Title: Just the Beginning

Author's Name or Nick: Cherry89

Fandom: The OC

Pairings: Summer/ Jodie

Ratings: NC/17 definitely.

Warnings: Warning! Very Explicit Scenes...

Disclaimers: Not mine... well except the original Character's the rest well I use them for my twisted enjoyment.

Author's Notes: I started this one kind of not knowing where to really go with it at all. It came out to be one of my longest fics yet and I'm rather proud of it, even if it is just a bunch of rambling... or maybe that's just my stand point.. but why don't you find out, and remember... ENJOY!

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18. Strangers Meet in Strange Places, Then Strange Things Happen

Summer woke up the next morning to the sun creeping into her room. She sat up in bed and thought about lying back down but decided against it and got up. She got dressed and went down to the diner for a cup of coffee. While down there she couldn’t help but notice a woman in the corner who looked very punkish. She took her coffee from the man at the counter and walked past the woman looking at her computer she stopped right behind her and stared at the screen.

“You aren’t exactly invisible you know.” The woman stated.

“Oh sorry. Those are really good designs.”

“Thank you.” She turned around “What do you know about designing?”

“Can I sit down?”


“I work in art design.”

“Cool, I wouldn’t pin you for one of those, but that’s really awesome.”

“Yea, it pays good. So what’s your little designs here?”


“I love clothes.”

“Me too. Though designing punk doesn’t pay much.”

Summer laughed. “You are really good. How much do you make a year if you don’t mind me asking?”

“About 20 grand.”

“Wow, that’s low. I can get you a job where I work and you can start at 50 grand.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yea, you just have to come back to the states with me.”

“I live there, but where exactly are we talking?”

“San Diego.”

“Wow, ok yea.”

“Wait you live there?”

“Yea I am just visiting family.”

“Oh yea. That’s really cool.”

“Yea, what are you doing here?”

“Vacation from girl friend and boss and ex boy friend and work.”

“Wow a lot on your mind huh.”

“Yea ex boy friend was an ass, just decided to apologize now being 6 years later after he wrote Dyke on my locker in high school my senior year.”

“Damn, what an ass.”

“Yea, then Jodie. She kissed her ex in front of me.”


“Yea much.”

“And my boss has a thing for me too.”


“Yea, she’s really sweet though.”

“Sounds like you kind of have a thing for her too.”

“Yea.” Summer sighed.

“Well, sounds like they all like you too.”

“Yea I guess I’m just too hot.”

“You are hot.”

Summer blushed. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“You want to join me for breakfast?”

“I’d love to. Who are you by the way."

"Jaye Mommers.”

19. Strangers Meet Strangers in Strange Places, Then Strange Things Happen 2

“Well then nice to meet you Jaye.” Summer shook her hand.

“You too. So what do you like to design most?”

“Umm, well it depends on the project I guess.”

“I see. Clothes are my specialty. I even designed my own. See.” The tall brunette stood up letting Summer get a look at her as she turned around showing off the full length of her body. Her hair was kept short around her head and looked a little messy but Summer thought it looked nice that way. Summer glanced up and down her eyes getting distracted by the skin showing just above her jeans. As she turned Summer noticed the outline of her hips and shoulders and how curvy she was. ‘Damn, she’s fucking hot! I’d so fuck her.’ Summer was surprised at her self so much she sat shell shocked at the table. “Wow.” She chocked out. “You are…just gorgeous.”

Jaye stopped turning and looked at her smiling. “Like the show huh.”

“Yea…” Summer shook her head. ‘What the hell am I thinking?’ “I mean umm…”

Jaye laughed at her awkwardness. “Don’t worry I get it all the time.”

“From women though?”

Jaye chuckled. “Yes, women mostly actually. Since I don’t date guys.” Summer’s eyes got wide and Jaye whispered something in her ear.

20. Oh I’m in Trouble

Jaye whispered really softly in Summer’s ear. “Fancy a fuck?” Summer’s eyes got so big they were popping out of her head. She took that as a yes and lead her to the bathroom in the far left corner. She closed the door pushing Summer roughly against the wall pinning her hands above her head and attacking her neck.

Hearing Summer’s moans escaping from her lips every time Jaye licked her neck up and down made Jaye continue down her neck slowly unbuttoning her shirt and tracing her skin. Summer put her hands in her hair making it messier than it already was.

Jaye continued down her front and slowly slide off Summer’s shirt and moved the rest of the way down her torso to her jeans. She slowly unbuttoned and pulled on the zipper while looking up at Summer.

“Are you sure about this? I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“No, I want to.” Summer was about to say something else when she felt her jeans and underwear being pulled down to her ankles and Jaye’s mouth was now on her while lifting her right leg over her shoulder.

Jaye rolled her tongue up and down through Summer’s lips and quickly found her clit sucking on it gently while her hands traveled up to her breasts massaging them. Summer’s hands were in Jaye’s hair pushing her head in more so she could feel her more. Jaye complied leaving Summer’s clit and moving further south to where Summer was dripping. Jaye gently slid her tongue inside and rolled it around a bit letting Summer get used to the sensation and then began to move more forcefully on her.

“Jaye…ohh…” Summer didn’t finish that sentence. Jaye had moved her mouth back to Summer’s clit sucking on it again gently while her tongue teased the tip of her nub. She slowly let the tips of her fingers glide over Summer’s skin as she moved her hand south to find Summer’s wetness. Gently Jaye entered Summer with two fingers moving them around slowly to let her get used to the feeling before moving faster and sucking harder. Summer’s hand left her hair and were now holding onto the wall trying to keep herself upright.


(outside the bathroom)

Ray was looking around for the nice American girl she had meet last night but she was nowhere to be found. Ray walked around the dinning area and looked around seeing, Jaye’s laptop sitting on one of the tables which she had found to be quite odd. Jaye never left her things lying around. Ray walked around the table slowly and closed Jaye’s computer and set it aside by the bathroom.

Her head popped up when she heard some sounds coming from the bathroom that sounded like moaning. She walked up to the door putting her ear against it.

“Oh my fucking god.”

Hearing the noises coming out of Summer’s mouth she had her mouth open agape. “Jaye!” Summer was getting louder and Ray was just standing there her head pressed against the door.

21. Loud

About a half an hour later Jaye and Summer were getting dressed and were talking to one another. “Damn, that was just…wow.”

