetie look at me.” Jodie looked up her eyes blood shot and her cheeks puffy. “If she loves you she’ll forgive you."

“No she won’t you don’t know her.” Jodie got up and walked into her bedroom closing the door and locking it. She collapsed on her bed and cried.



Summer was still in Erika’s lap and was now asleep. Erika was glad to be there for her but it really killed her to have her so close yet so far away. She gently brushed the strand of hair from her cheek and let her finger tips graze along her cheek. She smiled and closed her eyes thinking of how it would be like to have Summer.

Summer woke the next morning in Erika’s arms and smiled to herself at how strong she had been facing Jodie. Erika was right there with her the whole time. She looked up at Erika who was still sound asleep. She let her left hand brush against her cheek and down the sides across her jaw line softly.

Erika felt a slight tickling sensation on her face and her eyes fluttered open to see Summer still in her arms running her hand over her face. Summer smiled sweetly as she let her fingers graze over Erika’s lips. Erika closed her eyes and felt Summer’s lips against hers. Summer pulled away from the tender kiss she had just place on Erika’s lips and smiled. “Thank you for being here for me."

“You’re welcome. And what was that?"

“This?” Summer leaned down to kiss her again.

Erika stopped her. “Summer, look I’m not saying I don’t want you but you are hurting because of Jodie. I don’t want this to be a mistake and right now I don’t know what you want from me.”

Summer sighed. “Look I have liked you since I started here. I just didn’t do anything."

“Why? I mean how long did you know I liked you?"

“I didn’t because I loved Jodie. And I have known long enough to see the look on your face when I walk by.”

“Summer I.."

“Erika why didn’t you just tell me I mean if you liked me that long why didn’t you say something?"

“I…I don’t know."

“Did you think that I would just ignore you or something?"

“Well actually yes I did."

“Why would I do something like that?"

“I don’t know ok. Please this is hard enough right now."

“Erika the only thing hard about this is us. There’s nothing else stopping this.” Summer moved toward her. “I know you want me. I know you want to be with me. I know you want to kiss me.” Summer backed her into the wall. Pinning her there with her hands at her sides and Summer’s hands against the wall propping herself up.

“Sum..mer what…what are you doing?"

Summer closed the space between them. “The only thing I’ve wanted to do the last four years working here.” Summer pressed her body against hers they were completely touching. She leaned in to Erika more to kiss her. She gently let her lips crash against hers softly rolling her tongue letting it glide over her soft full lips.

13. This is Wrong

Erika moaned and let her hands move to Summer’s back gently gliding up and down her spine. “Summer?” She gulped out. “I think…” Summer caught her lips before she could finish. Letting another moan escape from her lips Summer pulled her away from the wall and to the couch. She began to unbutton her blouse when she felt hands on hers. “Summer, please. I don’t want you to regret this.”

Summer looked up into her eyes. “I’m not going to.” She smiled softly before returning her lips to the taller brunette’s neck making her moan again.

“It’s a good thing everyone has gone home for the evening."

“Uh huh.” Summer moved her hands back to her blouse to unbutton the first two. Gently lifting up on her shirt and caressing her stomach. Erika bit her lip as she felt Summer’s hands travel up around her navel and towards her uncovered breasts. When she felt Summer’s hands graze over her nipples she shuttered and her knees went weak. She moaned and pushed her head into the couch cushion arching her back as Summer let her lips fall between her open shirt her hands still caressing her torso. Erika was going nuts underneath the shorter woman above her. She couldn’t believe what she could make her feel every time she touched her. She placed her hands on Summer’s shoulder.

“Summer?” She looked up. “I really think we should wait."

Summer looked disappointed. “Ok.” She slumped down in the couch. Erika sat up buttoning the middle two to cover her breasts. She pulled Summer into a comforting hug. “I know you are hurting and I don’t want this to be a mistake I really like you.” She sighed. “Ok I love you I don’t want to see you in pain, but I don’t want to rush things either.” She pulled Summer’s chin up to face her. “We have all the time in the world for this, so let’s just take it slow. Ok?” Summer nodded and latched on to Erika’s shoulders, crying.

“I’m so sorry to have put you in that situation.”

Erika put a finger on her lips. “There is nothing for you to be sorry for. Nothing you could do would ever make me want to hear that from you.” She smiled and kissed her softly while holding her the rest of the night.

