Title: Terminal

Author: Wolfemeister

Fandom: Popular

Rating: PG~13

Disclaimers:  They don’t belong to me, I get no profit ect, ect, ect.

A/N: Feedback welcome.


Terminal was a great way to describe her condition. She had it bad and it didn’t look like she would be recovering any time soon. Yup Brook had a terminal case of “Crushingonyourstepsisteritis”.

She giggled at her own silliness causing Sam to looked up and meet her gaze.  “What’s so funny Princess?”

“Hmmm… Oh just naughty thoughts.” Brooke blushed a bit as that slipped out.

“Naughty, huh? Care to share?” Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Ummm… Uh… Well… That is…….” Brooke broke off completely flustered, dropping her gaze to the floor as if it she’d never seen it before.  She didn’t look up until she saw the toes of Sam’s vans directly in front of her.

“I’ll share mine if you share yours.” Sam said in a husky voice.

Brooke was confused, “my what?” she asked.

Sam sighed and shook her head. Sometimes blondes really were dense. She decided to take the plunge and leaned in for a brief but hopefully fiery kiss.

As slow on the uptake as Brooke could be verbally she was lightning fast on the physical side of things. Finally realizing what Sam had meant she returned the kiss with a passion that surprised them both.

When they came up for air Sam was first to recover.  “So about those naughty thoughts…”

Brooke sighed. “Will you just shut up and kiss me again?” Maybe she’d found the cure for “Crushingonyourstepsisteritis”, and the cure was so much better than the disease.


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