“Yea I know what you mean. I’ve been told I have a hurricane tongue.”

“You do, holy fuck do you ever.” Jaye laughed lightly and buttoned up her top. “You do, I’m serious.” Summer reached to open the door not knowing Ray was behind it and knocked Ray flat on her ass. “Oh my gosh are you alright?” Summer bent down to help her up.

“The better question…” Ray started as she took Summer’s hand. “Is are you alright?” Summer’s eye bulged out of her head and her mouth dropped to the floor. She looked to Jaye who silently laughed and shook her head. “Was I that loud?”

Ray and Jaye both nodded. Summer looked around and ran up stairs. “Damn Ray, her face was bright red.” Ray nodded. “Well did you enjoy hearing the show?” Jaye smiled and walked up the steps after Summer. “Oh and Ray?” She stopped half way up. “Would you be so kind as to bring up my computer to Summer’s room please?” Ray nodded and both of them walked off.

Jaye came to Summer’s door and knocked on it upon hearing nothing she opened it a crack and walked in. “Summer?” There was no answer. “Summer?” Again no answer so Jaye walked around a bit in and out of certain rooms till she heard the shower running. She smiled to herself and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”



“Do you want some company?” Jaye snickered.

“No, I’d like to enjoy my nice hot shower by myself, thank you.”

“Aww, and here I thought you enjoyed what I did to you.”

“Oh I did.” Summer laughed lightly. “But since I’m so loud I guess I can’t really do something like that again with you I wouldn’t want the whole inn remembering my name.”

“Why not they all know mine.”

“Funny Jaye.” Summer turned the water off and grabbed her towel wrapping it around her body. She stepped out of the shower and opened the door walking right into Jaye. She pushed her against the door.

“Look at me and tell me you don’t want me.” Summer looked in her eyes and just gave in to them.

22. The Bomb

“Jaye I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.”


“For one, we both know I am very loud. And two I was thinking about uh Jodie.”

“Jodie who?”

“Jodie Sanderson, my ex, who uh is sort of my ex but not really or I don’t really know. But she’s all I can think about right now and me having sex with you isn’t a good idea.”

“No you’re right there. Wait did you say Sanderson?”

“Yea, why.”

“I know her.”

“You do?”

“Yea an ex from a long time ago.”

“Oh well this is just honkey dorey ain’t it.”

“Oh yea. So what’s on your mind with her anyway.”

“The fact she kissed Christine.”

“Oh the bitch. Yea right in front of you huh?”

“How did you know?”

“She did the same thing to me hun.”

“Are you serious?”


“Damn, I am so stupid to think that she loved me.”

“Did she actually say it?”


“Did she tell you she loved you?”

“Yea she did but I guess it meant nothing to her.”

“No Summer you don’t get it, she never told me she loved me. And when she does say that, which believe me isn’t often, she means it. You should call her and tell her you’re coming home to meet you at the airport.”

“I don’t leave for another week.”

“Oh no you’re leaving now and I’m going with you.”

“Um ok then. I guess I’ll call her now.” Summer dialed Jodie’s number on her cell phone and let it ring.

“Hello.” A groggy voice answered on the other end. ’Shit I forgot about the time difference.’


“Yea, who is it?”

“It’s Summer.”

“Oh.” There was along pause of silence. “What do you want?”

“Uh well I was coming home I was wondering if you would meet me at the airport?”

“Umm ok, when?”

“In about 20 hours.”

“Are you crazy?”

“You know the answer to that question already.”

“Yes I do and you are. But I’ll be there if you really want me to be there.”

“Thank you.”

“Can I ask you why though.”

“Because I missed you and I love you. And It took me a while to see that no matter what my brain wants to think I am not better off without you, because I am just plain miserable.”

“Really?” Jodie answered it sounded like she was crying.

“Really, so please be there when I get there ok.”

“I will.”

“Oh and I am bringing someone with me that you know. She is going to meet Erika, I am trying to get her a job since she works in LA and only makes half of what Erika will start her at I am going to help her out a bit.”

“Ok so expect to see someone coming with you who is just a friend?”


“So then there’s no girlfriend?”

“Yea there is.”

“There is?” Jodie sounded disappointed.

“Of course.”

“Oh. Who?”

“Don’t be silly, you of course.”

“We’re back on?”

“Yea. I missed you too much and I love you too much to not be with you.”

“I love you too.”

“I’ll see you soon.”



“Bye.” Summer hung up and started packing for the flight home.

23. Home Again

Summer and Jaye were at the airport waiting for their flight number to be called. When it finally was and they went through airport security they boarded and found their seats. Summer took the one next to the window and Jaye took the one along the aisle. Summer looked out the window and saw the city as they took off and looked out at the vast endless sky. Seeing it dark blue yet again with stars shining so brightly they were bothering her eyes. She looked down seeing the vast hills and plains just rolling on forever. Her last thoughts were of Jodie as she finally fell asleep. Jaye shook Summer as the plane landed and she woke up with a start.

“Damn Jaye watch it.”

“Sorry, you were sleeping.”

“Yea I know. Don’t shake me so roughly.”

“Oh shut up you like it rough.” Summer playfully slapped Jaye and stood up.

“Come on let’s go.” Summer and Jaye walked off the plane and into the terminal. Summer spotted Jodie first and ran out to her nearly knocking her off her feet when she hugged her. “God I missed you Jo.”

“I missed you too.” She laughed lightly. “But you didn’t have to almost knock me over.”


“Uh huh sure you are, you just want to get me on my back.”

“Oh I could do that easily.”

“I know you can.” Jaye walked out and stopped when Jodie saw her. “Jaye?”

“Hey Jo. Long time no see.”

“Yea, a really long time.”

“Yea. So what’s going on?”

“Uh nothing I guess.”

“That bitch Christine is back isn’t she?”

“Yea she won’t fucking leave either.”

“I’ll get her to leave you two alone.”

“Ok ok before the two of you plan an all out war we should get out of her and head back to my place don’t you think?” Summer asked.

“Good idea babe.”

“I thought so too, come on then.” They all got into Jodie’s car outside and she drove back to Summer’s place on the beach.

“Damn Summer, kicking house you got here.”

“Thanks Jaye.”

“Uh huh. So how many rooms did the two of you fuck in?”


“What I know how horny both of you can get.”


“Wait did she say both of us?” Jodie asked pointing to herself and then to Summer.

“Yes I said both.”