14. Miserable

A few weeks had passed, Summer was miserable and hadn’t talked to Erika lately. She pretty much ignored her. She just came and went like no one saw her.

Jodie on the other hand was a nervous wreak she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t eat, sleep, work, anything she was lost with out Summer. And she knew it. She laid in bed staring at the ceiling day after day. Today was no different. Same old ceiling, same old look and appeal. She fought with herself day after day to get out of bed but could never bring herself to do so. Christine had stayed with her because she felt most of this was her fault and truth be told she knew it was.

“Hey Jo? Can I get you anything?"

“No.” Christine shook her head and left the room closing the door behind. She went out to the kitchen grabbed a beer and went to sit at the table to read. “This is not good. I need to talk to Summer myself.” She got up and walked back to the bedroom. “Jo, I am going out you want anything?"

“No.” Same response as always “no“. She walked out to her car and got in driving off to see Summer. She parked the car after arriving at the parking garage and walked tot eh elevator and went up to the 4th floor to see Summer. She walked up to the secretary. “Summer Roberts please.”

“Office nine."

“Thank you.” She nodded and Christine walked off. She knocked on the door that read “Roberts”. She opened it gently after getting the ok from Summer and let herself in. Summer looked up seeing a tall blonde figure in her doorway. She was beautiful, green eyes lanky but not too much. All in all almost looked like Alex’s twin. She shook the thought from her head as she remembered who she was.

“What do you want, you’ve got Jodie.” She said straightening the papers on her desk.

“Look I may have came back for her but I’m not who she wants. Please just talk to her, she’s hurting herself. She wont eat, sleep, or work, she just stares at the damn ceiling. Please just talk to her."

“Why? She’s got you,"

“She wont listen to me."

“Oh. And I can do what about that?"

“Please Summer, don’t punish her this is my fault."

“You’re right it is your fault but I don’t want to see either of you around here again. Is that understood? Next time you’ll be walking out with security.” Christine stood shocked and left. Summer sat in her chair with her head in her hands. “What the fuck am I doing?” She began to cry which by now was normal for her. Someone walked by and knocked on the door but Summer really wasn’t paying any attention to them. They knocked again and this time just entered when they didn’t receive an answer. Summer looked up when she heard foot steps and her mouth dropped.

15. Seth?!

“Seth…What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I came to apologize."

“What the fuck for? After all this time you think an apology is going to suffice?"

“No, I don’t. But it’s a start."

“No it’s a bloody bad attempt to receive forgiveness…Get your hineyrumpus out of my office."


“Yea you know the thing three feet below your head.”

“You mean ass?"

“Yes I mean ass now get the fuck out!”

Seth turned and walked away from summer. As he opened the door she could see the tiniest tear roll down his face. He left with out another word closing the door behind him. “Wow I can be such a bitch sometimes.” She set her papers down and went after him. She finally caught up to him after running down the hall and down the steps to the first floor and got in front of him.

“I’m sorry.” she breathed in a breath of calming air. “I will let you talk over lunch. We can catch up and whatever. I’ll listen to every word you have to say but don’t expect me to just up and forgive you for what happened."

“No, I know, it will take time. And I am sorry for what happened. Is today an ok time?"

“Yea sure I guess.” She sighed. “I’ll see you around one ok?"

“Sure. I’ll meet you back here.” She nodded and watched him walk away again. She sighed and walked slowly back up to her office thinking about everything and everyone, Jodie, Erika, and Seth. She sat on the couch in her office and buried her head into her hands. “I can’t do this.” She cried harder. “I love Jo. I have feelings for Erika, and now Seth is back and wants to make mends.” She sighed heavily and got up wiping her face from the tears that she had cried. She decided that she should just go home since right now she wasn’t getting anything done. She walked over to Erika’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Summer slowly opened the door and closed it softly.

“Hey.” She walked in a little further and sat down in the chair across from Erika. “I know I haven’t been the nicest person to work with lately."

“No, you haven’t."

“I’m sorry. I think I am going to need some time off to think things over."

“Fine. Two weeks enough?"

“Yes I suppose it is.” Summer twiddled with her keys. “I am sorry I took it so far the one night. And I am sorry I am ignoring you. I just don’t know what I want right now.”

“Summer?” She finally looked up for the first time. “I really, really love you, but I am not going to be your toy or go to girl when things get bad. I can’t do it."

