Title: Mama

Author: A.M. Glass

EMail: glasswrks@yahoo.com

Copyright: February 26, 2005

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: The characters from All My Children, belong respectively to Agnes Nixon, A.B.C. and the Disney Co. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred. The story along with any/all original characters are the sole property of the author and cannot be used without expressed permission first.

Author s Note: This is a sequel to the following stories, Broken Promises, Dear Miranda, Re: Apology, and "Miranda". If you d like, you could also add Good Luck as the very beginning of this series. As you know, Good Luck and Broken Promises were at first one-shot pieces. However it was brought to my attention they could work as a series. I hadn't thought about doing any other stories after Dear Miranda , however after all the lovely feedback I received, I decided to write Miranda s reply, and it seems to have taken a life of it s own.

I've decided to write down what has happened since I arrived. The flight was hell. I was a nervous wreck the entire time. I had no contact with anyone since Miranda s frantic call to me last night.

Last night?

Dear God, my life has been turned upside down in a manner of hours. I had to take an emergency leave of absence, as I wasn't sure how long I needed to stay in Pine Valley.

Fortunately, as I travel for business meetings, my passport was in order and I paid the outrageous price for the ticket. I m not complaining, I would pay any price, I only wish I could have gotten here sooner.

I was exhausted when the plane finally landed, picking up the rental car I d reserved, I tore out of the airport like a bat out of hell and the speeding ticket did not help my disposition at all. I have to remember to pay this before I leave.

When I reached the hospital, I didn't expect what happened to happen.

Miranda was there sitting on those hard plastic chairs that seem to be a staple of any hospital setting. She was staring at the floor, when she heard the doors slide open she looked up.

She was in my arms before I knew it. Her face was red her eyes swollen from crying no doubt. There was nothing I could do for her except hold on and whisper nonsensical words while I glanced at the people Miranda rightfully called family.

Erica was there, Jack was holding on to her. This has taken a toll on her. She looks older as if the years had finally caught up to her.

Reggie, who decided to follow his father s footsteps and has become the district attorney, was also there. I don t see Kendall or Lilly at first.

My heart broke when Miranda finally looked up I tried to wipe the tears away with little luck. Her voice broke when she said, I knew you d come Mama.

I didn't correct her this time.

This time I acknowledged what Miranda had always always believed: I am her other mother.

Her Mama.

I barely hear Ericka thanking me for coming. I believe I nodded, I simply held on to my daughter, kissing the top of her head from time to time.

Kendall finally came in, she was holding coffee cups, it seems as if lily had been left with Greenlee. She had seen Bianca when she d first come out of the ambulance. Jack decided it was too much for her and Greenlee volunteered to take care of her.

Miranda was in no shape to tell me what had happened so I asked Kendall Kendall whom has been the truest friend I've ever had in my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.

It was a simple accident an accident that brought us our worlds to a stand still.

Everyone s life turned upside down by a bar of soap.

I held onto Miranda tighter as Kendall finished.

My darling little girl I would have done anything to have spared her this. Her life has been fraught with so much to have found Bianca on the bathroom floor.

Apparently there was so much blood Miranda had thought at first her mother had died, I don t know what I would have done had I found Bianca so still. Yet my baby had the peace of mind to call 911 and followed the instructions they gave her over the phone.

Miranda finally left my embrace, muttering Air becoming an issue. I smiled to myself. I don t think she realized she said it.

Taking my hand in hers, without saying another word she led me from the waiting room.

If I thought the flight was too long it was a blink of an eye compared to the elevator ride. I licked my lips, my heart started racing. I hesitated once the door opened, if it hadn't been for Miranda s gentle pull, I probably would have stayed inside.

We walked down the hall what is it about hospitals and darkened hallways? Miranda stopped in front of a door and I knew this was it.

Behind this piece of wood lay the woman I had almost died for. Would probably still die for.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open.

I think I gasped as I entered, Miranda told me it was okay. The doctors had said the bruising would eventually fade away. Right now it was horrendous. Bianca s beautiful face marred how could that shade of purple exist?

I hear the beeping of machinery in the background, letting me know that she s still with us. I know I shouldn't worry, Bianca has the best care money can buy. I walked over to her, frightened of making too much noise. I didn't want to disturb her. I m not sure when I picked up her cool hand, but it was in mine and I couldn't stop myself from kissing it.

Miranda told me that the doctors had said the results of her mother s Cat Scan had come back negative and there was no sign of a subdural hematoma.

Those words scared me. The thought of Bianca bleeding...

Apparently Bianca should be coming around they had taken turns keeping her awake when she finally regained consciousness after arriving at the hospital. As the night wore on the doctors told them that the worse had passed and Bianca could rest.

Erica came into the room telling Miranda that it was time to go, that she should try to sleep.

I know now for certain, my daughter is a Kane.

I m surprised how skillfully she argued with Erica. I held my hand up when she looked in my direction. I would not join this battle. I might agree with Erica but I knew by simply looking into Miranda s soulful eyes, I would deny her nothing.

That was two hours ago, now, Miranda is finally asleep. She s been restless calling out. I speak to her in Polish, she calms down.

I wish I could.

Looking at the discoloration on Bianca s face I knew it could have been much worse. It has made me re-think things about my life about Miranda and Bianca.

Miranda is waking up.

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