“Oh my god you two…“ Jodie made frivolous hand movements. “Didn’t you?”

“Uh…do I have to answer that?”

“Well so much for not answering it, you just gave it away dumb ass.” Jaye walked into the house.

“Yea I guess I did.” Summer said following.

“Uh yea you did just a little sweet stuff.”

“Fuck me! I am so stupid.” Summer said plopping on the couch.

“Hun both of us did that already.” Jodie said sitting next to her.

“Right, both of you did that already true.” Summer put her head in her hands and sighed. “I’m going to go get in the shower. Jaye there’s an extra one down stairs on the other side of the den.” She walked up the stairs and went into her room to get undressed.

24. Out

“Go, follow her stupid.” Jodie got up and went after her. She knocked on the door softly and opened it catching Summer taking her shirt off after already having her jeans off. Summer turned around and blushed and sat on the bed.

“I’m sorry you had to find out like that.”

“It’s ok.”

“I didn’t mean for it to happen I really didn’t.”

“Summer it’s ok.”

“No it’s not.”

“No Summer listen to me. It’s ok. We weren’t together then I don’t own you.”

“So you’re not mad?”

“Well a little yes considering I slept with her too, but it’s not a big deal.” Jodie lifted her off the bed and pulled her into her arms. “I love you and I won’t let something like that come between us again.”

“I love you too, but I seriously need a shower.” The two of them laughed.

“Yea you do.” Jodie let go and let her finish getting undressed. Summer stood before her naked and grabbed her hand leading her to the bathroom as well. She shut the door and locked it.

“She has tendencies of walking in on people.”

“I know she does.”

Jodie smiled as Summer began to strip her of her clothes. The two of them got in the shower and were happy just holding each other and washing each other’s bodies.

Jaye stood around down stairs just thinking to herself and wondering what Erika looked like and if she was attractive and how good she would look in leather. “Humm…”

Summer and Jodie walked down stairs in bathrobes and the two of them sat on the chair by the fire place. “Hey Jaye?”


“You want to meet Erika before Monday?”

“Oh my god yes!” She jumped off the couch. “I’ve been wondering what she looks like the past hour you two were getting busy up stairs.”

Jodie laughed. “Jaye!” Summer shouted.

“What?” She shrugged. “I can’t help it.”

Summer sighed. “Let me call her we can all go out ok?”


Summer walked over to the kitchen and picked up the phone and dialed Erika’s number.




“It’s Summer.”

“Oh, hey.”

“Hey, I’m back early I have a prospect for you to interview and she really wants to meet you ,but I warn you she pretty horny.” Erika laughed. “I’m not kidding. And I am back with Jodie.”

“That’s great I am really happy for you.”

“I am really happy too.”

“Good. Where do you want to meet up?”

“Uh how about Club Coil?”

“Sure that’s fine. I’ll meet you there in an hour?”

“Ok.” Summer hung up. “Ok people get your asses moving we have 45 minutes till we have to leave.”

“Woo ho!” Jaye yelled. “I’m getting a shower be ready in like 20 minutes.” She ran over to the den with her suit case in hand.

“She’s not excited is she?”

“Not at all.”

They all got ready in a span of a half hour and were ready to go in 10 minutes making them about 5 late walking into the club. Jodie and Summer walked hand in hand and Jaye behind them. Her mouth dropped as soon as Summer pointed out the woman in the back corner with a beer in hand.

“That’s her!”


“Oh my god she’s just gorgeous.”

Summer and Jodie laughed. “Well we’ll leave you to your drooling after Summer introduces you two.”

Summer walked over and grabbed Erika’s hand and lead her over to Jaye. “Erika, Jaye. Jaye, Erika. See you two later Jodie and I have some catching up to do.”

25. Dance Dance

Jodie and Summer went out to the dance floor to dance and left Jaye and Erika to talk. Even though Jaye did a lot of drooling.

“Uh I may be a little forward but damn you are hot!”

Erika laughed. “Thank you.” She moved in her chair showing off her abs and thighs as she did so.

“Uh could you move some more please?” Erika laughed again. “Oh my god did I say that out loud?” She nodded. “I’m such an idiot.”

“It’s ok. Really I guess I deserve to be hit on wearing leather pants and a tight black halter top. Would it turn you on even more if I told you I had a motorcycle sitting outside?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.” She nodded and Erika laughed again. ‘Oh I really think I like this woman. What am I getting myself into here? Getting involved with a possible employee. Who am I kidding I’d have fucked Summer if I could.’ “Uh Jaye?”

“Yea?” She looked at her and saw the look in her eyes, like she was thinking or was thinking about something serious.

“Do you want to go for a ride?”

“Are you serious?”


“Do I ever! Besides I get to hold onto you.” Jaye smiled and Erika took her hand leading her out to her bike.

Summer and Jodie turned to watch the two of them leave and they looked at each other. “Hurricane tongue.” They both said and nodded at the same time.

26. Bike Riding…

Erika stood outside with Jaye’s hand in hers leading her to her bike. Erika walked up beside her bike and ran her hand across the seat.

“A ninja?”


“What year?”


“Awe man I love it.”

“Me too.”

“And it’s black to boot.”

“That it is.” Erika leaned against it lifting one leg onto the seat as she hoisted herself onto her bike backwards in a more comfortable position. “You know, it’s a shame I have no one to ride with me, I know you said you wanted a ride. So how about it, you want a ride?” Erika moved back a little to allow more room on the back as she patted the seat and looked at Jaye. “Awe come on I don’t bite…hard. I’ll even let you drive.” She winked and took Jaye’s hand pulling her towards the bike.

“Uh…Erika I get pretty out of hand I don’t want to scare you away.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’m a big girl.” She pulled Jaye towards the bike once more. “Come on I know you want a ride.” Jaye nodded and slipped a leg over the back and sat in front of Erika. “See not so bad. Now put this hands here.” Erika put her hands on the handles of the bike. “Now this foot right here.” She patted her left leg. “Is where the clutch is and you want to keep that down and pull back on this hand.” Erika placed a hand on top of Jaye’s right and pulled back and the two of them heard the engine roar to life.


“Uh huh. You want to go for a spin now?”

“Yea but maybe you should drive.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Alright then. Just stay where you are.” Erika stood on the seat and turned around with her ass in Jaye’s face. “Are you sure you don’t want to drive?” Jaye just nodded and moved back a little so she could sit down and when she did her ass rubbed against Jaye’s center roughly making her moan softly. “You ready?”