“I know. I’m sorry. I really wish I knew what to do.”

“I do too.” Erika walked over to her and picked her up off the chair. “But I can wait if I am what you want.” Summer let tears roll down her check. “Don’t cry, please?” She nodded. “Now get out of here and take a vacation or something .” Summer nodded again and hugged her. And left for home and planning of a relaxing vacation somewhere away from here.

16. Apologizing for the Past

Summer walked down stairs and stood in the lobby waiting for Seth. She crossed her arms and sat down in a chair. She saw some lanky looking figure next to her and looked up and smiled. “Seth."

“Hey, you ready?"

“Yea I guess.” She stood and walked out side with him.

“So where do you want to eat?"

“I don’t care just not the pier. Jodie is there."

“Oh. Ok how about The Rustic Tavern?"

“Sure.” Seth drove behind Summer as they dropped of her car and she got into his and they went to eat and talk.

“Seth you don’t have to apologize every time you speak."

“No, I should though. I was such an ass.”

“You were an ass."

“I know and I am sorry. I should never have done that to you."

“No you shouldn’t have. Did they ever get it off the locker?"

“No I don’t think so."


“They probably painted over it."

“Yea I’m sure some kid wants their locker to say “DYKE” on it."

“I bet.” Summer took the last sip of her coke.

“As much as I love chatting with you. I would really like to go home and sleep a bit before I leave."

“No problem, I’ll take you home."

“Thanks Seth."


17. Vacation

Summer got home and started packing. She was ready for the vacation. She needed it a lot. While she was grabbing some close out of the closet she heard the phone ring and decided to let the machine pick it up.

“This is Summer leave a message after the beep…BEEP…Haha just kidding.” Beep. “Summer please pick up the phone. I know you are there. Summer?” Sigh “Fine I just want to talk I wish you would hear me out. I love you.” Click.

Summer stood dumbfounded. Jodie called her and wanted to talk to her and she didn’t move after wanting to talk with her for so long, but she couldn’t pick up the phone. She sighed “I’m so dumb.” She smacked herself and finished packing and left for the airport.

After arriving at the airport she walked through the terminals checking the plane destinations. “Hum where do I want to go?” She looked around some more and saw a plane leaving for Holland in an hour. “Perfect I’m right on time.” She went to the desk bought herself a plane ticket and went through security. She sat down in the terminal waiting the next half hour out there. She got on the plane at 10:30pm and was sitting by 11. She settled in for a long flight and went right to sleep. The next 13 hours went by so fast that before she knew it she was there. She looked out the window at the rolling hills outside her window against the purple sky with the setting sun. With the time difference it was about 6pm the next day there.

She sighed and grabbed her bags getting off the small hopper and set foot on to foreign ground. She looked around her everywhere she saw bright lights. She walked into the airport and got her few bags she didn’t have on the plan with her. She took them out to the parking lot and called a taxi and drive out to the l'empereur.

They got there about an hour later and she walked in to get a room. “Hopefully someone speaks English here."

“Oh don’t worry miss we do. Well I do anyway.” Summer turned around upon hearing the cheery voice behind her.

“Oh, hello. I’m Summer Roberts."

“Rachel Habets. Friends call me Ray. I am the translator here."

“Oh thank god.”

Rachel laughed. “Yea you’ll die with out me. How long are you staying?"

“10 days. I had to get away from work and the city for a while.”

“Well you came to the right place.” Ray turned to the counter and talked to the gentle man behind it. “Deze jonge dame wilt graag een kamer hebben.”(this young lady needs a room)

“We hebben twee kamers vrij de suite en een gewone kamer.” (we have two open, suite or normal)

Ray turned to Summer. “Do you want a suite or a normal room?"

“Normal.” She turned back to the man.

“De normale kamer graag”(a normal one)

“Zestien.” (16)

“Dank u wel.” She turned back around to face me and handed her the keys. “There you go."


“No problem. Breakfast is at 9:30am tomorrow in the diner.”

“Thanks.” She turned and walked up the stairs a little. “Wait, what room?"


“Thank you."


Summer smiled and continued up to her room and sat on the bed. “Ahh.” She took a deep breath. “Freedom from anyone for a long time.” She got up and walked to the balcony. By now it was close to 8p.m. and the sun had set. The sky was a deep beautiful blue and purple. The stars shone brightly in the night sky and Summer thought of what Jodie was doing right now.

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