“Uh…yea.” Erika moved her hands to hers and placed them around her stomach right above her pants to the point she could feel the leather underneath her hands. She automatically moved her feet and held on tightly to Erika as she let the bike roll forward a little. “Are you sure you don’t want to drive?” Erika handed her a helmet as she herself was putting one on.

“I’m positive. Where are we going anyway?” She strapped the helmet on.


“Oh surprise huh.”


“I like surprises.”

“Good.” Erika said before taking off down the parking lot and on to the main high way. Erika shifted gears quickly moving faster by the second to the point Jaye was holding on for dear life. Erika smiled and went faster slowly lifting the front tire of the bike off the road pulling a wheelie and Jaye almost had a heart attack after the tire came back to the road again and Erika down shifted taking the exit off the highway and going down to the beach. She came to a stop at the water front and turned the bike off. “Jaye, you can let go.”

“Awe yea. I don’t want to though.”

“Did I scare you.”

“No…of course not.”

“I did…didn’t I.”

“Ok a little.”

“Uh huh, is that why you are still holding my waist?”


“Then why are you still holding my waist?”


“Uh huh I thought so. Don’t worry you won’t die. You can let go.”

“But I seriously don’t want to.”

“Ok, I’ll make you a deal?”


“Let go of me so I can get off and so you can get off so we can talk for a bit down there.” Erika pointed to the little rift in the sand next to the water.

“Will we get wet?”

“Aren’t you already wet?”

“Uh…do I have to answer that?”

“Your answer gave it away there.”

“Yea I know.”

“But you know what?”


“Well if you get off maybe I’ll tell you.” Jaye smiled and slowly let go of her waist and got up off the bike. “Thank you.” She rolled it forward a little just into the sand by the water so it wasn’t noticeable. And turned it off putting the keys in her coat pocket. She got up slightly and turned herself around again and laid back on the bike with her head against the bars and her feet dangling off so that you could see her stomach rise and fall with each breath she took.

“Erika are you trying to make me horny or something?”

“Is it working?”


“Well then I’m doing a good job aren’t I?”

27. It’s Working

Jaye smiled and walked over to the bike and stared at Erika’s body for a long time before letting her hand gently caress her stomach and then slightly lifting her shirt up to reveal her perfect abs. She let her fingers glide gently up and down her lean stomach and across her navel.

Erika took her hands in hers and pulled them above her head slowly using her leg to push Jaye’s over the seat and to the other side so she too was straddling the bike. Jaye smiled and leaned down into Erika placing tender kisses along her stomach and up to the top of her shirt and pulled it down as she inched up further to her lips placing a passionate kiss there letting her tongue gently roll passed her lips and into her mouth. Erika let her tongue meet Jaye’s and felt the tongue ring in her mouth as their tongues battled for control inside each other’s mouths. Jaye let her hands rest at the handle bars of the bike for support as Erika’s hands roamed her body.

Jaye pulled away and looked in her eyes seeing so much lust that she thought she was seeing things. “Do you want to stop, because I don’t think I can if we keep going.” Erika didn’t say a word she just let her finger travel to her face tracing the outline of her jaw and finally tracing her soft lips. Jaye looked from her eyes to her finger and took that as a keep going sign and took her finger in her mouth and sucked on it gently until she let it go and her mouth was on Erika’s neck. Erika leaned her head back a little to give her more room and let her hand work their way to her back pulling her down on top of her more. Jaye was starting to feel the bike shake and looked up at Erika.

“Is this a good idea? On the bike I mean.”

“The kick stand is down. We should be fine.”

“Are you sure.”

“God shut up and kiss me Jaye.” Jaye didn’t need anymore direction she kissed her neck tenderly leaving a trail of kisses down to her collar bone and went back up to her jaw placing the tiniest kiss there before letting her hand travel up between her thighs to unzip her leather pants. She gently worked her hand inside her pants and underwear feeling the top of her curls and heard a slight whimper come from Erika’s mouth. Her hips bucked slightly making Jaye’s index and middle finger slowly slip in and out of her wet folds. She moaned and looked into Jaye’s eyes.

Jaye looked back into hers and their eyes stayed locked until Erika’s eyes closed as she felt Jaye’s two fingers enter her. Jaye let her fingers move around to allow her to come to be accustomed with the feeling and she started to move in and out while her thumb circled her clit. Erika’s hands worked their way up under Jaye’s shirt to feel the bare skin on her back and dug her nails into her gently and pulled her down on her more wrapping her legs around her waist. Jaye pumped harder and faster into Erika with each passing minute and felt her walls tensing around her fingers as their eyes met once again as Jaye watched Erika go over the edge. Erika held onto her tightly and fell limp breathing heavily.

“Shh, I got you.” Jaye whispered in her ear and picked her up pulling her against her chest as her fingers gently moved out from where they were and she held onto Erika with both arms while she rode out the rest of her orgasm. Jaye picked her up off the bike and carried her down to the sand towards the water and sat down with her between her legs just holding on to her until she was able to breathe again regularly.

She sat comfortably in Jaye’s arms and let her head rest against her chest. Erika could hear the swift and constant beat of her heart as she breathed in and out softly. Jaye wrapped her arms around her more to zip up her pants and pull down her shirt so she wasn’t cold. As she could tell she had caught a chill or two the last few minutes she pulled her closer and the two of them watched the sun rise that morning in the sky. Turning it a different color each ten minutes it rose higher in the sky.

27. Late Night

Jaye and Erika finally left around 9 AM and went back to Summer’s. Jaye walked in to the kitchen holding Erika’s hand and the two of them stood next the nook. Summer looked up from her breakfast finding her boss and Jaye in her kitchen holding hands and smiled.

“Good morning.”


“Have a good time?” Jodie chimed in behind Summer.

Erika stepped in front of Jaye and leaned against her. “Yes we did.” She smiled and pulled Jaye’s arms around her.

“Good. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“We were up all morning we haven’t been to bed yet.”

“Ahh, well Jodie and I are going to the carnival later today around 6 PM at the pier if you two want to join us.”

“Sure, sounds good to me.” Erika smiled. “After some sleep of course.” She giggled and pulled Jaye closer to her body.

“That reminds me hun. Let’s go get some shut eye.”

“Ok, where though?” Jaye asked.

“Well we are already here, if Summer doesn’t mind?”

“No I don’t, guest room is the third door to the right down the hall way there.”

“Thanks. What are you two doing for the day?”

“Uh well it’s now… 9:20 in the morning so I figured we could do a little shopping.” Summer winked at Jodie. “And maybe go for lunch then do something else and meet you two at the pier at 5:30 PM.”

“Yea, but shopping hun?”

“Get over it.” Summer smiled. “Besides it’s me we’re talking about it’s not like high school anymore. I may know half the people here but I like to have a good time, plus I know how.”

Jodie raised her eyebrows. “Oh really?”

Summer smiled an nodded. “Well you two have a nice day while the two of us sleep.”

“We will.” Jaye and Erika walked down the hall and into the room.

“Well now, that leaves us.”


“So? Ready?”

“Yea, let’s go ‘shopping’.”

Summer laughed. “Jo, it’s not going to be bad trust me. Besides I have a surprise for you. So get your fine ass outside and into my car.”

“I’m going. It better be a good surprise though.”

“Oh it will be.”

28. The Mall

Summer and Jodie arrived at the mall about a half hour later and headed in at the food court. “Ok so where to first?”

“I was thinking Spencer’s.”

“Oh.” Jodie was surprised at this new development from Summer. I mean Spencer’s, who would have thought. “Sure ok.” Summer and Jodie walked into Spencer’s and Summer walked back to the sex toys section. “Um Summer are we in the right store?”

“Last I checked we were.” Summer smiled as she picked up a dice game and showed it to Jodie. “What do you think?”

Jodie read the box over. Not only was it a dice game but also a board game and something else too. There were truth and dare cards, along with dice, and a points counter. “Not bad.” She raised her eyebrows. “Is this what you had in mind?” Summer smiled and pulled Jodie into a kiss. When they broke Summer looked at her and winked and walked off towards the counter with the game and paid for it. Jodie followed close behind her and caught up placing her arm around her waist gently pulling her a little closer and giving her a kiss on the check. “I love you.”

“I love you too babe. How about some lunch.”

Jodie looked at her watch it was near noon. “Sure.”

“What do you want?”

“Pizza is fine with me.”

“Ok. Plain or pepperoni?”

“Whatever you want is fine babe.”

Summer walked over to Tino’s and ordered two plain cheese pizzas and a large Pepsi. Summer walked back to the table after receiving their order dodging tables and people left and right. She finally got back and set the tray down for her and Jodie.

“Umm, smells good.”

“Yea, eat up. You’ll be using a lot of energy later.” Summer winked and took her first bite of her pizza.

29. Stay Home Tonight

Summer and Jodie went back to the car and went home. “You know I think that we should just stay home till we get ready to go to the pier. If that’s ok with you. I thought we could play our little game.”

“Is that right.”

“Umm humm.”

“What about Erica and Jaye?”

“What about them?”

“Well they are sleeping in your house.”

“Yes they are.”


“Well if they want to play too then fine we can make room.” Summer winked at a shocked Jodie. She slowly pulled the door open and sat down in the passenger seat with her mouth hanging down to the floor.

Summer pulled into the driveway and grabbed the game from Jodie. “Come on I am sure they are either awake or they left by now.”

“Ok, ok. Fine we’ll play but not in the living room.”

“Oh no we have every room in the house to play in.” Summer smiled at Jodie.

Jodie stopped and sat down while Summer was looking through the game instructions and such. Jodie had no idea where this side of Summer was coming from but she loved it. Summer finished and looked up at Jodie who was completely in her own world. She smiled and stood.

“Babe I am going for a shower.”


“Yea it’s just really hot and I feel sticky so I just want in to cool off.”

“Ok, you want some company?”

“That’s not going to cool me off but why not.” Summer winked and the two of them headed up stairs.

While the two of them were upstairs Erica and Jaye stirred in the bed not really wanting to be awake yet but sleep was beginning to seem impossible. Jaye looked over at the clock. It was nearly three. She sighed and looked at Erica as her eyes fluttered open. “Babe we should get up.”

“Yea we should.” Erica sat up in Jaye’s arms and they got up holding on to each other not wanting to let go of anything between them just yet. They walked out to the living room together and saw the game on the table. Jaye looked back at Erica and they sat down to read the instructions.

30. The Plan

Jodie and Summer made their way back down stairs slowing to a stop on the stairs listening to the giggles of their guests thought to be gone, but apparently weren’t. Summer snickered quietly and told Jodie to follow her. She snuck down the stairs and around through the kitchen and hid on the other side of the bar. Summer pointed at them and she giggled softly telling Jodie their plan.

Jodie’s eyes went wide and a smirk soon covered her face she knew this would turn out to be something fun. Summer hushed her and they went back to watching the scene before them of Jaye and Erica playing the truth or dare game.

“Ok Jaye, what’s my next question?”

“Umm let’s see…” Jaye read the card and thought carefully. She found the one she liked and decided to go with that. “These aren’t even truth or dare questions.” Jaye looked up at her with a funny face. Erica snickered. “What? I’m serious.”

“I can tell.” Erica smiled again. “Alright what else dot hey have?”

“Uh the dice one, truth or dare like the real version, and a naughty twister type thing.”

“Let’s do the naught twister type thing.”

“Alright.” Jaye started getting all the pieces out while Erica fiddled with the spinner. Summer knew this was the perfect time to get the jump on them. She motioned Jodie to follow and grab Jaye as she grabbed Erica. Jodie giggled softly so that only her and Summer could hear but Summer hushed her again. Summer slowly made her way behind Erica ever so quietly and waited for Jodie to get into position to grab Jaye. Summer held up three fingers to signal the one…two…three. Summer’s arms plunged around Erica as did Jodie’s around Jaye. The two women they had scared half to death screamed and jumped about ten feet in the air only to turn around and find their hosts holding them making them turn bright red.

Summer smiled and laughed at Erica’s embarrassment. Erica slapped her playfully and turned to Jodie and Jaye. She tilted her head as did Summer now seeing the two of them for the first time. Apparently Jaye somehow managed to force Jodie onto the floor and onto her back.

“Damn it!”

“You never could scare me and get away with it.” Jaye held her hands above her head.

“I know. It sucks. I should have let Summer take you.” Jodie stuck her tongue out at Jaye.

“Hey now that wasn’t nice.”

“Oh that’s right if I do that I have to use it. I forgot.”

“That’s right and you weren’t using it.”

“Oh I was just not on you. Right Summer?” The two women looked up at Summer and Erica turned around seeing the look of embarrassment on her face, the three of them laughed soon joined by the red faced Summer.

“Yea, yea, yea, she’s great with her tongue too.”

“Honey that’s cause she learned from the best.”

“Oh that’s right Jaye I forgot you’ve been in everyone of our pants.”

“You’re right I have. Including my own.” Jaye smiled at their reactions and stuck her tongue out showing her bar.

Summer looked at the two women who they had attempted to scare and smiled. “So did you find our little game interesting?”

“Oh yes we did. But I’ve got one question?”

“Shoot. Just not me.” Summer replied to Jaye.

“Did you tell Jodie the real plan for tonight?” Her eyebrows raised at Summer’s head shaking no. “Ah, ok then. Well you may want to include her now. I’m sure she wants her surprise.”

“My surprise?” She looked up at Summer.

“Yes Hun, they knew I was getting the game, we planned to have the evening turn out this way for the most part. I thought it would be fun, since we are all friends here and everything.”

“Oh, so we are playing games all night?”

“Pretty much.” Jodie’s left brow raised as she contemplated her surprise.

“I think I like this idea.” Jodie said rolling a surprised Jaye onto her back. “What are we playing first?”

31. Games

"Well why don't we start off with truth or dare and see how everyone feels after that?" Erica suggested.

"That sounds good. Just incase someone isn't comfortable with something." Summer agreed.

"Ok so it's settled truth or dare is what we start with. Would you two get up now?" Erica laughed.

"Oh I guess that's a good idea huh?" Jaye commented.


"Ok we play teams me and Jodie against you and Erica."


"Ok so let's move the coffee table out of the way and get settled on the floor." Summer said while starting to move the table. "Good all set."

They all sat down and looked around waiting for one of the others to say something and get things started. "Ok I can see I am going to have to start." Jaye announced.
"This is my version of truth or dare, I'll give rules as we go. Let's start with Summer. Pick a number from one to 35 just for an example."


"So me and my dirty mind gets to think of something to go with that. Say the first ten reasons that come to mind to not have a threesome and so on. You want to give it a try?"

"What happens if I can't?"

"Don't worry about it this time around. Just give it a shot."

"Ok...well umm...people getting clingy, people getting used to it, people getting hurt, not enough one on one action, not a big enough bed, injury, drunk, passed out, best friend involved, and uh...personality clashes?"

"Not bad, you got ten, whether or not they'd be legitimate with everyone here is another story, That's the next part. So now we can ask everyone to vote on whether or not most of them are good enough to pass. What do you all think?"

"Uh yea I think she'd pass." Jodie nodded agreeing with Erica.

"Ok well see I am out voted if I say no so therefore you can pick truth or dare for yourself and you can decline anything you don't want to do without consequence until the end. I'll explain that latter. However if you lose then we pick either truth or dare and you must do it. Everybody still with me?"

Everyone shook their heads. "Yup."

"Good. Ok so Summer you pick truth or dare."


"Ok questions and dares can be anything, remember you did win so you may decline if you want to." Jaye thought for a minute and decided on something that Summer should do. "Ok, Summer give Erica a lap dance."

Summer's face went white. "Uh..."

"Remember you can decline, but there are penalties at the end if you do."


32. Rules

“It’s just an example Summer don’t worry.” Jaye laughed.

“Right.” Summer sighed.

“Well if you do then you get 10 points because you had ten reasons and two people agreed. For every reason you get 1 point. If you do the act we give you or answer the question you get an additional 4 to 20 depending on the question or task. Like if you did the lap dance then it would be 18. If you did something like answer a personal question that no one here knew about then maybe like 11, and so on.”

“Ok. Sounds simple enough, Let’s get to the penalties.”

“Alright Erica to the penalties. For every dare you turn down you must remove one article of clothing at the end of the game, if you have no clothes then well we’ll think of something else. If you refuse to answer a question you must answer the same question and you lose five points. Everyone follow me?”

“Sure thing.” They said in unison.

“Great. Shall we start?”


“Who is going first?” No one volunteered. “Oh come on.” Still no one. “Oh fine I will the first round. Jodie you ask the first question and everything then after my turn it’s Jodie’s then Erica will ask her, Summer will ask Erica, I ask Summer and so on.”

“Ok pick a number one to 20”


“15 things to do to Summer that make her scream.”


“What?! Sorry Hun but you are a screamer.”

“Ok ok so 15 things. Sucking her nipples, kissing her neck, biting her lip, nibbling her nipples, raking your teeth over her skin, sucking on her clit, plunging your tongue, diving deep with your fingers, doing more than one of those at the same time, backing her against a hard surface, using cold hands, teasing her, using foods, having someone walking in on you, and last but not least making fun of her cause she bitches about everything.”

Jodie laughed. “Wow I see you got to know her well huh?”

“Oh yea.”

“Ok so who agrees?” Everyone raised their hands but Summer. “Summer you have to be truthful.”

“Oh fine.” Her hand went up.

“Ok Jaye that’s what 15 points. Very nicely done too by the way. Ok so let’s see now, Truth or dare?”


“Where was the first time you fucked Miss Summer and was she heard?”

“We were in the bathroom and we were over heard by the translator, poor girl. Summer was so loud. It was the tongue.”

“Jesus Jaye, the tongue! In the middle of a bathroom! No wonder someone over heard. That‘s at least 20 points if not more girl!”

“Yea I know right.”

“You know the both of you are on my shit list already don’t push it. And you Miss Jodie will not get sex for a week.”

“You wouldn’t, you couldn’t…” She turned to Jaye. “Could she?”

“Oh I could. And I could make you beg for it too.” Jodie cringed.

“Oh fine. Summer your turn to ask Erica.”

33. Playing

"Ok Erica... truth or dare?"

Erica fidgeted with her fingers. "Uhm...dare"

"Damn it I so had you for truth!" Summer yelled.

"I know that's why I picked dare."

"God damn chicken!"


"Children! Children!" Jodie and Jaye reprimanded them.

"Ok this is getting out of hand now ladies be civil." Jodie said.

"Oh alright." Summer and Erica agreed.

"Erica I dare you to..." Summer had to think about it for a few minutes.

"SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" The three of them yelled.

"Alright already!" Summer shouted back. "I dare you to take your shirt off and let Jaye rub whipped cream all over you."


"Oh come on not as if we aren't all girls here."

"Oh I know that but that's all you got? I thought you'd come up with a better one at least."

"Bite me!"


Summer's face turned bright red. "My sweetie you are learning well." Jaye commented.

"Why thank you."

"Maybe you should bite her just because you can and she said to."

"Maybe I should."

"I wouldn't if I were you!" Summer exclaimed.


"I don't think you want to be in the dog house too."

"Well not really it's helpful to have someone on my side."

"Well knock it off then and do the damn dare."

"Ok." She got up to get the can of whipped cream from the fridge and came back shortly after leaving. She threw it to Jaye and took her shirt off leaving it on the couch. Jaye shook the can and lightly sprayed it on her skin. She squirmed and writhed under Jaye.

"What's wrong?"


"I can help with that." Jaye said licking off what she had just sprayed on. Jaye repeated the action over and over again until Erica got so distracted by it she was arching her back into Jaye and begging for her touch. Jaye smiled and released the front of her bra and let it fall to the floor while she sprayed Erica's breasts with whipped cream and just left it there until it began to run down her sides. Jaye took her time letting her tongue glide from one breast to the other licking up the mess on Erica's skin. She devoured her left nipple licking off all the whipped cream that was left and nipped at it before moving to the other nipple to cleanly lick all the white foam off of it too.

"Hot Damn!"

"Major brownie points!" Jodie announced after Summer's comment. "At least 50!"

34. Staring Gets you Smacked Ladies

"Yes maybe we should even double that. What do you think Jodie?"

"Uh huh..." Jodie barely replied as drool seeped from her mouth.

"Jodie!" Summer smacked her arm.

"Ow! Jeez woman!"

"You deserved it!"

"Ok fine I did, happy?"

"Yup." She turned her attention back to Jaye and Erica. "Ehhem!"

The two of them looked up and blushed. "Sorry."

"No worries at least it was a good show."

"Ha ha Summer." Erica stated.

"Well it was." Jodie commented.

"Truth or dare Jodie?" Erica asked.


"Is it true you talk to dolphins?"


"Liar!" Summer yelled.

"No I do Not Talk With Dolphins!"

"Do!" Summer stated.


"Yes you do sweetie, Alex caught you remember?" Summer explained simply.


"Really? Then explain the whole conversation Alex gave me on this." Summer pressed play on the tape recorder she took out.



“God damn it!” CRACK! Thud!

“Ehe ehe ehe.”


“Ehe eh.”


“Ehe eh.”

“I don’t like her, shut you stupid dolphin.” “Damn it! Lolo!” “Smart animal that’s for sure.”

“Yeah sometimes they are smarter than you.” Alex’s voice chimed in.


Summer pushed stop. "See?"

"Oh Shut up."

"Haha no points for you." Jaye squeaked.

"Whatever." Jodie folded her arms. "Truth or dare Jaye?"

"Dare, but of course." Jaye said nonchalantly.

"I dare you to kiss all three of us."

"Oh come on I've already done that."

"Well then try it at the same time."

Jaye raised an eyebrow. "Well not like I can reach you all like a million miles apart. You're going to have to be close together to attempt this."

"Yes I guess we will huh?"

"Yup." They all nodded their heads and moved to the center of the room. "Ok, uh Summer and Erica move your h heads just slightly like this." Jaye moved their heads into a diagonal upwards position. "You to Jo." Jodie did so as well. "Ok here goes." Jaye's tongue snaked out just as everyone else's did and miraculously she managed to kiss two people at once. Erica and Summer found all of their tongues in a heap of a tangled mess. "Well that didn't work."

"No but Erica's half naked, and you are all necking each other even though you only managed to kiss two other people. It's still hot."

"It was sloppy."

"So make it unslopy."

"Fine." Jaye said before kissing Jodie square on the lips. Lightly at first but more demanding as her tongue pressed her lips for entrance. She sucked Jodie's tongue right into her mouth and heard an audible moan from deep within her chest.

Erica and Summer watched as they continued their make out session. "I'd be a little concerned if I didn't know we all loved a different person here."

"Haha. I know what you mean Erica."

Jaye finally broke away from Jodie and nearly crushed Summer with the force she used to propel herself towards the brunette. Summer was so shocked she fell easily to the floor and Jaye was no on top of her.

"Damn Jaye." Jo and Erica commented.

Jaye's mouth was on Summer's in a flash. Her tongue took advantage of every moan Summer made and found it's way into her mouth while Jaye kissed her. Sloppily their tongues dueled and Jaye bit Summer's lip and pulled as she broke the kiss.

"Your turn love." Jaye said before taking Erica's mouth as claim. Erica's mouth never closed from pure shock on her face from the last two kisses so that made for easy access for Jaye and she sure as hell wasn't complaining. Jaye's hands immediately moved to Erica's breasts kneading them and pinching her nipples.

"Uh..Jaye...Erica? Would you like a room?" Summer asked.

35. Ehhem!

"Uh Summer I don't know if they can hear you." Jodie commented while staring at the two lovers.

"Then I'll make them hear me." Summer said getting up and pushing her way between Erica and Jaye. "Now I said would you two like a room?"

Jaye and Erica were both flushed and panting from their heavy make out session. "No really we don’t mind giving a show at all." Jaye smiled. "Besides you know you like it." Summer didn’t say anything. "I knew it!" Jaye yelled. "You like to watch!"

"I..I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Shut it Jaye!"

"Summer likes to watch! Summer likes to watch!"

"So fucking what!" Summer yelled crossing her arms.

"Ahaha the truth comes out!" Jaye pointed at Summer.

"Summer?!" Jodie exclaimed.

"What Jodie?"

"You like to watch?"

"Yes for crying out fucking loud. I like to watch! Happy?"

"Maybe, but you like to watch? Am I hearing you right?"

"Jodie Lynn!"

"Sorry hun I just didn’t expect that."

"Well guess what?"

"Uh huh... What else do you like to do?"

"Like I am going to tell you?"

"Fine Jaye would you please go I believe it is your turn to ask Summer truth or dare."

"I suppose it is isn't it." Jaye smiled. "Ok sugar, truth or dare?"


"Take it as you will just pick one."


"I dare you to tell us all the sexual things you like!"

"God damn it! I fell right into that one!"

"That you did sweets." Jodie smiled happily glad that her and Jaye could still communicate well.

36. Set Up to tell

"Get a move on woman!"

"Jodie shut up or no sex for a week!" Summer warned.

"Well hey now I mean you're the idiot who picked dare."

"Shut up!"

"Oh just get on with it."

"Fine, you already know I like to watch, so well...I like bondage..." Jodie's eye brows rose along with everyone else's. "Uh...sweet and sticky is good....shower is always fun...beach would be nice, except the sand...uh sex toys are ok to use..." Jodie's mouth dropped and everyone stared at Summer. "What?" No one answered. "Well hey you all asked!"

"Yea and found out some nice info. But I think you are forgetting something."

"Like what Jaye?"

"Like that little thing you told me about a while ago."

"Which was?"

"That thing you know?"

"No I don't know that's why I asked."

"More than one sexual partner."

"Ahh hell!"

"Answer the question." Jodie persisted.


"Summer Roberts!"

"Jodie Lynn!"

"Summer answer the damn question." Erica said.


"Maybe what?"

"Oh fine ok, I like multiple partners! HAPPY NOW MISS I TALK TO DOLPHINS!"


"Oh My God!" Summer said smacking herself in the forehead. "I’m cursed!"

"Nope just lucky!"

37. Summer?

"Oh shut up! You interrupted me!"

"Oh I'm sorry I got tired of watching you mack on Erica." Summer said crossing her arms.

"Then why don't you join us?" Erica piped up.

"Oh nice idea hun." Jaye turned to her nodding.

"Jesus she's corrupted you too." Summer said.

"Well go ahead then Summer I don't mind."

"Jodie Lynn!"

"What?" Jodie asked shrugging.

"You're as bad as Jaye!"

"Oh I know that." Jodie replied.

"UGHHHH!!" Summer screamed.

"Oh come on what are you afraid of?"

Summer eyed Jaye and Erica as they said that. "None of your business."

"Summer chill out we are all friends and all adults I think we'll be ok." Jodie said.

"Summer really what's wrong?" Erica asked.


"Then why don't you want to do it?" Jodie asked.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes I think it does, cause if it's that you think his is going to change how you or I feel Summer you're wrong. I'll still love you. I always will. And I know you'll love me too." Jodie took Summer's arm. "If you really don't want to for any other reason then don't but if that was it then you have nothing to worry about." Jodie waited for an answer.

"What's it gunna be Summ's?" Jaye asked.


"Summer spit it out." Erica said.


38. Afraid

"I..." Summer wasn't sure if she should answer that. She knew what she wanted to, but that didn't matter if it cost her two friendships and a girlfriend. "I do...but."

"But what?" Jaye asked.

"I don't want to lose you and Erica as friends, and I don't want to lose Jodie either."

"Where is this coming from Summs?"

"From here." She said pointing to her heart. "I don't think I can handle it."

"Wait a second Summer. You start this game for this purpose and back out?" Jodie asked. "What are you playing at?"

"I wanted to have fun, not fuck every person in the room!" She raised her voice getting angry.

"Calm down."

"No! I will not calm the hell down! Just leave me alone, don't follow me, I'm leaving. I'll be back later."


"Save it Jodie, you want to fuck Erica or Jaye fine, obviously I'm not good enough for you. This wasn't about a fuck, it was to have fun with you. Yea I asked Erica and Jaye if they wanted to play too, but I didn't think it would lead to this."

"That's the problem Summs you don't think!" Jodie shot back and regretted it just the time it came out.

"Fuck you Jodie!" Summer grabbed her coat and slammed the door shut.

Jaye stared at Jodie and turned to Erica. "I think we should leave them alone hun."

"Me too."

"We're going to go to Erica's, ok Jodie?"

"Yea." Jodie said flatly. She heard Jaye and Erica leave and went upstairs to wait for Summer. "I'm such a fuck up." She sighed collapsing on the bed. "I knew this wasn't a good idea."

39. Later

A few hours later Summer came back to an empty living room. Sighing she went upstairs where she knew Jodie would be sleeping. She went into the bathroom and turned the light on. She closed the door enough so that the light wouldn't wake Jodie. She turned the water on and let the tub fill, undressing while she waited.

She slid down into the tub letting the hot water envelope her body and relieve the tension. She moved her legs around a bit and got comfortable and closed her eyes letting the water work its magic.

When she opened her eyes she looked up and saw Jodie sitting on the floor next to her. Jodie was just staring at her, but she knew that look, that lusty hunger. Summer smiled softly and pulled Jodie's head down to hers kissing her softly. Before even thinking about anything Summer pulled Jodie into the tub with her clothes and all.

Jodie legs straddled Summer's thighs as they continued to kiss. Her arms at either sides of her head. Summer pulled away and looked at Jodie. "I love you. And I don't want to share."

Jodie smiled and took her face into her hands. "I love you too...I don't want to share you either." They kissed again this time more heated than the last while Jodie's hands traveled the length of Summer's body. Jodie moved to her ear whispering softly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Summer said removing her soaked shirt.

40. Promises of New Beginnings


"What is it Summs?" Jodie asked looking into the darkness of their bedroom.

"What's going to happen now?"

"I don't know baby, but I've still got you, right here, right now, I don't want or need anything else. I'm sorry you thought I did. I love you Summs, the world outside doesn't matter. It could go on for years and years and leave us behind. I wouldn't care one bit. Life could stand still in freeze frame and I wouldn't care." She looked at Summer. "You brighten up my life with your vibrant personality. Your kind words leave me in tears. Your caring thoughts leave me with memories. Your loving touch leaves me trembling. Your smile leaves me happy. Your kindness touches my soul and leaves it's mark. Your love touched my heart and left it's mark. I have all I need inside of this room..."

Summer looked at Jodie. Never had she heard such emotion from the woman she loved. Tears involuntarily rolled down her cheeks and Jodie kissed them away.

"Don't cry my love. Every word is true. I love you with all I am. To the very depths of my soul. You get me like no one else. You complete me. You are my other half." She took Summer's face and pulled her close.

"I love you, no questions asked, no hesitation involved, no limitations...I love you for you. I always have and I always will." She kissed Summer softly. "I love you and I want nothing else. End of story Summs."

"No Jodie..." She let a tear escape her eyes. Summer moved her mouth over Jodie's sealing their moment with a passionate kiss and three last words. "Just the beginning."


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